A Hundred Horses (2020)

A Hundred Horses Sarah Lean A Hundred Horses First published by HarperCollins in the U K in under the title A Horse for Angel From the author of A Dog Called Homeless winner of the Schneider Family Book Award comes a gentle tale with a to
  • Title: A Hundred Horses
  • Author: Sarah Lean
  • ISBN: 9780062122292
  • Page: 159
  • Format: Hardcover
A Hundred Horses Sarah Lean First published by HarperCollins in the U.K in 2013 under the title A Horse for Angel.From the author of A Dog Called Homeless, winner of the Schneider Family Book Award, comes a gentle tale with a touch of magic about the power of friendship, the truth of belonging, and the most special of a hundred horses Nell is not happy about spending her school vacation with relatiFirst published by HarperCollins in the U.K in 2013 under the title A Horse for Angel.From the author of A Dog Called Homeless, winner of the Schneider Family Book Award, comes a gentle tale with a touch of magic about the power of friendship, the truth of belonging, and the most special of a hundred horses Nell is not happy about spending her school vacation with relatives she doesn t know But when a half wild and mysterious girl named Angel steals Nell s suitcase, the two girls are tied in an adventure of Angel s devising Nighttime meetings and a horse that might just be magical pique Nell s curiosity and soon she may find a way to put together the mystery of who Angel truly is, understand the legends about the herd of a hundred horses, and also discover something special about herself.
A Hundred Horses Sarah Lean

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One thought on “A Hundred Horses

  1. Shelby

    4.5 StarsI really love reading about horses because I love horses After reading this book it was really cute Probably the cutest one that I have read so far I really love the characters Angel and Nella There personally is probably why I like them the most best to me it is almost like me in a way that loves horses and would anything for them The story line was great I am glad I read this book because it was really cute and really good I would recommend this book to anyone that is loves cute horse [...]

  2. Kristen

    I wasn t really looking forward to this one because I m not a big fan of horse stories, but it was surprisingly enjoyable It focuses on things like family, abandonment, and finding your voice and the horses are just kind of a side bar At first our two main characters Nelly and Angel are kind of unlikable, but as their stories come to light I found myself enjoying the story and anticipating the ending.

  3. Olive

    This book is about a girl named Nell Nell loves to visit her loving nanna where she can play cards and watch TV all day Nells mother has had to work ever since something happened to her dad Every year Nells mother goes on a business trip and Nell gets to visit her fun loving nanna Nells nanna can t watch Nell this year because she has had medical issues When Nells mother tells her she will be going to the country with her aunt and two younger cousins, Gem and Alfie, she does not want to leave he [...]

  4. Erin Mash

    Theme of this book is friendship because Nellie becomes friends with a girl named Angel who isn t really liked by other people The book shows that you should always give people a chance no mateer what their reputation is.

  5. Kate

    Halfway through reading this short children s book, I lost it among the stacks and stacks of books in my apartment for about four weeks and wasn t really in any hurry to find and finish it I think that says a lot about the kind of book it is I enjoyed it, certainly, and I think the target audience will too But in the end, the main character Nell failed to captivate me I finished the book mostly to find out the resolution of her relationship with Angel, and to tie up the music box storyline, whic [...]

  6. Betsy

    This is really a bit of magical realism in the guise of realistic fiction A book about a young girl starting to find herself and her growing friendship with another lonely girl than it is about horses It didn t grab me, and I m trying to figure out why Sometimes the writing felt slow, the pacing off a touch I also got annoyed with the vernacular bad grammar Not a bad book, just not awesome.

  7. Suzanne

    Me and my daughter read this It s a tender story about an unlikely friendship between two young girls, this book demonstrates how love and trust between friends and families can help overcome difficulties in a most unlikely way

  8. KillerFrost

    It is such a detailed book i loved it so much It about a horse and two girls one named Angel and one named Nell.

  9. Rifa.Rahmah123

    When Nell was sent to stay with distant family, she packed a suitcase full of secrets When she got there, she met a girl called Angel Both girls had secrets, everyone had secrets But Angel was dangerous, Rita said Could Nell trust her Things got stolen, even goats and some blankets Days have gone by and both girls got closer and closer The challenge Nell had to take is to find who stole all those things from the neighbours What I like about this book is that this book is about friendship and tru [...]

  10. Bonnie

    Eh Yawn Not sure what else to say I never felt like I knew any of these characters and the story rambled and didn t really make a lot of sense.

  11. Diane

    That s what angels do they bring things back to life Nell and her mom are on their own When Nell s Dad left for Las Vegas, her mother emptied the house of all reminders of him That s why Nell is so surprised to find her father s model carousel in the attic Did he intend to leave it for her What would happen if Nell s mother found out she had it Nell knows she must keep it a secret and when she goes to stay with her Aunt Liv and two cousins, Gemma and Alfie, she hides the suitcase in the trunk of [...]

  12. Gaby

    Eleven year old Nell has a very busy schedule during the school year with all her after school activities There s drama club, math tutor, and swimming club to start When she gets home, it seems like her mother is always working or on the phone or focused on something else Nell was looking forward to spending her two weeks of Spring Break with her Nana just playing cards, talking, watching videos and tv But a medical emergency causes a change of plan and Nell readies herself to spend her weeks wi [...]

  13. Sandy Grissett

    This is a great story Sarah Lean did a wonderful job on writing this book It was about a little girl Nell that had to go and stay with her Aunt Liv for 2 weeks along with 2 cousins whom she did not know She was not looking forward to going and before leaving to go she found a suitcase in the attic that had a carousel inside that her dad had made She wanted to take this with her and put it together while at the farm Once she arrived and removed her luggage out of the car, a horse startled her, th [...]

  14. Jennifer

    The novel A Hundred Horses, written by Sarah Lean, is a realistic fiction book about a girl finding herself through the act of friendship Nell s parents split up recently and she is forced to spend her vacation with her aunt in the countryside The only remains of her father are a leather suitcase filled with pieces to build a merry go round of horses In the countryside Nell uncovers a secret of an old wives tale about the 100th horse With the conflict of a girl named Angel she not only uncovers [...]

  15. Tirzah

    A Hundred Horses or published in the UK as A Horse for Angel is a unique book with unpredictability The story begins with Nell and her mom having a rocky relationship due to the haunted memory of Nell s father abandoning them seven years earlier Nell s mom decides to send Nell to her aunt s and cousins farm While there, Nell meets Rita, the kind neighbor who is forced to sell her farm animals and Angel, the mysterious girl people say is a thief and trouble Nell also meets the beautiful horse Bel [...]

  16. SusanDunn

    11 year old Nell is reluctantly shuttled off to her Aunt s for her two week school vacation She s never met her aunt or cousins before, and doesn t know anything about living on a farm, so she isn t enthusiastic about this change in her usual schedule But as it turns out, the farm is a wonderful place, and her aunt and little cousins soon make her feel at home The only bad thing in a girl Nell s age named Angel, who steals something of Nell s and won t give it back Under mysterious circumstances [...]

  17. Becky

    Nell is being brought up alone by her mother after her father ran off to the United States when she was a small child She feels like her mother sends her to lots of after school activities just as a form of childcare.She is looking forward to spending the Easter holidays with her grandmother but at the last minute the plans change and instead she has to go off into the countryside to stay with an aunt she barely knows and 2 young cousins They live on a small holding and everything is alien to he [...]

  18. Emily

    Serendipity This books is the best example of this word As a book reviewer and school librarian, it has become all too easy for me to look at the cover of books and write them off immediately as juvenile crap Clues that books are not worth my time animals and pastel covers I didn t pick this book to read at my last review group meeting I always get excited to see what my colleagues choose for me when I miss a meeting Well, Missy Naseman Rivera, you did a great job I loved this story about two gi [...]

  19. Leslie

    This book had potential, but I was reading it from my 8 year old daughter s perspective, since she had just read it it was on a library list of recommendations for her age group Nell the narrator speaks like an enigmatic adult, alluding to certain feelings and connections without talking about them directly All I could think of was how many layers my daughter must have missed Also, the theme of abandonment is strong throughout this book, something that is unfamiliar to my child And Nell s mom an [...]

  20. Linnae

    A story of an unlikely friendship, with just a bit of magical realism thrown in Nell is sent to live with her cousins for the summer who she barely knows Once there, she is surprised by the freedom she experiences at the farm and how much she comes to care for the people, particularly Angel a rebellious runaway who loves horses and Rita a grieving widow who might be the only one who cares about Angel That is, until Nell comes along It was okay, I just didn t connect with the characters on than [...]

  21. Eric Jolly

    So, in our family we have two horses and we treasure a good fairy tale I love books and seldom rate a story as 5 stars unless it is a story that I think I will remember for years.This is one of those stories it was outstanding Ideal for an 8 10 year old, this story has a lot of parallelism between the main character, Nell and an orphan girl, Angel Brief synopsis is that Nell s dad is long gone and Nell s mother needs two weeks away for job reasons Reluctantly, Nell visits her aunt on a farm some [...]

  22. Rosalie

    Nell has to spend her spring vacation on a farm with her aunt and 2 young cousins she has never met All she brings with her is 2 suitcases one with clothes and one with the parts to an old music box with 16 small painted horses that had once belonged to her father Nell plans on putting the music box back together during her 2 week stay Then she meets Angel, a strange runaway, who is the same age as Nell Angel steals the suitcase with the music box and Nell is trying to find the mysterious girl w [...]

  23. Ann Marie

    I believe this is the second book by Sarah Lean I have read and once again she has hit her mark is an easy flowing readI would recommend it for a middle school summer reading listI would place it in the girl read list as it is femininea story of getting to know yourselfNell needs to learn how to trust herselfAngel needs to learn to trust othersRita needs to see things past her husbands death and the mother needs to release her grip and confront the fact that her daughter is not her husband and [...]

  24. Melonie

    I helped a friend pick out this book for his ten year old son We didn t know if he would like it because it had a girl and a pony on the cover, but gave it a whirl anyway When he finished reading it, he said, That was the best book I ve ever read With that, I was curious What made THIS book the best book ever for the little guy I had to read it and find out for myself What a sweet, sweet book This is a book about animals, friendship and dreams coming true Complete with magic ponies, a broody hen [...]

  25. Ashleyd

    Grade 3 4th Genre Realistic Fiction w a bit of fantasyNell is a city girl who goes to visit her aunt and cousins in the country during her Easter vacation There she meets a girl named Angel, a old neighbor named Rita, a horse named Bell and the magical 100th horse Nell and Angel soon develop a friendship and realize that they are not as different as could be expected I liked A Dog named Homeless by Sarah Lean than this novel But it is an easy read and good for girls who love horses.

  26. Susan

    Angel has a reputation for lying and stealing, so when a nanny goat and a few other things including ahorse go missing, she s blamed Rita, Liv s recently widowed and grieving neighbor, holds keys to the mystery of Angel s background, information that is disclosed at a deliberate pace that heightens the sense of mystery and enhances the gradual reveal Only Angel and Nell together have the power to put the many problems right, if they can find a way to cooperate Although Nell s voice sometimes fee [...]

  27. Niki

    A Hundred Horses is a simple, enjoyable story by Sarah Lean The main character, Nell, is unexpectedly sent to spent two weeks with her aunt and cousins that she has never met on their farm Nell is prepared to find the time unenjoyable, but is pleasantly surprised when she finds herself with new friends whether they are adults, children, family or animals Lean incorporates some life lessons through the storyline and her interesting characters I would recommend A Hundred Horses to any young reader [...]

  28. Rena Sherwood

    A promising beginning soon spirals out of control The narrator, supposedly 11 years old, talks like a middle aged Psych professor Also, the book s attempts to Americanize this English novel are laughable and distracting There are some crucial plot points that are, quite frankly, bloody ridiculous I admit that I m an adult that likes to read kids books every now and then for relaxation, but even as a kid I would have been disappointed with it.

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