Contessa (2020)

Contessa Lori L. Otto Contessa Book One of the YA New Adult Choisie series by the author of Emi Lost Found When she was four a generous couple welcomed orphan Olivia Sophia into their lives As she grew up her parents made good de
  • Title: Contessa
  • Author: Lori L. Otto
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 153
  • Format: ebook
Contessa Lori L. Otto Book One of the YA New Adult Choisie series by the author of Emi Lost Found.When she was four, a generous couple welcomed orphan Olivia Sophia into their lives As she grew up, her parents made good decisions for her, raising Livvy to be an intelligent and creative young girl Now sixteen, three people influence many of her choices her first love, her second fatheBook One of the YA New Adult Choisie series by the author of Emi Lost Found.When she was four, a generous couple welcomed orphan Olivia Sophia into their lives As she grew up, her parents made good decisions for her, raising Livvy to be an intelligent and creative young girl Now sixteen, three people influence many of her choices her first love, her second father, and a third man who speaks to her through his artwork.Livvy s father is practical and steadfast even tempered and quietly observant She s an artist who acts on her emotions and thrives on attention Unhappy with their differences and misunderstanding her father s methods Livvy chooses to focus on the similarities she shares with an enigmatic painter from her mother s past Her overactive imagination leads her down an obsessive path one that only stands to hurt everyone around her.The distraction of a new boyfriend has the potential to end her search and reunite her family, but his involvement in her life could be just as devastating, taking Livvy away from her father for good.
Contessa Lori L. Otto

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    153 Lori L. Otto
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One thought on “Contessa

  1. Kelli Spear

    NOTE I recommend reading this book only AFTER you ve read the Lost and Found series It could serve as a standalone, but it s a spinoff series and I think many would be confused about some events and things being spoken about.Boy, where do I even begin with this one I put it off because from the description it sounds like a Nate Wilson heavy book and after finishing the Emi Lost and Found series, I was still too raw to delve back in So what did I do I decided that after a mere two months, I d re [...]

  2. Shamika

    Ok I must say that this book was difficult to read since I am a parent of a teenager I kept putting my daughter in Livvy s place and thinking how I would feel However the story was very well written I loved that although Livvy is a bright girl and has everything afforded to her she still had those same issues as all teens I was aggravated at times with Livvy s disrespect and continual comparison between Jacks and Nate I continued to love Jacks and admire his true love for his daughter while she [...]

  3. Luna Sol

    5 Perfectly Chosen StarsIt took me a while to be able to read this series because I was not ready yet to read about Emi and Jack s daughter, Olivia I wanted to keep her in my head and my heart as the child she was at the end of the Emi Lost Found series, one of my favorite series ever I was finally ready and to be honest I started to read it because I wanted to go back to see how Emi and Jack were doing, get back into their world And that I did and in the process and I found myself totally imme [...]

  4. AllyCakes

    Let me start out by saying that all my five star up there are for Jon Because really, what are our younger years about, if not about love And a love story without a swoon worthy boy is no good In this case, the boys name is Jon Well, Jon is all things swoon worthy with sprinkles of awesomeness.Anyway, back to our protagonist Olivia, Livvy and Contessa.I really enjoyed this book All the frustration I felt at the beginning towards Olivia at the end of this story was forgotten I felt that she redee [...]

  5. Nikki

    I really enjoyed this book Lori L Otto does an amazing job at taking us through a young girl s first love as well as her first real teenage rebellions This book brought back a lot of memories for me.The family dynamic described in the book is also great Parents can also make mistakes and Lori does not shy away from showing this Raising a teenager seems to be to one of the most daunting things a parent can face and Lori shows this wonderfully too The family fights are so heartbreaking, but the ma [...]

  6. Seanang

    I just love Lori Otto s books They are stories that you become totally emotionally invested in This is a spin off of the Emi Lost and Found series Emi, Jack and Nate are featured quite prominently in this novel as well Liv is a typical 16 year old, one whom I found somewhat unlikable and very frustrating, in the beginning Thankfully she grew emotionally by the end Jon is just divine A lovely young man who has had to grow up and take on family responsibilities well before he should have This was [...]

  7. Erin

    Another great read from Lori Otto I just love everything she touches I m always very on the fence about reading YA but this one just proves that fact that when its done right it can draw a reader of any age This story was so touching and relatable If Jacks didn t win you over in The Lost and Found series he sure will in Contessa His relationship with Livvy at times both broke my heart and warmed my soul Lori Otto makes the reader feel like a part of the Holland Family after reading each book and [...]

  8. Daniela(Lost in a Book Blog)

    Sorry for the long review I just loved this book and have a lot to say about it and I might get carried away.I apologize to Lori because it took me so long to read this But yes, Lori I read it, finished it and loved it Contessa is the story of Olivia Sophia Holland She s Emi and Jack s daughter She s a teenager who s starting to see the world through her own eyes and wants to explore , have of it, and not by herself of course There s Jon Jon Augustus Scott But there are rules Contessa is a stor [...]

  9. Laura

    A gentler read from Lori but no less rewarding I wasn t too sure about this book the main characters are young just 16 18 but I trust the authors writing now and as usual Lori offers so much than the usual teenage angst that us mums roll our eyes at As much as Livvy was a complete spoilt brat at times, I truly felt for her, she knew how she was behaving but she s the only one in a huge close knit family that isn t blood related even Stephens step daughter has her own mum she s arty and creative [...]

  10. Ellen at Book Bellas

    I loved this story First of all, although it s not required, I recommend reading the Emi Lost Found series before beginning Contessa, only because there are certain events that occur in those books that will make Contessa and the Choisie series understandable In Contessa, we have the story of Olivia, who is the adopted daughter of a wealthy New York family.I really love this book The author does an incredible job of writing about the angst that teenagers experience Don t shy away from the Young [...]

  11. Lorraine

    I m just wondering how many superlatives I can use to describe this whole series Beautiful, amazing, gorgeous, I love it I feel part of the family and now I m at the end I feel a bitd.So, why 4 stars and not 5, well there are two reasons The first is because I will never get over how affected I was by book two, Time Stands Still It was so powerful, it will always stay with me The second reason is that this last book is targeted towards young adults and that s very much how its written Having sai [...]

  12. Ashley Berry

    Nobody can make me cry and feel like Lori Otto This woman evokes so much raw emotion into her stories that it just leaves me with an emotional hangover every time I have put this book off for so long bc I wasn t ready to go back to the story after Emi Nate destroyed me and I wasn t sure I could handle this Though, it is Olivia s story and quite different the emotions from before could be felt I felt like I was reliving parts of my youth and how much a teenage girls feelings and actions affect th [...]

  13. Tiffany Deblois

    I really enjoyed this book After falling in love with the Emi Lost Found series, I was thrilled to learn that Lori Otto continued the story I think the author is a master a getting the reader to really love a flawed hero or heroine In this book, Livvy is kind of self involved and bratty a typical teenager I guess She thankfully grows up quite a bit throughout the book What kind of made me sad was her perspective of her father, Jack I absolutely loved him in the Emi Lost Found series he was prett [...]

  14. Mel

    When I first began reading Contessa, I wasn t sure if I could keep reading it Livvy seemed like a spoiled brat and as the mother of a teenager, the last thing I wanted was for my escape reading to be like my reality.But as I kept reading, my worries were put to rest and I loved this story as much as I loved Lori s Lost and Found series.An amazing book and, as always, Lori tells an amazing story

  15. Shawana

    I almost couldn t finish reading this book because Olivia was pissing me off I was starting to compare her to the daughter in Mildred Pierce Then I realized Lori Otto did a great job bringing a character to life I m just glad that Olivia came to her senses, but I have to admit I did miss seeing things from Jack and Emi s perspective.

  16. Jo

    A wonderful continuation to the Emi series The same rich detail in characters Lori Otto takes you on a journey with Livvy in her relationship with Jack You experience along with her the love and angst she feels in her teenage years It s wonderful to see Emi and Jack as parents A remarkable story Am anxious to continue on with the next installment.

  17. Samira

    I love it I can t complain a very good book I liked that it followed after the 3rd book and I immediately feel in love with the characters just like on the other books Lori truly knows how to put those feeling in words like no other keep it up Lori your doing a great job and love your books can t wait for book 2 hurry hurry lol

  18. Maria

    Omg what do I read now Seriously these books by Lori L Otto have been some of the most amazing books ever Book 2 please be available now

  19. Jamie Heggan

    This was an amazing book and realize that my daughter will be going through this stage very soon Lori you have out done yourself and can t wait for books to be written

  20. Lustful Literature

    JOSIE S 5 STAR REVIEW Lori Otto is the author of the Emily Lost and Found Series and I honestly loved the entire emotional roller coaster ride and all that series put me through When I saw the author was going to be doing a spin off for Olivia, I was all in Scared of course, because let s face it this is Lori Otto, you just know you need to grab some tissues, wine and get something to hit Contessa is Olivia Sophia Holland s story She was adopted by Emi and Jack after losing their baby The story [...]

  21. Michelle Monroe

    Wow, Lori has done it again, pulled at every heartstring you can imagine I love how her stories literally pull you in and make you feel exactly what her characters are feeling After the big UglyCry from her Emi Lost Found series, I wasn t sure what to expect when reading the Choisie series Although, I don t think you necessarily need to read the Emi series first, I recommend it Contessa is told from Olivias POV, she is the young girl that Emi Jack adopted when she was three Now, at 16, follow he [...]

  22. We like it big book blog

    Melanie s Review Contessa is Olivia Sophia s story No longer, daddy s little girl, both she and Jack struggle to find a middle ground To make matters worse, Livvy has developed an unhealthy obsession with someone who has always lingered into their lives This is a very real and angst driven novel of a young girl s journey of self discovery I just finished this book and the author continues to blow me away It s amazing how easily she fills the shoes of a 16 year old girl when I can t even think ba [...]

  23. Leary

    This is not your typical romance book and it s definitely not your typical YA book either If you ve read anything by Lori Otto then you know exactly what I m talking about If you haven t read anything by Lori then I highly suggest you turn your butt around and read the Emi Lost Found series before you pick up the Choisie series This book is the story of Olivia who was adopted by Emi and Jack from the Emi Lost Found series As you can probably tell, Choisie is a spin off from Emi Lost Found and I [...]

  24. Caitlin Kerry

    So wonderful I could read about this family all day every day Full review to come Full review at The Road Is YouI fell in love with Emi s story and was so happy to see her continue on with these characters and we get to see Livvy s story Livy is a typical teenager, full of angst and on the cusp of adulthood Jack and Emi are amazing parents but Livvy clings onto a person from Emi s past, trying to make sense of who she is Livvy is also a bit infatuiated not only with this person, but with a boy J [...]

  25. Heather

    First off I bought this book only reading the first line of the description of it off of And while I was reading Not Today, But Someday written also by Lori L Otto.My thoughts on this book, I will try not to give any spoilers away, because I hate spoilers myself.This book was riveting and heart wrenching at times I found myself mad a lot at the main character Livvy for acting the way she did throughout the book But once I was able to reach inside of myself and remember how I was when I was her a [...]

  26. Daiana

    I love this book Lori does an amazing job showing what is like to be a teenage girl and everything a teenage girl goes through When I started reading it, I was a little annoyed with Olivia but remembering how it was to be a teen, I could relate to her The story is focused on Olivia, the main character, and it shows young love in a beautiful way That s one thing I love about the book If you re in love for the first time now or if you ve already been in love before, this book will take you back t [...]

  27. Teresa Castillo

    a must read After reading the emi lost and found series I immediately dive into Contessa and Lori Otto never dissappoints I loved it the story is about emi and jack s teenage daughter First, I though this book was all about first love but it was It was love between Jack and Emi, Love between parents and their children and what touches me in this book was the relationship between Jack and Livvy, I liked Jack in the Emi series but this book made me loved him There were parts in the story where m [...]

  28. Booka

    I probably like this novel coz it s like a continuation from The Complete Emi Lost Found Series It was really nice reading about jack s relationship with livvy In the original series, Jack was like the perfect guy But over here, we see vulnerability in him when he deals with his daughter I appreciate that the author hasn t simply gone ahead to explore other characters, but took an old character from the previous novels and developed it even here Looking forward to Olivia and Livvy And many oth [...]

  29. Sundae

    I was glad to experience the after years of Emi and Jack Livvy is the typical teenager She takes everything for granted and hates the wrong people She is stubborn, but she is also good It balanced out for me I hated the fact that she made Jack feel so unwanted She was obsessed with Nate, and it broke my heart for Jack It s like Jack always came up second when it came to Nate It s sucked He put everything of himself on the line and was treated like crap by Livvy I m glad she realized how horrible [...]

  30. Lisa

    I didnt think it was possible to fall in love with Jack but it was in this book He truly is a great father.What Olivia did to him was hurtful beyond words One of the worst things i have ever done was to make my dad cry when i was a teen ager I could relate to some of Olivia s thoughts and feelings but having felt the pain of seeing your father get hurt because of something you did made me relate to the story even .Jon had his bad moments but the good ones than make up for those I am looking fo [...]

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