Falling for a Bentley (2020)

Falling for a Bentley Adriana Law Falling for a Bentley Not every story is a perfect fairytale Victoria Tori Anderson has spent her entire life invisible She plays the good girl well doing whatever it takes to pacify those around her including her scumbag
  • Title: Falling for a Bentley
  • Author: Adriana Law
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 208
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Falling for a Bentley Adriana Law Not every story is a perfect fairytale.Victoria Tori Anderson has spent her entire life invisible She plays the good girl well doing whatever it takes to pacify those around her, including her scumbag boyfriend who doesn t necessarily deserve her loyalty When tragedy strikes bringing her boyfriend s extended family into town Tori is offered a way to escape in a dangeroNot every story is a perfect fairytale.Victoria Tori Anderson has spent her entire life invisible She plays the good girl well doing whatever it takes to pacify those around her, including her scumbag boyfriend who doesn t necessarily deserve her loyalty When tragedy strikes bringing her boyfriend s extended family into town Tori is offered a way to escape in a dangerous package Multiple tattoos and piercings should warn Tori to stay away but something about Sterling Bentley draws her in into his life, into his bed, into his soul, his heart and his pain What do you do when you find the love of your life and they are the opposite of what you thought you wanted Do you run Or do you stay Sometimes we don t get to choose Sometimes life brings us the unexpected, challenges us, and pushes us out of our comfort zone for a reason Sterling Bentley just might be Tori s reason FALLING FOR A BENTLEY is a story about addiction, forgiveness, heartbreak and hope Recommended for ages 18 and up due to sexual situations, drug use and language.
Falling for a Bentley Adriana Law

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    208 Adriana Law
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One thought on “Falling for a Bentley

  1. Anna

    TOTAL COVER WHORE ALERT The urge is directly connected to my one click trigger finger The last time this happened it was Losing Me, Finding You Lets hope this is NOT the same level of Epic Shittiness FAIL Victoria Anderson is an outcast with an odd fascination with birds What she wants than anything is to be seen and heard Sterling Bentley wants the opposite He wants to disappear fade away into the blackness that has enveloped his life In the midst of the struggle of his life, the last thing he [...]

  2. ~Mindy Lynn~

    Falling for a Bentley was a big surprise I thought it was just going to be about a good girl falling for a bad boy type of love story, and it was, but it was also like nothing I have read before It is very different from the YA books that I have read It just seemed realistic It s a very sad, overwhelming, intense, heartbreaking book The story deals with quite a bit of heavy issues and I thought they were all handled really well I guess it s always easier for people who have gone through similar [...]

  3. Heather andrews

    Hellooo gorgeous winks yes I m talking about the cover I mean doesn t he remind you of anyone from a certain bookie coughtravismaddoxcough One thing I didn t like right off the bat was how tiny the wording is on my kindle I mean I have good eyes but damn But then a friend told me how to fix it so I was cool Jonah is such a sweetheart, Tori, lost of people are afraid of heights, Jonah replies It s no big deal Colton I m not sure I like him he s such a damn tool, my parents died in some crazy a pl [...]

  4. Jerrica

    I ll start this off saying i read at least 4 to 5 books a week and NO story line scares me This was the first book for me about drug addiction With that being said I ve read books about drug addicts but I actually LIVED it through this book It was absolutely heart breaking for the characters and myself I was on an emotional roller coaster the whole time You have to read Falling for a Bentley it was amazingly beautiful This was my first from this author but won t be my last

  5. Bluejeanbby

    Victoria Tori is dating a d bag named Colton Bentley, one day his parents die his cousins from out of town show up,introducing Sterling Bentley He s rough, dark, rude, crude HOT Tori is instantly drawn to him, although she is cautious about him Tori s mom is a evil bitch spawn from the 7th circle of hell alienates her daughter Her father is an amazing loving man, made me wonder the entire book why the heck he was with his wife.Anyhow one day after a drunken stupor at Victoria s house Sterling is [...]

  6. CasPerfitz~SLiTsReaD

    The cover alone I d give this a 5 lol Story is about young adults, dealing with bad parents and addiction It s not your typical young adult love story.

  7. Charisse

    Let me start off by saying I m at a loss for words This book was really a great read I tend to get drawn first to a book by the cover and let me say I love this cover Lately I ve been a total book worm but sometimes the books start becoming very similar and this book was a breath of fresh air, finally something really different, realistic It also kept me on my toes never giving away the ending I love books that truelly pull you in and warm your heart I don t cry in many books and this I needed t [...]

  8. liane

    Sterling and Tori have a different relationship.This book covers heavy drug use and Men being pigs.Your going to want to punch some Bentley s in the face several times though out the book.Wonderful Read

  9. DJ Sakata

    Favorite Quotes There are two things in this world that every woman should do for her career Learn how to play golf better than any man, and marry someone with a prominent last name.Dimples should come with a warning Dangerous Could knock your world off its axis, categorized as a weapon, proceed with caution.There is nothing worse than being shown who you love is not who you think they are Instead, they are the evil twin of your beloved.I d like to read your eyes for hours, and taste your lips f [...]

  10. C-Money

    Total cover whore and it was free But the cover hot damn he is freaking scorching hot.So this book was intense But not good enough to keep me from skim reading I kind of got lost with all the POV jumping I got confused and had to go back a few times Sterling was a jackass A scorching hot, totally f ckedup jackass He had some redeeming qualities, but damn does it take a strong women to stay with him Tori was hmmmm drawing a blank She wasn t very memorable Kind of a push over But she did become st [...]

  11. Kara

    FALLING FOR A BENTLEY had a lot of promise unfortunately, it didn t quite realize its potential not even close There were numerous typos and it simply, had sloppy editing I found at times that the author was truly able to portray the subject matter in a raw and realistic way, but for the most part, it was as if I was stuck in either a Narcotics or Alcoholics Anonymous meeting while being subjected to the same old regurgitated rhetoric I could definitely be wrong, but I got the impression that th [...]

  12. Say

    Why I read this book YES Because of the damn cover Love it Well, this started out good But.a few chapters in and I was kinda confused Wait Tori the goody good girl has a boyfriend Colton Bentley the douchebag I had to mention his last name you would see the significance later on who likes her cousin Keira the school slut popular hot girl who has a secret crush on Jonah the school pariah who has a secret crush on Tori who in return has a secret crush on Jonah CONFUSED So if Colton is the doucheba [...]

  13. Carrie Smith

    Um What the F k did I just read I m not even going there Okay Maybe I will 1st The cover of this book had me drooling, I stayed up half the night just so I could finish the book before this one Next I was never ever, ever expecting Sterling to be a drug addict and an A hole to boot The way he acted I would of throat punched and left his butt in the basement but, thats me Moving on The way Colton treated Tori in the beginning made me want to reach in and slap some sense into that girl Um, Hello d [...]

  14. Elizabeth

    So let me begin by saying that while I will attempt to write this review with as few spoilers as I can manage, there are plot points which I will need to reveal in order to be fair in my review Not revealing them will make this review stilted and I d like to be as thorough as possible as I believe this author has a great deal of potential Those who know me know I would not bother to write this sort of review if I felt otherwise.All right, now that that s out of the way I really wanted to give th [...]

  15. Lo PutANewBookInMyKindleBabyy

    Love something let it go, if it comes back it s yours From the start this book was different from anything I ve recently read For example, three 3 s 3 POVs in the first few chapters I found myself intrigued by getting the different perspectives At times I was confused but the POVs helped to understand the history of how they all related.Victoria is a senior in high school on the cusp of several milestones She is dealing with fractured relationships, self image issues, and the pain of loss, physi [...]

  16. Jane

    Victoria, known as Tori is an eighteen year old that plays the role of a good girl and does what is expected of her, all the while keeping the frustration of never feeling good enough inside She is ready to break up with controlling boyfriend when his parents are killed in an accident.His cousin, Sterling Bentley comes with his father to take over planning of the funeral, where he meets Tori Tori and Sterling recognize they have much in common and she leaves home to be with him Sterling is addic [...]

  17. Angel **Book Junkie**

    So many emotions after reading this book Before I go any farther I only gave this book 4 stars because I think the extra POV s in the book were too much in the beginning and confused the hell out of me On to the story, Amazing Read I think I loved the fact that the author talked to the reader and really went in depth with some deep subjects There are so many things I would like to touch on but, I cannot due to the fact that there is little I can say about the story without giving out spoilers of [...]

  18. Soub

    The cover is awesome nah The story is about Victoria who is a bird lover and also is always controlled by her mother The shock wave in her boyfriend life made her finally want to throw all worry and the good girl vibes and to start anew with her boyfriend hot cousin Sterling Sterling is also damaged goods but will Victoria and Sterling be able to find light in the darkness surrounding them The story is good but sorry not my type If you are looking for a story where there is girl who has had enou [...]

  19. Victoria Ashley

    This book is way different than anything I ve read and I must say it is one of my favorites It was so easy to get drawn into the story and the characters and I found it hard to put this book down I couldn t get enough of Sterling He had some deep issues that broke my heart, but it was so hard not to fall for him I felt his pain along with Tori s The things she had to witness in this book would ve broken a lot of people down, but she held her own and stayed strong This book had me on the edge of [...]

  20. Honey Warren

    This book was surprisingly really good I love the cover and it s why I got the book to begin with I ve had it on my iPad for a whole now and for whatever reason wasn t giving it a chance Glad I did Very emotional read Drug addiction usually is Heavy and dark I was in love with sterling at the mention of his name Then describing him ahhhh tattoos piercings dark hair silver eyes yep in love there were a lot of grammatical issues in this book but I didn t feel like it ruined the story for me I woul [...]

  21. Michelle [Helen Geek]

    07 05 2013 Overall Rating 1 StarBook Cover Book Blurb 5 3 4 StarsWriter s Voice 1 StarsCharacter Development 2 StarsStory Appreciation 1 StarsWorth the Chili 5 Stars Free for me on Cover love can get me into so much trouble This is an example Thank God it was free I think the author was going for a YA NA Inspirational element that just came off wonky to me Definitely not my cuppa.A strange one you may like I certainly didn t at all.

  22. Aryssa

    Reading the summary for this book did not prepare me for what I was to endure reading it I love stories that have happy endings and I wasn t sure if this one would The story is very centered around drugs and having never touched read about drugs, I was shocked It was a good book but it also managed to tear my heart into tiny pieces and stomp them into the ground This book was very emotional for me I warn anyone looking for just a regular romance to not read this but if you think you can handle i [...]

  23. Becky Inthaluxay

    Colton is such a jerk, and treats Tori like crap Then he tries to make a pass on her cousin, and she also finds out that he has been messing around with others as well Tori is a naive girl and doesn t even call him on that shit Tori meets Colton s cousin, Sterling a rebel to his family She gets caught up with Sterling and goes through a whirlwind of emotions with him At the end, its a cute story, but wished Tori and Sterling had to add to the book.

  24. Aimee

    this is one of the first free books that actually kept me wanting to turn the page this is a story about a girl trying to save an addict addict that she falls in love with it was a rough dirty read and I found myself in her place not that I ve dealt with loving an addict before but Adriana does a great job with her writing making you think you are standing there witnessing their love one going thru th lowest of lows job well done.

  25. Marian

    Disclaimer if you are looking for a feel good read, this is not it At least until the bitter end This story is full of angst, pain, self loathing, and poor decision making However, it was all woven into a better than average story that holds quite a bit of truth I would definitely recommend it, but know it is like watching a train wreck I couldn t put it down.

  26. Dawn

    An honest review, at first I was thrown by the authors writing style, it took me a few chapters to understand the different points of view Then I looked up and it was almost 1am, time just got lost and put my tablet down after a few pages This is a gripping tale, of growing, healing, learning and loving It hit close to home I truly enjoyed this book and know you will to.

  27. Melisa

    This book really surprised me I obviously started this book bc hello The cover is HOT After being a little confused in the beginning it all started making sense and it really was a fantastic story

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