Alfie the Apostrophe (2020)

Alfie the Apostrophe Moira Rose Donohue JoAnn Adinolfi Alfie the Apostrophe Alfie the Apostrophe is nervous Can he make it into the punctuation mark talent show There s plenty of competition but it looks as if the director Bud Asterisk has mistaken Alfie for a comma Will a
  • Title: Alfie the Apostrophe
  • Author: Moira Rose Donohue JoAnn Adinolfi
  • ISBN: 9780807502556
  • Page: 338
  • Format: Hardcover
Alfie the Apostrophe Moira Rose Donohue JoAnn Adinolfi Alfie the Apostrophe is nervous Can he make it into the punctuation mark talent show There s plenty of competition, but it looks as if the director, Bud Asterisk, has mistaken Alfie for a comma Will all of Alfie s practice pay off Full color.
Alfie the Apostrophe Moira Rose Donohue JoAnn Adinolfi

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    338 Moira Rose Donohue JoAnn Adinolfi
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One thought on “Alfie the Apostrophe

  1. Mandy Robek

    This book gave a great visual for understanding how an apostrophe is used to omit letters in contractions My students really enjoyed the storyline of being nervous and trying something uncomfortable.

  2. Lauren Innes

    It s time for the annual punctuation talent show, and Alfie the Apostrophe is feeling anything but exclamatory, and actually quite questionable about whether or not he can pull off his act, which he s convinced won t even begin to compare to the exclamation point cheerleaders or the question mark pun stars After some internal struggle in regards to his ability to contract his skills and possess his performance, Alfie manages to top all the other punctuation and steal the show, as well as make so [...]

  3. Kellee Hao

    Alfie the Apostrophe demonstrates ways to encourage students to not be afraid of a competition and think better of themselves Not only that it shows ways of how fear can be conquered, doubts can be overturned, but it also teaches lessons on punctuation Along from learning about apostrophes, other puncation marks are included This is a great start off book for students to read when they are being confused and are struggling about punctuations marks This gives me an idea of incorporating fun activ [...]

  4. Rebecca Murphy

    Alfie the Apostrophe is cute read with a lesson about the many different talents each of us has as an individual I thought this may be useful in teaching about possessive nouns, but this subject is not addressed until the end of the book It would be appropriate to use this to introduce contractions however, the focus does not seem to be teaching how to properly use apostrophes, so I would likely use this with children who already have a foundation of knowledge on the topic, but it s a cute and [...]

  5. Terry

    What a great way to help kids with punctuation The story is clever, each punctuation mark character is true to their personality, and kids get a chance to see them in action It was nice to have some history to the origins of the name, too I would like to have seen an appendix with a set of common words for kids to see, maybe with some hints to help kids remember.To read our full review complete with the kids opinions go to The Reading Tub.

  6. Hope Johnson

    This book was a great way to help children explore the different types of punctuation Each punctuation mark has a chance to perform and explain their purpose If children are having difficulty with punctuation this book would be a great book to read and make learning about the different punctuation marks a fun experience, while still helping them understand This book could also be acted out, allowing each child to chose a punctuation mark to explain to the rest of the class what they do.

  7. Sarah

    This book is a wonderful teaching tool to teach about the job of apostrophes and other punctuation marks It teaches why apostrophes are necessary and how they can be used in multiply ways It also emphasizes that commas and apostrophes are different This is a delightful short story that is sure to help any child enjoy learning about English.

  8. Nancy

    I used this book on a lesson about contractions In the book, Alfie is nervous because he doesn t think he will do well at the talent show He is having a hard time with one of his tricks Alfie steals the show with his magic tricks making contractions and possessives The kids seemed to enjoyed this book a lot Probably than I did

  9. Kelli Dana

    This book is wonderful for teaching children grammar, writing rules It is especially good for a grammar review of all the writing rules This book explains multiple grammar rules all in while are portrayed in a fun, child friendly story A good lead into a writing lesson great mini lesson center piece.

  10. Caroline Petty

    This is an entertaining book that uses legitimate information about what an apostrophe is along with other types of punctuation By creating a character out of the apostrophe, the reader is able to learn about punctuation while also having fun as the doubt Alfie feels about his talent show abilities is something that many children can relate to.

  11. Katie Hibbard

    This is a very cute and educational book for children, and would also be a great tool in the classroom Not only does it teach them how to use apostrophes and other punctuation marks it also teaches them the moral of being confident and being proud of what makes them different from anyone else Any child who is either learning about or confused about apostrophes should read this book.

  12. Shira Burns

    This book is a must have for classrooms It can be used in the classroom to put punctuation into perspective for young readers by making the punctuation marks characters that demonstrate their meaning through a school performance Even though this book focuses in on the use of the apostrophe, it also speaks on other punctuation marks.

  13. Jacqueline

    Alfie the Apostrophe by Moira Rose Donohue is a charming and clever way to teach students the importance of the apostrophe I highly recommend this book to teachers everywhere Your students will love it

  14. Ashley Lewis

    Who knew learning about apostrophes could be fun This book tells a cute little story while teaching children the role of an apostrophe I think this would be a great book for children because apostrophes can sometimes be confusing This book is really clever and a fun way to learn.

  15. Beckie

    Magic and theatre, in a punctuation picture book This is so fun and the illustrations wonderful I adore this book and look forward to Donohue s new book that will be out next year, about Penny and punctuation

  16. Sha-Quita Jordan

    I enjoyed reading this funny book about apostrophes This story talks about how apostrophes are used in an animated way, which would be a great book to read to students when talking about apostrophes Also, the pictures are detailed and colorful.

  17. Caroline Dougherty

    This is a really funny book that I think if you read to children who are learning about apostrophes, they would really catch on through the humor I also liked how the author included all the other language arts expressions.

  18. Sung Baick

    This is a fun book about the apostrophe and when to use it It s not all about the apostrophe but it does get the jist of it Towards the end of the book, it incorporates the other punctuation marks and briefly touches on how and when they re used I would use this for 1st 3rd grade.

  19. Kathy Erskine

    If you know kids or teachers or parents who could use some fun with punctuation, here s your book Kids will definitely remember how to use an apostrophe after they read about adorable little Alfie

  20. Sally

    I was pleasantly surprised I don t usually like this type of picture book but I thought it was a nice length and a cute story I especially like the line regarding the Apostrophe s stage fright Alfie felt the snowflakes in his tummy melt.

  21. Shunta

    Cute story of a talent show Shows how other punctions are used but focuses on apostrophes, can help writers see the use and understand better It also has the definition.

  22. Sarah Kiesche

    Cute read Alfie has to perform a magic trickand he s nervous I believe I will use this in my LA lesson his week as a review for contractions

  23. Bailey

    This is a cute book about a talent show with punctuation This is a great book to use when teaching your students about punctuation.

  24. Murlene

    Good book for learning about punctuations especially apostrohes also you can learn about trusting and believing yourself.

  25. Cindy

    Such a great book with vivid illustrations This book would be great for tracing punctuations This would guide students have a better understanding of when to use the appropriate punctuation

  26. Sophia

    A good book to teach review to students about punctuation The characters are all sorts of punctuations and the story is very cute

  27. Guadalupe Ramirez

    I loved this book I read this book to teach students about contractions They loved the idea of the magic trick when some letters dissapear and are replaced with an apostrophe.

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