Quail Crossings (2020)

Quail Crossings Jennifer McMurrain Quail Crossings Tragedy has struck the small town of Knollwood Texas and Dovie Grant finds herself dealing with the loss of her husband and daughter Despite her grief she still must fight to bring her remaining fam
  • Title: Quail Crossings
  • Author: Jennifer McMurrain
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 421
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Quail Crossings Jennifer McMurrain Tragedy has struck the small town of Knollwood, Texas and Dovie Grant finds herself dealing with the loss of her husband and daughter Despite her grief, she still must fight to bring her remaining family through the already trying times of The Great Depression Her father needs help on their struggling farm, Quail Crossings She isn t thrilled that he s hired a young 18 yTragedy has struck the small town of Knollwood, Texas and Dovie Grant finds herself dealing with the loss of her husband and daughter Despite her grief, she still must fight to bring her remaining family through the already trying times of The Great Depression Her father needs help on their struggling farm, Quail Crossings She isn t thrilled that he s hired a young 18 year old boy who s caring for his three younger siblings Surviving her grief, as well as the constant dust storms that plague the plains, will Dovie be able to put her pain aside to care for these children or be forever trapped in the darkness of the loss in her family
Quail Crossings Jennifer McMurrain

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    421 Jennifer McMurrain
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One thought on “Quail Crossings

  1. Joan

    I enjoyed reading this, but somehow I was left feeling a little unsatisfied, as if I had missed something Most of the characters are very well written and believable and the details are great, but I found it a touch too heavy and sickly sweet in places I am not overly fond of God centric stories

  2. Jim

    A very easy and enjoyable read A heartwarming story with some wonderful characters that you may just fall in love with Gave me the feeling I was watching an old style, G rated movie I would consider this a palate cleanser for the mature, adult themed books we normally read Even had a nice undercurrent of religion I m off to read the next book by Ms McMurrainReturn to Quail Crossings.

  3. Nae

    Set in Texas during extreme drough I thoroughly enjoyed this recounting of jus twhat it took to survice during that time and still manage to hang on to a farm Nothing earth shattering in here, just the simple day to day struggle that living through a drought engenders I am looking forward to reading this author s next one.

  4. Sharon

    Jennifer McMurrain s debut novel, Quail Crossings, is a delightful piece of historical fiction Set in a small, rural Texas town during the Great Depression, the story revolves around the family that owns Quail Crossings a farm and the family they take in.The main character, Dovie, has lost her husband and daughter she wants nothing to do with mouths to feed, especially when one of them is a little girl who reminds her far too much of Helen Her father, James, is the one who brings the Brewer fam [...]

  5. Nancy

    This was a free book I enjoyed this historical novel At the end the author implied that she used stories from her grandparents This made me think of the way the top soil was taken from the lands, that were cleared to farm, and left with nothing to hold down the top soil I have a son, living in Arizona, and I had not known, about the terrible dust storms they have in his area I was able to look up pictures on YouTube, that were very frightening This story tells about those kinds of storms happeni [...]

  6. Saralyn

    I don t usually read historical fiction but this story was very entertaining I found myself laughing and smiling several times throughout the book I loved the kids in this story I purchased this book on my kindle and became lost within the pages in no time I would recommend this book to anybody looking for a great story to enjoy Jennifer, you have written a wonderful book and I can t wait to read the next one as well.

  7. Wendy

    I thought this would be an interesting piece about the great depression I found the characters under developed, the dialogue confusing, and the story line just didn t work I did finish it despite all that.

  8. Karen Graham

    I really enjoyed this book centered around a God fearing family living on a farm back in the dust bowl era It s one of those books that tells a story we can all relate to I enjoyed the variety of characters and how they grew as the story unfolded.

  9. Janet

    This was a very easy to read story set in Tx during the Great Depression The story centers around a father daughter who live on a farm, and take in a family of 4 siblings because they need a place to live I appreciated reading about the dust storms of how it affected families, homes, and the farmers livelihood There is a Christian fiction slant to the story, but I did not find it overbearing Reading this book reminded me of the old days when families watched TV programs with feel good endings I [...]

  10. Melody Oakerson

    Great read.I seldom give a five star rating to any book but I just couldn t help it with Quail Crossings I find it hard to believe that this is Ms McMurrain s first novel The research was done well with the horror of the dust bowl days being described well and the agriculture disaster that the plowing of the great plains caused I love the characters and the description of small town life in early twentieth century America and the craziness that was caused by movie stars in young girls lives Don [...]

  11. David Foster

    How I ever ended up with this book I ll never know Probably a deal on It was a complete surprise that I found the story compelling to read, not to mention a great educator on living on the prairie during the 30s It was just a collection of everyday events for folks struggling to get by during the lean years It was my mother s generation It was life on a farm with few amenities.

  12. Ann C Franzen

    Quail Crossings was an enjoyable read Didn t want to put it downQuail Crossings was very enjoyablewould recommend it to all who enjoy a wholesome story What life was like during the dust bowl era.

  13. Prescottl

    An average story that takes place on a farm during the great Depression a widow and her father take in some abandoned children The writing was somewhat stilted, and the climax was underwhelming, but the plot was original.

  14. April Mitchell

    Basically young adult fiction The story is nice, but predictable and with very unrealistic dialogue I bought this as an audible read because it was inexpensive Did appreciate some of the faith based themes in the book In the end it was a struggle to finish.

  15. Nancy

    The travails of Depression Era America is the historical background of this novel Heart warming but I do not know how authentic the plot was How often were there such good folks as Dovie and her father But the characters were believable.

  16. Cheri

    Our reading group was lucky enough to meet Jennifer Mc Murrain and read this book It is about the dustbowl days in the Texas panhandle where she grew up I love her style of writing with lots of conversations She bases her books on stories and people she knows.

  17. EmilyBennett

    Good readThis book gives an interesting prospective of a town in the dust bowl era It is worth reading, for sure.

  18. Betty

    More like 3 Good story of two families brought together by circumstances How they help each other and become one family.

  19. Sandy

    Pretty good for a first novel Pretty good for a first novel I just might try the next one Her writing is very clean and refreshing.

  20. karmen edwards

    HeartwarmingI enjoyed the different bonds between the characters in this book and the time period it took place Very sweet and, at times, emotional.

  21. Kim

    Wow What an amazing read Can t wait to read of this series I can only imagine the hard times people went through during the depression Loved Norman

  22. Deliasue

    What a great book It takes place in a small town in Texas where women outnumber men 5 1 Bill the eldest of 4 siblings finds himself caring for his 2 sisters and 1 brother after their parents up and left them alone and went to California Bill has to be parent and big brother, it s not easy with one sister being a brat everyday He moves them in an old truck to town after town, standing in bread lines to feed them, finally he drives into Quail Crossings and in a small cafe he finds Mr Murphy, who h [...]

  23. Jenny's Book Life

    How I came to read this book It was a free Kindle book It is an historical novel It was the middle of a sleepless night I was able to Whispersync it to read and listen at the same time It s a sweet and slightly Christian based story of a family during the Dustbowl in the 1930s It took about 3.5 hours to read I would recommend it to someone who likes easy, tender hearted stories I liked the characters and the story line and the descriptions I did become fascinated by the Dirty Thirties the Dust B [...]

  24. Steve

    I reluctantly finished this excellent book last evening I say reluctantly because I like the characters so much that I did not want to leave them I inadvertently read Return to Quail Crossings first and really enjoyed getting the backstory behind the characters and events in that book by reading this one Jennifer McMurrain is an exceptional story teller who reminds me a great deal of Gilbert Morris in creating complex characters that I will either love or hate and stories that pull my in by the [...]

  25. Paula

    Dovie and her father James own a farm in Knollwood, Texas during the depression Dovie has lost her daughter and husband in an accident recently and is still grieving Bill, a 17 year old with three siblings to raise approaches James one day and asks for a job James takes in the abandoned family and Dovie doesn t like it one bit This is the story of a man and his daughter and a boy and his siblings trying to make a living in the 1930 s depression McMurrain describes the times as very bleak but the [...]

  26. Linda

    Quail Crossings is a quick read about two families living during the Dust Bowl The setting is rural Texas You have Mr James Murphy and his daughter Dovie Grant living on a farm trying to recover from the death of Dovie s daughter and husband some months previous when the Brewers hit town needing food, shelter, and work Bill is the oldest and will work to support his family , but little sister Evie causes as much trouble for everyone as she possibly can This book really educates you on the hardsh [...]

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