City of Bones (2020)

City of Bones Michael Connelly Peter Jay Fernandez City of Bones hours minutesDetective Harry Bosch tears open a year old murder case with an explosive ending that leave all Bosch fans hungrily awaiting the next instalment When the bones of a twelve year o
  • Title: City of Bones
  • Author: Michael Connelly Peter Jay Fernandez
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 397
  • Format: Audible Audio
City of Bones Michael Connelly Peter Jay Fernandez 11 hours, 6 minutesDetective Harry Bosch tears open a 20 year old murder case with an explosive ending that leave all Bosch fans hungrily awaiting the next instalment.When the bones of a twelve year old boy are found scattered in the Hollywood Hills, Harry Bosch is drawn into a case that brings up the darkest memories from his own haunted past The bones have been buried11 hours, 6 minutesDetective Harry Bosch tears open a 20 year old murder case with an explosive ending that leave all Bosch fans hungrily awaiting the next instalment.When the bones of a twelve year old boy are found scattered in the Hollywood Hills, Harry Bosch is drawn into a case that brings up the darkest memories from his own haunted past The bones have been buried for years, but the cold case doesn t deter Bosch Unearthing hidden stories, he finds the child s identity and reconstructs his fractured life, determined that he not be forgotten.At the same time, a new love affair with a female cop begins to blossom for Bosch until a stunningly blown mission leaves him in trouble than ever before in his turbulent career The investigation races to a shocking conclusion and leaves Bosch on the brink of an unimaginable decision.
City of Bones Michael Connelly Peter Jay Fernandez

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    397 Michael Connelly Peter Jay Fernandez
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One thought on “City of Bones

  1. James Thane

    The eighth Harry Bosch novel, published in 2002, opens when a dog unearths a human bone in Laurel Canyon in the hills above Hollywood The dog s owner, a retired doctor, recognizes the discovery immediately and calls the police Harry Bosch responds, climbs the hill where the dog had been playing, and discovers the bones of a child that had been buried in a shallow grave than twenty years earlier.An autopsy reveals that the boy had been murdered, but there are precious few clues apart from the bo [...]

  2. Sandy *The world could end while I was reading and I would never notice*

    EXCERPT The old lady changed her mind about dying but by then it had been too late She dug her fingers into the paint and plaster of the nearby wall until most of her fingernails had broken off Then she had gone for the neck, scrabbling to push the bloodied fingertips up and under the cord She broke four toes kicking at the walls She had tried so hard, shown such a desperate will to live, that it made Harry Bosch wonder what had happened before Where was that determination and will and why had i [...]

  3. Phrynne

    This is the eighth book in the Harry Bosch series and the one I liked the least so far I still enjoyed it and found it a quick easy read but it lacked a certain something I know I was uncomfortable in all the scenes involving Brasher who I found I could not like at all Eventually I wondered why she had even been included and in fact whether the author felt the same way judging by events There was a lot of description of police procedure which I enjoy but which can also drag a bit when there is t [...]

  4. Brenda

    Calamity he was trouble as a puppy was the one who changed the course of Detective Harry Bosch s future and set a course for the following two weeks of dark memories and turbulent trouble When Bosch was called to Wonderland in Los Angeles, he suspected the bone which had been unearthed would be the usual a wild animal of some description But when the almost complete skeleton of a young boy was brought to the surface and learning the bones had been in the ground for twenty years, Bosch was determ [...]

  5. Matt

    A great Bosch book that details many sub stories within the one novel Perhaps not stories as much as solutions to the case, in which Connelly has the reader and Bosch sure that the killer is Mr X, only to find out that new evidence points to Ms Y It also touches on many powerful and painful themes, including missing children, abuse, foster care, and death on the job Connelly continues to build a strong emotional foundation for his best character, Harry Bosch, and examines the continually flicker [...]

  6. Obsidian

    I definitely enjoyed City of Bones I really enjoyed this look at what it was that caused Harry Bosch to retire from the LAPD I m safe to think about what could have been though when you see a thoughtful and happy Harry in this one.Bosch is still teamed up with J Edgar in this one book Edgar still sucks and they get called in when a bone is found up in the hills When it becomes clear they are looking at human remains, Bosch is thrown into a high profile case that the LAPD just wants closed and d [...]

  7. Jonetta

    I have such mixed feelings about this story Harry Bosch and partner Jerry Edgar respond to a call about a bone found by a doctor s dog He s certain it s human and he turns out to be right, prompting the start of what ends up being a very cold case I loved the forensics aspect of the story, along with the procedurals Nobody does it better than Harry and I enjoy his investigative style There are other personal situations that impact the investigation and Harry s career that I found troubling The e [...]

  8. Book Addict Shaun

    After a few disappointing reads over the last few days I couldn t wait to jump back into the Harry Bosch series Having only recently read Michael Connelly for the first time, he has quickly became one of my favourite authors and I can t think of an author in this genre who writes better crime fiction than this The realism just oozes off the page and I can t get enough of these books Once again Connelly has written a truly gripping and engrossing tale with so many strands running off it across th [...]

  9. Mark

    A South African mystery writer recently said this was the best crime book ever written I have no way of verifying that, but it was very, very good This novel seems to come in the middle of Michael Connelly s series featuring Los Angeles detective Harry Bosch The title derives from the discovery at the outset of a set of boy s bones on a wooded hillside above a residential street, and the case resonates strongly with Bosch because of his own troubled childhood Through the twists and turns that fo [...]

  10. Carolyn

    Harry Bosch has one of his most puzzling cases yet The skeleton of a 12 year old boy has been found in a shallow grave on a hillside Not only must Harry find the identity of this boy murdered 20 30 years ago but he must also find the killer Harry follows a few false leads as he tries to match the evidence from what he knows of the boys life and his friends and family and it comes to look as if it may remain a cold case Harry also has some serious thinking to do about his future and where he migh [...]

  11. Candace Moser

    About halfway through the 2 hour drive to my in laws house, I realized that I had forgotten to bring a book or 2 I figured I would find something to read at their house I started it on Friday evening around 7, and I had finished it by early Saturday afternoon, it was a quick and easy read It wasn t a bad story, it just wasn t a great one It follows Hieronymus Bosch, a Hollywood detective who kind of brings to mind a slightly less jaded version of Bruce Willis character in The Last Boyscout His c [...]

  12. Diane Wallace

    Good series crime thriller and a murder mystery in the plotce action and many tense moments but in the end it s still a really good series M.Connelly keep writing paperback

  13. Richard

    7.5 10Another solid entry into the Harry Bosch world only let down by a weak ending Initially the murder case Harry has to work didn t pull me in, the discovery of the bones of a child which had been buried in the hills some 30 years before by a dog just didn t incite excitement for me When will I learn never to doubt Michael Connelly With the case been effectively a cold case you always wonder how police look into these and a way in which they will dig up leads for a murder from 30 years ago Th [...]

  14. Scott Rhee

    The title of Michael Connelly s eighth book to feature his hero detective Harry Bosch, City of Bones , refers to a term used by crime scene investigators to describe the sight of an old crime scene, where the body has deteriorated down to the bones Oftentimes nature will scatter bones throughout a general area, especially if the grave is a shallow one, and the resultant grid that CSI forms is dubbed a city of bones.The title has another, metaphorical, meaning, as well It refers to the fact that [...]

  15. Jim

    Another fantastic addition to the Bosch books Not only was it another good mystery, but things never go the way they normally do in such books Great characters being real people which means the results aren t always predictable, but the motivations make sense in retrospect save for the last one I m still thinking that one over Definitely a memorable book.This series really needs to be read as part of the chronology of Connelly s published works, not just in the series order Instead of putting th [...]

  16. Robin

    The police are called when a dog brings home a human bone after wandering the Hollywood Hills When the area is searched, a shallow grave containing bones is found Detective Harry Bosch investigates the nearly twenty year old murder of a teenage boy He must discover the identity of the child, along with who killed him There are only a few clues to the case, but Harry and his partner, Jerry Edgar, want to close the case on this one.This is a solid mystery in the Harry Bosch series There are a cou [...]

  17. Carol

    Making my way through the series I knew a great deal of this story as it is one of the cases that the Bosch series is based on There are some differences which I really liked These variations from the TV production made the book well worth reading As always an enjoyable read.

  18. Mike

    Pretty decent, quick read A cold case involving the murder of a young boy twenty years earlier Always have a tough time reading about abused kids Quite a few twists and turns before the end 3 Stars for City of Bones2017 The series Bosch has this book as the first season s story The series is exactly how I pictured Harry Bosch Excellent

  19. Harry

    Time saver tip if you ve read my review of any Harry Bosch book, you ve read em all Since I don t reveal plots and reserve my comments to the overall book author, characterization, style, etcI just don t feel the need to repeat myself as in most casesseries books if any good at all do remain consistent The star ratings might change, but not my opinion of the series as a whole.Michael Connelly is a well know and very popular author in the mystery detective and police procedural genres Exploding o [...]

  20. Jaksen

    Yes, I see this won or was nominated for all sorts of awards back in 2003, but I found it the least impressive of the Harry Bosch novels, so far.Working on a case involving some bones found on a hill bones of a young boy Harry works his way through the sparse amount of detail, or clues, to learn who this boy was, how he died and who was responsible It s a reasonable trope, which often can work out to a very interesting and complex story, but this one just fell flat There s the usual bantering ar [...]

  21. Yvonne Mendez

    This is the 8th Harry Bosch novel and I m happy there are books about him I like the character a lot, he is deep, while he slightly falls into the rogue detective stereotype, he s still bad ass and smart This story revolves around bones found in the woods from a body buried there 20 years before Bosch was able to resolve the murder in the usual Michael Connelly formula of finding guilt in a suspect just to be exonerated, do that twice and by the third time Bosch will get to the real culprit The [...]

  22. Ashish Iyer

    Another fine police procedural in the Harry Bosch series Michael Connelly writes these so well that the reader is pulled in for the entertaining ride forward from the first page This one is centered on a cold case involving the murder of a child that is discovered 20 years after the event A long, zig zagging investigation follows with the usual dead ends, conflicts with authority, and interesting characters on board Also included is a personal tragedy for Bosch causing a possible major mid life [...]

  23. Diane

    Well again GR lost my info When will I ever learn to do a Word doc then cut and paste That said, we ll leave it at I really enjoyed this book and look forward to continuing on with the series.

  24. Lauren

    City of Bones4 StarsIt is a quiet New Years until the call comes in about the discovery of human remains in the Hollywood Hills When the body is revealed to be that of a young boy who suffered horrific abuse in his short life, Detective Harry Bosch is determined to bring the culprit to justice Harry also begins a personal relationship with a rookie cop, but a shocking event jeopardizes his future in the department While the Harry Bosch books are enjoyable reads, Connelly s writing tends toward t [...]

  25. Amanda McGill

    I tend to leave a lot of time in between reading Bosch books I m always ready to pick up another mystery novel over a Bosch book I think it s because of the length and complexity of the novels I have to be fully engaged in the novel or else I ll miss something.Surprisingly the 8th novel in the series, City of Bones, was a quick read that had me fully engaged While working on New Year s Day, Bosch gets a call saying that a dog has dug up a bone and it is believed to be human It turns out that it [...]

  26. Mike

    A man s dog unearths a human bone, and Harry does the initial investigating The remains belong to a 12 yr old missing for 30 years After finding the rest of the skeleton, it appears the child endured many broken bones and abuse in their short life.Bosch takes a personal interest in the cold case, while starting a tentative romance with a new officer.Good procedural, with pressure from his superiors adding to the stress.

  27. Marleen

    In City of Bones this one being the 8th book , Harry Bosch is on call on New Year s day when he discovers the bones of a young child buried in a shallow grave up in the woods in a residential area of Laurel Canyon up in the Hollywood Hills The discovery rather immediately attracts the press and this will not make the job easier for Harry and his partner, Jerry Edgar This is a difficult case for them It appears that the remains are of a boy, possibly as young as ten, and show evidence of several [...]

  28. J

    BEWARE OF SPOILERS I DON T HIDE OR PROMOTE MY REVIEWS.Connelly is one of my favorite crime writers This is another feather in his cap But I don t read his books in order, as I get them catch as catch can from the public library.This one is old 2002 but wonderful for several reasons.We see Los Angeles police detective Harry Bosch with partner J Edgar working a case involving fresh discovery of a boy s old bones The death happened several decades ago, but the bones still clearly tell a tale of chr [...]

  29. FrankieReads

    I read this book because I wanted to read the case that the new series pilot Bosch was based on However, this was one of my least favorite in the Bosch series The case just dragged on and by the end, I hardly cared who the guilty party was.

  30. ⚔☀️ Nels ☀️⚔

    It s snowing outside and I just finished City of bones I really enjoyed this one It was a real page turner I really couldn t put it down Such a fun read I m so attached to detective Harry Bosch Absolutely loved it.5 5 stars

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