Hear No Evil (2020)

Hear No Evil Mary L. Hamilton Hear No Evil Summer camp is no fun for Brady McCaul The girl with the cute dimples thinks he s immature and childish The camp bully targets him with cruel taunts and teasing and flips Brady s canoe to keep him fr
  • Title: Hear No Evil
  • Author: Mary L. Hamilton
  • ISBN: 9781938708213
  • Page: 277
  • Format: Paperback
Hear No Evil Mary L. Hamilton Summer camp is no fun for Brady McCaul The girl with the cute dimples thinks he s immature and childish The camp bully targets him with cruel taunts and teasing, and flips Brady s canoe to keep him from winning the race But worst of all, his mom won t let him come home She doesn t want him living with her any Brady wonders if even God cares about him.Can Brady figSummer camp is no fun for Brady McCaul The girl with the cute dimples thinks he s immature and childish The camp bully targets him with cruel taunts and teasing, and flips Brady s canoe to keep him from winning the race But worst of all, his mom won t let him come home She doesn t want him living with her any Brady wonders if even God cares about him.Can Brady figure out what he did to earn Mom s rejection and change her mind by week s end Or will he have to live with his workaholic dad, the guy who left when Brady was seven All seems lost until a surprising secret changes everything.
Hear No Evil Mary L. Hamilton

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    277 Mary L. Hamilton
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One thought on “Hear No Evil

  1. Lisa Godfrees

    Genre Middle grade contemporaryKind of like an episode of The Love Boat except you re at Christian Camp and the love interest is God.Premise Brady s mom drops him off at a Christian camp where he knows absolutely no one, including God As she s leaving, she drops a bomb on him He s not welcome to come back home, and the father who has been absent in his life since he walked out the door years ago is coming to get him at the end of the week Ouch.Theology TonsThe church camp is a great and believab [...]

  2. Annette O'Hare

    Admittedly, I have always been a fan of tween fiction can t get enough of it Mary Hamilton s debut book, Hear No Evil, didn t fail to keep me entertained The book begins with poor Brady McCaul being left at church camp where he knows absolutely no one And to make matters worse his mother informs him that she no longer wants him living with her and her new husband and won t be returning for him His estranged father will pick him up at the end of the week The book deals with bullying, having a han [...]

  3. Stacey

    Perfect book for kids who either want to go to church camp or already enjoy going I loved reading this book It is a gripping story about a boy who is left at church camp Emotionally it will tug at your heart strings, I almost cried reading it But, emotion aside Mary writes a beautiful story, sharing Brady s first experience at camp She masterfully weaves theology into her writing without the reader feeling like they are being given a sermon I applaud her for an excellent book I loved her charact [...]

  4. Teresa Pollard

    This is a seriously AWESOME novel for young people or really for anybody I was up until 2 30 this morning reading it I couldn t put it down Brady is taken to camp by his mom, and on arrival told he won t be allowed to come home when the week is over, but will be picked up by his father, who has never paid any attention to him at all With these words ringing in his ears, he meets his fellow campers and the staff of the Bible camp Can a single week change his life Mary has done an amazing job of c [...]

  5. Katie Clark

    Mary Hamilton weaves a gripping tale right from the beginning I felt such sorrow for Brady from the very first pages, and my concern for how he was going to fix his problem kept me reading until the end I definitely recommend it to others

  6. Dave Hand

    Mary Hamilton has forced me to rethink the teen genre with her debut novel Hear No Evil As a writer, I have held that good writing transcends audience and that readers of all ages should appreciate good writing for what it is, not because it is directed at a specific demographic Hamilton weaves a tale of an unfortunate young man, Brady, who faces a coming of age moment at Summer Bible camp while, at the same time, coming to grips with his salvation Hamilton interweaves scriptural references at c [...]

  7. Cynthia

    I received this book from the author in a giveaway.Because I didn t have the opportunity to attend a Bible camp or any summer camp as a child, I was curious and thought this book would show me the inside story It did, and much Brady s situation left him at camp without a home or parents he felt he could rely on His feelings toward God were that God would never call his name The story is full of the rivalry found when any bunch of kids get together, and it s not just in sports or games One of th [...]

  8. Rodger Fields

    Brady has a problem, a family problem, an embarrassing I don t want to talk about it and I don t know what to do about it problem Dumped at a Bible Summer Camp where he knows no one, he doesn t really buy into this God thing, either.Given his situation, Brady is reluctant to trust and rely upon anyone parents, counselors, friends, or God Despite his funk, though, Brady discovers a special friend the first day, challenged by a handicap of his own Brady needs friends because he quickly encounters [...]

  9. Terri Wangard

    Thirteen year old Brady is dropped off at Bible camp with his mom s words ricocheting in his mind I don t want you living with me any His dad will pick him up at week s end His dad, who never even bothered to send him a birthday card.Talkative Steven is one of his cabinmates Steven is blind, and at peace with his life He latches on to Brady as his guide, being the friend Brady needs.He brought his trumpet along, and Steven pleads for a song Soon Brady s playing every night at lights out His cabi [...]

  10. Sydney Avey

    I never attended a Bible Camp, but I know the teens in our church who attend have life changing experiences I found the premise of this first book in the series engaging A mom who drops a kid off at camp and tells him right off she won t be picking him up draws you right in There was the expected bully to make Brady s life miserable, but the mystery over what was going on with mom kept me reading, and guessing I appreciated that the spiritual content was natural, not preachy The counselors were [...]

  11. Marji Laine

    Actually my daughter read this Her review is below Here No Evil by Mary Hamilton spurred me on til the last page The story was about a boy who was dropped off at a summer camp and then finds out that he can t go back home This book offered excitement, intrigue, and the need to trust God even when He seems far away I liked feeling like I was at the camp with Brady and how even the seemingly hopeless kids were redeemed I also enjoyed the author s picture of God as the Savior in the darkness The st [...]

  12. Deb Garland

    Mary Hamilton s first book, Hear No Evil, isn t your typical tween book Bible camp fun is the backdrop that brings together likeable, but naughty at times, characters who are learning how to deal with some tough kid issues like bullying, living with a handicap, and adjusting to a single parent s remarriage Each boy or girl has their own story to tell about God s redeeming love stories parents and tweens won t want to miss I received a complimentary copy of this book from the Publisher in exchang [...]

  13. Joanne Sher

    Mary L Hamilton has written a book that will hold the interest of any kid and their parents A boy is sent away to Bible camp and the last thing his mother says to him is I don t want you living with me Add teasing from another camper, and a crush on a girl who seems to think he s childish, and you ve got plenty of conflict for this typical kid Some great twists here, and realistic dealing with some pretty serious issues and a great Christian message to boot.I enjoyed this book very much.

  14. Ann Wilds

    Mary Hamilton s debut novel is an entertaining and inspiring story of a young boy s struggle with abandonment and loss Set at a summer camp, he discovers that he is not as alone as he believed and that truth is not always what it seems Though listed for the middle grade reader, it is a timeless story of God s unwavering love that will resonate with all ages.

  15. Peggy

    Debut author Mary L Hamilton delivers a page turning story for tweens and young teens, set at a Christian camp Interesting characters and a well developed plot, plus a few twists and a nail biter scene on the lake add up to a good read for any age, boy or girl They ll be clamoring for the sequel

  16. Lill Kohler

    Mary Hamilton has done a wonderful job of reaching into the emotional tug of war teens and tweens struggle with in this day and age I felt she did an incredible job of directing the reader as she took the main character, Brady, toward a victorious freedom from those struggles This is definitely a must read for everyone.

  17. Kathy

    Really enjoyed this book Loved the characters they were believable and portrayed real junior high age personalities It made me laugh and cry What happens next Hope there s a sequel.

  18. Jamii

    I received this book for free through GoodReads First Reads I thought this sounded like a great read when I entered the giveaway Not what I ve been reading lately but I ll give any genre a chance Let me start by saying that this book was incredibly well written It had a few different story lines that worked well and interweaved easily I never once asked myself what s the point of this plot piece Why is this in here Even if you weren t exactly sure of the reason for something that was happening, [...]

  19. Pat

    Hear No Evil is the first in author Mary Hamilton s Rustic Knoll Bible Camp series Even though this book is targeted to teens, I as an adult thoroughly enjoyed it The story took me back to my own days at summer camp The memories of the scent of pine and the acrid smell of a campfire s smoke lingered with me throughout the reading of the entire book.Summer camp is supposed to be a fun experience, but young Brady finds himself dealing with unexpected rejection by his mom when she tells him he will [...]

  20. Amanda

    I received this book for free through First Reads Mary Hamilton did a fantastic job with this teen book There are some hard hitting issues divorce, alcoholism, abuse deftly braided into a Christian book that doesn t seem overly preachy The real life issues are presented in a way that evokes sympathy from those that have not experienced it, as well as a twinge of remembrance from those that have My heart went out to Brady from page 1 He knows his mom is acting strange, but he doesn t know why Onc [...]

  21. Shari Howe

    Great Read for Teens and Adults This book is written for teens, but I enjoyed it too It deals with issues that are often part of the daily life of teens bullying, parent problems, peer relations, and misunderstandings The author has done a great job of writing a book that teens can relate to and also learn from The camp counselor is a good role model and the camp director does a good job of helping the main characters learn valuable lessons in self control, accepting responsibility for ones own [...]

  22. Michelle Welsh

    Brady s first time at camp doesn t start off so well since his mother seems to be ditching him for no reason Working through his fear, anger, and hurt,Brady discovers the mystery which sent him to camp While he gets himself into some trouble, he makes a powerful discovery which helps him find the answers and peace that he seeks Anyone who has ever felt unloved and deserted will relate with Brady, who even wonders if God cares about him I remember being in such a dark place, which isn t any fun I [...]

  23. Rondi Olson

    Brady s mother drops him off at summer camp with the devastating announcement that she won t be picking him up, and he won t be living with her and her new husband any Feeling confused and rejected, Brady only wants to be wanted.This book reminded me a lot of the Sunday school readers we used to get each week as kids, one exciting adventure after another, with a goodly amount of old fashioned gospel sprinkled in.I think kids with some church background will really enjoy this book A child unfamil [...]

  24. Ginger Solomon

    Mary Hamilton s Hear No Evil, a YA young adult novel, touches on a young teenager s view of his circumstances It was an interesting story with several applications which could be applicable to all of our lives One that struck me the most and is the hardest to realize at times is that God loves us no matter what, and circumstances are not always as they seem to us when we are in the midst of the storm.I highly recommend this novel to anyone aged 12 and over Although it is written for younger read [...]

  25. Kelsey Bryant

    A really good book for pre teens and teens The message is one that many kids need to hear God loves them and hears them Many other values were woven in, too.The story proceeded as swiftly and enjoyably as a week at summer camp Mary Hamilton wrote in a very convincing perspective of a young teen boy Brady felt as realistic as the boys his age who I know in real life The campground of Rustic Knoll was likewise well described, and the camp experiences are true to what I know Camp is a place that of [...]

  26. J-mag Guthrie

    When I discovered that one of the characters is blind, my interest was piqued I really liked the part about forgiveness and how it works It s one of those things that few people really portray well I m not in the target demographic but I enjoyed the whole of the story and would recommend it to families as well as youngsters I m a firm believer that parents should be able to discuss books with their kids and this is a great book for that.

  27. Lily

    This is a very good story about a boy feeling rejected, trying to fit in, and the relationships he forms at Bible Camp I think the perfect audience would be preteens and young teens, although it held my attention all the way through I am going to recommend it to two of my bookworm granddaughters.

  28. TWJ Magazine

    Brady is ready for a summer at camp, but it doesn t start off as planned when his mom breaks down and tells him that he ll be going to live with his estranged dad after camp She leaves, crying, telling him she doesn t want him around any What sort of summer will this be He ll meet new friends, one blind, and he ll meet a God he hadn t really thought about since his parents divorce A touching story through the eyes of a kid.What instantly grabbed me was the camp It transported me back to the summ [...]

  29. Hannah

    Better than the one about Steven s phone sex In fact, largely flawless though very sad Reminded me of Katherine Paterson who is, to me, THE name in depressing but fantastic kids fiction Brady s life just plain stinks But he is a real kid He is like young boys I ve interacted with at church And the author s sensitivity to how emotional kids are under pressure like this does her credit The ending was sweet but not too happy no instantly reforming dad etc and the sermons integrated throughout the n [...]

  30. Glenn Haggerty

    Brady McCaul s father deserted him at age seven, but through the loss, he and his mom grew close that is until another man came into Mom s life Now six years later everything has changed Mom drops Brady off at a summer Bible camp and tells him not to return home Brady is devastated Caring kids, Steven and Claire, include Brady in their activities, but another kid takes every opportunity to bully the newbie Even as Brady develops an attraction for Claire, and the camp director s nightly messages [...]

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