Homestead (2020)

Homestead Radclyffe Homestead Tess Rogers grew up in the midst of chaos and uncertainty but she always knew one thing to be true one day six hundred acres of prime farmland would be hers Then she discovers not even that truth can
  • Title: Homestead
  • Author: Radclyffe
  • ISBN: 9781602829565
  • Page: 232
  • Format: Paperback
Homestead Radclyffe Tess Rogers grew up in the midst of chaos and uncertainty, but she always knew one thing to be true one day six hundred acres of prime farmland would be hers Then she discovers not even that truth can be counted on Tess s stepfather has kept important secrets, and Tess s dream of breeding a line of organic dairy cows suddenly goes up in a burst of smoke and flame.R ClayTess Rogers grew up in the midst of chaos and uncertainty, but she always knew one thing to be true one day six hundred acres of prime farmland would be hers Then she discovers not even that truth can be counted on Tess s stepfather has kept important secrets, and Tess s dream of breeding a line of organic dairy cows suddenly goes up in a burst of smoke and flame.R Clayton Sutter is an expert at managing just about anything money, businesses, and people Getting NorthAm Fuel s newest shale refinery operational in the rolling hills of Upstate New York shouldn t be much of a challenge, but then, she hadn t counted on dealing with vandalism, petitions, and a woman she d never expected to see again one who still haunts her dreams.When Tess and Clay square off on opposite sides of the heated debate, past and present collide in a battle of wills and unbidden desire.
Homestead Radclyffe

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    232 Radclyffe
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One thought on “Homestead

  1. Pin

    I have already said somewhere that I prefer Radclyffe s early works, and reading Homestead just confirmed that There is no real Radclyffe s magic in the book no real chemistry between Clay and Tess Everything is just routinely done and nothing Some things are not even fully resolved Clay and her father, hit and run accident Disappointing Two and a half stars, rounded up just for old times sake.

  2. Mirtha Siblesz

    Very good bookRadclyffe has done it again Well developed plot Clay and Tess were very sexy and their history was both passionate and poignant at best They were teenagers when their world fell apart and stayed that way till they met again 15 years later Their story picked up where they left off Very well done

  3. CLo

    Not one of my favoritesI love her books but this one left too many issues open at the end and then just ended It was nice to have tied to her other book with Leslie and Dev Where Dreams Tremble or something like that Great concept that left a lot to be desired in the end.

  4. Justina

    Two teenage lovers come face to face than fifteen years after having been separated What was initially one amazing summer at the lake , that is Lake George NY, became home to a host of painful memories and a sense of abandonment Adding to one of the main gal s trials and tribulations, there is an awful dry spell plaguing the farm country near the lake and then a second wave assault by NorthAm Fuels from the specter of their drills Fracking might become a reality in this farm country Uh oh, the [...]

  5. Danie

    I seem to be reading a lot of books with hay in them lately Tess is a dairy farmer who is trying to get her farm approved as an organic one She s doing fine, although the lack of rain is starting to worry her as well as her neighbors.Then Clay, an Energy VP comes into town with her father s company because that company are planning on fraking for energy under the farms that are just outside of town, including possibly on the farm next to Tess And, of course, Tess and Clay have quite the history [...]

  6. Ailsa

    Homestead is about two girls Tess, who actually feels like a real character, and Clay, who is of your traditional Rugged Romance Hero who fell in love as teenagers, but were forced apart through Circumstances Beyond Their Control Many years later, they get forced into each others presence in a half contrived but what do you expect it s a romance novel sort of way.If you re looking for a quick, easy guilty pleasure read then this is a pretty good one It s easy to follow The major plot conflict b [...]

  7. Kelly

    Tess and Clay had a summer romance when they were seventeen Then Clay disappeared, and Tess was brokenhearted Now, 10 years later, Tess is an organic farmer and Clay is the natural gas project leader determined to get the rights for fracking near Tess s farm Lots of misconceptions and pushing each other away until they finally get together.I m kind of torn on this one I enjoyed the sexual tension and the story was decent I am skeptical, though, about an organic farmer saying okay to fracking any [...]

  8. Jane Shambler

    ExcellentI loved this book for reasons I m not sure I can put into words It was intriguing with the technical details because I know little about getting gas from the earth so I guess I learned a lot But it was also about love and betrayal by the people closest to us Great book, even better story Read it with an open mind but also a open heart You ll love it.

  9. Anja

    I really liked the story and the characters but didn t like the end It was too abrupt without closure to many of the issues introduced, I will always wonder how their search for gas will end and who hit Clay with the car A couple of story lines were left hanging that would have added to the success of the book if they were also closed My rating would be a 3,5 for the suspense in some parts.

  10. NollySepulveda

    As is always the case, with this reader anyway, the author did not disappoint I enjoyed the story and was rooting for Clay and Tess all the way As they say life is to short take all the happiness you can get while the getting is good.

  11. Svetlana Wesley

    Very heartfelt story, the intrigue at the beginning of the book was very tense A worthy conclusion romance series I look forward to a new book coming in July

  12. Sara Shreve-Price

    This is a great love story, if what you love is fracking Actually as a book it is pretty bad The writing is ok, the plot underdeveloped and equal parts naive and far fetched The thing that kept me reading was the fracking More specifically, the utter disbelief that someone went to the trouble to write a pro fracking book thinly disguised as a lesbian romance I just kept thinking that there had to be some twist somewhere And there was The twist was that rural people are all either evil or greedy [...]

  13. qrbooks

    2.5 starsF F romanceTrite action plot and the same ol tired butchAll the story elements here are basically a mutation of When Dreams Tremble Flaws included Yet I liked WDT much Rad allowed a very mediocre Farmers vs Corporate plot to dominate the romance here Rad knows how to plot a story, but they aren t clever and her action sequences are trite B movie quality and bore me to no end Mostly I don t mind so long as the action doesn t overshadow the romance because the romance is her real talent [...]

  14. Velvet Lounger

    Tess has a dream, to turn her family dairy farm into an organic milk producer Since her stepfathers death she has planned and worked to get the land and the herd through the registration process The farm is her world and it is threatened by the heat and the drought But it is hers.Clay is the heiress to Northam, a company specializing in gas extraction that regularly sparks intense resentment and distrust from the local communities She spends her life travelling the world at the beck and call of [...]

  15. Fin

    It s a romance novel so almost by definition there aren t going to be any surprises as the author follows the exact same formula she has with every other one of her books There s the manufactured angst of characters who are going to allow past hurts and mistakes to dictate their present lives and make them refuse to pursue happiness until, almost against their will, that happiness they don t want forces itself upon them.There are all the obvious and better ways to have told this story that woul [...]

  16. Brianna

    I really enjoyed most of the book I wasn t interested in either of the characters or their jobs or their relationship during the first two chapters Then the story picked up and it drew me in I really enjoyed the rest of the book That being said, I really hated the ending Nothing was finished who was behind the hit and run, what happened with the drilling, what Clay s father had to say what did he do, how did the community feel, finally how did their relationship work , so I couldn t give this bo [...]

  17. Yasmary

    I felt like I needed a bit of backstory I don t understand the main characters attraction I felt like I missed Part 1 of this book and I read the supposed first book , because often there was reference to a history that I should have been aware of I was also interested in seeing where Tess Ella were going than I was with Tess Clay I also felt that we were cheated a confrontation with Clay and her father Everything just magically solved itself once Tess Clay got together.

  18. Miriamiele

    Hac a tiempo que no le a un libro de Radclyffe con cierta calidad Me ha gustado la intensidad y profundidad de los personajes, especialment de Clay Es cierto que, como siempre, aparecen mujeres lesbianas imponentes e irreales, pero, al menos he podido percibir algo de los primeros libros rom nticos de esta prol fica autora Merece la pena leerlo.

  19. Etienne

    This was a solidly written romance, but it moved too slowly to be a three star read The characters where believable, and the plot was well developed There was nothing that stood out to me as being horrible, I just was not engaged in the story Readers who like their romances to be slow and focus on a non romantic plot point will enjoy this novel.

  20. Odd Bin

    A tad too Mills Boony for my liking As for the descriptions of Clay, one could easily mistake her for a bloke What with her muscular legs that were hard as stone and bands of steel for her arms or some such, it just didn t work for me The environmental stuff was interesting though.

  21. Sortete54

    El libro estuvo bastante regular, algunas l neas me hicieron suspirar medianamente pero nada serio, Es un buen libro para pasar el rato y nada mas Radclyffe es de mis escritoras favoritas as que ten a que leerlo, pero es realidad no es de sus mejores creaciones.

  22. Steph

    Good readI didn t expect to like this book but found that I did within the first couple chapters looking forward to another by Radclyffe.

  23. Aurora Lector (reading in twilight)

    I have heard of the one they call Radclyffe but have never read anything of her rather prolific collection of ff romance I shall remedy this.Ebook provided by NetGalley.

  24. Dawn Bellville

    I like the characters and the setting, as well as the premise It s a typical page turner from one of my favorite romance writers Nice cover of the area Thanks, Rad.

  25. Kendra

    Several good moments Not my favorite book of hers, but includes characters from When Dreams Tremble which is one of my favorites Worth the read, but not super memorable.

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