Waiting For Wren (2020)

Waiting For Wren Cate Beauman Waiting For Wren Wren Cooke has everything she s ever wanted a thriving career as one of LA s top interior designers and a home she loves Business trips mockups and her demanding clientele keep her busy almost too
  • Title: Waiting For Wren
  • Author: Cate Beauman
  • ISBN: 9781492159278
  • Page: 476
  • Format: Paperback
Waiting For Wren Cate Beauman Wren Cooke has everything she s ever wanted a thriving career as one of LA s top interior designers and a home she loves Business trips, mockups, and her demanding clientele keep her busy, almost too busy to notice Ethan Cooke Security s gorgeous Close Protection Agent, Tucker Campbell Jaded by love and relationships in general, Wren wants nothing to do with the hazel eyWren Cooke has everything she s ever wanted a thriving career as one of LA s top interior designers and a home she loves Business trips, mockups, and her demanding clientele keep her busy, almost too busy to notice Ethan Cooke Security s gorgeous Close Protection Agent, Tucker Campbell Jaded by love and relationships in general, Wren wants nothing to do with the hazel eyed stunner and his heart stopping grins, but Tucker is always in her way When Wren suddenly finds herself bombarded by a mysterious man s unwanted affections, she s forced to turn to Tucker for help As Wren s case turns from disturbing to deadly, Tucker whisks her away to his mountain home in Utah Haunted by memories and long ago tragedies, Tucker soon realizes his past and Wren s present are colliding With a killer on the loose and time running out, Tucker must discover a madman s motives before Wren becomes his next victim.
Waiting For Wren Cate Beauman

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    476 Cate Beauman
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One thought on “Waiting For Wren

  1. Sherry Fundin

    As soon as Tucker heard the rustles in the woods, I knew what was coming and I am so POed The mystery has begun and I wonder where Ethan Security comes in.Right from the getgo, we have plenty of danger, sexual tension, and verbal foreplay My anticipation is at a foot tapping, sitting on the edge of my seat level.Wren is independent No wonder, her parents might as well have been nonexistent for the attention they paid her She wasn t used to being afraid, having a babysitter, and she could do a lo [...]

  2. Paula Legate

    I love this series Each book is a fast pace, thrill ride, with a touch of romance.Wren Cooke was being stalked by a really sick man He would kill cats and leave them for her to find Wren s brother Ethan was away on a vacation He owned a security company While he was away he assigned Tucker to watch over his sister Tucker and Wren had instant attraction They just didn t trust easily Wren trusted Tucker to keep her safe, but didn t trust him with her heart I did like the fact that this story was d [...]

  3. Allyson

    I m not totally sure on what I want to rate this Definitely between 3 and 4 stars.First up, totally called it.Now that that s out of the way Book five of the series I feel like suspense factor gets turned up with each book, which is great Except I need to stop reading them at night My favorite thing is that Tucker calls her Cooke Even in the heat of the moment I absolutely love it view spoiler One of the things that totally creeped me out was that the Park City murderer knew all the alarm codes [...]

  4. Reading Rae

    I read a book from this collection in between my SciFi Fantasy collection I loved Moran s Hunter and Waiting for Wren the most out of the first 5 books I have read in the Bodyguards of LA series Tucker and Wren have this hot tension from the start Tucker is such a great man You just love him from the beginning The love scenes are steamy Overall a great book with a mystery story line and a sexy and sweet romance.

  5. Angela

    A few quick things about this book I pretty much figured out who the murderer was very early on however, I give Ms Beauman credit for the twists that had me questioning my pick than once The big reveal wasn t as climatic as I would have liked But then again, I had already figured things out at that point I loved the slow burn between Tucker and Wren I found myself pretty much falling in love with Tucker Although the argument near the end made Wren come off as petty I think she went a bit overbo [...]

  6. Elizabeth

    Wren s terrorTucker Campbell liked Wren from when he first saw her and wanted her, trouble is, so did did some one else Tucker s a good guy with a few issues, haven t we all Wren is Ethan s brother and if you ve read his and Sarah s story, so have the Cooke siblings This is another great story from the pen of Care Beauman I found one of her books and I think I ve now brought them all except for the first two that the author sends you if you contact her They are all really good, all different, al [...]

  7. Paula Harp

    This is the story of Ethan s sister Wren and Tucker They met at the hospital when Sarah was hurt in book two Wren is strong and sassy and a successful business woman Until a stalker targets her and starts leaving her flowers and then dead cats on her porch Tucker must protect his boss s sister Wren and find the stalker, except he has had the hots for her since the first met I received this book as an arc for a honest review.

  8. Raven Reviewer

    When Ethan Cooke s sister, Wren, finds herself with a stalker, it could not have happened at a worse time Most of Ethan and the gang are in Hawaii, leaving only Tucker on call With Ethan s house and the safe house both under construction, Tucker and Wren have nowhere to go but a place that still haunts Tucker Either I have not read one of the books in this series in a while and have forgotten what one of these is like or this is the best one of the series yet Not Even Kidding Until this one, I t [...]

  9. Maureen

    If you didn t already know, I ve been a huge fan of Cate Beauman and her books ever since I read Falling For Sarah in July Ever since then, I ve been lucky enough to have the opportunity to read books by Cate Beauman in the Bodyguards of L.A County series I ve been wanting to read the story of Wren, Ethan s younger sister ever since I read his story in Falling For Sarah This is the seventh book in the series I read, but every book can be read as a standalone Wren has her own company in interior [...]

  10. Heather Osborne

    Reviewed on behalf of Readers FavoriteWaiting for Wren by Cate Beauman is the fifth book in The Bodyguards of L.A County Series Wren Cooke, sister to Ethan Cooke, the man in charge of Ethan Cooke Security, is a headstrong woman, bound and determined to stand on her own two feet Founder of Cooke Interiors, the designer is taken aback when she finds herself dealing with a mysterious stalker Enter Tucker Campbell, a former police detective, and bodyguard for her brother s security company Assigned [...]

  11. Robin B

    Loved this Very suspenseful and jam packed with moments that make your heart simultaneous race and stop all at once I know that sounds weird But it s true My few issues the bad guy I had it pegged who it was and WHY he did what he did from the first couple of chapters I really hate when that happens I wished the whole time I was wrong and the author would throw me for a loop But she didn t My other issue was Wren She spends the whole book saying no, no, no and then not once but twice she just al [...]

  12. Rachelle Ayala

    The suspense keeps pulling me apart Warning Do not read this book if you re alone at night.Interior decorator Wren Cooke does not date cops Never has, never will Not even when a mysterious stalker escalates from text messages and flowers to bloody dead animals on her doorstop But when the assailant throws a brick through her window and breaks into her house, ripping up her underwear and defacing her bedroom, she turns to Tucker Campbell for protection.He whisks her away to his family s vacation [...]

  13. Tiffiny

    Well, I have finished this book First, I would like to thank Cate Beauman for giving me the opportunity to read her work as part of First reads a signed copy through Not only did she send the book along, but it came with a bag of Dove chocolates and a pen Awesome So, thanks If the timeframe in which I read this book tells you anything, you should read this book I enjoyed the mystery, I enjoyed the connection between the characters I had the bad guy picked out, but Beauman did a good job of convi [...]

  14. Darlene

    Cate Beauman is now officially one of my favorite Authors Yet another great book in the Bodyguard series Wrens brother Ethan Cooke owns the security firm and his sister has an interior design business She ends up with a stalker and has to run go to a safehouse to hide There are many twists and turns in this book Her brother assigns Tucker one of his men to protect her There is a chemestry but Wren does not want to get involved Tucker is willing to wait but many painful things from his past creep [...]

  15. Reen

    Book 5 of the series Each book in the series has a different back story and all of them have their share of heartache and suspense Wren is Ethan Cooke s sister and is being stalked by a physchopath who leaves dead cats on her doorstep Wren s brother Ethan is away on vacation and assigns Tucker to watch over his sister Wren is fiercely independent and her and Tucker end up in the mountains hiding from her stalker Time alone together only fans the sparks between the two of them and their trip to t [...]

  16. Merle

    This entry to the Bodyguards series is quite suspenseful, while also being very emotional Wren and Tucker are both very leery of serious relationships When they begin to have feelings for each other, they are in the middle of a very dangerous situation How they cope with that, the very strong feelings between them, and the actions of others towards them, causes a pretty turbulent time for both When the danger for Wren is found to have come from another source altogether, she feels betrayed The s [...]

  17. Kylie C

    Loved this book.The fifth book in the series, the characters remain the same as previous books It s nice to see what the characters out of previous books are up to.Wren and Tucker are both likeable characters Wren s character is believable She s not too much of a princess and isn t spineless at all Also loved that the got out of the city, and up to snow country.Well done Cate.Another great book.

  18. Teresa

    Another great book by this author I am loving this series This was a great story with lots of action and suspense, although I had worked out who the villain of the story was early on it didn t detract from the suspense Can t wait to read the next book Oh and I think I ve found my new book boyfriend in Tucker Campbell

  19. Olimpia

    Another great installment to the Bodyguards of L.A County Waiting for Wren was filled with lots of romance, suspense, mystery and action Lots of twists and turns made this novel very hard to put down.Loved the pairing of Tucker and Wren They were perfect together A great read and highly recommended.

  20. Suzanne Cotton

    Loved itI loved this book as much as the others in this series Its a really good storyline with lots of twists,turns and romance a must for any Cate Beauman fan or anyone who likes a great read

  21. J.M.

    Soooooooo good Okay seriously, I had some things to do for my daughter s Christmas gift, and I spent half the time wishing I could sit down and finish reading I need to get the rest of his series Awesome.

  22. Trista Blair

    Definitely my favorite of the series and jeez is that Tucker Campbell sexy as sin Seriously though, I really enjoyed the story, the romance and although the bad guy was easy to spot early on the author threw in a couple of twists that made you doubt yourself FUN Read

  23. Patti Ashley

    Best of the bunchThis story was amazing When is very careful guarding her heart Tucker has been through an awful tragedy that is not over The writing is crisp and fast paced The characters are well developed and you simply like them A keeper.

  24. Nuala Raftery

    I came to this book fresh from the truly appalling Forever Alexa I had bought all five books after reading the first with very low expectations However this was the most enjoyable book of the series, though the villain was easily recognisable from the start.

  25. FrAnCisCa

    Wren loves the control in her life but Tucker sets her off balance and she does not know what to do d danger comes to both of them survive they will have to stick to each other.

  26. Jla

    I loved all of cate Beaumans bodyguard books however waiting tot wren was my least favorite it was predictable and a little boring I needed a little alpha.

  27. Lori

    4am bookThis is one of those books that you can t put down and stay awake until you finish it Definitely was worth the sleepy next day.

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