Robert B. Parker's Cheap Shot (2020)

Robert B. Parker's Cheap Shot Ace Atkins Robert B Parker s Cheap Shot The iconic tough but tender Boston PI Spenser returns in an outstanding new addition to the New York Times bestselling series from author Ace Atkins Kinjo Heywood is one of the New England Patriots m
  • Title: Robert B. Parker's Cheap Shot
  • Author: Ace Atkins
  • ISBN: 9780399161582
  • Page: 396
  • Format: Hardcover
Robert B. Parker's Cheap Shot Ace Atkins The iconic, tough but tender Boston PI Spenser returns in an outstanding new addition to the New York Times bestselling series from author Ace Atkins Kinjo Heywood is one of the New England Patriots marquee players a hard nosed linebacker who s earned his reputation as one of the toughest guys in the league When off field violence repeatedly lands Heywood in the news, hThe iconic, tough but tender Boston PI Spenser returns in an outstanding new addition to the New York Times bestselling series from author Ace Atkins Kinjo Heywood is one of the New England Patriots marquee players a hard nosed linebacker who s earned his reputation as one of the toughest guys in the league When off field violence repeatedly lands Heywood in the news, his slick agent hires Spenser to find the men who he says have been harassing his client Heywood s troubles seem to be tied to a nightclub shooting from two years earlier But when Heywood s nine year old son, Akira, is kidnapped, ransom demands are given, and a winding trail through Boston s underworld begins, Spenser puts together his own all star team of toughs It will take both Hawk and Spenser s prot g , Zebulon Sixkill, to watch Spenser s back and return the child to the football star s sprawling Chestnut Hill mansion A controversial decision from Heywood only ups the ante as the clock winds down on Akira s future.
Robert B. Parker's Cheap Shot Ace Atkins

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One thought on “Robert B. Parker's Cheap Shot

  1. Dan Schwent

    When the New England Patriot s Kinjo Heywood s son goes missing, Spenser is on the case But who took him Is it someone looking to squeeze a star football player out of some of his millions or is it someone with ties to Kinjo s past Can Spenser, Hawk, and Z get Kinjo s son back in one piece I got this book via Goodread s Firstreads program I ve never been one of those guys that thinks Spenser is the best thing since fresh sliced Phillip Marlowe so it wasn t a big deal for me when the Parker estat [...]

  2. Kemper

    Considering the image conscious nature of the National Football League and the recent legal problems of a certain former member of the New England Patriots, I was than a little shocked that Ace Atkins was able to use the actual team name as well as reference real people like Tom Brady and Bill Belichick for a story that involves a talented but trouble prone player I would be willing to bet that than a few lawyers from the NFL, the Patriots and the publisher got to bill some hours while they wo [...]

  3. James Thane

    This is the third book in Robert B Parker s Spenser series since Ace Atkins took over the franchise, and each of the entries continues to demonstrate the wisdom of the Parker family in turning to Atkins He s definitely breathed new life into a series that needed it, while maintaining an allegiance to the characters and to the world that Parker created.In this outing, Spenser is hired by Kinjo Heywood, a ferocious linebacker for the New England Patriots Someone s been following Heywood he assumes [...]

  4. Mark

    I honestly admit not being a big fan of Robert B Parkers Spenser books, while some of them are really good other ones are to much talk and too little content I came to Parker because of Jessie Stone, and did read some Spenser because of that Spenser was too much involved with his everlasting girlfriend Susan and their banter while amusing often took over the tale instead of enhancing it.Parker died but Spenser did not and his return in this continuation novel was kind of a curiosity for me Like [...]

  5. Chuck Kechter

    Every book is better than the last, but Ace Atkins still doesn t have it right The story is good, but not great Spenser exhibits physical and behavioral issues he s never had before Hawk uses the word Babe times in this book than in the collected series the RBP wrote channeling Avery Brooks s interpretation of Hawk, not the literary character Susan too is on than one occasion out of character In fact, of the recurring characters, only Quirk, Belson and Pearl feel anywhere near correct On anoth [...]

  6. Keith

    The forty first Spenser detective novel, the third from beyond the grave and I ve read them all Hard to believe that Robert B Parker and now, Ace Atkins, would be the authors I ve read the most It seems one would prefer the honor to go to, say, Dostoyevsky or Jane Austen or some modern writer, Evelyn Waugh or Ernest Hemingway Three things occur to me one, there is a certain mental satisfaction in reading the detective novel two, one can read a well rendered example in a single shot three, I real [...]

  7. Peter Ackerman

    The worst Ace Atkins Parker novel for sure Reading this was like plodding through War and Peacer all the negative reasons It makes me think Atkins was using Parker s style of writingwrite the story, not sure where it will go or who dunnit until you get there The only problem is that the logical place where the book would turn towards its conclusion kept going, and going, and going I think Atkins might have been paid per character as he kept introducing new and returning characters up until the f [...]

  8. Patricia Houston

    Close, but not quite Atkins had the tone right for pages, even chapters, at a time I d be reading along quite happily for a time and then a character would say or do something that would remind me that this book was not, in fact, written by the late lamented Parker Susan, for example I ve had my issues with her she often annoyed me But even at her most annoying she was never vulgar As I remarked elsewhere I just didn t find it in character for her to drop the F bomb or threaten to kick someone s [...]

  9. Stacy Bearse

    Never thought I would say this, but Ace Atkins IS the new Robert B Parker And thank goodness, because the very enjoyable Spenser series has survived Parker s sad passing in 2010 In fact, the books are better than ever This latest installment has all the colorful dialog witty and irreverent that characterized Parker s writing It features a clever plot, written against the backdrop of professional football and the fair city of Boston CHEAP SHOT will not be confused with fine literature It is, howe [...]

  10. Larry

    On rereading it a year after the first reading that s how much I miss Spenser , Ace Atkins s third Spenser book ranks somewhere among Parker s first ten books fourth, maybe He captures Spenser s voice and methods, and actually improves on Hawk edgier and deadly , Susan much less irritating , and Zee carrying less in the way of an iconic burden as a Native American character, though he gets a couple of funny lines about his status, one referring to Thanksgiving The byplay among Spenser, Hawk, Ze [...]

  11. Larraine

    I m always read for a new Spenser I m even MORE ready now that Ace Atkins is writing the books He writes like the old Parker the one that actually wrote longer books with going on and not double spaced large print Mr Parker was obviously getting tired and obviously unwell Perhaps he should have taken on a ghost writer kind of like James Patterson who apparently doesn t write most of his books James MIchener, supposedly, didn t write a lot of what was penned under his name from what I ve read Th [...]

  12. Mark

    I still miss Robert B Parker Whenever I would begin reading his latest Spenser novel, I would invariably start it at night, telling myself I would only read a few chapters Later, when dawn was breaking and I was reading the final pages, I would wonder ruefully to myself if I would ever learn.However, I m not so desperate for a hint of Parker s prose that any book with his name on it will do I once read a chapter from Robert B Parker s Killing the Blues A Jesse Stone Novel by Michael Brandman and [...]

  13. Paul

    Cheap Shot Another Brilliant Spenser NovelAce Atkins has once again entered the realm as the writer who has taken Robert B Parker s Spenser novels and with Cheap Shot written a book that is comparable to anything Parker wrote I would go as far as to say you cannot tell this is another author writing Atkins has picked up where Parker left Spenser and the hardnosed Boston PI continues unabashed.Kinjo Heywood is one of the stars of the New England Patriots NFL team based in Boston who has a reputat [...]

  14. JoeNoir

    If you are a hardboiled PI fan, and you are not reading the new Spenser novels written by Ace Atkins, you are doing yourself a disservice In my opinion, these are the very best of that American genre being produced right now.Atkins is not only channeling Robert B Parker, but Parker at the height of his powers These new Spenser novels are better than quite a few of Parker s.The son of a successful high profile defensive Pro Bowler signed to the Patriots is kidnapped After suspicious vehicles have [...]

  15. Art

    Spenser and his extended family have joined the immortals.Ace Atkins has finally GOT IT His snappy dialog and plot lines are classic Robert B Parker I had my doubts earlier but Cheap Shot has taken the franchise to a new level Not only are Spenser, Hawk and Susan and their supporting cast of police and criminals here and true to form, but Z Zebulon Sixkill is also stepping into his own character and growing.I didn t know how long Atkins could prolong the series after Parker s death in 2010 But h [...]

  16. Claire

    Review Robert B Parker s Cheap Shot by Ace Atkins Publication Date 26th March 2015 Publisher No Exit Press ISBN 978 1 84344 449 7 Source Real Readers by nudge Rating 4 Synopsis Kinjo Heywood is one of the New England Patriots marquee players a hard nosed linebacker who has earned his reputation as one of the toughest guys in the league When off field violence repeatedly lands Heywood in the news, his slick agent hires Spenser to find the men who have been harassing his client Heywood s troubles [...]

  17. Gloria Feit

    Unlike his previous effort in continuing a series created by Robert B Parker, this time around Ace Atkins uses the full complement of Parker created characters in a plot reminiscent of the master, including a sports theme Kinjo Heywood is a star linebacker for the New England Patriots in need of Spenser s services It seems he has been followed and threatened.A simple assignment turns into a much deadly one when Kinjo s young son is kidnapped, and it takes the efforts of the full all star team o [...]

  18. Jill Manske

    Ace Atkins is a very under appreciated writer His own books are terrific, but when he took over writing the Spenser series when Robert B Parker died in 2010, he took his writing to a new level It s as if Parker is writing through Atkins the style, the wit, and the quirky plots are so similar to Parker, it s astonishing What I like most about Atkins is that his dialog is very real and stays true to each character It reads as if people are actually having conversations, not dialog just meant to mo [...]

  19. Jodi

    Ace Atkins is so good at emulating Robert B Parker that it was hard to remember that Parker didn t write this What was interesting about this book is that Spenser was not as old as he once was but he is definitely relying on Z much This book delved into the world of football and the kidnapping of a player s 8 year old son But there is no ransom request So Kenjo and his ex wife slowly dissolve into puddles of panic, so much so that Spenser brought in Susan Silverman on a professional level As us [...]

  20. Mary

    Just okay I thought Atkins did a better job in imitating Parker s writing in the book before this one What is with Hawk continually calling Spenser babe Sounds like Ranger in the Evanovich books than Hawk.

  21. Hobart

    This originally appeared at The Irresponsible Reader I stand by pretty much everything I said 3 years ago although, I seem to have missed underrated one plot point last time I totally bought it this time Here s some of what I said before that still applies On the one hand, this is not Atkins best Spenser But it s the one that feels like Parker than the rest make of that what you will The banter, the poking around and stirring things up until you get a break, the fisticuffs, the donuts, the gun [...]

  22. Carol Wilson

    I was sent a free copy of this book to review, by RealReaders.I have to confess that I have not read any of the original Spenser series, by Robert B Parker, and this makes it difficult for me to give a proper review, as I have no idea whether or not Ace Atkins has produced a book that is as good as, apparently, were those written by Robert B Parker but I ll give a review that ignores this issue for now Although I do find it quite strange that an author would write books based on another man s st [...]

  23. Shawn

    This is the third Ace Atkins Spenser and it may be the best one Atkins does a great job of mimicking Parker s style and pacing, but adds some depth and subtle to the story With Parker, it was never really a who dunnit It was about how Spenser would react and what he would do There would be a conflict among the goals Spenser had and he would use his code to resolve it Atkins maintains that, to a degree, but also adds of a mystery red herrings and unexpected twists I hope that Atkins keeps the S [...]

  24. Carole

    Wise cracking Spenser returns in this edge of the seat thriller as he tries to find the kidnappers of the young son of a popular football player.Kinjo Heywood, named after an Emperor of Japan was huge and made of muscle and is a loving family man underneath all his toughness He is desperate to get his son back and will do anything and pay anything to find him.But when no ransom demands are forthcoming at first Spenser begins to think Kinjo is paranoid and is sure he s hiding something from his p [...]

  25. Jolinda Van

    A New England Patriot s Kenjo Heywood son is kidnapped and Spenser is called in to find him Hawk and Z assist Susan offer s her services as a psychologist to the distraught parents The Background is Boston, the usual cast and crew, the mob, several gangs and unsavory suspects.Although Spencer will never be the same since Robert Parker died he s not as clever, as cool , I keep reading these novels because I miss him Ive been reading Spenser novels for 30yrs so I can t let a little thing like the [...]

  26. Bethe

    Slightly disappointed in this one, first time it is evident that Robert B Parker didn t write it, it reads like a bestseller mystery not a classic Spenser whodunit Confrontation scene in the house seems like I ve read it before, but I guess how different can those things be Even the quality of paper thickness and color as well as margin size is lower Curious to see how series continues, I love Spenser and the gang.

  27. Mark Birchall

    I enjoyed this Spenser tale as always but not as much as ace s previous efforts A bit too wordy for my liking, the prose not as stripped back and the finale an anti climax if I m honest However this s book still knocks spots off most of the opposition The main protagonists are now so well established that picking up a Spenser is like spending time with a good old friend.

  28. Grey853

    I don t much like football and plots that revolve around kidnapped children, so that s two big knocks against the story Still, it s got a solid plot with quite a bit of action My biggest issue is the voice, or lack of it It s like Spenser s trying too hard and it just didn t ring true to me.

  29. Alan Mills

    Another fine entry in the post Parker line of Spenser books.Spenser is hired by a star football player to investigate who has been following the player around As Spenser has barely had a chance to get started, the stakes are raised immeasurably when the player s child is kidnapped.Suspects abound, people from his second wife s sordid past, hazy underworld figures, jealous team mates, and the family of a man the player allegedly killed in a bar fight As the kidnapping case garners the attention o [...]

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