The Last Overseer (2020)

The Last Overseer Anton Troia The Last Overseer In a sudden change in the Earth s axial tilt compromised the magnetosphere forever and the result was devastating With only a compromised magnetosphere for protection people were no longer prot
  • Title: The Last Overseer
  • Author: Anton Troia
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 367
  • Format: Kindle Edition
The Last Overseer Anton Troia In 2033, a sudden change in the Earth s axial tilt compromised the magnetosphere forever and the result was devastating With only a compromised magnetosphere for protection, people were no longer protected from the hyperactive sun Temperatures soared, ice caps melted, and natural disasters were as common as rain To make matters worse, solar flares bombarded every facetIn 2033, a sudden change in the Earth s axial tilt compromised the magnetosphere forever and the result was devastating With only a compromised magnetosphere for protection, people were no longer protected from the hyperactive sun Temperatures soared, ice caps melted, and natural disasters were as common as rain To make matters worse, solar flares bombarded every facet of the globe, and in just two years, over two thirds of the planet s population perished due to radiation induced cancer Those who managed to survive did so with horrible physical mutations and mental degradation.Alarmed by the crisis on Earth, several owners of an extra terrestrial mining company decided to step out from the shadows and disclose their existence to whatever remained of Earth s disbanded governments With their arrival came bold claims, announcing themselves as being the Overseers of planet Earth for a very long time At first, no one appreciated such a surreptitious delegation, especially after the Overseers announced that they would only take Earth s most prominent citizens with them on their ships, leaving many less fortunate survivors to rot on an irradiated Earth However, the hard feelings subsided rather quickly after Earth s new benefactors introduced advanced molecular medicine to the public medicine that would cure radiation sickness for good and become the key to humanity s preservation on Earth.Ten years later, humanity s population began to rebound and all seemed well Until one day, several citizens began rejecting the Overseer s mandatory medical care, including a keen observer by the name of Charlie Beasley, who along with his new girlfriend Elena, claimed that the Overseers mandatory inoculations did a lot than just cure people of radiation sickness and that a much sinister agenda was at play The Last Overseer has been edited and revised as of August 2014
The Last Overseer Anton Troia

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One thought on “The Last Overseer

  1. Anton

    I m not going to review my own novel, but I ll write a brief essay on what inspired me to write it.I ve always asked myself questions regarding the state of our civilization on Earth and its technological stagnancy Sure, we re living in a world connected plugged in by social media, confused by the blurs between CGI and reality, and of course, we re all linked by our handhelds Nowadays we can listen to the radio, use a computer and watch a movie all on one device So why are we still using a 100 y [...]

  2. Ana

    I was asked for an honest review, which is the only kind I can give, so here it goes.In my opinion, The Last Overseer is another great idea which was just not well executed I only finished it due to my stubbornness and because I kept hoping it would improve I had some good surprises and in no way felt obligated to finish it the author was kind enough to make that very clear but the fact is it was a long process I honestly cannot remember taking this long to read a book Anyway, let s move on.Posi [...]

  3. Gertie

    The plot for this book sounded intriguing, and what I read was interesting, but I decided not to continue due to the incomplete editing Edit If you are considering this book, read a sample first and decide for yourself The punctuation is problematic, with no periods at the end of sentences inside quotes, and I have to say That drives me nuts to see Also, when punctuation is used after quotes, it is outside the quotes To be honest I am surprised at the high ratings I can t be the only one who fin [...]

  4. Kevis Hendrickson

    I purchased this book a few months back due to a blogger s review Without a doubt, this book has its share of fans I was hoping to count myself among them Unfortunately, the horrendous editing and unorthodox use of language did me in, and after numerous attempts to read it, I didn t get very far Incorrect use of punctuation, misspelled words, weird prose, etc I can usually overlook mistakes, but there were just too many in this book for me to ignore From the very beginning of the book, I encount [...]

  5. Quentin Wallace

    I hadn t read any sci fi in a while, and I enjoyed this one I don t like hard sci fi, and this author did a great job of taking things right to the line of hard sci fi, but not crossing it.This is basically post apocalyptic science fiction I don t want to get too deep into the plot, but an alien race has saved a dying Earth But just how altruistic were they really It has a little bit of everything action, sci fi, horror, suspense Very well written.If I had any complaints, maybe there were parts [...]

  6. Meghan

    When I read the description of this book on , I sat there with mouth open, jaw on floor This is the kind of book that s right up my ally, the kind of stuff I love and won t want to put down.I began the book and was amazed up til about 20% I just wanted to hug the author This is what science fiction is SUPPOSED to be From about the 20% point until 41% exactly I marked it on my Kindle haha , I wanted to hurt him, was ready to throw my Kindle, went on long tangents to my mom and even wanted to call [...]

  7. Norma Mills

    First off please know this book was given to me, by the author, for an honest review Here is my review First off, thank you for the oppurtunity to read this book It is a very long book, with a lot of very large words in it I loved the Star Trek references Phasers, DIsruptors, etc, and I understood most of what was in the book, but I feel the book was too detailed OMG, is it possible Let me explain my 3 star rating The book took a lot longer than it should have to read, which was 10 days for me T [...]

  8. Toniann

    Believable fiction Charlie Beasley is a man in his late twenties who suddenly begins to develop all the symptoms of Vampirism, although it s never clear whether he was becoming a vampire or not The word Vampire is never even mentioned in the book either and it s odd to read a science fiction story that gets so close to being rooted in logic The line between fantasy and reality in this novel is thin Along his journey, Charlie experiences all of the psychological and physical torment that vampires [...]

  9. Rebecca

    I received this book in exchange for my honest review and it s taken me a few days to put my thoughts in order on The Last Overseer The first thing I will say is that Anton Troia has a sharp mind and a keen skill His grasp of sci fi is stunning and he s used it to illustrate an earth decimated by radiation and under the heel of an unscrupulous Overseer Add mutated people into the mix and you have a winner So why not a 5 star rating The Last Overseer is written in a peculiar to me way, in that th [...]

  10. Mariangela Frazzetto

    The Last Overseer is probably one of the freshest takes on the zombie horror genre because the zombie mythology is tied in with historical fact and even religious figures As I read The Last Overseer, I sometimes asked myself whether or not this was fiction, because at its heart, The Last Overseer is a theosophical body of work Highly recommend this book, it s a clever story that left me thinking long after I finished reading it

  11. Mollydee

    This was an amazing Sci fi book I loved the title and the cover Always a draw But it started out so well.I do not like Zombies sorry everyone but this was not particularly about zombies and that is what I liked A post apocalyptic book with no zombies As the book opens, Brennan and his daughter Elena are getting ready for breakfast They are former Earth dwellers that now live on another planet and have been for 10 years They were lucky to be chosen to go into space, away from Earth when all of th [...]

  12. Melaslithos

    I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.The Last Overseer is an interesting science fiction story that tackles a large range of interesting questions Here is what I think of the several aspects of this book.ConceptAs mentioned, it broaches a lot of subjects and themes Basically, it makes a mix of all available themes in science fiction, fantasy and paranormal novels, such as vampires, zombies, post apocalyptic world, secret conspiracies, aliens, superpowers, etc And [...]

  13. Nioka

    The Last Overseer has a great story, but it is lost in some of the word choices and the constant repetition of the same phrases over and over again If the repetition only happened a couple of times it would not have been so bad, but it actually hindered the reading process, especially with an ebook With the word choices I found that Vampire and Nephilim were used to represent the same thing, when one is a descendant of power that shows powers themselves, while a vampyre is usually a soul or bloo [...]

  14. Patrick Bunker

    The best science fiction novel I have read this yearThis book takes a look into the future to find a world that is very different from today s world In the future planet earth has been damaged by numerous natural catastrophes A space traveling captain is deployed on a mission to planet earth He is not excited about visiting earth as it will cause him to relive unpleasant past events.This book takes a look at life in a post apocalyptic future where the sun s rays have become so damaging that huma [...]

  15. Lcdk

    The Last Overseer is by far one of the best books that I have read all year I am a huge fan of the science fiction genre and especially books that incorporate dystopian themes into them, so I was quite excited to jump in and see what this author had to offer Needless to say, the story went way above and beyond my initial expectations and has left me with an author to keep an eye on I must admit that I can be quite critical when it comes to sci fi related books but there s nothing that I would ch [...]

  16. Ginny McMath

    I love Sci Fi books and was looking for a new author I came across this book and even though the author is new it sounded really interesting I absolutely was engrossed from the beginning The concept of unknown overseers to humanity is a scary thought and combined with disasters that have effected earth seem to connect with me I live in a very green way and this story seemed a sad possible future for us From a Sci Fi perspective all of those aspects seemed possible too Not giving anything away, b [...]

  17. Mika Buell

    Unless you ve had your head under a rock for the past 50 years you know scientist are discovering not only about our planet but the effect humans are having to its precious system Anton Troia bases his first sci fi novel The Last Overseer on such a cataclysmic event From the beginning I found myself engrossed in this epic tale of technology, humanity and truth The author hurls you into a very realistic near future in which Earth is the one place you never wish to return to With every civilizati [...]

  18. Jane Geddis

    I ve been looking for a good novel that has the inversion of magnetic field as its premise The Revolution tv show had promise but devolved into stupidity The Last Overseer makes good use of changes in the magnetic field in its back story Miners who have been working off world have been unaffected by the shift in the Earths magnetic They return to a devastated and sick Earth with a cure for the radiation sickness that is rampant.Author Anton Trioa s strong point lies in writing about politics, po [...]

  19. Monica

    The Last Overseer has a great premise which had me excited to read the book I was even pleased by how well written and interesting this novel turned out to be In the future, after the world population has been ravished by many changes, the Overseers step in to help humanity heal itself But then questions arise about their true intent What did they do to the people they took away And what other effects does this healing drugs have on the population Anyone who is a scifi fan would enjoy this book [...]

  20. Ann Smith

    Wow.This book is not only really well written with an original plot, but it also dips into the realm of totally possible.I will be the first to admit that I have an open mind when it comes to the affect that us humans are having on the environment, and this book just so happened to hit the proverbial nail on the head in a way that will have me racking up the sleepless nights.The writing was fast paced and the plot was very believable.I tend to have a love hate relationship with sci fi I really l [...]

  21. Kathleen

    As a frequent reader of the science fiction genre, plotlines can be run into the ground, highly exaggerated, and easily become repetitive from author to author The Last Overseer by Anton Troia brings a fresh and unique perspective to post apocalyptic Earth Troia explains the devastating effects of an axial tilt of the Earth such as the struggle of the remaining environment, inhabitants, and other catastrophic events occurring in a dark and dystopian future This book is action packed and will hav [...]

  22. Maege

    Even though I am not much of a sci fi fan, I really enjoyed this book It is set in a dystopian future that is not terribly far off The climate has made life on earth like something out of nightmares, and mysterious aliens have offered rescue, with some apparently ulterior motives I enjoyed that the characters in the book experience growing unease, as the reader feels this as well Simply put no one really knows the score, and paranoia creeps in all around the peripheral I could certainly see this [...]

  23. Tammy

    Read this It is out of this world will blow your mind I loved this book I am always questioning the true intentions of everything This book certainly covers it allfuture, past, technology, religion, politics, disease, the end of the world, and If you have read books like 1984, you will love this If you love paranormal, science fiction, thrillers, and or mysterieswell, here it is If not for a busy schedule,I would have finished this book much quickly This is a book that will leave you thinking [...]

  24. Bookreader

    I m still not finished with the book, it s so good that I had to review prior to me completing All I can say is, this book is pure genious The author delivers an outstanding storyline and characters that I connected with right away If you appreciate scifi then you re in for a real treat I couldn t put this book down for a second Thank you Anton, for entertaining us with your smart, captivating story telling mind I can t wait to finish and see what the ending has to offer This might be my best re [...]

  25. Helga Jacobs

    What an excellent book I find Anton Troia s writings style very interesting, combining Sci Fi with a bit of fear and a different twist to romance I loved his characters and his ability in getting you to relate with them This book is so well written that you will find yourself at a certain stage thinking what he is saying is true even today I enjoyed this book thoroughly and I promise you you would love it too If you enjoy Science Fiction with a twist, this book is a must.

  26. Maciek

    The book has a slower middle part but mostly is fast paced We have post apocalypse Earth and some humans traveling the stars Story line evolves from sci fi to some supernatural and look at humanity history and possibilities There are also some references to conspiracy theories usual ones and some new interesting ones Overall it s an interesting look at apocalypse scenario with an overseer watching rebuilding planet.

  27. Heather

    Anton did wonderful with the writing of this book I love most sci fi and this book didn t disappoint The middle of the book was a little slow for me but it picks up It leaves you asking yourself a lot of questions and reconsidering the way you think about things in the end I recommend it for sci fi lovers and those who don t like this genre.

  28. Kelly Rickard

    A very detailed sci fi story The author has a keen mind for sci fi but there wasn t a lot of action at some points due to the need to give us the back story.Unfortunately there wasn t a lot of zombies this is a read for review from a zombie group and they were merely a back story till the end but as a sci fi a great read on the dangers of humans and our destruction of the planet.

  29. Jada Dubya

    The great thing about science fiction is that it can explore any point in the time spectrum You could learn about rebel fighters from a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away Or, you could travel in a 19th century time machine to an extremely distant and disappointing future where some humanoids are cattle for other humanoids Newly published author Anton Troia explores somewhere in the middle in his book The Last Overseer In the mid 21st century, Earth suffers from a number of catastrophes Bill [...]

  30. Sara Janer

    The Last Overseer ended up being a surprisingly good book with its dystopian storyline wrapped in a science fiction setting The book focuses on three main characters It begins with Major Brennen receiving orders to go back to Earth, the NYPD section, to investigate the first murder in ten years There he is also charged with rounding up those who left the populated areas controlled b Orion Many choose to come back willingly, as they are sick from the radiation and need nanobots injections that on [...]

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