Greenwode (2020)

Greenwode J. Tullos Hennig Greenwode A Novel of Robyn HoodThe Hooded One The one to breathe the dark and light and dusk between When an old druid foresees this harbinger of chaos he also glimpses its outcome A young peasant from Loxley
  • Title: Greenwode
  • Author: J. Tullos Hennig
  • ISBN: 9781623803049
  • Page: 475
  • Format: ebook
Greenwode J. Tullos Hennig A Novel of Robyn HoodThe Hooded One The one to breathe the dark and light and dusk between When an old druid foresees this harbinger of chaos, he also glimpses its outcome A young peasant from Loxley and his sister will be the greenwode s last bastion of the Old Religion, but a young and devout nobleman could well be their destruction Gamelyn Boundys, whom Rob and MA Novel of Robyn HoodThe Hooded One The one to breathe the dark and light and dusk between When an old druid foresees this harbinger of chaos, he also glimpses its outcome A young peasant from Loxley and his sister will be the greenwode s last bastion of the Old Religion, but a young and devout nobleman could well be their destruction Gamelyn Boundys, whom Rob and Marion have both befriended.In a risky bid for happiness, Rob dares his god to reinterpret the ancient rites, allow Rob to take Gamelyn as lover instead of rival But in the eyes of Gamelyn s Church, sodomy is an abomination and the old pagan magics are an evil that must be vanquished.
Greenwode J. Tullos Hennig

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    475 J. Tullos Hennig
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One thought on “Greenwode

  1. MLE

    I received this book as an ARC through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.I really enjoyed this book The mythology was well developed, and felt true to the times, and the cultures I liked that it wasn t a case of one group being the good guys and the other being the bad guys , but rather a meeting of different people, and cultures, and values I liked how this book set the stage for what is to come It let me understand the people involved, and the factors that shaped them into the figures [...]

  2. ☙ percy ❧

    HOLY FUCKING SHIT, THIS BOOK TORE MY NERVES APART MOLECULE BY GRIEVOUS MOLECULEit started off pretty slow and boring which is why i m only giving it four stars and because i m anticipating the next one will be five stars but hoOOOOOooly fuck when the tension started going it DID NOT STOP for one fucking second i fucking sweari m so dead i m so glad this series is on kindle unlimited otherwise i d be screaming into the void for like 9138103 yearsanyways i m too Shook to write a proper review so y [...]

  3. Serena Yates

    With a definite foray into the magical, this retelling of the legend of Robin Hood is actually far than a mere interpretation of what we all know It takes the basics of the legend and adds a whole new meaning to the events, providing us with a historical and spiritual view that is to my knowledge, unique The battle of the pagans versus the encroaching Catholic Church, in addition to the poor versus rich angle which happens to overlap, since most of the poor are also pagans actually sounds very [...]

  4. Sheziss

    The book called for my attention instantly the setting is unusual, the plot is unusual, the MC are unusual Ok, we have seen lots of movies with Robin Hood and Little John and Prince John, the Sherwood Forest, Nottingham, etc, etc, etc But it was striking the idea of a romance with a man instead of Marian.Marian here is Robin s sister.It was strange for me, but I got used to it quickly.The book has a lot of different parts That s bad because it means some of them are awesome, and some of them are [...]

  5. Jesse

    Out of every single book I ve ever read in my lifeis may be 1 Greenwode didn t just tug at my heartstrings yanked insistently, relentlessly and mercilessly, in equal amounts of pleasure and pain I felt like I was there, right there, experiencing every feeling and emotion through the entire story, emotions and feelings so strong they were almost tangible, almost a strong taste in my mouth at timeswow.This book had me, on the first page On so many levels.First, for the story itself as solid as the [...]

  6. Gerry Burnie

    Gerry B s Book Reviews5 beesTo me 12th century England was a fascinating time, filled with knights, squires, wizards, and wonderfully mystical religions, all functioning in and around vast, primeval forests where Druids practised their ancient rites Of these, the Greenwode, by J Tullos Hennig Dreamspinner Press, January 18, 2013 is probably best known, i.e all one has to do is add Rob of Loxley or Robin Hood to comprehend why.As such, it is somewhat difficult to categorize this genre It is mostl [...]

  7. Jax

    Wow This is the kind of book you get lost in The kind that sucks you so completely into its world that you forget about everything in your own This is the kind of book you never want to end, but can t help racing to finish The kind of book that makes you rethink every other 5 star rating you have ever given Because this is the shit This is the real deal But be forewarned, you will need to go on to book two immediately So call in sick, take some vacation days, do whatever you have to do to get th [...]

  8. Kelly

    There is so much good about this book I m not even sure where to start First, I m an old fantasy nerd, and Robin Hood hits it hard This retelling is fantastic, in both the original meaning of the word and in the awesome meaning of the word.Let s start with the basics the language A minor pet peeve of mine is historical novels where everyone speaks modern English It just sort of hinders my willing suspension of disbelief Hennig crafts a world where I can hear the accents in the voices the variety [...]

  9. Ulysses Dietz

    Ken Follett s amazing Pillars of the Earth taught us about life in a cathedral town in the middle ages J Tullos Henning another coy name for a female writer of gay male romance gives us a remarkably deft and literate window into that same medieval world this time focusing on the social, cultural and religious context of the English middle ages in which Robin Hood was born But here, Robin of Loxley is a teenage druidic forest king and Maid Marion is his big sister and he falls in love with Gamely [...]

  10. The Novel Approach Reviews

    If you love epic fantasy, I can t recommend this book highly enough J Tullos Hennig s writing is nothing less than eloquent, her storytelling nothing less than stellar This is the sort of book that makes me fall in love with words and language all over again It s a story that drew me in from page one and didn t cut me loose, even when there were no words left to read.You can read the rest of this review at The Novel Approach

  11. Linda ~ chock full of hoot, just a little bit of nanny ~

    3.5 starsI have mixed feelings on this one First off, I ve never read any of the Robin Hood legends, and the only movies I ve seen are Prince of Thieves and Men in Tights, so I can t in anyway compare this to the source material aside from the obvious Marion is Robin s sister, and Rob s gay I remember John and Will from the PoT movie, but I pretty much don t know who anyone else is So I m just going to review this like any other book.As a fantasy adventure historical, this is great Very imaginat [...]

  12. Alison

    ETA Fourth time reading this in a year and it s even gripping now Simply spectacular Absolutely amazing I loved this so much This is the first book in a spectacularly good historical fantasy series It s a rich re telling of the Robin Hood mythology set in twelfth century England and I absolutely loved it This series is incredibly immersive and it grabbed me by the heart from the very beginning and sucked me in completely It s magical and completely involving This is excellent storytelling I lov [...]

  13. Kara

    When the Kinsey Scale is introduced to Sherwood Forest, a whole new set of possibilities open up the traditional patterns and pairings Summer is a Cummin In, indeed Sorry, I couldn t resist Robin and Marian are siblings raised in a fairly idyllic English village according to the Old Ways, worshiping the ancient gods and goddess of the forest with an understanding that Nature cannot ever be fully controlled.Meanwhile, in the decidedly controlled world of Norman England, a third son of a local nob [...]

  14. Teresa

    Reviewed for Prism Book Alliance Story ReviewWhere to begin This story was epic Truly epic Set in 1180 Yorkshire, Greenwode is the story of Rob of Loxley and Gamelyn before Rob becomes Robyn Hood It was rich and vibrant and magical Everything, no matter how mundane seeming at the time, had a place in the story The lore of the pagans was well told, though I have no idea of its accuracy, and its contrast to the Christian religion poignant I was so invested in Rob and Gamelyn s relationship that ev [...]

  15. Julie Sadler

    I wanted very much to love this book Queer fantasy retellings of folk tales might be my favourite genre of anything, ever However, my enjoyment of this book was very much hampered by the prose The phonetic accent for many of the main characters was at best distracting at worst, it hampered the clarity of the exposition The narration was often hard to follow for the same reason The author was trying for a sort of old timey narration, but it did not work This book needed a stringent line edit to c [...]

  16. Deborah Pickstone

    A reinterpretation of the Robin Hood legend, this is a very unevenly written story that veers from writing forsoothly to baldly modern turns of phrase and dialect speak that moves around the country, making it not credible Church and a sort of druidic fantasy clash, as do rich and poor I had no problem with Rob being reinterpreted as gay even though sexual orientation was a non existent concept at the time but I got very irritated by the constant historical howlers around how the people were liv [...]

  17. Janice

    This deserves than 5 stars Breathtaking, heartbreaking and a must read for anyone who believes in magic.

  18. Heather C

    After a handful of hours of reading, I made it to 16% and was just as confused there as I was from page one Maybe try this one again at a later date because I feel like it has potential

  19. Erica

    I m not going to select a star rating for this book because, while I didn t like it, I don t think it was the book s fault I don t want to drag down the book s rating when I can see the obvious quality of the writing It s just not for me.I love high fantasy It was the only thing I read as a teenager, and this seems like exactly the kind of thing I would have adored back then There s a style to it with lots of italics and inner musings and two word paragraphs and intentionally confusing dreams an [...]

  20. J. Vaughn

    5 starsI did not even realize this was Robin Hood until I got to the second book LOL It is an extremely well done and unusual version of the story and holds up just fine on its own I read this book with my heart in my mouth because I was sure bad things were going to happen In fact, the first time I started reading this, I put it down just a few chapters in, not because it wasn t great, but because I wasn t sure I was ready to handle the bad that was coming Happily, I picked it up again albeit s [...]

  21. Jenn (not Lily)

    Yes, it was very well written Yes, it was interesting and tragic and lovely And OH MY GOOD LORD, it was so damn long I knew there was no way view spoiler it could end well, because how the hell could this end well But I wasn t really prepared for it to be that screwed up at the end Family either dead or as good as dead, Rob thinks Gamelyn has betrayed them all, Gamelyn thinks Rob and Marion are both deadwow hide spoiler I just don t think I can possibly see my way to slogging through another 350 [...]

  22. venus

    gay robin hood sounded pretty promising, was well written and had appropriate ambiance for a celtic setting but alas it was too angsty for me perfect for readers who can deal w reading about internalized homophobia and heartbreak between the main pairing, though fear not, i m pretty sure the series has a positive ending.

  23. Don Bradshaw

    This was a nice spin on the old Robin Hood legend I enjoyed the diverse characters but found the story weighed down by too many words and descriptions I don t that Shirewode will be worth trudging through.

  24. Neil Plakcy

    A really fascinating retelling of the Robin Hood story, with a gay twist I enjoyed learning about the old English religion and how the invasion by the Normans spurred this story.

  25. Elaine White

    Book 1 GreenwodePOV 3rd person, multi characterPages 370Star rating 3.5 This was a difficult one, because there were times when I was kind of bored reading it, wondering when it would end, and there were times that I was completely intrigued by the story, needing to know what happened next.The story is a take on Robin Hood, which is fine, but I don t really know much beyond the movies, so I can t comment on whether it s sticking true to the legends or history But, if you take it on the basis of [...]

  26. Teal

    Passionate and intense Fantastic and fantastical A lush and seductive sensory onslaught Gorgeous, glorious, and one of the best things I ve ever read Taken in combination withShirewode, as it must be to complete the story arc, this was the best reading experience I ve had in the last 25 years.I can t imagine writing a review that could do it justice This review by Jesse is what lured me in to reading it, so I ll refer you there Yet I can t seem to move on from my immersion in this fictional real [...]

  27. Annette Gisby

    I ve been a Robin Hood fangirl since I was about five years old Now, many years later, I sitll am so I snapped up the chance to review this Robin Hood book with a male male romance.Ms Henning has created a wonderfully well crafted tale based on the Robin Hood legends, but has made it uniquely her own here.This book takes place in the years before Rob becomes Robin Hood We get to see his childhood, his parents and his sister Marion and how childhood friendship with the local lord s son becomes so [...]

  28. Pixie Mmgoodbookreviews

    4 HeartsReview written for MM Good Book Reviewsmmgoodbookreviews.wordpress Rob is the son of the forester and firmly believes in the pagan Gods he is being groomed to take the place of his father as the Horned Lord Gamelyn is the third son of a nobleman and is firmly steeped in the Catholic Church he isn t sure of his future, but has thoughts that he will join the church When the two meet, it sets them on a course that is steeped in confusion, hope, love, betrayal and danger Can you really take [...]

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