Clean Architecture (2020)

Clean Architecture Robert C. Martin Clean Architecture Building upon the success of best sellers The Clean Coder and Clean Code legendary software craftsman Robert C Uncle Bob Martin shows how to bring greater professionalism and discipline to applicatio
  • Title: Clean Architecture
  • Author: Robert C. Martin
  • ISBN: 9780134494166
  • Page: 265
  • Format: Paperback
Clean Architecture Robert C. Martin Building upon the success of best sellers The Clean Coder and Clean Code, legendary software craftsman Robert C Uncle Bob Martin shows how to bring greater professionalism and discipline to application architecture and design.As with his other books, Martin s Clean Architecture doesn t merely present multiple choices and options, and say use your best judgment it telBuilding upon the success of best sellers The Clean Coder and Clean Code, legendary software craftsman Robert C Uncle Bob Martin shows how to bring greater professionalism and discipline to application architecture and design.As with his other books, Martin s Clean Architecture doesn t merely present multiple choices and options, and say use your best judgment it tells you what choices to make, and why those choices are critical to your success Martin offers direct, no nonsense answers to key architecture and design questions like What are the best high level structures for different kinds of applications, including web, database, thick client, console, and embedded apps What are the core principles of software architecture What is the role of the architect, and what is he she really trying to achieve What are the core principles of software design How do designs and architectures go wrong, and what can you do about it What are the disciplines and practices of professional architects and designers Clean Architecture is essential reading for every software architect, systems analyst, system designer, and software manager and for any programmer who aspires to these roles or is impacted by their work.
Clean Architecture Robert C. Martin

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    265 Robert C. Martin
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One thought on “Clean Architecture

  1. Rod Hilton

    I really liked this book but also was a bit disappointed by it I m a huge fan of Robert Martin s work, I ve read his previous books and I love Clean Code and The Clean Coder Based on the title and artwork I had kind of assumed that this was just the next step of the Clean Trilogy, this time focusing on architectural concerns.It is kind of that, but it s mostly not quite that Really, this book is a lot of background information to understand the meat of the book, and the meat of the book is Marti [...]

  2. Carlos Buenosvinos

    First of all, I m a big fan of Robert C Martin s work I think cleancoders I have purchased all videos from Clean Code, Clean Coders and Clean Coders Applied series is a great learning resource and I have read all others books Clean Code, Clean Coders and Agile Software Development Principles, Patterns and Practices.About this book, I may had too high expectations about this book I m disappointed 85% of the book is reviewing the SOLID principles and how to apply them to components it s already ex [...]

  3. Eduards Sizovs

    This is the first book of Uncle Bob that I didn t like it s shallow, impractical, and full of stories from forgotten 90 s A significant part of the book explanation of SOLID principles has been copied with few alternations from Agile PPP book, which is, in my opinion, a much thorough book.To understand modularity patterns mentioned in this book, I suggest taking alternative path reading Java Application Architecture by Kirk Knoernschild In addition to modularity and SOLID, the book tries to exp [...]

  4. Pavel Gatilov

    Clean Guide for an ArchitectThe book covers different sides of the Software Architect role The conflicting collaboration of business and technology The crucial architect s focus topics The architecture principles derived from the famous SOLID principles and proven by decades Some of the common architecture mistakes.All topics of the book have bright and laconic descriptions The are also many colorful and didactic examples to the ideas, often taken from the author s experience And besides, there [...]

  5. Sebastian Gebski

    Some key remarks I have 1 Even if it may look at some point deceptively simple, it isn t In fact, the most valuable lessons will be truly comprehensible clear only for people with certain level of experience.2 This book doesn t try to cover anything in particular in the end to end way, it s about certain aspects of software architecture Uncle Bob finds most important e.g SOLID principles, boundaries, proper approach to composition, etc Needless to say these are universal technology agnostic whi [...]

  6. Michał Kostrzewa

    Really enjoyed it, it was surprisingly easy to read Explained all the rules and principles well I was thinking about our production code all the time while reading it.Chapter about decoupling tests via a Test API really needs some examples Especially because of already existing controversy about fragility of TDD etc.

  7. Robson Castilho

    Mixed feelings about this book On one side, it explains what software architecture is about, filled with valuable design principles at class level and at component level On the other side, it s a very short book, basically with a fast compilation of everything he said before Even when he touches fresh subjects, like distributed systems SOA Microservices , the chapters are a little bit shallow I ve missed code samples to clarify some concepts.Don t get me wrong it s a very good book, but read it [...]

  8. Toni Tassani

    A review of programming paradigms and SOLID, adding very little and simplifying the concept of architecture to only software architecture design.Chapter 34, authored by Simon Brown, is very good.

  9. Felipe

    It s an OK book Not a total waste of your time but it s just Uncle Bob trying to milk the SOLID cow a bit .

  10. Maris Krivtezs

    Many of the reviewers who rated it low misunderstood the book I see in the reviews that they expected microservice, CQRS and other architecture descriptions But this book is about something different This is about the clean architecture Yes he uses SOLID to describe architecture components, but from the different angle than talking about the code.The book also is a good read just because of the style and story Uncle Bob always is a good storyteller.Just read and enjoy the book Do not expect it t [...]

  11. Igor Celik

    The book starts from the premise that design and architecture are the same, thus every decision you take from lower to the highest levels are a continuum of architectural decisions.The book introduces you to the principles by which all of the these architectural decision should be taken from classes SOLID to components CCP,SDP,REP and then to higher level architecture layers.It explains which elements of the software are architecture and which are mere details.This book is not about specific arc [...]

  12. Steve

    This is a book on architecture with context Robert Martin explains an approach to architecture in a way that is grounded in good design and in history Of the many points I took from the book, are ones that are both obvious, and insightful ones that you never hear people talk about, but which I could not help agree with Architecture is about what decisions you can defer, architecture is about creating a framework that makes change easy, and architectural choices go in cycles there isn t a whole l [...]

  13. David Mann

    I thought the content was rather thin given the topic Chapters were very short with very little actual code examples If Clean Code tended to have too much code in it, this was the opposite Architecture is most important for large projects, so it is difficult to include realistic code samples Nevertheless, I think an example of refactoring a poorly architectured project into a well architectured one would have been useful The Appendix was much longer than any chapter, but was pretty much a trip d [...]

  14. Nguyen Phuong

    Great book Software architect is important but from what I ve seen, it hard to understand That s why I don t think this book can receive 5 stars rating That s why many software companies don t put it on the checklist Cause software can work without a good architect.A feature can be added to a well architected software, costing 1 day and 1000 For bad architected software, the same feature cost 10 days and 20000 Managers and programmers don t understand this kind of data if they don t see both of [...]

  15. Kher Yee

    TLDR One of the key takeaways is that architecture is really just about drawing boundaries Several principles are introduced on how to draw good boundaries hence good architecture, sounds simple but practically challenging.I must admit that when Uncle Bob pointed out micro services SOA isn t the real architecture, it hits me straight I have the same feeling long ago that they aren t architecture but wouldn t hold that strong with sufficient reasoning Lesson learned that to prove it isn t, just b [...]

  16. Wojtek Erbetowski

    This book was exactly what I expected it to be.I have attended several talks by Uncle Bob and read his Clean Code a long time ago I wasn t surprised by the contents, as his stand on the architecture as it seems to me is consistent and stable Some of his war stories are hard to overvalue.The most important part I have read there is about SRP and how to understand it differently than it s commonly understood.I recommend the book to most software engineers, to both learn, and get a topic to discuss [...]

  17. apajaros

    Like other reviewers, I don t think I learnt much from this book As much as I admire and respect Uncle Bob, it feels like he s going over the same SOLID principles again, without providing any in depth examples, just vague general advice And it s good advice, and it s nice to be reminded but at some point it would be great to have something concrete to discuss common mistakes, pitfalls, why and how to avoid them, that kind of thing.

  18. Aleksandr Beljakov

    Nice book But if you already read Clean code, you will be disappointed on it It s too much about SOLID principle, what we already read in Clean code, but only few new details related to architecture never mariage on framework, don t allow to be framework part of business logic GUI only details Database only detail Don t cross layer boundaries Delay decision about DB or framework as much as possibleInteresting was to read appendix, some autobiography of Uncle Bob.

  19. Tim

    Really liked how the author summarized the core concepts of what need to be considered in regards to architecture SOLID and component principles, boundaries, deployment mode, dependency rule and variants of architecture approach It was a great introduction to other concepts that I m not familiar with.

  20. Yevgen Polyak

    Definitely worth a read You will not find any new ideas in this book The biggest benefit of the book is that it represents a short overview of many basic, yet very important concepts in software development It might be confusing as it doesn t represent day to day activities of real life architects scalability, maintenance, security, uptime, etc , mostly only software design.

  21. Steve Fenton

    Familiar themes from Uncle Bob are expertly applied to architecture You now have Clean Code for the low level details, Agile Principles, Patterns, and Practices for the mid level, and Clean Architecture for the high level.Despite operating at height, I can almost guarantee that the book will improve your understanding at other levels too.

  22. Łukasz Słonina

    On one side I really liked the book, as always Uncle Bob is nice to read On the other side I don t think that this book introduces anything new to the topic of software architecture This book is just compilation very good of other materials produced by Uncle Bob I spent good time with this book, but have a feeling that I haven t learnt anything new.

  23. Bonface M. K.

    This book for me was eye opening It has laid the foundation for me to think of software development in terms of how to build and how to make it flexible, not the actual concrete implementation I d recommend this to anyone who does any software development work

  24. Michael Buck

    A down to earth writing style makes understanding the principles and practices of software architecture easy I suspect I will be re reading parts of this book several times in my career.

  25. Dharmin

    This is very abstract and doesn t lead anywhere when it comes to helping you in your day to day task.

  26. Michael Webb

    Immediately inducted into the you must read this to have any credibility as a software developer hall of fame.

  27. Felipe Martins

    I feel like this book could have been a lot shorter than it is It contains a shallow overview of concepts that are way better covered in other books from the author, like Clean Code A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship and Agile Software Development, Principles, Patterns, and Practices.One section that I found particularly interesting, though, was the one covering principles for the design of architectural components They re mostly slight variations on the SOLID principles but the way they [...]

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