Myra Breckinridge (2020)

Myra Breckinridge Gore Vidal António Fernando Cascais Myra Breckinridge Myra Breckinridge uma caricatura plena de humor e subtileza dos costumes viris da nossa poca um andr gino p e em quest o a virilidade tradicional animado pelo prop sito de devolver mulher o poder soc
  • Title: Myra Breckinridge
  • Author: Gore Vidal António Fernando Cascais
  • ISBN: 9726992575
  • Page: 316
  • Format: Paperback
Myra Breckinridge Gore Vidal António Fernando Cascais Myra Breckinridge uma caricatura plena de humor e subtileza dos costumes viris da nossa poca um andr gino p e em quest o a virilidade tradicional, animado pelo prop sito de devolver mulher o poder social h muito usurpado ao machoNa ptica de Harold Bloom um dos mais significativos cr ticos norte americanos do nosso s culo, te rico ex mio do Romantismo e autor adMyra Breckinridge uma caricatura plena de humor e subtileza dos costumes viris da nossa poca um andr gino p e em quest o a virilidade tradicional, animado pelo prop sito de devolver mulher o poder social h muito usurpado ao machoNa ptica de Harold Bloom um dos mais significativos cr ticos norte americanos do nosso s culo, te rico ex mio do Romantismo e autor admirado e estudado de Anxiety of Influence , a pol mica contida em Myra , no mbito de uma est tica neopornogr fica avan ada , expressa se no seguinte ju zo Existem apenas mulheres e homens, alguns dos quais preferem o seu sexo, alguns o outro, alguns ambos Esta a carga de Myra Breckinridge, transportada at ao leitor com leveza, impetuosidade, lassid o, alegria e arte Conclus o e citando ainda aquele cr tico norte americano Temos de deixar de falar de homossexuais e heterossexuais Refira se, por fim, que Myra Breckinridge, de Gore Vidal, foi considerado como um dos vinte melhores romances dos ltimos 50 anos pelo British Book Marketing Council.
Myra Breckinridge Gore Vidal António Fernando Cascais

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    316 Gore Vidal António Fernando Cascais
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One thought on “Myra Breckinridge

  1. Orsodimondo

    HOLLYWOOD QUEENRaquel Welch in tutto il suo splendore.Che il grande paese, il Nuovo Mondo, avesse perso la sua innocenza, nel 1968, il fatidico anno in cui usc questo romanzo, era un fatto gi emerso, anche noto ma che l eroe a stelle e strisce potesse incarnarsi in un transessuale Il celebre capitolo 29.Gore Vidal si chiamava in effetti Gore di cognome, una famiglia della buonissima societ , imparentata coi Kennedy, fedeli al partito democratico fino al midollo Omosessuale precursore di qualsias [...]

  2. Edward Lorn

    Imagine having written a book in the 1960s and been criticized over being queer, and then someone reading your book in this day and age and calling you homophobic What s the phrase I m looking for Can t win for losing Yeah That s it For the record, Gore Vidal was an intellectual who believed sex was a tool of the weak minded He didn t care much for love or physical relationships, and this book, above all else, shows that To his credit, Gore Vidal hated everyone equally, because everyone was dumb [...]

  3. A

    I m a bit baffled by all the people who are offended by the retrograde gender politics of this book Is it transphobic Sure, at times It s also at times equally misogynistic as it is man hating, homophobic as it is radically queer, elitist as it is populist, anti hippie as it is anti East Coast elite The contradictions and topics to take offense at are limitless This is a true satire, lashing out at all who stand in Myra s path including Myra herself Everyone and everything is so completely over [...]

  4. Zadignose

    A short, depraved, outrageous farce that amuses and bemuses Both funny and unsettling Comedy and tragedy collide.Gore Vidal manages to pour scorn on everyone and everything, especially the culture of late 1960 s Southern California and everything that went into making it what it was The central character, Myra, is a seductive anti heroine whom we may simultaneously root for and despise The farce is apparent early when we see Myra as alternately a mouthpiece for Vidal and an object for his scorn [...]

  5. Eric

    One of 1968 s shocking bestsellers that is now a bit of a slog As Couples is to Updike interestingly, the longueurs of both novels are attempts at Joycean stream of consciousness But Myra s voice is memorable, and that counts for something.

  6. Brooke

    Writing does not get better than this, but it s definitely not for everyone It s sick and twisted, but hilarious and beautifully written Myra Breckinridge is the most powerful female character in books thanks to the voice given to her by Vidal I could listen to her talk all day.

  7. agatha

    Transphobic, misogynistic, anti semitic, smug The transsexual woman as insane, murderous rapist is a fairly tiresome offensive storyline especially when the ending involves Myra recovering from her insanity to return to life as Myron Despite Gore Vidal s obvious pleasure with himself as some kind of subversive, the majority of the characters and storylines are actually fairly shallow undeveloped It appears that the success of the book relies on the reader responding with shock disgust at the act [...]

  8. Vince

    Reading any work by Gore Vidal, I am always amazed at how well it stands the test of time Many of the references in Myra Breckinridge are dated and certainly would have been at the time of its publication as well , and yet the themes of the story still ring eerily true today Sexual politics, gender roles, the nature of celebrity all of these ideas play out today much as they play out in the novel In particular, the quest for celebrity in the book calls to mind reality television stars of today.T [...]

  9. Scott

    Myra Breckinridge is a classic, brilliant satire of Hollywood A man, obsessed with bringing down Hollywood, gets a sex change to turn into a gorgeous actress hellbent on destroying mainstream cinema as we know it Hilarious, really clever.

  10. Rupert Smith

    If I had to choose one book that sums up what you might call the gay sensibility it would be this, the story of a power hungry transsexual rampaging her way through a dismal American college, ravishing hot jocks and referencing 40s films on every page I was so obsessed by Myra Breckinridge in my 20s that I actually started writing my own diary in her voice The sequel, Myron, is just as good I was absolutely horrified when, after Vidal s death, serious literary commentators suggested that he woul [...]

  11. Evan

    I have no clear idea as to my ultimate identity once every fantasy has been acted out with living flesh All that I do know is that I shall be freed of obsession and, in this at least, be like no one else who ever lived Thus is the admirable if impossible goal of Vidal s self titled anti heroine hero It s probably no surprise that the pursuit of it, and the methods employed, lead into directions not anticipated And as a result, the rewards are unexpected From cynicism a kind of tenderness emerges [...]

  12. Ryan

    This starts out as a really funny, satirical look at Hollywood in the throes of the sexual revolution, but it just becomes tedious, pointless and mean spirited, like pretty much all of Vidal s books, which for some reason I keep reading Maybe that says something about me.

  13. Guillermo Jiménez

    Vidal logra atraparte desde la primera p gina Cap tulos breves van desenvolviendo una personalidad perversamente exquisita Myra Breckinridge que no ser pose da nunca por ning n hombre.Soberbiamente, Vidal logra ir tejiendo un conjunto complejo y organizado de qui n es Myra, c mo lleg a ser qui n es, qui n fue, de qu poca estamos hablando, al mismo tiempo que da una c tedra de literatura contempor nea no empezar por el principio porque no hay un principio , pero dej monos de met foras Nada se par [...]

  14. Matthew

    The novel being dead, there is no point to writing made up stories Look at the French who will not and the Americans who cannot Look at me who ought not, if only because I exist entirely outside the usual human experience pg 2

  15. Jim Dooley

    I recently watched a documentary entitled Best of Enemies It was about the 1968 Republican and Democratic National Conventions during which William F Buckley, Jr and Gore Vidal crossed verbal swords in front of a highly entertained America on the ABC television network One of Buckley s recurring ripostes during these sessions was that Gore Vidal was the writer of Myra Breckinridge I remember this being regarded as a scandalous book when I was a young boy pornography, in some quarters that many h [...]

  16. Petergiaquinta

    I can t remember any if I actually read this book in its entirety or just stood there in the library browsing it at length like some old raincoat clad pervert But I should be able to remember it better, even if it did happen in the late 70s when I was in junior high, because I clearly remember that 10 years earlier the first Playboy I ever saw had a pictorial in it from the awful movie they made shortly after Myra Breckinridge s publication I ve never seen the movie in its entirety either, so it [...]

  17. Jordan

    There is so much here to offend you, if you don t know what you re doing Myra Breckinridge, Woman Triumphant, is not your LGBTQ Heroine She is not your poster child for Anti Feminist Bullshit She is a psychosis, trapped between these two extremes, ripping men and women to sexual confetti She is The Silence of the Lambs filmed through a Hollywood vaseline lens Myra Breckinridge is a dish, and never forget it, you motherfuckers, as the children say nowadays 5 I could go on and on about the wonders [...]

  18. Jamie

    I fully intend to walk around saying, I am Myra Breckenridge whom no man will ever possess Look, its politics are a bitoutmoded Particularly the pit pat resolution I won t spoil this one , which seems to reiterate a normative gender system and narrative structure The plot is a bit flimsy, or rather, is stretched for quite a long time, when it could easily have been told as a novella But these things shouldn t keep you from reading it, because it s also ridiculously fun offensive, Myra is a monst [...]

  19. Kamron Alexander

    Myra Breckenridge is a transgressive piece of fiction that felt like a Palahniuk work before his artistic tendencies even bloomed The psychological profile of many of the characters was completely captivating and I m persuaded that Vidal is alot edgy than I first thought MUCH recommended.

  20. Kevin Cole

    I knew about this book before I read it Nevertheless, it was the funniest, craziest thing I ever read By the fourth page, I realized there was nothing else like it on earth.

  21. Bettie☯

    It s like The Rocky Horror Show where Frankenfurter is Rachel Welch and there are no aliens or time walk.5 Creation3 Myra Breckinridge

  22. Mark

    I can understand why it gained notoriety at the time that it came out tran sexual, pan sexual Myron Myra Breckenridge comes to Hollywood to claim an inheritance from his her Uncle while following her own delusions of becoming a sexual ubermensch.While there is no question of Vidal s literary prowess, this book is probably not the best example of his abilities Myra condemns nearly every aspect of American culture and society, while ignoring her own fascination with the equally shallow golden age [...]

  23. Andrew Fairweather

    But the best is yet to come, for I mean to prove once and for all to Dr Montag that it is possible to work out in life all one s fantasies, and so become entirely whole Myra Breckinridge makes strange bedfellows of people who may not seem to have much in common other than they don t like Vidal s bizarre piece While it has probably lost its shock value for most readers over time, I think it has aged much better than Portnoy s Complaint I m not sure why MB and PC are mentioned in the same breath, [...]

  24. Rodny Valbuena

    Un libro que, si hubiera sido publicado en esta poca, ser a criticado por la polic a de lo pol ticamente correcto y dem s progres, por ser c micamente homof bica, antisem tica, machista, superficial y, sobre todo, transf bica.La protagonista es una transexual desquiciada Es la primera vez que aparece un transexual en una novela, y es una violadora con problemas mentales La transexualidad es representada como una enfermedad, de la que la protagonista logra curarse accidentalmente Y aun as , estam [...]

  25. Deirdre

    I had watched the film version with Raquel Welch and Mae West and found it absolutely incoherent When I found the book in the Free Books section of my public library, I decided, Why not Maybe I can get a little something extra out of it True, it is every bit misogynist, homophobic, transphobic, anti Semitic, and pro rape as everyone says it is There we go, five things I already dislike Despite all of this, however, I m ashamed to say that I actually really enjoyed this one, though I m not all th [...]

  26. Simon Patience

    This book is just a wonderful vibrant attack on the prevailing sexual dichotomy It kinda beggars belief that so long after its publication, it s still so confronting, anarchic and wild Activists who think that their agitating on Twitter is a worthy undertaking should read this and then crawl away in shame.Some readers may find what happens to poor ole Rusty confronting but should bear in mind that he s a fictional character, nothing .It s such a pity that the movie has sullied and weakened this [...]

  27. Luis Cardenas

    Myra fue la novela que me abri el mundo de posibilidades que es la bibliografia de Gore Vidal, y hasta el sol de hoy no me arrepiento de nada Degenerada, lasciva, mundana e iluminada por la poca dorada de Hollywood Myra busca no solo conquistar al mundo f sico, tambi n el mundo sexual que nace en todos nosotros sin importar el genero Adelantada a su poca, la critica social hacia el conservadurismo es el n cleo de esta obra que ya permite vislumbrar lo multifacetico del autor.

  28. Alvin

    Just reread this after thirty years and, wow, it s better than I remembered, full of incisive cultural critique and hilarious lines The transsexual angle is not realistic, but one forgives Vidal his absurd conceits because it s all in the name of mocking the binary gender system The story does end rather abruptly, but there is a sequel.

  29. Izzy Rey

    First of all, hysterical IF you know your classic hollywood stars and trivia If you re into classic cinema, this is for you A wonderful social satire Not the least bit dated The brains have been bred out of the current generation Camp galore The movie does not do this justice, but Raquel Welch is gorgeous in it.

  30. Nicolas Wysocki

    What a self indulgently good read Vidal wrote nothing close to this in his previous works and I was a bit taken back in a fantastic sort of way at how comically lewd Myra Breckinridge is It was a very daring book for the time, but then again Vidal had never been a stranger to controversy in his lifetime.

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