A Break With Charity: A Story of the Salem Witch Trials (2020)

A Break With Charity: A Story of the Salem Witch Trials Ann Rinaldi A Break With Charity A Story of the Salem Witch Trials Mistress Bishop said Magistrate Corwin you are accused of being a witch How say you to this charge I do not know what a witch is Immediately the girls in the circle who were sitting up front in the
  • Title: A Break With Charity: A Story of the Salem Witch Trials
  • Author: Ann Rinaldi
  • ISBN: 9780785735489
  • Page: 464
  • Format: Paperback
A Break With Charity: A Story of the Salem Witch Trials Ann Rinaldi Mistress Bishop, said Magistrate Corwin, you are accused of being a witch How say you to this charge I do not know what a witch is Immediately the girls in the circle, who were sitting up front in the room, went into fits They threw themselves on the floor and shrieked and wailed They twitched their bodies and howled like forest creatures at the time of the fu Mistress Bishop, said Magistrate Corwin, you are accused of being a witch How say you to this charge I do not know what a witch is Immediately the girls in the circle, who were sitting up front in the room, went into fits They threw themselves on the floor and shrieked and wailed They twitched their bodies and howled like forest creatures at the time of the full moon The howling was a terrible thing to hear It cut through one s bones with its primitive sound.
A Break With Charity: A Story of the Salem Witch Trials Ann Rinaldi

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One thought on “A Break With Charity: A Story of the Salem Witch Trials

  1. Ellisa Barr

    I didn t like this book at first because the way she portrayed the setting was too informational for me Too many names and facts I kept reading though and started getting interested in the story I also didn t like the main character very much I thought she seemed very weak and full of lame excuses, not really realistic I did like that the book was based on real people though I wish I d known that before I finished the book If I was in middle school I think I would have loved this book, and I d r [...]

  2. kari

    Historical fiction can be fiction and less history and history and less fiction, but this book is strong in both the story while keeping the history correct The language reads so authentic, not too old fashioned, but highly readable while remaining true to the times.I was pulled into the story from the first pages What young girl doesn t ache to be a part of the group, particularly when it seems that they are having fun in a society where fun isn t readily available Three hundred and some year [...]

  3. Gaele

    AudioBook ReviewStars Overall 4 Narration 4 Story 5 I ve long held the belief that an Ann Rinaldi book opens the door to a younger reader, teaching them that they can connect and enjoy history My daughter loved her books, and it fed her ability and willingness to explore history, and not fear the research What holds true with every book that I can name from this author, the characters are easy to understand and get to know, particularly for younger readers who are not as concerned with a rigid [...]

  4. Janie Johnson

    This is book 4 for the read a thon challenge I am a part of I had read another book by Ann Rinaldi so I decided to give this one a try I don t read many witch stories but this was a great choice for the challenge of reading a book outside of my comfort Zone.This book covers the Salem Witch trials in the late 1600 s that starts with a circle of girls who want to cause trouble for the town of Salem just for sport One girls discovers the secrets of the circle but struggles to reveal such secrets du [...]

  5. Gretchen

    I ve always had a fascination with the witch trials that occured in Salem so when I found this book and found that it was fiction based on historical fact I was intrigued Ms Rinaldi s description throughout the novel was precise and makes the reader feel a part of the story, The reader can sympathize with the heroine and other characters of the story The age old battle of good vs evil and what starts out as sport due to boredom that soon encompasses an entire town and indeed goes down in history [...]

  6. Cindy

    I love what is written on the back of this book It says, WARNING This is a historical novel Read at your own risk The writer feels it necessary to alert you to the fact that you might enjoy it I did enjoy it, very much I knew generally what happened during the salem witch trials, but never any deals This book did a very good job of teaching and entertaining at the same time A very good read I think that student of American history should read this Note to parents There are hangings, but it isn t [...]

  7. Jennifer

    Rinaldi s books are always hit or miss with me Some of them are fascinating and I can t put them down Others get so bogged down in history that character development seems lost at times Fortunately, A Break with Charity is one of the former I picked up this book from the school library on a Friday afternoon and read a few chapters before falling asleep that evening Saturday morning, I refused to do anything else until I finished I won t give away much of the plot, except to say that Rinaldi s at [...]

  8. Kate Morris(:

    A Break with Charityby Ann Rinaldi 1 The setting of this book is Salem Village in 1692 The book demonstrates the Witch Trials and all the events that took place during this time.2 This book follows a young girl, Susanna English through her experience with the Witch Trials Before the trials began she knew the girls were faking, but she promised she wouldn t tell anybody When the trials got worse she had trouble keeping the secret Her family life changed a lot as people got accused Eveuntally, sh [...]

  9. Annie

    Ann Rinaldi strikes again I probably read this book a half dozen times as a preteen and it s still, as an adult, an immersive read populated with well drawn characters including an interesting choice of narrator Susanna English and a gripping sense of unease Onwards in our journey through Salem witch lit Next up, interestingly enough, are some novels written by a descendant of our very own Susanna English here Nathaniel Hawthorne.

  10. Kara

    I ve had an interest in this subject for quite some time, heightened by the fact that I recently learned I have an ancestor who was accused of witchcraft in the days of Salem This was a believable story that drew me in and made me want to read .

  11. Megan

    A Break with Charity is a great book that takes place in 1692 Salem, New England In this book the main character Susanna English faces a big bump in the road regarding witchcraft Witchcraft was not a subject taken lightly in that time period witchcraft would be dealt with by either trial, jail, or in a lot of cases death Susanna starts off as an innocent teen who always longs to fit in, but when fitting in means being incorporated with witchcraft what price will she pay Breaking Charity means te [...]

  12. Jessika

    I just love Ann Rinaldi Pardon the clich , but she brings history to life I ve always been into learning about Salem, especially after having visited there about 2 months ago I was hooked on Rinaldi s take on Salem s events and had a hard time putting this one down, even though it was geared towards a middle grade audience She not only provided an interesting viewpoint on the trials Susanna s , but she provided historical detail without making the story dry That is all too imperative when it com [...]

  13. Maureen

    I found this book in the young adult section of the library, so I already knew that the novel is most likely directed towards a adolescent population The vocabulary and style was nothing too difficult, and most of the points that were being made were fairly straightforward and easy to derive even from just a breezy reading That being said, I think the best aspect of this little book is the fact that it s mostly based on what the author has found in her historical research Almost all the names a [...]

  14. Amber Cooney

    An easy to follow take on the Salem Witch Trials Author spends considerable time in the epilogue distinguishing fact from fiction, which I can appreciate Rinaldi also chose a unique perspective for this work, which was that of a young, conscience ridden girl relatively isolated from the trials for most of the book She based the book off of considerable primary source documents, and I appreciated how close Rinaldi stayed to fact It was a fast read and move about effortlessly I remember thinking h [...]

  15. Rachel

    Comments I wrote in my 8th grade reading log This book took place during the Salem Witch trials It was from the point of view of a girl living in Salem at that time She wished she ahd stepped in and said something, anything, to stop that madness It made me think of the quote If you re not part of the solution, you re part of the problem

  16. Courtney

    This is a kind of sad book, with all the hangings and all But is was still good It is, however, my least favorite out of all of her books that I ve read That doesn t make it not good though They were all good, I just liked the others better.

  17. Cathrine Glover

    This was an interesting historical Fiction about the Salem witch trials It will keep a readers interest, easy to read, appeals to females than to males Can use as an option in a middle school for a historical fiction novel.

  18. Wendy

    Girls hated their prospects in life so they allow ovwer 100 people to be accused of witchcraft and to be put to death All in the name of Puritanism I love books about the hypocracy of religion I saw the movie Two Men of Florence this past weekend about Galileo and I loved it.

  19. Seaport

    I checked this book from the library, intrigued with USA history I recommend this book to anyone It s really good, sad but good It s an eye opener and well written.

  20. Cortnie

    I really enjoyed this book it was like part two to the Crucible, but by a different author and a different story, but it s still the same story awesome.

  21. Iceman

    FACTOS HIST RICOSEm Janeiro de 1692, na comunidade puritana de Sal m, Nova Inglaterra, Elisabeth Parris de nove anos e Abigail Williams de onze, come aram a exibir comportamentos menos pr prios Numa comunidade onde s crian as n o era permitido ter inf ncia, onde os problemas pr prios da adolesc ncia n o era tolerado nem compreendido, estas duas crian as, de um momento para o outro, come aram a apresentar desvios comportamentais preocupantes e chocantes Blasfemavam, tinham ataques apopl cticos co [...]

  22. Kyle Watts

    When the first settlers came to America they had one goal in mind which was a new life Most were specifically looking for a new life with the freedom to worship how they desire The Puritans who settled in the northern colonies known as the New England colonies sought for non other than to purify the church of England to make sure that it fit their definition of what worship was Susanna is among these Puritans, although her father is very loyal to the church of England and has ideas about life th [...]

  23. Isabella

    A Break with Charity A Story about the Salem Witch Trials by Ann RinaldiA Break with Charity is a novel about the Salem Witch Trials that occurred in Salem, Massachusetts, back in 1691 Susanna English is the main character and narrator of this story A group of girls had claimed to be afflicted by witches, and approached by the devil, in the form of innocent townsfolk This group had formed a circle that would throw fits and accuse ingenuous people of partaking in the art of witchcraft This circle [...]

  24. Leigha

    1.A Break With Charity A story about the Salem With Trials The author of this book is Ann Rinaldi The setting of this book is in 1692, in Salem town and Village 2 This book, A Break With Charity, takes place in 1692, In Salem town and Village This book was about the Witch Trials that were happening in Salem This book tells us about the hysetria that was going on in 1692, and it also tells us about how life today is similar to life then The main charecters in this story are Sussana English, Ann P [...]

  25. Jen Pasquariello

    A Break with Charity Author Ann Rinaldi This book takes place in the town of Salem, Massachussetts in 1692, when witchcraft broke out The story begins with a normal day in Salem Village Slowly a group of teengage girls got involved in witchcraft The girls try to accuse people of being involved with the devil through spectrak evidence.As the trial goes on,many were believing the girls.People were getting accused of witchcraft through the girl s fits Many innocent people then start to get hanged o [...]

  26. Angelica Paulino

    I really liked this book because it was historical fiction and was based on the Salem Witch Trial that were held in the past I also liked it because the author did not really go into details at what exactly happened to people who were accused of witchcraft The author just showed that they hanged people This book was written in first person, from the perspective of Susanna English The first person point of view really adds a lot of feeling.It all started out talking about a group of girls who wen [...]

  27. Eden

    Susanna wants to the join the circle of girls who meet at parsonage every day in Salem Village But not being from the village herself, they refuse to invite her Susanna learns what the girls do at these meetings, but doesn t doesn t realize what these girls will do to Salem and those who live there.I ve read a lot about the Salem Witch Trials, fiction and non fiction I even visited Salem when I was 17 Learning about Salem, the witch trials and its history has always interested me That is one of [...]

  28. Rachel

    I m a little torn on this one I was pretty bothered by what I think were big historical inaccuracies granted, I m no historian and definitely not an expert on this time period or any time period, really but I read this alongside a few nonfiction accounts of the Salem witch trials and none of them jive with the lifestyles, thought processes, and reasoning portrayed in this book I struggled to get past things like, for example, young girls traveling miles alone in the dead of winter through Mas [...]

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