Dead in the Water (2020)

Dead in the Water Carola Dunn Bernadette Dunne Dead in the Water May the best man die In July of the Honorable Daisy Dalrymple travels to Henley on Thames to visit her aunt and uncle as well as to work on her latest writing assignment covering the Henley Roy
  • Title: Dead in the Water
  • Author: Carola Dunn Bernadette Dunne
  • ISBN: 9781482959390
  • Page: 114
  • Format: Audio CD
Dead in the Water Carola Dunn Bernadette Dunne May the best man die In July of 1923, the Honorable Daisy Dalrymple travels to Henley on Thames to visit her aunt and uncle, as well as to work on her latest writing assignment covering the Henley Royal Regatta for an American magazine.Daisy plans a simple trip researching her article, enjoying the races, and, come the weekend, having a pleasant time with her fiance, DeteMay the best man die In July of 1923, the Honorable Daisy Dalrymple travels to Henley on Thames to visit her aunt and uncle, as well as to work on her latest writing assignment covering the Henley Royal Regatta for an American magazine.Daisy plans a simple trip researching her article, enjoying the races, and, come the weekend, having a pleasant time with her fiance, Detective Chief Inspector Alec Fletcher of Scotland Yard But the tensions between the Ambrose team s coxswain, Horace Bott a shopkeeper s son and scholarship student at Oxford and rower Basil DeLancey the younger son of an earl and all around bounder are constantly threatening to erupt into violence.The day after losing a race thanks to Bott s overindulgence the night before, DeLancey keels over and dies mid race Foul play is immediately suspected, with Bott the logical suspect But nothing is obvious in this tangled web of jealousies and secrets, and while Inspector Fletcher investigates the murder, Daisy once again must ferret out the truth.
Dead in the Water Carola Dunn Bernadette Dunne

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    114 Carola Dunn Bernadette Dunne
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One thought on “Dead in the Water

  1. Karen ⊰✿

    This is an easy to read cozy mystery series, but this wasn t the best of the bunch The story seemed to drag a little and the mystery all fell a bit flat.Still not a bad way to spend some time, and the audio narration is quite good.

  2. Wealhtheow

    Sixth in the Daisy Dalrymple mystery series After insulting every member of his rowing team, a young titled man dies during a boat race Daisy and her boyfriend, an inspector with Scotland Yard, sift through the clues.I think my main problem with this book is really just my problem with the sub genre itself I m tired of slightly quirky characters who stumble upon mysteries in quaint English surroundings The main character doesn t change or learn anything, and her relationships with other characte [...]

  3. Gloria

    I had read the earlier installments of this series several years ago, and I had always meant to read I finally got around to it, but this book was not really worth it The mystery is not well constructed, and the ending is rushed both figuratively and literally for some reason we get a wierd foot chase scene that was really out of place What I found most distasteful was Daisy s attitude She kept thinking unkind thoughts about the other characters, and then only sort of regretting her meanness I [...]

  4. Helen

    There are constant references in this series to class and the advantages had by those who are fortunate enough to be in the upper classes and this book is no different The facts are quite believable but the motives are a little strange I know that in the twenties there were a number of people who hadn t yet learned that law applies to everyone and police who were hampered by senior officers who were subject to pressure from those people and withheld action under it but surely not everyone everyw [...]

  5. Karen Potts

    Another seriously light, entertaining mystery with Daisy Dalrymple Upper lower class friction the deaths of 2 truly obnoxious characters.

  6. FangirlNation

    With Dead in the Water, the sixth book in Carola Dunn s Daisy Dalrymple series, Daisy visits her aunt s house to cover the social events at the Henley on Thames regatta, where her cousin s rowing team for Ambrose College of Oxford is competing She discovers that the team of 8 has personal conflicts, with the Honourable Basil Delancy going out of his way to be rude to everyone but especially to the cox Horace Bott, who has just graduated with a first the Oxford version of our summa cum laude in b [...]

  7. Larraine

    This was a lot fun than the previous book in this series One and I m up to date Alex and Daisy are engaged and are planning a weekend in the country There is a regatta going on Daisy is staying at her aunt s house and has a press pass She is excited at the idea of being presented to Prince Henry as well It is quickly obvious that the rowing team members staying at her aunt s house have some problems with the team The cox is Bott, son of a shopkeeper and a math and science genius He is one of t [...]

  8. Orinoco Womble (tidy bag and all)

    Having been unable to trudge through Damsel in Distress, which seemed to have been written while the author was thinking about something elserhaps several things was with some trepidation that I picked up this installment It continues to be mental popcorn of the lightest sort, but much better than vol 5 This is the obligatory 1920s collegiate murder combined with the sporting event murder , reinforcing class attitudes along the way as the most popular suspect is the second least popular characte [...]

  9. Lori McD

    3.5 4 starsI m holding back a bit on my rating, because there were SO MANY PEOPLE in this book, it was difficult to keep everyone straight Which made figuring out who did what difficult, too But I enjoyed continuing to see Daisy and Alec Detective Chief Inspector Fletcher interact both personally and professionally during the story.Daisy is now writing for an American magazine, and they want her to cover the Henley Royal Regatta, which includes rowing races Daisy even has an invite to meet HRH [...]

  10. Andrea

    One thing I love about this series is that the books are very much in the Christie manor house murder tradition small, confined settings filled with memorable characters and a body or two However, this one seemed almost a little too small mostly because many of the characters are sort of awful people I still like Daisy but she was less likable than usual here Her romance plotline continues to be enjoyable maybe both the author and I hit a little bump in the road with this one It was tedious tha [...]

  11. Livia

    Book Six in the Daisy Dalrymple mystery series finds newly engaged Daisy headed to cover the Henley Regatta for an American magazine Her fianc Detective Inspector Alec Fletcher was to join her True to form Daisy is only on the scene a couple of days when one of the rowers of the Oxford Rowing team is murdered When Alec arrives on the scene expecting some romantic time with Daisy, he instead has the displeasure of being the only one qualified and available to investigate the murder.This one moves [...]

  12. Mary Overgaard

    Not one of the better Daisy Dalrymples Confusing as to actual cause of death and not a very satisfactory end It felt like Dunn owed the publisher a book and scratched this out in a hurry Just not up to usual standards.

  13. Laura

    Not my favorite of the series, but I like Daisy and Inspector Alec so much, that it was still enjoyable The rowing crew lingo and setting was boring at times, but I liked the characters and overall plot.

  14. David Doel

    This is the 7th Daisy Dalrymple mystery I have read and enjoyed I have two in the wings They are not significant, but they are fun A lot easier to get around to than Finnegan s Wake.

  15. Kim

    This was fairly light fluff but mostly enjoyable There was a plotline trust that was much unbelievable than the previous books.

  16. Phyllis

    This was the second book I read in this series and I think it will be the last, at least for a while.

  17. Aoife

    Since I started reading the Lady Daisy series I really wanted to review one properly but somehow never got around Now that Death in the Water also happens to be the 50th book I ve read this year I thought that would give me good reason to finally do one Unfortunately it s in my opinion so far the weakest Lady Daisy novel.It still has good moments I like how the relationship between Daisy and Alec is portrayed, neither as all rainbows and butterflies nor any kind of forced conflicts just for the [...]

  18. George

    6 in the Honorable Daisy Dalrymple, magazine writer and heiress no inheritance due to British entailed system mystery series It is July, 1923 and Daisy travels to Henley on Thameson to write a story for an American magazine about the intercollegiate rowing events of the Thames Regatta, and hoping to spend a quiet weekend with her fiance, Scotland Yard Detective Chief Inspector Alec Fletcher, but things go awry when a murder occurs on her cousin s rowing team A theme here is about an aristocrat w [...]

  19. Judy

    The honorable Daisy Dalrymple is visiting her aunt and uncle She is there to watch the college rowing races in order to write an article for an American Magazine about the races She has invited her fiance Detective Alex Fletcher of Scotland Yard She hopes to spend a quiet weekend with him She bunks in with her cousin since all the bedrooms are being used by the young collegiate rowers.We have the rowers and the coxswain Ambrose Botts Ambrose is quite smart, but he comes from the lower class The [...]

  20. Bodwisebooks

    Daisy Dalrymple is a young lady I enjoy reading about, especially her relationship with her mother and the Detective I find these books full of interest with the furniture and surroundings of the areas in which she works in the Victorian era very well maintained throughout.Cleverly put together stories and not always copying authors that have been before her, which I find very good.These are what I call easy reads as they are not too challenging and are easy to follow the plot.

  21. Kathleen

    So, just to recap this is a cozy mystery series starring Daisy Dalrymple, a journalist and reluctant aristocrat, and her eventual husband Alec Fletcher, a Scotland Yard inspector They fight crime, and also fall in love and have a very strong relationship, and fight with each other and make up including one very frustrating moment in book 7, which we ll get to, in which the only person who spoke any sense was the nine year old , and are generally very charming and sweet together I love them.Dead [...]

  22. Debra

    It s the summer of 1923 in Henley on the Thames, and young reporter Daisy Dalrymple is covering the Henley Royal Regatta It isn t long before Daisy witnesses conflict among the eight member rowing team staying at her aunt s house Still, she s shocked when one of the team members is killed Since her fianc , Detective Chief Inspector Alec Fletcher, had intended to spend the weekend with Daisy anyway, it s only natural that he look into things The local constabulary isn t qualified and, with Scotla [...]

  23. Rebecca

    In the late 1920s, Daisy Dalrymple is staying at her aunt and uncle s capacious country house in order to watch the boat races at Henley The house is full to the gills with the Ambrose College crew, so Daisy s fiance, Detective Chief Inspector Alec Fletcher of Scotland Yard, will have to stay in town Despite the lovely weather and setting, tensions are running high in the crew The cox, Bott, is a brilliant scholarship man with a surly attitude brought on by years of humiliation and condescension [...]

  24. Camilla Tilly

    I read this book right after nr 5 in the series, Damsel in Distress , where the Honourable Daisy Dalrymple and Alec Fletcher of Scotland Yard celebrate their engagement at a big party, on the last page of the book It was a little bit frustrating that the author in this book, backs up 14 days, till right after the kidnapping case in the previous book, to set the stage for this mystery It was not believable and irritating This said, it still was an exciting book if one counts away that I personall [...]

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