У войны не женское лицо (2020)

У войны не женское лицо Svetlana Alexievich
  • Title: У войны не женское лицо
  • Author: Svetlana Alexievich
  • ISBN: 9785969102293
  • Page: 235
  • Format: None
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У войны не женское лицо Svetlana Alexievich

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    235 Svetlana Alexievich
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One thought on “У войны не женское лицо

  1. Ahmad Sharabiani

    The Unwomanly Face of War, Svetlana Aleksievich, Abdolmajid Ahmadi Translator Svetlana Alexandrovna Alexievich born 31 May 1948 is a Belarusian investigative journalist and non fiction prose writer who writes in Russian She was awarded the 2015 Nobel Prize in Literature for her polyphonic writings, a monument to suffering and courage in our time She is the first writer from Belarus to receive the award 2016 1394 264 9786002296634 20 1948

  2. Nataliya

    We usually think of wars as something that men do Boys play with toy soldiers and toy guns, and play with real things when they get older, right But women have been fighting in wars throughout history We just don t know their stories We know the stories of men The women remain in the background, mostly silent, occasionally telling the stories of the war from the accepted manly perspective Until now Everything that we know about the war we were told by men We are the prisoners of manly impression [...]

  3. Brina

    For the first time, Nobel Prize winning author Svetlana Alexievich s award winning first book The Unwomanly Face of War is available in English Over the course of twenty six grueling years, Alexievich interviewed female veterans of World War II Unlike their American counterparts who played their part in the war effort at home, Soviet women gave up their lives for the Motherland and Stalin and enlisted to fight on the front lines Yet, rather than returning home as war heroes, the women were often [...]

  4. Fran

    World War II, the Germans are marching toward Moscow Men and boys have answered the call to defend the Motherland War was lifebut surprisingly, teenage girls and young women signed up to go to the front Women served as snipers, traffic controllers, medical assistants, surgeons, anti aircraft gunners and sappers to name a few wartime jobs They were doggedly determined to fight for Russia, often insisting on being in the front lines Nobel laureate Svetlana Alexievich.gs together a chorus of voices [...]

  5. Diane S ☔

    This author tackles the personal cost of war on woman, those who served and those who were civilians during the second world war These personal accounts, some just paragraphs, some a few pages, but all heartfelt and heartbreaking We have read many books, fiction and non that chronicle men s experiences and after effects, but very few women Ordinary women I should say, who were living normal lives but feeling compelled or just caught up in the tangled and long reaching call to war The author stat [...]

  6. Barry Pierce

    My specialty My speciality is men s haircutsA girl comes I don t know how to cut her hair She has luxuriant wavy hair The commander enters the dugout Give her a man s haircut But she s a woman No, she s a soldier She ll be a woman again after the war In the West we often think of women s role in WWII as being in the factories The Rosie the Riveter movement of helping make all the supplies for the men out on the front However, in the Soviet Union, almost one million women enlisted in the army and [...]

  7. Hadrian

    This is first real translation of Alexievich s first published book into English an earlier effort was from a Soviet publishing house, which amputated the book through censorship.If in the days of the old Soviet Union, you referred to the war , there could only be one war The Great Patriotic War, as it is still called, burned and ravaged the countryside and left casualties in the tens of millions It still defines Russia to this day every town still has its memorials, political enemies are still [...]

  8. İntellecta

    Svetlana Alexievich also lets the victims or heroes speak here again The emotional portrayal of many women who went to war for love of fatherland is impressive and frightening Anyone who believes in sympathy with the Soviet soldiers of World War II, the horror of entering the war, and the inability of society to accept the return of women as normal women will not want to leave this book out of their hands.

  9. Chrissie

    This is riveting I hated every time I had to stop to do something else It is what I am looking for every time I pick up a book about war Are women perhaps better at baring their souls, expressing emotions and revealing their innermost thoughts The book seems to prove this.EVERYBODY should read this, men and women alike It is an important book.A book about war all wars.This is a difficult book to read because it captures emotions It shows man at his lowest, but also love and generosity and kindne [...]

  10. Hadrian

    This is by all accounts an excellent book, and one which captures the emotional struggle of Soviet women who served during the Second World War.Yet I have one strong reservation for readers apparently this book was mutilated by the censors The one English language edition is out of print, and the publisher is apparently long defunct.Time for a new edition

  11. Rebecka

    English title War s Unwomanly Face This is really a book everyone should read If not all of it considering it is pretty long , then at least parts of it Not only is it the Second World War from a Soviet point of view, it s from Soviet women s point of view How many people even know that 800.000 Soviet women went to war in WW2 Of course they deserve a book, and it s one of the most interesting and definitely one of the saddest I ve read in a long while.Soviet women didn t go to war because they w [...]

  12. Bjorn

    I want you to know that they stole victory from us As always with Alexievich, it s made up of individual stories, lots of little moments of history.She who followed her husband into war because they couldn t bear to be apart, and fought at his side until he fell.We held our wedding in a trench, right before a battle I made myself a white dress from a German parachute.She whose fellow male soldiers had to explain to their superiors why they needed t shirts, the female soldiers had stolen theirs [...]

  13. Emma

    This is a fascinating and worthy read for two specific but interconnected reasons.Primarily, it is the representation of women s stories, harrowing personal accounts from all types of women in varied military and civilian roles, individual experiences of killing and dying and hope and despair It is gut wrenching and sickening in one story a woman who had recently given birth was hiding in a swamp with others when the enemies closed in The need to remain silent, to keep hidden, had her lower the [...]

  14. Lili

    Razboiul nu are chip de femeie este o insumare a marturiilor a zeci si zeci de femei sovietice , care au luptat in al doilea razboi mondial impotriva nemtilor.Am citit cu uimire despre simtamintele la unison ale acestor femei, care faceau tot posibilul pentru a se inrola Nu care cumva sa fie lasate in urma Ele trebuiau sa lupte la fel ca tatii lor, la fel ca fratii lor sau daca in familiile lor nu erau baieti destul de varstnici , cea mai mare dintre fete, cel mai adesea si ea de o varsta fraged [...]

  15. Ludmilla

    ok iyi bir ara t rmac l k ve gazetecilik rne i Okumadan ne yapm sanki can m, birka ki iyle g r m de onlar yazm diye d nebilirsiniz ama kaz n aya yle de il nsanlar n size kendilerini d r st e a malar n sa lamak bir yana ki bu kad nlar n bir k sm ge mi in deh etini unutmak i in ocuklar yla dahi an lar n payla mam insanlar bu kadar r portaj , bu kadar an y , bu kadar ac y b ylesi d zenle ve etkileyici bir ekilde tasnifleyebilmek ok b y k bir ba ar Aleksiyevi in di er kitaplar n da yak n zamanda oku [...]

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