Idiot Psalms: New Poems (2020)

Idiot Psalms: New Poems Scott Cairns Idiot Psalms New Poems Idiot Pslams was called the Best Poetry Book of the Year by Englewood Review of Books
  • Title: Idiot Psalms: New Poems
  • Author: Scott Cairns
  • ISBN: 9781612615158
  • Page: 440
  • Format: Paperback
Idiot Psalms: New Poems Scott Cairns Idiot Pslams was called the Best Poetry Book of the Year by Englewood Review of Books.
Idiot Psalms: New Poems Scott Cairns

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    Scott Cairns

One thought on “Idiot Psalms: New Poems

  1. J.A.A. Purves

    When you read this little book of poems, two things happen.First, you find yourself caught up with Cairns in a striving and reaching, a sort of grasping for something a deeper meaning, a glistening, a quality, a presence of light that seems, with the help of these poems, to just be almost there The enthusiasm in his poetry for trying to understand the deeper meanings of things, of words, and of feeling is infectious He makes words mean He makes ideas go farther than you would think they could [...]

  2. Andy

    Collection of religious poetry I enjoyed most but didn t really love any Strangely, I can t remember where I heard about this authorI would read by him but wish I knew how this ended up on my radar

  3. Sarah

    Granted I m extremely generous in rating, but even with thata wonderful book of poetry, especially for an idiot soul such as myself I have the book paper, not the e book.

  4. Jamie Dougherty

    4.5 stars Considering naming my band The Fragile Surround Some amazing stuff, but starts to get a little repetitive by the end Favorites, chronologically ThrenodyIrreducible is what I m afterA WordAnd Why Theology Idiot Psalm 3The Fragile SurroundIdiot Psalm 5And Yet Another Page and YetArticulationIdiot Psalm 6MystagogiaSpeculation along the WaySlow Boat to ByzantiumEremiteIdiot Psalm 13Erotikos LogosIdiot Psalm 14

  5. Paul

    This slow pilgrim reclines on an amber lit and comfortably cushioned desk chair altogether anguished, disgruntled, grumpy, humbled, perhaps, insufferable These idiot psalms suggest to this dear and idiotic psalm reader a heightened sense of agency if not urgency to slow way down in the early late hours of our reading habits and a particularly scrupulous attention paid choice word by choice word.

  6. Grete

    Cairns best collection to date, for my money Nevertheless, I suspect it will prove less accessible to readers unfamiliar with, at very least, his spiritual memoir or perhaps one of his poetry volumes from the early 2000s Having that bit of context clarifies, for instance, why the idiot psalms are attributed to Isaak and where several of the poems are set Saint Isaak of Syria is his name saint Cairns has visited Mount Athos in Greece a number of times.

  7. Fr. Ted

    I am only an occasional reader of poetry, but I do appreciate Cairn s poetry, much of it is related to themes in the Orthodox Church Several very good poems in this collection, though this would not be my favorite of his books His Idiot Psalms are a clever retelling of psalmody in a modern mode.

  8. Allison

    I can hear Scott s voice in these poems, perhaps because I ve heard them read aloud several times But then there is also the delicate infusion of orthodoxy and negation, subtle wit, and love of the body.

  9. David Jones

    Cairn s work is difficult to access It reads like a personal diary, beautiful in form, but a better hint of potential than an example of it.

  10. James

    Scott Cairns is a very good poet, whom I really enjoy For whatever reason, this collection remains opaque to me Perhaps I am not Orthodox enough.

  11. Ctazelaar

    There are a few truly captivating poems in this collection Somnambulant, When I Say I Ache for You, and Idiot Psalm 14 are my favorites.

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