Mein Leben in New Orleans (2020)

Mein Leben in New Orleans Louis Armstrong Mein Leben in New Orleans No intellectual Ivy League BS jazz theory here this is Armstrong on Armstrong the tale of the musical genius the key artist of the century complete with his grammatical errors and misspellings
  • Title: Mein Leben in New Orleans
  • Author: Louis Armstrong
  • ISBN: 3257203594
  • Page: 447
  • Format: Paperback
Mein Leben in New Orleans Louis Armstrong No intellectual Ivy League BS jazz theory here, this is Armstrong on Armstrong, the tale of the musical genius, the key artist of the century, complete with his grammatical errors and misspellings.
Mein Leben in New Orleans Louis Armstrong

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    447 Louis Armstrong
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One thought on “Mein Leben in New Orleans

  1. Terry

    What shines out from each page of this book is the essential optimism and loving heart of Louis Armstrong I guess I should have known this from his music, but it s words that affect me strongly Told simply and without affect this story of Louis Armstrong s childhood and young manhood is actually Dickensian, but in his words, it s a song of love and hope.

  2. Teresa

    Armstrong uses the word cute a lot to describe something, so I don t think he d mind me using the word cute to describe this book It s written in a conversational style, as if he s talking to his reader he even goes on tangents before always coming back to his original thought He also uses some slang some of which he explains which adds to its period feel.He s a generous man, very grateful to his musical forebears and those who gave him his first breaks And while he doesn t gloss over the povert [...]

  3. Paul

    I didn t want this book to end High energy writing that s clear and full of sauce though several times the modesty of the times allowed Armstrong to equivocate when I wanted DETAILS , this early history brought New Orleans vividly to life for me Satchmo s focus on the players he loved and the characters he ran with, suffused with warmth and good humor throughout, whet my appetite for some serious listening Hear that solo on Basin Street Blues Having read the book, I can now recognize the same ma [...]

  4. Phil Overeem

    Essential About halfway through, I had to stop and figure out who Louis authorial voice reminded me of, and it came to me pretty quickly Huck Finn That says a lot The same joy, generosity, ingenuity, humor, and respect you hear in his playing is in his words in great abundance Now, if you ll excuse me, I m going to learn to cook cubie yon

  5. Matti Karjalainen

    Louis Armstrong 1901 1971 on ep ilem tt er s maailman merkitt vimmist ja tunnetuimmista jazzmuusikoista Lyhyehk ss ja nopealukuisessa El m ni New Orleansissa Otava, 1961 teoksessa h n muistelee v rik st nuoruuttaan ja uransa varhaisvaiheita kotikaupungissaan, jonka h n j tti lopulta 1920 luvun alussa liitty kseen Chicagossa maineikkaan Joe King Oliverin johtamaan jazzyhtyeeseen.Armstrong kertoilee vaiheistaan viihdytt v n ja jutustelevaan tapaan Nuoruus oli k yh ja Louis sai nuoresta pit en tehd [...]

  6. Marsha

    Armstrong claims he was born in 1900 although in the 1980s, a researcher discovered that his true birthdate was August 4, 1901 He lived on a little street called James Alley Armstrong writes Only one block long, James Alley is located in the crowded section of New Orleans known as Back o Town His family was poor and when his father abandoned the family, his mother Mayann left Louis in care of his grandmother Josephine At the age of five, he returned to his mother A turn of events happens for Arm [...]

  7. Ken

    A wonderful memoir of the first two decades of Armstrong s life in New Orleans, ending just as he moved up to Chicago to join his boyhood idol, King Oliver With a great humility Louis tells his story, including growing up dirt poor and being introduced to the cornet while in a waifs home for boys after his arrest, while still in short pants, for firing a pistol in the air This generous memoir is pungently populated with an assortment of colorful characters from fellow musicians to pimps and hook [...]

  8. Mark

    An amazing read This is Louis Armstrong s aka Satchmo memoirs about his childhood in New Orleans 1900 to 1920 until he went to Chicago The story is an incredible view into the old New Orleans music scene and how one gifted child rose through it First, Satchmo s description of New Orleans is a wild delight He writes of street musicians, honky tonks, juke joints, bordellos and the characters that populated them Those characters are a colorful bunch They are the hustlers, madams, pimps, working gir [...]

  9. Lisa Burris

    In this autobiography, jazz icon Louis Armstrong recounts his youth growing up in 19 teens and 20s New Orleans Armstrong recounts his colorful, albeit dirt poor, upbringing in the Louisiana city More than the average celebrity autobiography, Satchmo My Life in New Orleans offers a candid, raunchy, rollicking look at the people and places in NOLA history that have now come to embody the storied city All the greats are here in these pages Kid Ory King Oliver, Pete Lala If you re looking for fascin [...]

  10. ItaloPerazzoli

    Satchmo My Life in New Orleans is the story of New Orleans and of the jazz.Dippermouth was also a great writer, the proof is this autobiography.This story is written in first person, it seems to be with him we will witness of his experiences and the difficulties of that times.Undoubtedly Louis has had a difficult childhood surrounded by poverty ignorance, and the racial hatred between black and white and violence of any kind.Surprisingly Louis was not devoured by the revenge the main deterrent w [...]

  11. Mrs. Gallagher

    I didn t know much about Louis Armstrong except that I love his song, What a Wonderful World I find his raspy voice and incredible horn playing refreshingly unique I was excited when one of my students loaned me this book I loved learning about Louis early years in New Orleans and how an employee at a home for children fostered his interest and talent in playing the cornet It was fun to learn about how his career took off I especially liked reading about how he played in the marching bands for N [...]

  12. Erik

    This is an enjoyable read that covers the beginning of Armstrong s life Written as if he were sitting across from you telling you a story, this autobiography is as informal and unpretentious as any I have ever read As an added bonus, I think I learned about the history of New Orleans from this book than from the handful of history books I have read on the topic A pleasure to read, you can t help but like the man and wish you had heard him play live I recommend this book to everyone.

  13. Timothy Neesam

    Superb autobiography by Louis Armstrong, from his early years growing up in New Orleans up to his first musical engagement in Chicago No varnish in this book, very much in his own words, with slang, nicknames and much time spent in a boys home where he learned to play cornet , growing up too poor to own shoes, with much time spent earning money in the red light district of Storyville It s a great read about a remarkable time as told by a very remarkable man Highly recommended.

  14. Clara

    For anyone who loves Jazz, History, New Orleans, or any combination of those From the context of historical narrative and then versus now, it s pretty unbelievable Me That actually happened L.A Yes Yes it did Me jaw drops.

  15. Matt Carton

    What s not to like about this book, this story, and this man I made it a point to purchase this at the Louis Armstrong House Museum in Queens Take the tour there, learn how he lived in and loved that neighborhood, and it will make you appreciate all of his New Orleans reminiscences all the .

  16. Jenny (Reading Envy)

    Louis Armstrong s personal tale of growing up in New Orleans A quick read, and full of interesting tidbits

  17. Luke Dombroski

    A FANTASTIC book I do play trumpet ad love Armstrong, and the detail and love woven into this story gives a side to Armstrong that s very like able and funny A must read for any Satchmo fan.

  18. Tiffany Mcnabb

    I felt like I was sitting at a bar with Louis and he was telling me stories Interesting read about his early years.

  19. Laurean Reynolds

    I loved this book What a sweet, honest, talented and kind man He was touched by the angels This is an entertaining and historical tale of of Louis Armstong s life from 1900 to 1922, the red light district of Storyville, and it s outlying areas, now the CBD Downtown of New Orleans Told in the first person, it is charming and hip I especially loved descriptions of his much loved family, New Orleans characters, his life as a poor boy, and the details of places long ago forgotten If you think you kn [...]

  20. Bill

    Wow This book left me wanting , so I m re reading it My only criticism is that the story gets off to a clunky start it takes a few chapters for the writing to pick up momentum The content is pretty gritty throughout, but it feels like Louis initially tries to downplay the grittiness and make his story a little cutesy than it needs to be The gritty content feels a little surprising for a book published in the mid 1950s, but it s what keeps the book interesting It s not a complete picture of Loui [...]

  21. Brandon Stumpf

    I had to read this for my jazz history class sopho year in college This memoir really felt genuine and real It felt as if Louis Armstrong and I were having lunch together and he was just telling me about his youth I enjoyed this book, and I have gained a lot of respect for Armstrong One thing I greatly admire about Armstrong after reading this is he always focused the bright side of things while in his head kept a rational view of the world around him and its intricate details The final few word [...]

  22. Adam

    Gotta bring a little piece of home with me to Seoul right Do you know what it means to miss New Orleans Well certainly anyone that has ever been should There is simply something about that city that ones it gets in your blood its no easier to get rid of then the mardi gras beads stuck in the topmost branch of a tree In Satchmo, Louis Armstrong recounts the younger years of his life growing up and learning to play the horn in New Orleans, Louisiana While his writing style offers a unique, slightl [...]

  23. Frank

    Reading this book has made me appreciate Mr Armstrong than I already did It was interesting to get a glimpse of New Orleans in the early days of Jazz through the eyes of one of the most famous and respected musicians to come out of the city The flow of the story was a little tough to keep up with at times due to the wide array of musicians, pimps, hustlers, saloon owners, cops, and whores that Louis constantly introduced but all in all, I believe that they helped provide a wonderful cast of cha [...]

  24. Aries Eroles

    Louis Armstrong s known as Satchmo or Pops simple testimony to his early life is a fun and great read Written with great candor, Louis delivered an inspiring tale beginning from his conception, to his life with his grandma, to his first love which was very unpleasant , to his first break up which I think was good for him , to his first first adventure with his bugle, and stop to the beginning of his wonderful career in Jazz music, which he leaves a wonderful legacy When I think of Louis Armstron [...]

  25. Bonnie

    It took me over a year to finish this book The primary reason was that the scanning in the ebook i purchased was terrible There were typos on every page, bad page breaks and dropped text This made reading it a chore A second reason it took me so long was that the narrative wasn t linear It read as if Armstrong was reminiscing to a ghost writer I also had a hard time figuring out when in Armstrong s life the anecdotes he was telling occurred The narrative jumped around quite a bit.Another disappo [...]

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