Father Figure (2020)

Father Figure Kichiku Neko TogaQ Guilt Pleasure Father Figure This is an Illustrated Novel NOT a manga or graphic novelSypnosis A deep obsession with his estranged father leads Gabriel down a dangerous twisting path The novel contains illustrations by TogaQ
  • Title: Father Figure
  • Author: Kichiku Neko TogaQ Guilt Pleasure
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 332
  • Format: ebook
Father Figure Kichiku Neko TogaQ Guilt Pleasure This is an Illustrated Novel NOT a manga or graphic novelSypnosis A deep obsession with his estranged father leads Gabriel down a dangerous, twisting path The novel contains 19 illustrations by TogaQ And the story is written by Kichiku Neko.
Father Figure Kichiku Neko TogaQ Guilt Pleasure

  • [E-Book] ↠ Father Figure | By ☆ Kichiku Neko TogaQ Guilt Pleasure
    332 Kichiku Neko TogaQ Guilt Pleasure
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    Posted by:Kichiku Neko TogaQ Guilt Pleasure
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One thought on “Father Figure

  1. Loederkoningin

    This is the best most terrible book I ve read in a long time and I cannot recommend it to anyone.No spoilers, unlike in some of the other reviews, sigh.When I was a little bugger, my mum had to ward off my attempts at touching the hot oven, that for unfathomable reasons held an incredible attraction Until one day I succeeded, after which tears, blisters, bandages and a brand new My Little Pony heralded the end of an obsession In a greedy crusade for the next, perfect read that would leave me fee [...]

  2. Rosalinda *KRASNORADA*

    WOW Best book I ve read in a long time but before I start with my review I have a question for 26 people 26 people shelved this as ROMANCE Seriously Did we read the same book or did I get the FUCKED UP version Or maybe those 26 people need to visit their doctors Joking Don t hate me pretty pleaseW, what a nightmare to buy this book I could only buy my copy in Kobo needless to say, first and last time I buy anything on their website My bank ING DIRECT called me after 3 attempts saying I was tryin [...]

  3. JaHy☝Hold the Fairy Dust

    4.5 ABSOLVING STARS How does one go about creating a bond after 23 years,which should have been spawned at birth Hopefully not in the manner in which I m about to tell you.After the death of his mother, 23 year old Gabriel learns the identity of his estranged father, Uriel He becomes fixated on learning as much as possible about his absent parent Gabriel decides a two week vacation at a secluded cabin is just what they need to form a loving farther son relationship Great idea, right Not quite, U [...]

  4. Kynthos-the-Archer (Kyn)

    5 Stars for being such a Unique Taboo Read that Scrambles My SensesBlood relation, just how important is that How strong could that bond be Is it possible to love a total stranger Especially if that stranger shared an unbreakable bond with you Gabriel developed an unhealthy obsession with a man, a stranger he had hoped to get to know better and ultimately be loved by Uriel was the father he had longed for ever since he was a child He was bitter when he found out Uriel has a happy little family o [...]

  5. Lena♥Ribka

    4,5 stars It is the most difficult book to review for me since a long time And it is impossible to say something without giving the essential content away It is why I won t say too much There are books we like a lot while reading them, and then we rate them high and sometimes some months later we can t even remember what they were about And there are books that stay with us for a long long time Even if it s not easy always to put the word like talking about their plot They touch us in the most u [...]

  6. Sheziss

    Oh, baby, you are so sick.Some characters are not built in order to be loved They are supposed to be rejected, to be disgusting, to be considered monsters Gabriel is composed of that intrinsically dark matter real monsters are made Rapists Torturers Murderers People who don t feel guilt Or enjoy making people suffer disregarding the other person s integrity and existence as a human being Antisocial personality disorder, that sort of issues Or what people usually know as psychos It s not that he [...]

  7. Steelwhisper

    This is a solid and strong 4 Let s look at this closely Illustrations and Cover 5 The illustrations and the cover were absolutely to die for Not just beautifully executed, academically correct, but also picking up the inherent sadness of the plot.Prose, SPaG and Writing 4 This was written in a direct, unpretentious and stark prose which perfectly caught the sadness of the theme and story It rolled on in an inevitable manner, soft and strong at the same time Satisfying and away from being very e [...]

  8. Anna(Bananas!)

    Gabriel, a young cop, tracks and kidnaps his father, whose identity he discovered when his mother died Clearly he s not looking for a typical family reunion He does want to get close to his father though, in any way he can.I was fully expecting some sick, twisted fun and wasn t disappointed but this book also delivered a sucker punch of an ending It wasn t a surprising ending at all You pretty much know where this is going Still it managed to be both sad and touching, especially seeing one chara [...]

  9. Vivian

    So I really liked this Not sure exactly what that says about me other than I have a propensity to adore majorly damaged antiheroes This is not graphic in violence, but it is not an easy read Gabriel s always wanted something and when he sees the chance to get it He does, regardless of consequences This is out there in the storyline of an obsessive and psychotic man and his desire, Uriel If you like dark and can handle non con and incest then take a spin just buckle up first.

  10. Smith Barney

    Brilliantly seductive Provoking Arousing Shocking Quietly captivating and yet for me it s not enough to just elicit my intense reactions In addition the writing must cultivate an intimate writer reader connection in me Seduce my time and emotional investment from me This doesjust thatif not so It s a full on erotic assault on the senses with the controversial written content encased in equisitively provocative illustrations The team effort of both writer artist talented individuals really guara [...]

  11. Karéz

    4.5 Bewildered StarsYou might can t fathom in what i m about to say But bare it with me , Because i might be lost as you are After Gabriel s mother died He found one thing that his mother kept away from him his birth certificate Containing The name of someone, his mother had never mentioned Uriel Blackstone.And that s were everything beginsGabriel a young cop tracks down his biological father Stalks him in every way possible Eventually Gabriel abducts him For two weeks Now you may think the reas [...]

  12. Chippy *Moves Like Jagger* Marco

    This book has left me with a heavy heart, it is just so sad It was disturbing, but the overwhelming sadness conveyed throughout this story is what struck me the most This is not a story for the faint of heart and it is tragic It follows a very disturbed young man called Gabriel who has an unnatural fixation on his father Uriel The father is unaware of Gabriel s existence until the fateful day when Gabriel finds him GabrielUriel of the main characters have angels names, just a thought that came t [...]

  13. Natasha

    SPOILERS IN THIS REVIEW SO MANY SPOILERS.Okay Was this the most fucked up book I ve ever read ponders Maybe Likely But it s fucked up in a different way in a psycho thriller way my favorite.Definitely true to the yaoi genre, which I often find difficult to convey through just writing This book does have illustrations, yes, but I d still mainly consider it a novel.So, basically, avert your eyes from here on in unless you want some spoilersOkay Okay.So, this story involves rape, incest, and eventu [...]

  14. Alona

    This review will contain some spoilers This, I did not see coming I mean, I knew what I was getting into, I knew this book has ALL the things I ALWAYS very, very, VERY religiously avoid I cringe when there is incest in a book I never read a none HEA HFN story I need romance Yet, I picked it up, no idea why I must say, that it took me a while to connect to the story and the MC s.I did not feel, what I knew I should be feeling, for Uriel and Gabriel until I was close to the middle of the book, and [...]

  15. Mirjam

    9mar2016 I did a re read of this book and, still I could not shake the feeling of Gabriel is one fucked up dude A deep obsession with his estranged father leads Gabriel Blackstone down a dangerous, twisting path.I went blind into this book, there is no real blurb so I had no idea what it was about It started okay, with nice images of the beautiful Amalfi Coast but the I progressed in the book, I could not close my mouth, really jaw dropping I really hated the main character for the things he di [...]

  16. Lisa *-* GiViNg It To YoU * LoCk StOcK & TwO SmOkiNg BaRrELs

    Wow that was one fucked up readgoing out of 2016 with a What the fuck

  17. Argona

    I am a person that firmly believes in Happy Endings and I avoid character death like it s a plague or something but every once in a while I get into the mood to read something dark and evil and that when I decided to try Father Figure The fact that this story is accompanied by very beautiful artwork also tempted me Artwork that I can no longer look at without cringing which is a real shame I rated this book 4 stars but maybe it deserves 5 After all, I am not willing to reread this but there is n [...]

  18. Elaine

    4.5 Heartbreaking, Forgiving Stars A son finding his father a father finding his son.But this reunion is not quite what it seems.Gabriel has been brought up by his mother When she dies he decides to track his father down.Gabriel is looking for something different from his father, he doesn t want to share him any.This is a heartbreaking and upsetting story made even so by pictures, of an obsessive love between a son and his father.Its also a story of forgiveness which will break your heartMy tho [...]

  19. Trix

    Let s get one thing straight The story rates about 4 stars But it left such a bitter taste in my mouth that I m not sure I ll ever want to recommend it to anyone, much less re read view spoiler It s a form of madness that Gabriel suffers and it affects everyone around him The reason why I would give this 1 star is because I identified with Uriel too much I felt despair and rage at having my choices and freedom taken away from me and forced to accept someone else s decisions, especially when they [...]

  20. Em

    This was a difficult book to read but there was just no way I was going to give up on it It was heartbreaking, extremely sad and disturbing and for once I was glad I knew ahead of time about the ending I absolutely adore the artwork, very beautiful and better than I ve seen in a long time.

  21. ~ Lei ~ Reading Is An Adventure ~

    This was a heckuva twist for a taboo story Gabriel was one fucked up dude No love from his mother and his father didn t even know he d fathered Gabriel and woe to Uriel when Gabriel found out who his father was.Taboo story and taboo illustrations so if this bothers you, do not pick this tale up, you will not like it Gabriel narrates and even though you re horrified, you understand his reasoning There is NO HEA.

  22. Amy

    I am in the minority here, but this book didn t do much for me I like a dark and twisted or taboo story, so that wasn t my issue here I found the whole thing to be sad, but also kind of boring I was expecting to find out about Gabriel s background How did he turn out this way His abusive mother was mentioned briefly, but the details of his past were never really explored I think I would have had sympathy empathy for him if I had known about him.

  23. Therese

    4.5 stars spoilers ahead This was one sick, tragic, disturbed love story For a Love Story it was There were many aspects of love showed in this illustrated novella, some of them maybe not as peachy as others to read about Gabriel s obsessed love for his father was as fascinating to read about as it was creepy The 1st person narrative fits perfectly to this type of story, since it would otherwise run the risk of getting a bit one dimensional as a reader, I would of course find myself strictly on [...]

  24. Melissa *Pervy*

    I don t think I read the blurb to this when I started so I was expecting something much, much different When Jahy asked me if I liked incest I was like fuck yeah so I read the story right away wanting to get my kink onI did not know what I was in for.At first I was chuckling at Gabriel s thoughts and actions, thinking what in the fuck is up with this guy And then things took an unexpected turn honestly, if you read the blurb you d know it s not father son incest that gets you excited in a sick a [...]

  25. La-Lionne

    I could ve lived just fine without ever reading this book.The story gave a bad enough visual, then you turn a page, and boom, there is a drawing to emphasize it Wasn t my thing, at all The writing was pretty good, but the topic was too dark, even for me Too much focus on the sexual acts, which were pretty shocking due to the taboo subject, and very graphic, not so much on the psychological aspects of it One thing is true it s not a romance story, that s for sure The ending kind of left me wonder [...]

  26. Yblees

    Damn, I don t know how to rate this book Liked it is just totally wrong And while it serves it s twisted emotion bending purpose admirably, it s not a book I d ever want to read again or even think about too hard.I guess you could say it was amazingly f cked up This book comes with warnings to the reader One of them should be Will Scar Your Soul Forever.

  27. Pachi

    Anfangs dachte ich das ist wirklich ziemlich krank Aber dann bekommt man bessere Einsicht in Gabriels Gef hlswelt und versteht seine verdrehte Denkweise besser Auch der Auftritt von Dr Katsuya Asano am Ende hat zum besseren Verst ndnis beigetragen Als Father Figure geschrieben wurde, gab es zwar schon Katsuyas sp tere Erlebnisse aus In These Words, aber seine Vorgeschichte Undertow war damals noch nicht geschrieben Mit dem Wissen um diese Geschehnisse aus Katsuyas vergangenem Leben, kann ich seh [...]

  28. Wency

    4 stars for the heart breaking story and 1 star for the marvelous illustrationsThere are books that end happily but you can easily forget and there are books that left you hollow but you can t easily forget, it hunts you till you do something about it This book falls in the latter category.This book is about father and son relationship where the son Gabriel seeks for the love of the Uriel who were missing for 23 years of his existence, and this love is unnatural in nature This book is dark theme [...]

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