Synkkä niin kuin sydämeni (2020)

Synkkä niin kuin sydämeni Antti Tuomainen Synkk niin kuin syd meni Mit tekisit saadaksesi tiet Aleksi Kivi menett itins lokakuisena iltap iv n vuonna Yhten hetken iti istuu ty p yt ns ress tekem ss kirjanpit j n t it n toisena h nt ei en ole Kaksikymment vuotta
  • Title: Synkkä niin kuin sydämeni
  • Author: Antti Tuomainen
  • ISBN: 9789520108410
  • Page: 299
  • Format: Hardcover
Synkkä niin kuin sydämeni Antti Tuomainen Mit tekisit saadaksesi tiet Aleksi Kivi menett itins lokakuisena iltap iv n vuonna 1993 Yhten hetken iti istuu ty p yt ns ress tekem ss kirjanpit j n t it n, toisena h nt ei en ole Kaksikymment vuotta my hemmin, 33 vuotiaana, Aleksi uskoo tiet v ns kuka on katoamisen takana Kaikki viittaa rikkaaseen mieheen nimelt Henrik Saarinen Poliisi ei ole Mit tekisit saadaksesi tiet Aleksi Kivi menett itins lokakuisena iltap iv n vuonna 1993 Yhten hetken iti istuu ty p yt ns ress tekem ss kirjanpit j n t it n, toisena h nt ei en ole Kaksikymment vuotta my hemmin, 33 vuotiaana, Aleksi uskoo tiet v ns kuka on katoamisen takana Kaikki viittaa rikkaaseen mieheen nimelt Henrik Saarinen Poliisi ei ole samaa mielt Aleksille j vain yksi vaihtoehto hankkiutua Henrik Saarisen l helle ja selvitt asia itse.Synkk niin kuin syd meni kertoo idin ja pojan tarinan Se on kertomus el m n mittaisesta yksin isyydest , lupauksien pit misest , pakkomielteiden seurauksista, koston oikeutuksesta ja rakkauden voimasta Menneisyys on usein siin mit erehdymme luulemaan t ksi p iv ksi.
Synkkä niin kuin sydämeni Antti Tuomainen

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    299 Antti Tuomainen
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One thought on “Synkkä niin kuin sydämeni

  1. Susan

    Antti Tuomainen has been nicknamed, The King of Helsinki Noir in his native Finland, where he is the award winning author of five novels His third novel, The Healer was his first book translated and published in the UK, and this, his fourth, Dark as my Heart is both the second published in English and the first I have read However, I must certainly rectify this as I really did love this book and can well see why it was voted the best crime novel of the decade by readers of a Finnish crime fictio [...]

  2. Bianca

    Dark as My Heart is a mystery thriller that reads like a film all the way through, I had the feeling I was watching one of those Scandinavian police crime movies series From the very beginning, I was taken with the beautifully descriptive language Antti Tuomainen is a fantastic writer Obviously, the translator did a great job, too The novel is narrated by our main character, Aleksi Kivi, now thirty three years old His mum s disappearance, presumed killed, has defined his past twenty years of lif [...]

  3. Andy Weston

    This is certainly a different crime novel with a strong hint of noir It is told in the first person and the narrator was 13 years old when his mother disappeared 20 years earlier After the failure of the police at the time to solve the diappearance, Aleksi, the narrator, has of course never forgottten what happened, has his suspicions and is following them up Tuomainen s the Finnish King of Noir writing is captivating and he keeps the pace of the novel quick His characters are strong and the rea [...]

  4. Paul

    Dark As My Heart A Wonderfully Dark Tragic StoryDark As My Heart is the latest book from award winning Finnish writer Antti Toumainen in what has been billed as a mixture of Hitchcockian mystery tale and modern Greek tragedy A very large claim for a writer that is building his career, but one that delivers on what the publishers have proclaimed This is a dark atmospheric story that is deeply compelling, that draws you in, with surprising twists, sudden violence and an ending you do not see comin [...]

  5. Karen

    The exploration of consequences is beautifully executed in Antti Tuomainen s mesmerising DARK AS MY HEART That he is an award winning author comes as no surprise, but of the five novels to his name in his native Finland, the third The Healer and this, his fourth novel, are so far the only ones translated into English Needless to say THE HEALER is now on the TBR pile.Aleksi Kivi was thirteen years old when his mother vanished Now, twenty years on, he s still haunted by her murder, and his feeling [...]

  6. Raven

    I must confess that aside from Matti Joensuu and Kati Hiekkapelto my knowledge of Finnish crime fiction is a little underdeveloped, so was intrigued to discover a new to me writer in this sub genre of the Scandinavian stable So how did Dark As My Heart fare Will I be seeking out Tuomainen s The Healer as well If the fact that I read this book in one night can be testament to how much I enjoyed this one is any gauge, I think we can all safely say that this book was a real hit with me Dark As My H [...]

  7. Gretel

    Dark as My Heart is a book about seeking vengeance and or closure Aleksi Kivi gets a job as a handyman for the mysterious Henrik Saarinen, who he believes behind the mysterious disappearance of his mother Aleksi has waited all these years and after becoming orphaned and being placed into the care system, he wants justice and vengeance.This is a short book It has big print and almost finger sized gaps between lines and is of a novella than a novel Tuomainen writes in clean, crisp prose with shor [...]

  8. Kerrie

    In some ways this plot reminded me of THE TRAP which I read recently, and also one of the themes of Pauline Rowson s Portsmouth series which also deals with a mother who disappears when her son is in his teens.In the long run, I thought the author was struggling to bring the story of DARK AS MY HEART to a resolution The central theme is the search for understanding what happened to Aleksi s mother twenty years earlier Aleksi and the original police investigator are both convinced that the murder [...]

  9. James Perkins

    This is a Finnish crime novel with a difference Aleksi, the narrator, is not a reporter or a detective He s just a guy in his thirties wondering why his mother went missing 20 years ago, and determined to find the solution Of course, policemen must appear, since there were and are crimes involved in the narrative There must be red herrings, since his mother s disappearance is a mystery, and it would be boring to go right to the solution directly In other words, it has the potential to be really [...]

  10. Kerry Pickens

    Apparently this author has won a lot of awards for writing, but obviously something is missing in the translation The main character is very likeable, but the plot just doesn t go anywhere This is a story of a young man whose mother disappeared one night, and he believes a wealthy man is responsible for the murder So he goes to work for this guy, seduces his daughter, and then finds out it was the man after all that killed his mother It seems like a predictable storyline, and all his relationshi [...]

  11. Radynka

    On se jede pomst t chlapovi, u kter ho jeho matka pracovala, a pak s n m m la rom nek, ale nezm n si ani jm no O A ten konecNo rad i jsem zticha D

  12. VJ Scott

    Sharp short snappyGreat read and storyline Plot was well thought out and main character was nicely flawed Recommended as another great author

  13. Kath

    Another book I read in almost one sitting I found it a quick and easy read with enough twists and turns to keep my interest and an OMG moment that to me was jaw droppingly good Aleksi is out for revenge He is after the person who he believes is responsible for the disappearance probable death of his mother After having appeared to have exhausted the proper police channels, he decides to take things into his own hands and gains employment his boss being the one he believes is responsible Henrick [...]

  14. Rob Kitchin

    Set in Helsinki and surrounding countryside, Dark As My Heart is a tale of seeking justice for a crime committed twenty years previously A child at the time of his mother s death, Aleksi is convinced he knows the identity of his mother s killer but has been unable to convince the police to re open the investigation His suspect is a wealthy businessman used to getting his own way After years of trying to find a way to get to close to his quarry, Aleksi manages to find employment in the businessma [...]

  15. Dawnie

    This was sadly not a book for me, i could not connect to it and did not have good time reading it I prefer my books to be descriptive and knowing details I enjoy hearing about what characters are doing and while i don t need to know what they are thinking, i still enjoy knowing what is happening This book sadly did not have those details To that came that the writing style was not something that i enjoyed, since the sentences where very short and choppy, which i personally just do not enjoy Stil [...]

  16. Jenni Joru

    Yhten p iv n 13 vuotiaan Aleksi Kiven kirjanpit j iti on l hd ss treffeille, seuraavassa hetkess on poistuu lounaalle eik koskaan palaa Aleksi uskoo, ett h nen itins on murhattu, ja h n uskoo my s tiet v ns , kuka murhaaja on Aleksi kasvaa pakkomielteens kanssa El m n ei mahdu muuta, kuin selvitt m t n kuolemantapaus, kiintein ihmissuhde on poliisiin, jota tapaus my s vainoaa Onko vihdoin sovituksen aika Antti Tuomaisen hieno kieli, kerronnan yksityiskohtien taju ja mielenkiintoinen juoni pit v [...]

  17. Shane Kiely

    Similar to its predecessor in that it hinges on a man on a quest though this time around, it s a quest for answers from the past rather than a search for a missing person It lacks the some of the sense of urgency of that story, though there there s a level of character development that imbues the plot with a level of gravity The meat of the story is quite similar to a lot of the Nordic noir and its British American fellows that I ve read but the story reveals itself in a compelling manner It s a [...]

  18. Andrew

    This was a stand alone thriller set in the suburbs of Helsinki It skips around time frames as a young man in 2013 sets out to discover what happened to his mother in 1993 Aleksi is 13 when his mother simply disappeared without trace , but in 2003 another very similar looking woman is discovered murdered A suspect is a suitably villainous rich businessman and in 2013 Aleksi goes to work as a caretaker at his luxury coastal home.The plot twists and turns moving back and forth in time and was very [...]

  19. Orvokki

    Ak sa v m p ila autorova predch dzaj ca kniha Lie ite , bude sa v m p i aj novinka Temn ako moja du a Ja t to formu detekt vok hoci u Lie ite a a ko hovori iba o detekt vke milujem, to nap tie, to umenie op sa ulicu tak dokonalo, e ju vid m, aj ke som tam jak iv nebola A v tomto je Tuomainen majster Vo vytvoren atmosf ry, kedy v m po chrbte beh mr z aj ke je vonku 30 C Viac na mojom blogu.

  20. Anastasia

    This was a book with a feel of eeriness and impending sense of doom, but the twists still seem to come out of nowhere It is well written, and impeccably translated The characters are well thought out and believable, and I really cared about how it would all be resolved It had a good conclusion but I don t feel that everything was completely satisfying I would read by this author again I received a copy of Dark as My Heart from NetGalley in return for an honest review.

  21. Christian

    This was incredible I read The Healer over two years ago and loved it This book was definitely just as good Without giving anything away, I definitely didn t see the ending coming and the way Toumainen married two narratives together was exceptional Another pleasing aspect was the imagery created by Tuomainen s writing in all aspects throughout, but in particular the ocean So vivid and evocative was the prose Tuomainen used to describe it.

  22. Barbara Rohde

    Aleksi Kivi lost his mother when he was 13 She simply disappeared A carpenter by trade, he gains employment as a caretaker with the millionaire Henrik Saarinen who he is certain murdered his mother Aleksi also becomes involved with Saarinen s daughter Amanda The police were never convinced that Saarinen was the culprit, but were they merely in his pocket This is a good read with a satisfying outcome.

  23. Anna-Maija Tähkävuori

    Hienoa, Aleksis Kivi alkoi el uudelleen Kuitenkin aivan itsen ist el m ns Antti Tuomainen johdattelee h net Tuonelan virran mustille mystisille vesille kokoamaan palasia ja k ytt juonta sek ajatuksen voimaa p ss r j ytt v ll tavalla.En erityisemmin innostu dekkareista enk j nnitysn ytelmist , mutta nyt antaudun t ysin Tuomaisen v l yksien viet v ksi Synkk niin kuin syd meni on kirjoittajan ja lukijan loistava kohtaaminen kirja el tajunnassa,kiinnittyy itikuvassa.

  24. Outi

    Kauniisti ja synke sti kirjoitettuna Synkk niin kuin syd meni vetosi minuun toki P henkil oli kaikkine traumoineen houkutteleva ja kirjan asetelma ja muu henkil galleria vieh tt v sti vanhanaikaisen rikostarinan kaltainen Se paljon puhuttu kiristyv tunnelma j i v h n puuttumaan Kirjan alkuosa miellytti huomattavasti enemm n kuin vyyhdin selvi miseen keskittynyt loppuosa.

  25. Pauliina Lassila

    T st kirjasta j i synke tunnelma Alkoi kuin dekkari, sitten v liss oli muuten vain harmaata ja ik v ja lopussa oli taas dekkari Mutta huolimatta ennalta arvattavasta lopusta, ihan luettava kuitenkin

  26. Marko Rossi

    Eka kirja Tuomaiselta mink luen Tekstin kuvailut v lill laahaavia, ehk liiallisia Mutta rytmi piti hyvin komppinsa ja tarina eteni sujuvasti vaikka hypittiin lukujen v liss eri vuosissa Luin yhdelt istumalta.

  27. Léa Touch Book

    I was disappointed by this book the characters are not moving and the plot is not really interesting However the writing is effective My book review leatouchbook 2016

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