Odessalaisia ja muita novelleja (2020)

Odessalaisia ja muita novelleja Isaac Babel Esa Adrian Odessalaisia ja muita novelleja Publi s en la plupart de ces contes sont autobiographiques et voquent l enfance turbulente de l auteur d j m l aux plus f roces remous de la vie politique russe les pogroms
  • Title: Odessalaisia ja muita novelleja
  • Author: Isaac Babel Esa Adrian
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  • Page: 401
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Odessalaisia ja muita novelleja Isaac Babel Esa Adrian Publi s en 1931, la plupart de ces contes sont autobiographiques et voquent l enfance turbulente de l auteur, d j m l aux plus f roces remous de la vie politique russe, les pogroms.
Odessalaisia ja muita novelleja Isaac Babel Esa Adrian

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    401 Isaac Babel Esa Adrian
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  1. Ilse

    Thus, began my life, full of thought and merriment.Last week, Isaac Babel took me to the legendary city of Odessa, the mythical city of Rogues and Schnorrers on the coast of the Black Sea Fascinated, I listened to the beguiling, mirthful and ironic voice of the narrator with glasses on his nose and autumn in his heart , depicting the feisty local life in the rambunctious Moldavanka, the tough and sinful district where Babel used to live, a Jewish gangsters paradise As Comrade Babel had access to [...]

  2. Janet

    So excited to be starting this book Isaac Babel was one of the few great prose writers to come out of the Russian Revolution for most, the events just happened too fast, and the pressure on prose too great politically, socially but Babel had a wealth to share, and these stories of the rough, gangsterish world of Odessa, and his anti hero, jewish gangster kingpin Benya Krik, made his name So excited to read this new translation by Boris Dralyuk, a resident of Los Angeles but a native of Odessa Fo [...]

  3. Antonomasia

    ARC review Pushkin Press 2016 edition, translated by Boris Dralyuk 3.5 Many of these stories are like overhearing gossip in a pub or caf in a town you don t know there s an intimacy to them, people and their personalities aren t explained as such, they simply are as they are Characters are introduced in a way, but very much like the oral tradition, as if, in a way, they are already familiar even though you, personally, happen to be hearing of them for the first time And the tone is recognisably [...]

  4. Gill

    Odessa Stories by Isaac Babel translated by Boris Dralyuk 3.5 starsAlthough I knew the name of Isaac Babel and a little bit about his life, this is the first book by him that I have read This short story collection contains both the better known Odessa Tales , and other stories by Babel about his time growing up in Nikolayev and Odessa.This volume opens with an interesting introduction by the translator, giving some background about Babel, Odessa and the context of the stories.I didn t find Part [...]

  5. Maria Stancheva

    , , 1894 1940 , 1939 , 27 1940 1932 23, 38 1934 1937 1939 15 1954 , 17 1941 90 , 27 1940 , 1965 , 1996 2010 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , 20 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , 40% , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

  6. Joseph

    This Pushkin Press edition brings together all of Isaac Babel s stories with an Odessa setting, in a new translation by Boris Dralyuk Dralyuk also provides a helpful introduction which explains the context of the stories and gives insights into his approach to the translation We learn, for instance, that at the start of the 20th century Odessa had the largest Jewish settlement after New York and Warsaw, counting around 140,000 Jews The community had also its seamier underworld, largely based in [...]

  7. Katia N

    The book really consists of 3 parts The first part, Tales of Odessa as such, is absolute gem it is a tribute to the fading world of the Jews of Odessa, colourful as paintings by Marc Chagall His writing is economic and atmospheric The situations described would feel phantasmagoric and absurd all the better, because it was the real life of that community before it has been destroyed and faded into the past.The second part is autobiographic stories, though i doubt they all really happened to Babel [...]

  8. Bjorn

    This collection of short stories about life among Jewish traders, workers and robbers in early 20th century Odessa, leading up to the revolution, almost packs the same punch as Red Cavalry That s high praise Yes, it s a bit uneven, but the best stories here are astounding, switching from jovial tales of childhood that never forget the darkness underneath, to brutally violent stories of antisemitism and crime, all with a language that wants to squeeze out evey possibility carbonated with a dark s [...]

  9. Blumenfeld

    I haven t read Babel in ten years So now I ve found this book and decided to give it a go because of its title.Tales of Odessa is a cycle set in Southern Ukraine, in Odessa, and explores the culture of Odesskaya Jewry These stories are fun, if a little violent if anyone minds , for it deals with gangsters and other misfits Violence isn t explicit, though, and it doesn t inhabit every page of the book Babel s language is straightforward, somewhat raw I wouldn t call him polished, although it poss [...]

  10. Annie

    Russian literature has deservedly a reputation for being utterly depressing and heavy which is why it s always a delight to find comic writers like Teffi and Isaac Babel The humor in these authors stories and feuilletons is caustic and sharply observed, but still makes me smile and chuckle This week I read Isaac Babel s classic collection, Odessa Stories translated by Boris Dralyuk , about Jewish life in Odessa in the early twentieth century The collection is night and day from his collection Re [...]

  11. Miloš

    Benja Krik, koji nije bio slavnoga roda postao je Benja Kralj Jer je nasrnuo na Ruvima Osipovi a Tartakovskog kojeg su oni drugi krstili u Jervrejina i po i devet nasrtaja Re eno je da je postava debelog nov anika sa ivena suzama, a oni drugi su videli Forima Gra a kao taljiga a, a on je bio i to i jo ne to drugo Daleko od Rot ilda i Mozesa Montefiorea, bankarskih hulja, na Sabornom trgu ili negde tu okolo, u Odesi, Cude kis je bio de ak tada, i dr ao je golubove na svom srcu i onda je bogalj Ma [...]

  12. Burak Uzun

    Kitab almadan nce hakk nda yaz lan yorumlar okudu umda, eviri memnuniyetsizlikleriyle kar la m t m Rus klasiklerini o unlukla Ergin Altay evirilerinden okumu oldu um i in okurken hi rahats z olmad m, san r m eviri diline al t m eviri mevzusunu bir kenara b rak rsam, Babel, genel olarak k sa olan hik yelerinde do up b y d Odessa n n sokaklar na iniyor Sosyal ya am kendisinin de dahil oldu u Yahudi halk er evesinden canl bir slupla anlat yor Ben be endim, toplu yk lerinin ikincisini de okuyaca m.

  13. Vittorio Ducoli

    Odessa una citt schifosaOdessa di Babel un libro sulla fine di un mondo In questa edizione, infatti, sono raccolti tutti i racconti che l autore scrisse sulla sua citt , dall epoca prerivoluzioria agli anni 30.Nei primi viene magistralmente descritta, con uno stile di scrittura scoppiettante e quasi espressionista, la citt dei traffici, del porto e dei quartieri popolari ed ebraici, su cui domina la figura del capo malavitoso Benja Krik, il Re, dotato, come i suoi predecessori e i suoi compagni [...]

  14. Julie lit pour les autres

    tonnant comme nos lectures convergent parfoisJe viens tout juste de terminer la lecture d un effroyable catalogue de destruction, o le sort d Isaac Babel et de ses uvres tait voqu Comme par hasard, le recueil de nouvelles de Babel tait dans ma pile de livres lire Prot g de Maxime Gorki, figure majeure de la litt rature russe des ann es 1920 30, Isaac Babel est mort fusill 46 ans, victime des purges de Staline puisque li de pr s au militantisme trotskiste Son nom a t ray des dictionnaires de litt [...]

  15. Sam

    Told in a very conversational style Read for a short classics book club and I am glad I did The relative starkness of the writing is contrasted with the rich visuals the author is able to give your imagination It s a set of stories I will probably return to as well Bonus points for the edition having great book design from the texture of the cover to the size of the edition and the cover art being simple and beautiful.

  16. Ryma

    Collection of short stories about the birthplace of Isaac Babel shows this magic place in all its diversity Author truly loves his heros and talented described their lives and relations in semi crime Odessa world with its own rules, picturesque people most of whose are Jews Rich language and author s style will give a real pleasure to reader , , , , , , , , , , , , , .

  17. GONZA

    The first part of this book made me think about the other book I read by Babel Red Cavalry and I have to admit it was not my favorite Instead later I liked the other part of the book, because it made me think about Isaac Bashevis Singer, who is one of my favorite author Some of this stories are really sad and crude, but you have to know the author to appreciate his style, even if I m sure I wouldn t recommend him to many person.La prima parte di queste storie mi hanno ricordato l altro libro che [...]

  18. Sasha

    Eye opening in a lot of ways Babel s facility with language is stunning, the way he interweaves beauty with mundane Soviet realities often stopped me and made me re read It was also not the easiest to get through, as he uses quite a bit of Odessa specific slang, and importantly, a lot of the common terms are no longer relevant As for the stories, they re sketches, they re pre revolutionary and revolutionary and Soviet life, they re commentary on the way that Jews were treated and perceived, wh [...]

  19. Lisa

    I actually read this in the Collected Stories of Isaac Babel, and will probably return to the rest of the stories Babel is touted as a master short story writer of Russia These stories in particular were rather violent, not surprising since it tells the stories of Russian gangsters, ironically Jewish gangsters They weren t really my cup of tea but they were ok I did enjoy reading about some of the effects of the Russian revolution on the community.

  20. Monthly Book Group

    So were gathered together our group, perhaps with spectacles on their nose, and autumn in their hearts , as Jewish intellectuals were characterized by Isaac Babel in his book of short stories These were written mostly in the 1920s and the edition we had in front of us was translated by Boris Dralyuk, whose translation was generally considered superior to previous attempts We felt the author and translator had been very successful in capturing the tone of early 20th century life in Odessa Arguabl [...]

  21. Abi (The Knights Who Say Book)

    Considering this book gave me so many feelings, it s surprisingly hard to come up with a review It might be a case of being overwhelmed I often skip reviewing classics because I feel like my review would be helpful to no one at all, or like there s nothing to even say about it But since I never even heard of Isaac Babel s stories before reading this, I ll try for a review on this one.The collection is split up into three sections stories about Babel s famous fictional gangsters, stories about c [...]

  22. Susanna Rautio

    Lyhyit tarinoita odessalaisista 1900 luvun alkuvuosikymmenilt Osasta l ytyy tarinan kaari, osa on tuokiokuvia.Millaisia olivat odessalaiset Rehevi , intohimoisia ja impulsiivisia Melko vastuuttomia Taiteita rakastavia Vaeltelevia ja enimm kseen juutalaisia Tarjolla persoonallisuuksien ilotulitus taviksia ei n ihin tarinoihin tallennettu.Kirja k rsii siit , ettei sit ole toimitettu Minitarinoita on per ti 44 Kokonaisuus on selv sti temaattinen ja on harmi, ettei sit koostettu sellaiseksi.Eniten p [...]

  23. Chetty

    Un ensemble d histoires caustiques, tragiques de la p gre dans le milieu juif ukrainien au debut du si cle dernier C est ma premi re lecture d Isaac Babel, j avais voulu commencer par le Cavalier Rouge mais je suis eventuellement sur cet ouvrage a la place Malgr l engouement que la r volution d octobre 1917 a eue sur les intellectuels russes dont Babel, Babel a fini par tre une victime son tour des purges staliniennes.R cits d Odessa est un bon commencement je trouve puisque l auteur nous conte [...]

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