To Kiss a Killer (2020)

To Kiss a Killer Amber Kell To Kiss a Killer What would you do to protect your family For Aden the answer is anything Aden Gale has always protected the boys he chose as his Gallen Theos refuses to become another one of Aden s projects He might
  • Title: To Kiss a Killer
  • Author: Amber Kell
  • ISBN: 9781771116473
  • Page: 303
  • Format: ebook
To Kiss a Killer Amber Kell What would you do to protect your family For Aden the answer is anything Aden Gale has always protected the boys he chose as his Gallen Theos refuses to become another one of Aden s projects He might have been bespelled by his father but he was Aden s mate and he refused to take anything less than a full partnership If the cool eyed killer thought he could wiggle awayWhat would you do to protect your family For Aden the answer is anything Aden Gale has always protected the boys he chose as his Gallen Theos refuses to become another one of Aden s projects He might have been bespelled by his father but he was Aden s mate and he refused to take anything less than a full partnership If the cool eyed killer thought he could wiggle away for Gallen s own safety, well he had a lot to learn about the tenacity of sorcerers.
To Kiss a Killer Amber Kell

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    303 Amber Kell
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One thought on “To Kiss a Killer

  1. LaShonta

    All I can say is Aden and Gallen didn t get the story they deserved They better be the focal point of the new series or I will be seriously pissed off.

  2. multitaskingmomma

    Original Blog Post headouttheoven 20I have always liked this series, especially when Aden drops by to check in on his boys It was a nice surprise to see that the fifth of the series is about him and that he gets his own mate, Gallen I was honestly looking forward to this nice surprise so imagine my dismay when I read this.Okay, to set the record straight, this is not a great book, but neither is it one that could rate a 1 or a 2 This reads very well, there were quite a few typos here and there b [...]

  3. V

    2.5 StarsThis is another story that I was looking forward to read since book one from this series The Dad for me, was the most interesting character of them all.This is a clear sample of how your favourite character can just change from being interesting, amazing, witty and divine to become the most boring, wimp, character of them all.An amazing killer that didn t reach his potential at all, I hope the next sequel will be better.

  4. Ter

    would have liked dragon explanation at end Not just to be continue in new series coming soon unless 1st bk in that series is about these two.

  5. Thomaidha Papa

    Review written for MM Good Book Reviewsmmgoodbookreviews.wordpress Review link bit 1cXaWTi Dual review by Portia and ThommieThommie s Review It s so disappointing when you have a book in your hands, with great premises and promise, and it comes up short and lacking.Here we have book 5 of Banded Brothers series that introduces us to Aden s story and his mating with Gallen, the sorcerer we met back at To Enchant an Eagle 3 It s also the first of the spin off series to come named Dragons of Seattle [...]

  6. blub

    Not a really exciting read at all Don t get me wrong I like Aden but this book was a bit disappointing for me view spoiler I m not sure what s up with the dragons but I didn t think it was a good idea to end a series introducing new concepts and not dealing with the mysterious problems that followed Aden around like a shadow His last mission didn t end without a hitch, so reader s are kind of left in the lurch about what this means Oh whoopee doo there s going to be a spinoff, I would have rathe [...]

  7. Neko

    I really love these stories I REALLY, REALLY do, but OMFG, those sudden Abrupt endings kill me This story was actually one of my faves but then that end It s like Yayyy It s gonna be Wut 0.o sigh It s not gonna stop me from reading the next because I really want to know what happens lol I love this stories but augh sometimes I wish I would get an ending that felt complete and not rushed or and that the end LOVE IT THOUGH T T So conflicting these feelings of mine.

  8. Kelly H. (Maybedog)

    Notes They re talking about Aden as if he isn t right there and he doesn t even react Not having Gallen s phone number is not an excuse He could have gotten it from Carey Gallen forgave him too easily No chemistry Aden s behavior is confusing A gay man didn t use condoms in 1898 High point was short, boring, too simple, and the heroes didn t really do anything, view spoiler the dragon hide spoiler saved them The climax was rather anticlimactic.

  9. Maya

    Blah, blah, blah I didn t think that Aden s book could possibly be boring but I was wrong I am disappointed.

  10. Booklover95

    Too short Interesting to see how the spin off series will turn out Would liked to have seen of how Aden and Gallen get along

  11. Toofan

    It started really well and wasn t bad as it progressed but the ending was really messed up It could have been an excellent story, the very best in the whole series but it failed miserably.

  12. Bree

    I really enjoyed this one BUT, now I need to know what happens with the dragons Really, my biggest boo is that I can t find copies of the books that follow this, the Dragons of Seattle series.

  13. Daesy

    GRammar I found this last book a bit absurd and boring I think that Carey s father deserved a better story, he could have been an interesting character, but the story goes too fast and is too short, a lot of things are not explained and some others are ridiculous In the 3rd book we saw how Gallen had become a sleeping beauty thanks to his father s spell, and now we see how Aden tries to find gay men to kiss him and wake him up We all know that Aden s kiss is the only one that will wake him, sinc [...]

  14. Shelley

    I was really looking forward to this book b c all throughout the series Aden had been one of my favorite characters In the interest of fairness and total disclosure, despite my adoration of Aden this story started out with a strike against it for me b c of Gallen being Aden s mate Not of a fan of Gallen s character and this book didn t really do anything to sway me over to his side Add to that I feel like of all the couples their connection is the weakest They didn t really spend any time bondin [...]

  15. Phaney

    No, of course it wasn t as awesome as I d hoped Expectations of that calibre are rarely met Still, it mostly worked for me.There s a bit of needless repetition but not as bad as it could be and has been.I m amused by the fact that the band that supplies the series title never shows up after, what was it Book one Perhaps two, but certainly never beyond that one.Some of the things Gallen explains about mates and sorcerers and so forth do not really mesh with what I recall from the previous books, [...]

  16. Ro Dubose

    Rating 4.5Never one to show cowardice, especially in front of his son, Aden Gale accepts the challenge of kissing the sleeping sorcerer Gallen Theos It was a kiss unlike any other Aden or Gallen had ever experienced before It was the kiss of true mates To Kiss a Killer is the fifth book in the Banded Brothers series Father to Carey and three adopted shifters who are all now mated, Aden is feeling less useful to his family Weary of the inadequate Intel in addition to the painful gunshot wounds as [...]

  17. Mordie

    What can I say I didn t like this one at all It seemed rushed, the ending was clearly bad and it just wasn t logical You meet another man, who is your soulmate, and of course he has to want you back and love you even if you have only spend couple of hours together Where is the bonding Where s the learning to know the other man I found the characters and happenings unreal I also found it puzzling, that first it was told one of the characters was hundred years old and experienced with men Then sud [...]

  18. Hc Lynn

    Switching from in the background huge mysterious can accomplish anything father figure to a flesh and blood really just an extraordinary human with wants and desires felt kind of awkward to me It was hard to reconcile this Aden with his portrayal in previous books.I think if I d read this without the other books even being confused on other mentioned characters I wouldn t have felt this sense That aside, I liked it for the most part Aden s refusal and what almost felt like disdain and attitude [...]

  19. Cocktails and Books

    The Banded Brothers series from Amber Kell is set in modern times with a paranormal twist, definitely a series that I feel should be read in completion and in order I loved each and every one of the stories and I ve been waiting anxiously for Aden s turn He was such an integral but subtle part of every story, watching him find his happily ever after made this story very entertaining.Aden Gale is stubborn and sees Gallen Theos as another of his lost boys to protect, but Gallen knows they re mates [...]

  20. Isla James

    I had been looking forward to this book for sometime and unfortunately it was very disappointing Aden went back and forth so rapidly between denying and accepting the mating it was confusing and seemed poorly thought out None of the issues in the book were resolved and the entire story seemed rushed and incomplete It should have been a free prelude into the next story where Aden and Gallens story was fully told and their issues identified and worked through The new dragon shifter series looks in [...]

  21. Bradley Mathis-Krone

    LOVE is not a strong enough word to describe my feelings for this series.In Ambe4 Kell s series Banded Brothers we come to learn about and love a group of misfits that make the most wonderful family The premise that five people who are all shifters but two of them can learn to not only love and care about each other but come together to make a family is wonderfully done These books all give everything you you want in a good read all tied up in a wonderful HEA tale I wish there were in this seri [...]

  22. Portia

    I hate to say it, but this is the Banded Brothers story that I have been waiting for Aden has made appearances in all the other books and I have to admit, that I ve had a bit of a crush on him from day one He is uber Alphajust the way I like my men gay or straight Now, I will warn, that while you could read this title as a standalone, it will be much satisfying if you read them in order Otherwise, you might miss some of the subtle build up between this human and his sexy warlock Highly recommen [...]

  23. Debbie Benson

    Gallen was cursed by his father with a sleeping beauty spell Aden sent others to see if they had the true love s kiss to awaken Gallen After strong teasing encouragement from his son and his friends, he kisses Gallen and wakes him up After a bit of running, Aden accepts that Gallen is his true mate and they bond However, I m curious about the dragons who keep saving Aden.

  24. Tara Mcmillan

    A bit of an anticlimactic way to end the series and very disappointing after the excitement from the first four Short and disgustingly sweet Totally not what was expected from the way the two very complex characters were described earlier in the series I really hoped for a lot fireworks and ended up with a did.

  25. Candice

    How is everyone so quick to forgive Thank goodness for Marty At least he had some common sense I liked Aden in all the other books, but this one Not so much Moving onto the spin off.

  26. Mae Hanley

    It was an interesting read I am glad that Ms Kell didn t leave Aden out of the Band of Brothers and let him find a mate as well.I m slightly intrigued in her twist toward the end and will venture forth with the 1st in her series Dragons of Seattle.

  27. The TBR Pile *Book review site*

    I really liked seeing Aden get his own mate now that each of the men he had raised had found a happily ever after Aden s determination to keep everyone around him safe made him a great fit for a sorcerer with enemies, and Gallen s skills kept him from being a liability from Aden s enemies.

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