Undying (2020)

Undying Cyndy Aleo Undying What if the world isn t ready for your miracle Cameron Tattersall s wife Adrienne should not be cooking breakfast when he wakes up After all he buried her yesterday Yet the woman in his kitchen not
  • Title: Undying
  • Author: Cyndy Aleo
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 230
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Undying Cyndy Aleo What if the world isn t ready for your miracle Cameron Tattersall s wife, Adrienne, should not be cooking breakfast when he wakes up After all, he buried her yesterday Yet the woman in his kitchen not only claims she is his wife, but also refuses to accept that she s supposed to be dead.Cameron doesn t know what this woman is hallucination, con woman, or bona fide miracWhat if the world isn t ready for your miracle Cameron Tattersall s wife, Adrienne, should not be cooking breakfast when he wakes up After all, he buried her yesterday Yet the woman in his kitchen not only claims she is his wife, but also refuses to accept that she s supposed to be dead.Cameron doesn t know what this woman is hallucination, con woman, or bona fide miracle For all he knows, he s crazy, but her reappearance may return the only thing he ever wanted a life with Adrienne.When their families discover Cameron isn t alone in his house, the couple learns coming back from the dead has its own set of trials angry surviving family members, confused insurance companies, and a media storm that simultaneously wants to build the couple up and tear them down There s also the matter of just who, or what, was buried in that coffin Or not buried.Thrust into the spotlight, Cameron and Adrienne have to decide whether living under a microscope is a fair trade for a miracle, and to reconcile their need for privacy with the desire for answers.
Undying Cyndy Aleo

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    230 Cyndy Aleo
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One thought on “Undying

  1. Cyndy Aleo

    So hi This is being added solely for Clovia Shaw Because she is sort of a pain in my behind at times Feel free to add to whatever shelves you want And I love GIFs Especially if they are dirty.

  2. Leslie

    If I told you how different this book is, it still wouldn t do it justice The blurb was even the most unique blurb I had ever read, so when I had the opportunity to snatch it up, I did And, wowI am forever enlightened Cameron is a 24 year old widower He s beyond devastated that he now has to make so many horrific decisions about what to do nextl the while having to make those decisions in front of a funeral director, his parentseven hers Everything is completely up to him It wasn t supposed to h [...]

  3. Kira Gold

    I loved this book On the third day and yes, there is a fair bit of tongue in cheek reference to The Story with a capital T Or S Whatever Adge comes back from the dead, and she and her dreamy head over heels husband Cam must figure out how to deal with a modern second coming.It s a fast, lovely and angsty ride, and can make you giggle one second and sniffle the next.What was fantastic about the story, was how gently the author treats the reader when dealing with the subject of breast cancer Not t [...]

  4. Sara

    Wow Undying expresses our deepest wish when someone we love dies that we get just one day or a second chance As wonderful as that sounds, it s not without a whole host of complications Odd how just the other day I found a story to be just a little too far fetched yet this reads realistic to me despite the actual impossibly of coming back from the dead It s all in the presentation and context The reactions of the characters are realistic and thought provoking You may wish for that second chance [...]

  5. Carolamex

    This book THIS BOOK Dear lord This book is amazing I don t know where to start and what to say to not give the plot away But I guess the tittle and description gives away a bit I will say it is a MUST read, it will shake you to the core, you will cry Its brutal, it deals with heavy stuff but its so well done SO WELL DONE You will FALL in LOVE with Cam hard Cam is what every woman that likes boys dreams about We should all get a Cam because, that man My heart You will fall in love with Adrianne a [...]

  6. Tammy

    I checked this book out for my October prime book I m not sure what initially made me choose this, probably a review or something I had read A word to describe this book for me is uncomfortable The whole concept and how it played out was weird Here s what I thought would happen a man s wife passes away from a year long struggle with cancer, man awakes to wife alive in the kitchen the day after he buries her, man wife spend time doing all the things they wish they could have done but didn t becau [...]

  7. Britt Marczak

    Absolutely loved this I was waiting for the big twist , but there really wasn t one That made me respect the story that much , and believe in the love of these characters You re going to cry when reading this PPS FUCK CANCER

  8. Lynn

    CONTAINS SPOILERS Short review I loved this book Cyndy Aleo s writing style is easy to read and keeps the reader engaged throughout the story I flew through Undying in a matter of days, always thinking about the characters and what might happen next every time I was forced to put it down Now on to the longer reviewImagine going through a year of hell with your significant other discovering signs of cancer, diagnosis of a rare form that is virtually un treatable You spend a year caring for your l [...]

  9. Roselover24

    Oh my GOODNESSOK first off do not read this book without reading the summary first BE WARNED you will cry Have you ever wanted a second chance Have you ever lost someone you loved have you ever thought that if you could only have just one hour one minute one hug one day with them that you would appreciate it .What if it actually happened What if you died and came back This book looks into this along with a bunch of other stuff It has romance and sweetness and death and a heartbreaking leadin [...]

  10. Stacy

    In the interest of full disclosure, I need to say that Cyndy is a friend of mine, and I did some prereading of the first few chapters of this book For the vast majority of the book, however, I was in the same boat as everyone else.My boat was the Freaking Out Boat, especially toward the end, when I was sure we were going to get a whammy Dallas and showers come to mind I m old But I m getting ahead of myselfCam has just buried his young wife after a year of battling breast cancer He wakes up the [...]

  11. Bec

    Thoroughly enjoyed reading this, even the parts that had me in tears were well written.Interspersed with chapters dealing with how our protagonists are coping with the practicalities of Adge s resurrection are beautifully realised chapters detailing the year long battle with cancer that got them to this point It s a unique angle to look at what real life would look like if someone you loved came back from the dead How would you go about having them declared alive again How would other family mem [...]

  12. Jess

    I really enjoyed this book I loved the way it unfolded in opposing timelines Cam and Adge were both so real, and so many times I felt myself drawn into their story, feeling the emotions they were feeling The book has a sort of incomplete feel not because it is Just the opposite actually So often we get all the answers and have everything wrapped up nearly in a bow, and this book doesn t do that Some things are just unexplainable and I really liked that about this book and their story I will note [...]

  13. cacinta

    Although the title of the book is Undying , a large part of the book is about death Specifically, slow death due to disease As someone who has been on the sidelines for many slow deaths, this book did not disappoint The part that I liked the most is the fact that the book doesn t pretend to have answers All the characters were flailing about trying to come to terms with their situation Just as it should be.Please don t do a sequel.

  14. Annie

    I should have realized that before undying there had to be dying, which led to me crying a lot Just a little heads up A very emotional story, sometimes heart wrenching, sometimes sweet, sometimes mystifying Ok, most of the time mystifying Not sure this is making any sense, so I ll stop It s a good book Plan to read it all at once if you can because you won t be able to put it down.

  15. Sweetp-1

    It was Ok sums it up The writing is fairly solid but I had issues with staying engaged in Adrienne s POV I also wasn t really sure what the message was.woman comes back from the dead but rather than a message about living every minute like it is your last it was almost like a treatise on reality TV and how to manage fame IDK, it was just kind a weird at the end.

  16. Janet Rainey

    I loved to story telling of this book, it is a wonderfully emotional book At one stage I was afraid to read on and it was only through a twitter message that I found the courage to do so, I am so glad I did It is a warts and all story of how people deal with devestating news and that wonderful thing called hope Stock up on the tissues before you start reading

  17. Anthea

    I didn t want to say this yet again, but I have to WOW, such a stupid little phrase but explains exactly what I thought about this book I spent a lot of time crying but it does have a HEA The descriptions of the pain Adge and Cam go through The mind blowing, uniqueness of this book has to make this one of the best books I have ever read

  18. Trixiter Marczak

    Totally not how I thought this was going to end What a well written, good cry story.I highly recommend this book to everyone Truly makes you think and appreciate every moment you have with your loved ones

  19. Nancy

    Beautiful written an incredibly sensitive and astute observation of grief, sickness, and relationships The subject matter was difficult, but I found this book extremely touching and ultimately enjoyable Highly recommended.

  20. Tracy

    I liked this author when she wrote twi fanfic and I m still a fan with this book I felt a bit let down at the endI guess I just wanted of an explanation I ll buy future releases from her.

  21. Lois

    It took a long time for me to finish this book because it triggered a strong emotional response I cried, I laughed I am very glad that I finally finished it.

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