The Black Book of Secrets (2020)

The Black Book of Secrets F.E. Higgins The Black Book of Secrets A boy arrives at a remote village in the dead of night His name is Ludlow Fitch and he is running from a most terrible past What he is about to learn is that in this village is the life he has dreamed
  • Title: The Black Book of Secrets
  • Author: F.E. Higgins
  • ISBN: 9780312368449
  • Page: 155
  • Format: Hardcover
The Black Book of Secrets F.E. Higgins A boy arrives at a remote village in the dead of night His name is Ludlow Fitch and he is running from a most terrible past What he is about to learn is that in this village is the life he has dreamed of a safe place to live, and a job, as the assistant to a mysterious pawnbroker who trades people s deepest, darkest secrets for cash Ludlow s job is to neatly trA boy arrives at a remote village in the dead of night His name is Ludlow Fitch and he is running from a most terrible past What he is about to learn is that in this village is the life he has dreamed of a safe place to live, and a job, as the assistant to a mysterious pawnbroker who trades people s deepest, darkest secrets for cash Ludlow s job is to neatly transcribe the confessions in an ancient leather bound tome The Black Book of Secrets.Ludlow yearns to trust his mentor, who refuses to disclose any information on his past experiences or future intentions What the pawnbroker does not know is, in a town brimming with secrets, the most troubling may be held by his new apprentice.
The Black Book of Secrets F.E. Higgins

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    155 F.E. Higgins
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One thought on “The Black Book of Secrets

  1. Mike (the Paladin)

    Ahh, an interesting little book I ve been catching up on YA fantasies books of late This one is a bit younger than the others I ve read recently But don t get me wrong here Older readers such as myself can still enjoy this It is in its own way a well crafted story with people you ll probably find interesting and a somewhat unique story It starts off a little slowly setting up our young hero s back ground the opening scene itself isn t slow of course as our young protagonist flees the betrayal of [...]

  2. John

    This is one of those books that bedclothes and flashlights were invented for Young pickpocket Ludlow Fitch escapes his frightful parents in the City and finds himself in the remote village of Pagus Parvus There he s taken in as apprentice by another newcomer to the village, Joe Zabbidou as in Zabbi Zabbi Dou this erstwhile Flintstones fan kept thinking , who s a pawnbroker of secrets that is, people tell him their deepest secrets while Ludlow records them in Joe s mysterious black book, and then [...]

  3. Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books)

    This isn t horror, but has a sort of a Victorian Gothic feel For a middle grade novel, it has kind of a dark, almost pessimistic tone That is not to say that good has no chance of winning out in this book, but it has some unfortunately true insights on human nature that are far from uplifting But what I did like about it was that the ability to choose for yourself the decisions you make, even though people like the main villain thrive on manipulating peoples weaknesses In the end, we can make th [...]

  4. Russell Sanderson

    I raced through this in a couple of days An excellent middle grade fantasy, just dark enough to give it that gothic, Dickensian feel I felt like I was reading a Terry Pratchett book with all the comedy removed The characters who definitely have names Charles Dickens would be proud of came alive as the story went along, divulging their dark secrets to the mysterious Joe Zabbadou Told from the perspective of young runaway urchin, Ludlow Fitch, the story keeps you turning the pages to find out what [...]

  5. Reita

    Symbolism I couldn t help feel that this is a story about Jesus We tell him our troubles or secrets, we feel better about ourselves, we like love Him, and then we start blaming Him for everything, turn our back on Him Joe tells Ludlow to be patient, it will work out Things do work out, the bad guy gets his comeuppence and Joe moves on to another village to help other people That s what I felt when I read this book The other reviews I read didn t mention this aspect What do you think

  6. Katrina

    2.5 really This books was really odd People sold their secrets about burying people alive and poisoning their father and I find it wierd that they were so willing to tell such secrets for just a little bit of money None of the characters interested me, and nothing exciting really happened This was a short book, but it took me forever to read it because it just wasn t holding my attention well enough.

  7. colleen the convivial curmudgeon

    This is a pretty cool book which several reviews have called Dickensian Not exactly being an expert on things Dickens, I m not sure I can comment one way or the other though I will say it has that bleak, cynical and sort of gothic atmosphere to it, which is what I think they re talking about The gist is that Ludlow Fitch escapes the horrors of his parents and the City, and stumbles across the path of Joe Zabbidou, he of the eponymous Black Book of Secrets See, Joe is a pawnbroker, but while he d [...]

  8. Emily Dangler

    Honestly, the only reason I picked The Black Book of Secrets up in the first place was because I read the summary of another one of F E Higgins books, The Bone Magician, and thought that it sounded like a great little read However although not part of a series The Bone Magician apparently has a plot that occurs at the same time as the plot of The Black Book of Secrets, so I thought it might be better to read this one first I have to admit, I don t foresee myself making a special trip out to get [...]

  9. Grace

    I wish I could give this two and a half stars, but I suppose I ll have to settle for three On seconds thought I m giving it two To be honest I was a bit surprised that this book got such big ratings from people on I picked this up in a used book store and read the first couple pages It s a good, very creep, beginning and very intriguing But I admit that I probably wouldn t have bought it had been at full price I really like the initial idea for the book A pawnbroker buys peoples deepest, darkest [...]

  10. Chris

    Reviewed first at Brunner s BookshelfI saw this book on and it sounded pretty good It sat in my to read list for awhile until I saw it available in audio at my library I gave it a try and liked it I didn t know what to think at first because it started off pretty bleak Our Main character Ludlow Fitch is with his parents and they are selling his teeth Yes, you read it correctly, Ludlow s Parents took him to a man who is going to rip out his teeth and buy them from his parents As a parent I couldn [...]

  11. Liz B

    I m wavering between two and three stars on this one I d probably consider a solid it three stars if it weren t a book club choice for my Teachers as Readers group Since it is and since my last read for this group was the wonderfulThe Housekeeper and the Professor my main reaction is really How are we supposed to talk about this book for an hour Premise Ludlow is on the run from his horrible parents in the filthy and dangerous City, and he ends up in a small village under the thumb of a cruel an [...]

  12. Reading is my Escape

    A secret pawnbroker This is a magical story about a young boy, Ludlow Fitch who leaves his rotten parents and meets up with Joe Zabbidou, a secret pawnbroker Joe is opening his pawnshop in a poor town that is controlled by an evil man who delights in kicking people out of their homes Joe can t solve their problems, or the problems of Ludlow, but he encourages people to be patient and good things will come The story is charming but has a few important twists that young people might miss Without t [...]

  13. AuroraFitzrovia

    hm und das war s jetzt Also, irgendwie ist das ja schon ganz sch n unbefriedigend, die Geschichte und alles Es d mpelt alles nur so vor sich hinh tte ich es doch mal besser abgebrochen So wirklich was verpasst h tte ich ja nicht o_O

  14. Miss Sophie

    In a small village heavily influenced by Victorian 19th century England, everyone has a secret And some are too heavy to carry them alone.A wonderfully dark middle grade story I can totally imagine this as a stop motion Tim Burton movie In fact, I was constantly reminded of Corpse Bride All the characters were very unique and interesting, the story is character driven and slow paced but never boring.

  15. Victoria

    The Black Book of Secrets is well written, and easy to follow I particularly enjoyed the author s tone and style Higgins keeps the reader engaged by divulging secrets and plot points after laying lots of hints and foreshadowing down, which creates suspense and excitement.

  16. Emma Valieu

    Le Livre noir des secrets a t une lecture parfaite pour accompagner mes soir es quasi hivernales C est jeunesse MAIS sombre avec une touche plut t g n reuse d univers Burtonien.Evidemment, on regrette un peu que ce ne soit pas plus approfondi mais l essentiel est l et il suffit s int resser et aux personnages, et l histoire Joe, le pr teur sur gages myst rieux, aussi secret que son fameux livre noir Ludllow, jeune vagabond qui fuit la cruaut de ses ivrognes de parents ou encore Perigoe Leafbinde [...]

  17. Ash

    It s not everyday that you find something as different as this book, the cover was a lure for me I was expecting something a little lighthearted than what I found, but in the end I fell in love with the darker style of writing and the darkness that seemed to be leaking from ever corner of this story Of course what can we expect when we are reading a book about a character who not only holds a dark and terrible secret but works for a man who buys other peoples dark and often chilling secrets and [...]

  18. Jim

    The Black Book of Secrets by F.E Higgins is a young readers book that crosses somewhere in between fantasy, historical fiction and religion.Ludlow Fitch is a pick pocket, living day by day on the streets, who helps support his crooked parents by selling off his loot to a pawn broker But, one day when it s his parents that try to sell him off for money, he s forced to escape and run away That s when Ludlow meets the curious character of Joe Zabbidou Part pawn broker, part mystic and part priest, [...]

  19. Ken

    The Black Book of Secrets is the first of four loosely related YA novels in F.E Higgins s Tales From the Sinister City series.I was thoroughly impressed The book has a very dark theme that vaguely reminded me of Stephen King s Needful Things.The hero of the story is a young boy who had a rough beginning to life and manages to land a position with a pawnbroker who buys the darkest secrets from people for a very high price But, to what end does he buy these secrets 5 STARS and favorited NOTE I jus [...]

  20. Ashley

    In F.E Higgins novel, The Black Book of Secrets, we are transported to a world full of mystery and intrigue as we follow young Ludlow Fitch as he stumbles into one of the most bizarre tales yet to hit the shelves After escaping the clutches of his cruel and deceitful parents, he hitches a ride on the back of a wagon to a seemingly unimpressive village consisting of one street, a rundown church, and a tyrant who is slowly sucking the money and livelihoods from the poor inhabitants Now, throw in a [...]

  21. Jennifer

    I work in an elementary school, and I bought this book at my school s book fair back in April I was attracted initially by the cover and then by the synopsis on the back I thought it sounded like an intriguing book.And so it was It was also highly enjoyable and delightfully creepy It s also very fast paced, and once I began reading I could not force myself to stop I read the entire book in less than 24 hours.The story is told through excerpts or fragments, as the book calls them taken from Ludlo [...]

  22. Flora Smith

    This was an intriguing little book that I quite enjoyed Written for the younger end of the spectrum of young adult or even for those of us that are young at heart, most anyone will enjoy this one There is much that even though set in the past is relevent to today We see, as is true in life, that we all have done things that we aren t proud of Everyone has things in their past that they don t want others to know about And this doesn t make them bad people, only human Even those people that are pr [...]

  23. Rosa

    Ludlow runs away from his parents in the city when they try to pull his teeth out so they can have gin money He immediately hops on the back of a carriage and ends up in small mountain village where things are very wrong The local lord has everyone in debt to him and he is using that debt to perform illegal activities Ludlow ends up working for Joe Zabidou a pawn broker who also deals in secrets Ludlow wants to trust Joe but he also feels like should do something about the land lord but he want [...]

  24. Cornelia

    Loved this It s young adult so I would think everyone from age nine to 129 would love this book This is not steam punk it does not have futuristic steam powered machines but in every other way it fits the steam punk mold It is dark, mysterious, haunting, suspenseful, contains all the gloom of the 19th century working poor who are kept down and taken advantage of by the rich, it also has a hint of magic and mythology in it And it s a page turner I couldn t put it down Anyone who likes steam punk [...]

  25. Bryce Kimble

    Would you tell someone your biggest secret for a lot of money.Well in The Black Book of Secrets by F.E Higgins that is what everyone wants to do to get big bucks.My opinion of the book is very good i think the book is great.One reason is the book has a lot of cliff hangers, for example the secrets the characters tell the shop keeper can leave you wounding and off your seat.Another reason is the book makes sense it does not make you want to leave the book it is easy to understand.I would recommen [...]

  26. Suzanne

    Ludwig is the son of a pair of booze soaked, penny ante thieves When he can take no , he runs away, out of the city, and finds himself taken in by a Pawnbroker, Joe Joe deals in not only items of value, but in secrets.This book is mildly dark but the story was a good one Ludwig learns there are adults who can be trusted, but there are many others who can t He learns the value of honesty, and what it means to be trustworthy He embarks on a new life that I hope to hear about in further installmen [...]

  27. Annie Oosterwyk

    What a surprise I couldn t put this book down The characters and their secrets were compelling and the whole idea of a secret pawnbroker was fresh I think my students would love this because of the horrible behaviour of some of the characters, but these grave robbing, tooth stealing, usury are based in fact and explained at the end of the book in historical notes I will definitely be reading the rest of the series.

  28. Marcia Hein

    F E Higgins is a gifted Irish writer of young adult books In this Dickensian like world.a pawnbroker, Joe Zabadou, trades secrets for cash Ludlow, his assistant, records the secrets in the black book and the villagers each leave with cash and a lighter conscience It s just creepy and mysterious enough to grab you from the first chapter and young adult readers will love it, too.

  29. Floreana

    No es lo que me esperaba, pero estuvo bien Fue una lectura r pida, sencilla y bastante entretenida.Rese a ya disponible en mi blog, Booksick.

  30. Chris

    Wow This was my first experience with the author FE Higgins and I absolutely loved this book It s a dark and mysterious adventure of a boy in a mysterious city where everyone has a secret It was lots of fun and I highly recommend it.

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