Beauty (2020)

Beauty Sarah Pinborough Beauty BEAUTY is a beautifully illustrated retelling of the Sleeping Beauty story which takes all the elements of the classic fairytale that we love the handsome prince the ancient curse the sleeping girl
  • Title: Beauty
  • Author: Sarah Pinborough
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  • Page: 441
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Beauty Sarah Pinborough BEAUTY is a beautifully illustrated retelling of the Sleeping Beauty story which takes all the elements of the classic fairytale that we love the handsome prince, the ancient curse, the sleeping girl and, of course, the haunting castle and puts a modern spin on the characters, their motives and their desires It s fun, contemporary, sexy, and perfect for fans of ONCE UPOBEAUTY is a beautifully illustrated retelling of the Sleeping Beauty story which takes all the elements of the classic fairytale that we love the handsome prince, the ancient curse, the sleeping girl and, of course, the haunting castle and puts a modern spin on the characters, their motives and their desires It s fun, contemporary, sexy, and perfect for fans of ONCE UPON A TIME, GRIMM, SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN and .
Beauty Sarah Pinborough

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One thought on “Beauty

  1. Tabby

    THE REVIEWWhy this book I read the other 2 book in the Tales from the Kingdoms seriesWhat I thoughtThis is the best book in the Tales from the Kingdoms series by far I couldn t put it down, I read it in one sitting I loved the fairytale mashup I also enjoyed the characters even though the prince and huntsman didn t have names which irritated me Even with their lack of names the huntsman is really interesting and the Prince well the Prince is a little bit of an idiot I think Petra balances them o [...]

  2. Chelsea Humphrey

    Loved the way she chose to end this one A few pieces were left open and I was a bit blown away by the last few pages So glad I chose to read this trilogy while stranded in hotels as I needed a good escape Highly recommended if you are a lover of fantasy fairytale re tellings, especially ones of the graphic, grown up nature.

  3. Elizabeth

    A thoroughly enjoyable fairytale re telling that combines Sleeping Beauty with Beauty and the Beast It s a short and fast read, simple language and easy explanations are given, but that s not to say it s not a clever book The simplicity of it is what evokes that creepy fairytale quality where dark and bloody deeds are brushed over as easily as once upon a time Scary, sexy, and not a little bloody, this is fairytale fun that is decidedly not for all the family.

  4. Nikki

    Beauty wraps up the trilogy, tying the books together even and linking even fairytales It s written in the same style as the previous two, and illuminates some points from the other books including the characters of the Prince and the Huntsman It s all a little too neat for my tastes, and I think this might ve been my least favourite of the books the gruesomeness and sex was exaggerated even further, and we spend far too much time with the Prince, who we know is not exactly the nicest of chara [...]

  5. Aoife

    Tales From the Kingdom is a set of three 200 300 page retellings of Snow White, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty Let s just call it the overall idea of Disney, with a terrifying touch of Grimms Fairy Tales and the drama and spice of Once Upon a Time i felt like all the stories had a really great mix of the idea of happily ever after with the stark realities of real life and the idea of monsters hiding in the closet There was some romance, lust, sex as well as friendship, danger and lunacy I think [...]

  6. Ana

    N o gostei muito da hist ria, talvez porque n o se enquadre nos meus gostos pessoais Dei or mim ansiosa para que o livro terminasse, acho que daquelas hist rias que vou esquecer daqui a muito pouco tempo.

  7. Wiebke (1book1review)

    What a fun retelling The writing just flies by and the various fairy tales are combined in a clever way.

  8. Danielle

    Actual rating 1.5This book had the potential to be amazing I loved the incorporation of rapunzel, red riding hood and beauty and the beast all combined with the sleeping beauty tale I also loved how Pinborough really made the story her own bringing out the dark and creepy curse the way she did was fantastic But absolutely every other part of this book fell flat.Her characters lacked any emotional attachments and were completely two dimensional I felt nothing for any of them The romance sucked Ei [...]

  9. Deborah Ideiosepius

    Beauty is a clever and skillful retelling of a fairy story or two Or two Well, it does not really stick to a single fairy story but rather borrows liberally from many.When I acquired it I imagined it would be a fairly straightforward retelling of Beauty and the Beast, after a while it became clear it was a retelling of the sleeping beauty Next I realised that the author was trickily fooling the reader by twirling all the fairy tales that fit onto a single metaphorical spindle and then weaving th [...]

  10. J.A. Ironside

    In a word disappointing This was such a hotch potch jumble of various fairy tales that the result was like picking through a plate of congealed spaghetti looking for a single, common thread It covers beauty and the beast, sleeping beauty, red riding hood, peter and the wolf or in this case Petra and the wolf , rapunzel and rumplestiltskin as well as throwing in hints of lesser known tales And it still might have been salvageable if we were given a strong, clear MC or three that we could get clos [...]

  11. Seregil of Rhiminee

    Originally published at Risingshadow.Beauty is the third and final short novel in a trilogy of retellings of classic fairy tales by Sarah Pinborough Just like its companion stories, Beauty is a fantastic and brilliantly written short novel for readers who love beautifully written dark fairy tales and who are fascinated by the darker side of speculative fiction It s a stunning and decadent retelling of the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale with many surprises and twists.Sarah Pinborough is an excellent [...]

  12. Michelle Ryles

    It took me a while to move on to this final book of the Tales from the Kingdoms, but knowing me this would be down to my Cinderella moment when as a 3 year old child I was crying my eyes out at the end as I didn t want it to finish I just have to say it one time these books published by Gollancz must be the most beautiful hardback books I have ever seen.Although ultimately a retelling of Beauty and the Beast, Beauty has a proper mixed bag of fairytales in it So whichever was your favourite as a [...]

  13. Bethany

    This book was part of my reading challenge this year choosing a book a month to read from the library that I ve never heard of before It was tricky to pick a book, but I managed I went into this book not knowing anything beyond the back of the book I didn t even read anything about it on I m super pleased that my first book choice was a success D This was a really great book with a whole lot of different fairy tales thrown in Not a long book and a fairly quick read it felt like it was written in [...]

  14. Morgan

    Okay so there were a few things to like about this apart from it was short, and it was an interesting twist on multiple fairy tales.BUT even though I came in at the 3rd bookere were so many threads left unfinished It felt much like the 1st book Only one of the three sort of MCs gets a resolution to their story The other two and everyone else Not really anything happened changed for them.It also begins as almost MG level and continues that way for a long while apart from a few mentions of the pr [...]

  15. Leah

    I m not usually big on reading a lot of fairy tales but the absolutely gorgeous cover of this book grabbed my attention straight away This is the third book in Pinborough s Tales From the Kingdoms series, but I had to pick up Beauty first Sleeping Beauty is one of my ultimate favourites and I couldn t resist seeing the twist that had been put into it This is a retelling like no other that I have read It s dark, mysterious, thrilling and absolutely addictive It s a far step away from the original [...]

  16. Jenny / Wondrous Reads

    Beauty is the last of Sarah Pinborough s twisted fairytale retellings sob, weep etc It s a fantastic book to end the series on, just as good as Poison and Charm and, if possible, darker and messed up than Snow White and Cinderella s respective stories Old characters return, beloved fairytale heroes connect in magical ways and the tales come full circle or do they This book is set before the others, which means Poison and Charm become a lot clearer following the events of Beauty Beauty is the st [...]

  17. prettybooks

    Beaut est totalement perturbant, et c est en le refermant qu on r alise qu il est le plus complexe, le plus surprenant et le plus r ussi des trois tomes Situ avant Poison, il nous offre une r criture qui s loigne plus que jamais de l histoire d origine, et Sarah Pinborough nous prouve une nouvelle fois son talent pour les r critures On en redemande Ma chronique myprettybooks.wordpress 20

  18. Jasper

    originally posted at thebookplank 2014I have heard a lot of positive news about Sarah Pinborough s Tales of the Kingdom but haven t had the chance to pick up one of the stories I have, however read Mayhem and Murder from Sarah Pinborough and with those books she really proved her worth Managing both to scare the hell out of me and intrigue me to the fullest So when the opportunity presented itself to review the third story in the Tales of the Kingdom, Beauty, I readily jumped to the occasion to [...]

  19. Teawench

    I had hoped this was actually Sleeping Beauty I mean, that s what the blurb says, that s what the subtitle says But it s not really It s about Beauty the Beast with Beauty playing both parts The Sleeping Beauty part is only peripherally talked about, really Anyway, I was seriously disappointed that this wasn t really what it promised to be.Having said that, however, I did like how other fairy tales were interwoven into the story While I likely won t be buying the books, I m hoping I ll be able [...]

  20. Heather Thompson

    Actual Rating 1.5This book was overwhelmingly meh.It had so much potential My sister and mom both really liked it, and there are some raving reviews about it on here, so I was expecting a lot So disappointed.I was drawn in by the hodgepodge of different fairytales and wanted to see how they intertwined throughout the story, but that s really the only thing that stuck with me after finishing this up The characters were entirely forgettable with little to no personality or development, there was [...]

  21. Anne

    MORE please If only this story could last a little longer Love her take on the Beauty and the Beast and sleeping beauty stories Such a good mix.

  22. Nessa

    What a great end to the trilogy, I thought this third instalment Beauty was brilliant and bought the three stories together really well Thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish and all so very well written.

  23. Randi Rathbun

    This was a very quick and easy read, but very enjoyable I loved the spin she gave on the fairy tales Can t wait to read the others

  24. Jen

    3.5 stars Beauty was a strange read it couldn t quite make its mind up between being a fractured fairytale for young readers, and being a sizzle fest for much older readers I have decided though that it was meant for readers like me, who look fondly back at fairytales from childhood but can cope with a little spice This isn t going to be a recommendation for younger readers This tale is a reimagining of Sleeping Beauty, which crosses over with Beauty and the Beast, Red Riding Hood and a few othe [...]

  25. Melissa

    See my other reviews at Never Enough BooksThe third and final novella in the wicked fairy tale series by Sarah Pinborough is Beauty A wonderfully dark retelling of the Sleeping Beauty tale, we find all the regular characters Beauty, the Prince, the evil fairy and even the cursed spindle Pinborough takes these well known characters and gives them a new twist for a new audience.The Prince has come of age and his father the King decides his son needs to have his own adventure Stories of a mysteriou [...]

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