Rules of the Road (2020)

Rules of the Road Joan Bauer Rules of the Road Meet Jenna Boller star employee at Gladstone s Shoe Store in Chicago Standing a gawky at years old Jenna is the kind of girl most likely to stand out in the crowd for all the wrong reasons B
  • Title: Rules of the Road
  • Author: Joan Bauer
  • ISBN: 9780399231407
  • Page: 382
  • Format: Hardcover
Rules of the Road Joan Bauer Meet Jenna Boller, star employee at Gladstone s Shoe Store in Chicago Standing a gawky 5 11 at 16 years old, Jenna is the kind of girl most likely to stand out in the crowd for all the wrong reasons But that doesn t stop Madeline Gladstone, the president of Gladstone s Shoes 176 outlets in 37 states, from hiring Jenna to drive her cross country in a last ditch effortMeet Jenna Boller, star employee at Gladstone s Shoe Store in Chicago Standing a gawky 5 11 at 16 years old, Jenna is the kind of girl most likely to stand out in the crowd for all the wrong reasons But that doesn t stop Madeline Gladstone, the president of Gladstone s Shoes 176 outlets in 37 states, from hiring Jenna to drive her cross country in a last ditch effort to stop Elden Gladstone from taking over his mother s company and turning a quality business into a shop and schlock empire Now Jenna Boller shoe salesperson is about to become a shoe store spy as she joins her crusty old employer for an eye opening adventure that will teach them both the rules of the road and the rules of life Joan Bauer lives in Darien, CT.
Rules of the Road Joan Bauer

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One thought on “Rules of the Road

  1. Lisa

    Jenna Boller, a 16 year old high school student, has a part time job at Gladstone s Shoes When her father comes to the store drunk to make one of his sporadic visits to her, she is afraid that she will be fired On the contrary, it is the beginning of a journey of self discovery that she will make with her boss.This YA novel is told with compassion and good humor and is a great primer for teens struggling with issues of co dependency and low self esteem Even as an adult, I found the book enjoyabl [...]

  2. Noriko

    This is my second Joan Bauer I haven t read a lot of her books, but I got an impression she is an author who can write feel good, impressive coming of age stories.The protagonist, Jenna Boller is the best employee at Gladstone s Shoe Store Merely a teenager, but she has an excellent insight into shoes and a flair for finding out what her customers need and can make them happy by finding a perfect match for them.But just as other teenagers probably do, she has a lot of issues and is insecure The [...]

  3. Sarah

    This is the kind of book about women that the world needs, which is to say it is in no way chick lit The protagonist is an ugly duckling teenager who loves to sell shoes and chaffeurs her 70 something boss around the midwestern and southern US The majority of the book is spent with this teenage girl, who is anything but frivolous, and a hard as nails septuagenarian There are a couple kind hearted shoes salesmen and a drunken father, but these are just bit parts At this book s heart is a story ab [...]

  4. Cheryl

    Jenna learns that she s than her height, and learns how to cope with her alcoholic father, and Mrs Gladstone learns some things too Unfortunately, the details of the shoe business and the road trip read as if the author researched them at a distance they don t feel authentic And they re as key to the story as the characters, so that s a problem Still, Bauer s always worth reading if you re into realistic MG and young YA At least here there s no romance, much less triangle or choice Definitely p [...]

  5. Divya

    I thought that this is one of Bauer s best books yet I love how she transforms what people consider a lowly job into something of interest.Jenna is normal, and one thing I love is that the author doesn t emphasize on what she looks like She works at Gladstone s, a shoe store, where she is passionate about selling shoes As the book went on I began to wish that I sold shoes too Jenna has a sister, Faith, a witty mom, and an alcoholic dad Her mom, Jenna, and Faith left her dad years ago, yet he com [...]

  6. Rebecca

    I ve been noting which books I ve read before, and trying to note what I thought of them at the time because I think my thoughts on them from when I actually was a teen are valuable I don t remember when I read this one, but I remember enjoying it, liking the writing, and going on to read by Bauer And I picked up a used copy when I ran into one So that s a fair level of commitment I didn t remember anything at all about it, but as soon as I began it I recognized it.When Jenna s boss demanded th [...]

  7. Amy • A Magical World of Words

    I first read this about two years ago It was just as good as I remember The characters are interesting, witty and relatable The dialogue is witty, believable, and hilarious And I mean hilarious There are some definite laugh out loud moments, and with such strong characters with diverse personalities it was thoroughly enjoyable to read D Also, there was plenty of wisdom and strong life lessons in the book I kinda felt that I grew along with Jenna in her journey And I could easily relate to Jenna [...]

  8. Madelyn Novosad

    This book taugh me about shoes, life, driving, and a little bit about being a stalkholder It is about a girl named Jenna She is a great shoe salesman, but she has no idea how to deal with her dad who is an alchoholic When the president of Gladstone Shoe Stores, Mrs Gladstone, invites her to be her chauffeur for the summer she agrees, mostly because her dad is in town and he is stalking Jenna and her sister, Faith Jenna and Mrs Gladstone visit all the Gladstone Stores in between Chicago and Texas [...]

  9. Christina

    This is a charming coming of age story Jenna loves working at Gladstone Shoes An unexpected visit from the elderly owner of the company lands her a chaeffuer job While driving her elderly boss across the country, she finds the courage to stop running away from her own problems and maybe help solve some of Mrs Gladstone s too.This was incredibly sweet, perhaps too sweet There are moments where you must suspend your belief, but it ultimately proved to be a worthwhile read I will admit that it took [...]

  10. Linda Lipko

    Dealing with the very tough topic of alcoholism and the way in which it impacts those in contact with the alcoholic, Bauer appears to know this topic well.As the oldest child of an alcoholic father, Jenna has learned the games involved, the lies, the deceit and the shame She has learned all too well how to feel responsible and guilty When her near do well father breezes into town drunk once again, she decides to take advantage of a unique opportunity.Working as a shoe sales person in Gladstone S [...]

  11. Cherylann

    I feel like I ve been reading books about quests lately My last two books were fantasies in which the heroes and heroines headed off on a quest to save either the world or their clan and restore balance to the world In Rules of the Road, the protagonist is not a demi god or a vessel She s just a 16 year old girl A 16 year old who works part time selling shoes and hopes to earn enough money over the summer to buy a car Jenna never expected Mrs Gladstone, the aging owner of a chain of shoe stores, [...]

  12. Raelene

    Fantastic I can t give this one enough stars I m particularly impressed with the characterization and voice of Bauer s 16 year old protagonist There is no condescension, no dumbing down It is obvious that she has great respect for teenagers and their strength of character, their capacity to think and to reason and to contribute, when given the opportunity, in even the most serious situations, and their potential to effect positive outcomes as a result of their own free will I d love to teach thi [...]

  13. Margaret H.

    This was a comfort re read and it worked just great I love all of Joan Bauer s books, but this one might just be her best although Hope Was Here is pretty outstanding too I think it s really the delicacy and intelligence with which Bauer handles Jenna s alcoholic dad that separates this book from standard teen fare, especially when combined with the funny, innovative and fully realized main plot While the happy ending for the main plot is reached somewhat improbably, it obeys the internal logic [...]

  14. Diana

    Who knew I could love a book that talked about shoes from the beginning to the end And not the glamorous side of shoes either lol But I enjoyed this book Jenna has a lot to learn about life and about how her father s issues cannot rest on her shoulder s any longer if she is going to have a productive life I enjoyed her journey almost as much as she did and I felt a genuine connection with her character.

  15. Anneliese F.

    This book was phenomenal The ending had such an amazing surprise and then rushed into little sequences to follow the ending This book was written to entertain readers And as a matter of fact, IT DID This novel is a feel good, strong, and powerful book for sure Joan Bauer is an amazing author and I would personally like to thank her for creating such an inspiring and award winning at least to me novel, Rules of the Road.

  16. ashley nicole

    This is such a heartwarming book that teaches some very important lessons Themes like never giving up and speaking the truth really stuck out to me Jenna deals with guilt from things that aren t really her fault and she has to deal with that In many ways I could relate to Jenna in feeling guilty But I love how she finds freedom I would definitely recommend this book to any age.

  17. Chasity Grayson

    SPOILER ALERT Rules of The RoadChasity Grayson The book Rules of the Road created by Joan Bauer is a realist fiction book Joan Bauer is the Newbery Honor author for her book Hope was here Rules of the road was the winner of the Los Angeles Times Book prize.This amazing woman has also won the Golden Kite award for Fiction.Rules of the Road,a story about 16 year old, 5 11 Jenna Boller who worked at Gladstone s Shoe Store.To be a 16 year old, she took her job VERY seriously She was the type of work [...]

  18. Melissa Carroll

    Jenna Boller loves working at Gladstone s Shoes She can t wait to spend her summer selling shoes and spending time with her best friend Opal, until her alcoholic father comes back to town Coincidently, Jenna is offered to drive Mrs Gladstone, owner of all the Gladstone s Shoes stores in the U.S to Texas Jenna wants to take up Mrs Gladstone s offer, but can she escape her problems by leaving town Things I liked This was therapeutic in the sense that you can run away with Jenna from her problems e [...]

  19. Melanie Dulaney

    Librarians and believers in bibliotherapy listen up this is a book for that young lady who doubts that she has anything to offer to anyone, a teen who has a substance abusing parent, a young person that thinks money is the answer to everything and for anyone that could use a fabulous book that will grab their heart and give them a chance for a good cry Jenna s story is all that and as she struggles to deal with an almost always absent or drunk father, a single parent home, and now a cranky old [...]

  20. Angie

    Jenna is asked by Mrs Gladstone, the owner of the shoe store chain she works for, to drive her to Texas for a shareholders meeting They stop at different Gladstone s Shoes stores along the way and Jenna offers to Mrs Gladstone than just being her driver she scouts how the stores are doing, she helps when Mrs Gladstone needs medical assistance, and she give Mrs Gladstone the inner strength she needs to fight the impending takeover of the business This trip is than Jenna helping Mrs Gladstone, t [...]

  21. Shinae Wyckoff

    This was my second time around reading this book First time was as a teenager second time as a thirty year old Joan Bauer uses just the right mix of heart and grit to make great realistic fiction coming of age stories The protagonist is flawed, but overcomes hard circumstances to shine light in the world and hope in the darkness Bauer doesn t compromise reality and lower the hurdles to accomplish this she makes her characters deal with it and stretch themselves to overcome the obstacles This ain [...]

  22. Joann

    This author does a very good job of combining a number of tough life issues into a readable story without preachiness I especially like her dual uplifting of elderly people and teenagers instead of the ever popular pitting of one group against another In the current world of grubby and gritty stories of reality, as many modern authors defend their coarse, crass books for teens, this one is refreshing and has some valuable lessons in it As a parent, I would gladly have my son read this and plan t [...]

  23. Luke

    Rules of The Road is awesome I love Joan Bauer s way of flowing the story carefully with the characters so that in some parts the characters seem to develop ahead of the story, and sometimes, they get hit hard by the story However, I think it s just this particular story that doesn t have as much of a problem that is to say, as much of a dramatic problem that s hidden and almost corrupted as Hope Was Here, one of my favorite books it s by Joan Bauer Overall, maybe a 8.75 10 A great book, just th [...]

  24. Melliott

    I enjoyed this book I particularly liked it for its portrayal of strong women Mrs Gladstone is determined to prevail against those who wish to undermine her company Jenna s mother has coped with her absent ex s alcoholism and works hard as an ER nurse to support her two girls and Jenna herself, though in some ways self doubting, steps up to do the right thing in almost every circumstance in which she is placed Yes, the story may be a little idealistic in these respects, but it s nice to read som [...]

  25. Rebekah Isert

    I loved this book It s an easy book to read about hard stuff I think one of the things that I ve loved the most about it, time after time that I ve read it is how much it not only highlights that just because you shouldn t run away from your problems doesn t mean you have to let them into your life However, it also drives home that some problems are not your fault, and you don t have to take responsibility for everything, which is personally a big deal for me I really love this book.

  26. Aimee

    I picked up Rules of the Road because it was assigned reading for my children at their middle school It was just curiousity but I m glad that I took the time Rules of the Road is an engaging coming of age story with a lot of humor and heart I really enjoyed going along for the ride with Jenna and Mrs Gladstone.

  27. Bethany

    There are things I don t like about this book But I like the hope that it embodies There are many teens who gave overwhelming challenges that aren t in their control and become amazing people They usually have the help of one person to see that potential I recommend this book for anyone who needs that hope or has something in them to share with others to give them hope.

  28. Melissa

    This has really made me think about how we interact with people we don t know The simple exchange of the shopkeeper saying these shoes have been good friends to a particularly worn out pair of sneakers has really stuck with me.

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