The Quiet Invasion (2020)

The Quiet Invasion Sarah Zettel The Quiet Invasion At eighty three Dr Helen Failia is nearing middle age but has lost none of her fighting spirit The founder of Earth s first fully functioning colony on Venus she will do anything to ensure that the
  • Title: The Quiet Invasion
  • Author: Sarah Zettel
  • ISBN: 9780446609418
  • Page: 400
  • Format: Paperback
The Quiet Invasion Sarah Zettel At eighty three, Dr Helen Failia is nearing middle age but has lost none of her fighting spirit The founder of Earth s first fully functioning colony on Venus, she will do anything to ensure that the home she s built and nurtured not only survives, but thrives Despite her constant work, funding for the colony is running out, and she s dreading telling the ten thousand cAt eighty three, Dr Helen Failia is nearing middle age but has lost none of her fighting spirit The founder of Earth s first fully functioning colony on Venus, she will do anything to ensure that the home she s built and nurtured not only survives, but thrives Despite her constant work, funding for the colony is running out, and she s dreading telling the ten thousand colonists they must move to Earth, a world some of them have never even seen When one of her probes returns with the unprecedented proof of an ancient alien artifact on the surface of Venus she cannot believe her luck This is the first evidence that humanity is not alone, and the discovery will surely secure the research colony s future.As Helen and her team investigate the strange new find, they learn that humanity is not the only species with its eye on the planet A dying race of spacefaring aliens needs a new home, and Venus is perfect for the people and their massive, living cities But these newcomers consider the human presence on Venus a very small problem, one that can be swept aside if it dares get in the way.
The Quiet Invasion Sarah Zettel

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    Sarah Zettel

One thought on “The Quiet Invasion

  1. mark monday

    a quiet book featuring quiet characters, human and alien, and the quiet settling of Venus The Quiet Invasion.good book this is one of those science fiction novels that is all about the characterization there is science and politics and a wonderfully detailed alien civilization and the deaths of majestic beings and the potential birth of a lifeless planet but first and foremost, the novel is quietly character driven Zettel operates with an even hand although there are two murderous villains one h [...]

  2. aPriL does feral sometimes

    The Quiet Invasion is a terrific science fiction story as far as I am concerned, but I can easily see that political junkies would be most drawn to the novel Every character in the book, whether alien or human, has a strong personal political ideology and narrow nationalist tribal viewpoint which is leading all of them into war and death, no matter whether they are a Venarian a human citizen of a failing research space station and colony orbiting Venus or if they represent the Earth or the Moon [...]

  3. Kelly H. (Maybedog)

    Sarah Zettel is brilliant at envisioning and describing alien races and she is in top form here The aliens, their culture and their environment is interesting, believable and well described I felt immersed in their world But as with all things Zettel, brilliance mixes with drivel The purpose of thing that the whole plot is based on in the beginning is revealed at the end and it makes no sense It s just dumb Plus, from the beginning you know that the alien s cities are dying from some disease and [...]

  4. Kathi

    What an amazing and complex story The characters from the People, the Terrans, and the Venerans were varied and, for the most part, three dimensional The plot held plenty of surprises and scenes to savor This thought provoking book reminded me why I so enjoy reading well written science fiction I see Zettel in my future.

  5. Pancha

    I have conflicting feelings about this book On the one hand, it tells an interesting story On the other hand, I didn t really like any of the characters although there were definitely characters who were sympathetic than others Plus, the ending felt pretty unsatisfying and the middle dragged a bit.

  6. Tim Martin

    It has been a while since I have read a hard science fiction book, with lots of discussion about how things work, be they of a biological or a technological nature or both It has also been a while since I read a book set in I don t know if the word is a space opera setting, but set in an environment depicting adventures and politics among different planets and colonies This book was good in both areas This novel follows two plot threads that intertwine and as the books progresses The dominant [...]

  7. Alain

    This is one of those rare books where I m not sure if I failed it as a reader or if the author failed me as a story teller For me the problem was with the over abundance of characters and the way they or less fell in as the plot went on Would I have been less confused if I d read it in one sitting or, say in three consecutive days or so I don t know.One thing I know for sure is that the ending rushed everything in the last chapters This is where something was definitively lacking in Zettel s ef [...]

  8. Norman Howe

    Desperate aliens plan to colonize Venus , but are worried about Human designs on the planet Told from alternating Human and People viewpoints , this is an extremely suspenseful novel Decision at Doona for adults.The characterization of the aliens reminded me a lot of Hal Clement s work.

  9. Ron

    Excellent Best first contact story I ve read since Vinge s A Deepness in the Sky Well conceived and subtle.

  10. Vicki

    Sarah Zettel is a prolific author who has successful books in several genres In fact when I got this book, The Quiet Invasion, I didn t realize I had already read a book of hers was several years ago and a YA title I had read in 2013 It is fiction based on 18th century British history and is called Palace of Spies, a title I recognized in the list of her previous works I enjoyed that book, and I enjoyed this sci fi book as well.The Quiet Invasion takes place in a future time when the One World g [...]

  11. Richard

    I think the highest compliment you can pay a writer is to say that the last book you read of hers was better than the one before, even so if you liked the book before In The Quiet Invasion, Sarah Zettel once again takes us to a new world and introduces us to new aliens This time the new world is right next door Venus.I have criticized Zettel for not being hard science enough for my tastes In The Quiet Invasion she has clearly done her homework as well as consulted with experts so that much rea [...]

  12. Jaspal

    Good to see a well formed alien perspective and characters that made sense In the end though it just felt a bit, well, flat On the whole though a decent read.

  13. Kallierose

    I m giving this book the benefit of the doubt by giving it four stars To me it was really 3.5 Not a bad book by any means, but nothing that made me run out and get another book by this author who I d never heard of before The story takes place in a future version of our own world with all the politics, intrigue, and back dealing that that implies The aliens, while exotic and physically quite different, are still human enough in their concepts and way if life that they are easy to understand I gu [...]

  14. John

    A floating research proto colony on Venus finds itself caught between a rigidly governed Earth hostile to all space colonies, and aliens from an ecologically diseased world checking out the hospitable to them planet for themselves As other reviews point out, the ending is rushed and the author blithely leaves out the likelihood that alien settlers would bring the disease with thembut I think she might have been setting up a sequel that hasn t yet been written Not her best, I ll agree, but only b [...]

  15. David C. Mueller

    This was the third SF novel by Sarah Zettel that I have read It was an engrossing read with very interesting human and alien characters and a mostly believable story The ending was bit weak but realistic Real world endings rarely answer all our questions or ties up every loose thread In this way, Zettel s SF reminds me of that by Urusla LeGuin, one of my favorite SF authors I found The Quiet Invasion a enjoyable read than the Zettel s Playing God but less satisfying than her Fool s War It was i [...]

  16. Ari

    This book had many things to recommend it The human society and characters were well drawn and felt fresh The aliens were both believable and delightfully _alien_ they are sort of aerial coral reefs, floating in a venus like atmosphere That hasn t been done before, and it s clever I had mixed feelings about the book, though Parts felt draggy, and the ending felt both abrupt and confusing The level of world building seemed disproportionate to the intensity and complexity of plot If there s a sequ [...]

  17. Meran

    Starts very slow, and clumsily Builds finally and becomes interesting about page 200 Book is never, overall that fascinating, which it should be, considering the plot I ve heard than I ever wanted to know about women s headscarves, colors and prints, and about men s beaded caps She writes about what people are wearing than what they are up to It only got 3 stars because it actually improved towards the end of the book Personal sacrifice is touted here, but only shallowly She writes far too off [...]

  18. shrug city

    The alien characters of this book genuinely feel alien, but still very realistic I m not too fond of the underwhelming ending, or the Earth politics, but the aliens faced with a dying world First contact made through pictures and holograms Ten times interesting, and enough to make up for the rest.

  19. Koji Mukai

    Another excellent novel, although parts of the background is perhaps too Fantasy like for my taste The aliens are complex, alien, yet understandable.

  20. Austin Myers

    16% was it for meThis is a didn t finish book for me It was nothing but political description and interaction, the very thing I want avoid so I read sci fi instead of Politico.

  21. Terry

    Zettel creates an alien race with her normal imaginative skill, setting up the confrontation that puts the future of the Venus Colony in jeopardy.

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