Eyes on You (2020)

Eyes on You Kate White Eyes on You A Los Angeles Times Best of Summer ReadFrom New York Times bestselling author Kate White comes a riveting psychological suspense in which a media star must battle a malevolent enemy who may be disturb
  • Title: Eyes on You
  • Author: Kate White
  • ISBN: 9780061576638
  • Page: 339
  • Format: Hardcover
Eyes on You Kate White A Los Angeles Times Best of Summer ReadFrom New York Times bestselling author Kate White comes a riveting psychological suspense in which a media star must battle a malevolent enemy who may be disturbingly close to her After losing her on air job two years ago, television host Robin Trainer has fought her way back and now she s hotter than ever With her new show climbiA Los Angeles Times Best of Summer ReadFrom New York Times bestselling author Kate White comes a riveting psychological suspense in which a media star must battle a malevolent enemy who may be disturbingly close to her After losing her on air job two years ago, television host Robin Trainer has fought her way back and now she s hotter than ever With her new show climbing in the ratings and her first book a bestseller, she s being dubbed a media double threat But suddenly, things begin to go wrong Small incidents at first a nasty note left in her purse her photo shredded But the obnoxious quickly becomes threatening when the foundation the makeup artist uses burns Robin s face It wasn t an accident someone had deliberately doctored with the product An adversary with a dark agenda wants to hurt Robin, and the clues point to someone she works with every day While she frantically tries to put the pieces together and unmask this hidden foe, it becomes terrifyingly clear that the person responsible isn t going to stop until Robin loses everything that matters to her including her life.
Eyes on You Kate White

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One thought on “Eyes on You

  1. Suzanne

    I really had fun with this book I had a quiet week with only myself and one other family member This situation will cease to be in about 3 hours, bummer This was sublime, peaceful and quite indulgent, to be honest This was also how I felt about reading this psychological thriller So I was a happy gal I loved the splattering of red herrings, little things to put me off confuse mix me up all nicely placed little occurrences and characters to keep me questioning things It was fun Of course, I love [...]

  2. Nadine Jones

    My e libraries have declared this book to be the Big Library Read Your library may have declared this too This doesn t look like the kind of book I d normally check out, but this year I m intentionally reading things I wouldn t normally read, so here goes I ll start as soon as my loan of The God Delusion expires, in 7 days Well, this book and I are getting off on the wrong foot, so to speak, because the opening sentences encapsulate all that I loathe about chick lit The shoes had made a nasty de [...]

  3. DJ =^^=

    The audiobook is horrible I will not listen to anything that is narrated by that person again Book wise didn t enjoy that much

  4. Hayley

    Seriously This has to be a joke Don t waste your time on this pathetic excuse for a piece of writing Unless you re interested in a horrible plot, terrible character development, and the worst ending possible I hate to be so harsh, but whoever let this author wrap up her story and put a nice big predictable bow on the ending in less than 4 pages should be fired So instead of reading the whole thing, save yourself the trouble and enjoy my cliff notes version instead Robin had a rough childhood, bu [...]

  5. Patty

    4.5 StarsI KNEW IT Originally posted on Bookish Wanderlove Opening Lines The shoes had made a nasty dent in my paycheck, but I wasn t sorry I d splurged They were Chanel, black textured with a peep toe and a gold zipper up the back, really of a booty than a stiletto And not what you d ever call Fuck me shoes there was nothing about them that would make a guy want to bed you, unless he was the type who liked a razor sharp heel at his throat Finally getting around to writing some reviews for book [...]

  6. Trisha

    I ve read the first three Bailey Weggins books, and I feel about this stand alone the way I do about those I want to like Kate White s books better than I do They are fast reads the settings and their peripheral details interest me magazines, publishing, television, affluent New York, fashion, Society doings and once I ve started the book I have to keep reading to find out what happened But I can t tell if I actually like the books or enjoy reading them, so it s hard for me to recommend them I t [...]

  7. Linda Strong

    I have been a fan of Kate White s books since reading Hush and The Sixes.This one certainly did not disappoint.Robin is on top of the world She s written a book that s heading for the Top Ten and she s co anchor of a prospering TV show But things are starting to fall part First there s the note stuffed in her purse calling her a not so nice name Then there the cockroach in her coffee, which I actually thought was worse than the Barbie Doll left for her with the eyes gouged out.And until the make [...]

  8. Sarah Beth

    I received an uncorrected proof copy of this book from HarperCollins Eyes On You covers the span of about three weeks in the life of rising television host Robin Trainer, who seems to have an enemy that is stalking and sabotaging her work and career Beginning with an aggressive note found in her purse, the events escalate to Robin finding a Barbie doll in her office with the eyes slashed out and having her face chemically burned when her set makeup is tampered with Robin desperately seeks answer [...]

  9. Denise Cornelius

    This book is just ehhh I like Kate White, I have read all her other books They are less literary and beach read types This book is not really fun and it borders on tedious Robin the main character has a run of bad luck, she loses her husband, her job, and gets in a car accident She has finally worked her way back to her a new show, she has a new book, etc and some one is out to get her This actually sounds good but don t be fooled First, the book has like 4 suspects and I knew right off the bat [...]

  10. Julie

    Eyes On You by Kate White is a 2014 Harper publication This book is a part of a Big Library Read promotion and so I decided to play along and check this one out with my Overdrive account This one starts off strong with the lead character, Robin Trainer, a co host on a television news magazine show, celebrating her new book, and really feeling her stride, until it becomes apparent that someone wants her out as the host of the TV show and will resort to all manner of cunning to get their way But, [...]

  11. Lauren Fidler

    i sort of love kate white books but i also recognize that they re all repetitive, pulpy trash with that what you will, the protagonist s voice robin trainer is remarkably bailey weggins esque and the plot is also something vaguely bailey esque tv personality lives glamorous but lonely single life in new york after rebuilding her career after her messy ish divorce then, SOMEONE DOESN T WANT HER TO SUCCEED and crazy shit happenske cockroaches in coffee and ambien laced brownies.whatever i could ha [...]

  12. Camie

    Robin Trainer has had a tough background but finally things are going her way She has a new television talk show and has published a new book that is doing well Someone however, is not so thrilled about all of her success and sets out to make it known This was a quickly read who dunnit which actually was better than I expected It had some interesting twists, and kept me guessing until the end A great book for beach or inflight reading It was chosen for the Overdrive Big Read project , which mean [...]

  13. Denise

    Easy, fast summer read A page turner that does not require a lot of focus A little like Mary Higgins Clark mysteries but with a little sex included, a few suspects and the big reveal at the end I will read books by Kate White this summer.

  14. Amy Lignor

    The word sharp is always used when it comes to this amazing author s writing, and this new roller coaster thriller is no exception In fact, like a great wine, it seems that Kate White s writing is aging to perfection.This tale surrounds a definite career woman working in a truly glamorous, not to mention, backbiting and mean business Robin Trainer has dealt with some pretty serious issues to re enter that job market from a divorce that practically annihilated her to losing her on air job after d [...]

  15. Shannon Brown

    Ugh I read this as part of my library s Big Read, and I don t know if I m mad at them for suckering me into this or at myself for slogging through to the end I ve read a couple of White s Bailey Weggins novels, which are mostly dumb fun quick summer beach reads where everyone s clothes are described in breathless detail and everyone s hair is artfully tousled so it s not like I was expecting great literature, but this was so irritating Every woman but the heroine is evil, two faced and backstab [...]

  16. Laurel-Rain

    Robin Trainer is back at her on air job as a co host, after a two year hiatus Ratings are climbing and a book she has written is turning into a bestseller.But a dark and malevolent presence is threatening her very existence, not to mention her career It is obviously someone she works with, because of the nature and timing of the incidents, but just when she thinks she has figured it out, her bosses turn against her with a startling decision.How can Robin find out who has been destroying her life [...]

  17. Michal Lynn

    I was so close to giving this one star, but I finished it, didn t I This book was the equivalent of a terrible Lifetime movie The plot is cheesy, the end of a chapter means a new bit of suspense, and each character was just unbelievable enough to keep you guessing But hey, that s why we watch those dumb movies, right I wanted a quick and easy thriller and I kinda got one I was happy to find out that the person I suspected the whole time was, indeed, the guilty party If they had thrown it a diffe [...]

  18. Kandice

    This month, Eyes on You was featured as OverDrive s Big Library Read The synopsis made it sound like a quick, suspenseful read and I decided to give it a try.It was okay, but I wasn t hooked and aching to get back to the story It s formulaic and somewhat predictable.I have no idea how books are selected for The Big Library Read, but after reading this one, I m hesitant to participate in future rounds.

  19. April

    Eyes on You had me riveted I literally gobbled 3 4th s of the book in one night and if I hadn t needed sleep I would ve finished it all I don t often fly through a book in one night but this was an easy breezy read and I was definitely in the mood for it, which helps a lot There s not that particularly special about Eyes on You, it s the typical mystery someone is stalking Robin the main character who is a co anchor on a show called The Pulse that deals with various celebrity issues, etc, anythi [...]

  20. Kathy

    I received a copy of Eyes on You by Kate White through first reads program in return for an honest review.The book description gives a fine description of what the story is about so I won t repeat it here but no one could have prepared me for the fast paced, constantly twisting turning, edge of your seat, psychological suspense that I found inside This is a book that s a quick read because you ll find it difficult to put down Robin seems to have it all coming together for her career wise, only t [...]

  21. Elizabeth of Silver's Reviews

    All eyes on you every night on your TV show can sometimes be hazardous to your health as Robin Trainer has found out.Was someone jealous of Robin s success or was Robin imagining all the death threats and incidents happening to her at the TV station Hate notes, voodoo dolls, poison laced makeup, drug laced brownies, what else can happen As you follow Robin through her days, you will feel her terror at thinking someone is following her or share her fear of wondering what is going to happen next T [...]

  22. Cynthia Corral

    This was chosen as our Big Library Read and I m going to assume was picked by blindfolding a librarian and having her throw a dart at the Fiction section.WHY First, we have our protagonist, who has THE NERVE to be career minded and have a desire to move ahead We are told this is a bad thing over and over and over Then we have not one but TWO female villains whose sole motive is that they are jealous Oh, you know how females are So those women terrorize our heroine, who is portrayed as a helpless [...]

  23. Tamara

    Review originally posted Traveling With TTraveling With T was given a copy of EYES ON YOU at BEA 2014.Eyes on YouRobin Trainer is on top of the world After losing her on aire job 2 years ago, she has written a book that has everyone talking and is co host of a show that is getting rave reviews Basically, Robin is feeling pretty good about life Then things start to happen Her book jackets are torn and a viciously nasty note is left in her purse When she comes back to her office to find a gruesome [...]

  24. Buffyanna

    How is this a Big Library Read I didn t like this book I usually enjoy mysteries thrillers but when Robin ripped up the threatening note in chapter one, surely I wasn t the only one to say uh oh, that s a bad idea, getting rid of evidence That s not really a spoiler since it s CHAPTER 1, and you get the gist of it in the book blurb But she never got any smarter or sensible from then on Her obtuseness was a real obstacle to empathizing with Robin s plight or giving a damn what happens to her.At [...]

  25. Heather

    The book opens with Robin Trainer at a celebratory party for her new book release Everything seems to be falling into place for her She s got a hot new book out, her TV show has fabulous ratings, and she has some good friends She s having the time of her life until she walks into her office and finds a pile of her books slashed She doesn t think much of it until the next day she walks in and find a mutilated Barbie doll.Soon things are spiraling out of control and Robin is afraid to go to work b [...]

  26. Kelsey

    It s PUB DAY I was lucky enough to read an ARC of Kate s latest way back in April, and I have to say I absolutely loved it I am not usually a mystery thriller gal, but Eyes On You had me completely hooked and flipping pages into the night until I finished The best part about Eyes On You is that I was genuinely surprised by the ending I kept making guesses as to who the murderer was and they were ALL off I also love that this book is set in something like the glitz and glamour of Kate s former wo [...]

  27. Kari

    Eyes on You is definitely one of those books that sucks you right in Robin is finally getting her career back A successful book and a new TV show have her thinking that life is pretty good But someone has other ideas Slowly, she starts to feel like someone is following her and watching her She starts to get threatening messages and someone drugs her than once The problem is that Robin thinks she knows who is doing it, but no one believes her I thought the psychological suspense was was spot on [...]

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