Counter Measures (2020)

Counter Measures Andrew Hixson Counter Measures Severed limbs in a concrete block leads the local constabulary to suspect that there is a maniac on the loose in the Suffolk coastal town of Oxmarket But John Handful believes that this is not the w
  • Title: Counter Measures
  • Author: Andrew Hixson
  • ISBN: 9781481854931
  • Page: 232
  • Format: Paperback
Counter Measures Andrew Hixson Severed limbs in a concrete block, leads the local constabulary to suspect that there is a maniac on the loose in the Suffolk coastal town of Oxmarket But, John Handful believes that this is not the work of a mad man but a cold caluated killer with a thirst for revenge
Counter Measures Andrew Hixson

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    Andrew Hixson

One thought on “Counter Measures

  1. Victoria

    Fantastic short story with likable characters With only 47 pages it was over far too quickly I would like to read of the John Handful stories and therefore have added Andrew Hixson s first book s to my to read list.I would have preferred a novel with detail to draw me in and may be than one suspect to keep me guessing, but I enjoyed the storyline very much and could imagine it being made into a drama series I won this book and its a great example of why I love good reads I may not have chosen [...]

  2. Lindsay Kendal

    I won this book from a giveaway I desperately wanted to like it I really tried If this book had been any longer than its 49 pages, it would have ended up in my very small DNF pile Thankfully, it took me less than an hour to read it Okay, where to start Good PointsThe book is short.Very few typos and only two very long run on sentences One which contained the word and about six times.Set in the UK Bad PointsIt seemed rushed.I knew who the killer was almost instantly.No surprises anywhere.Flat cha [...]

  3. Tiago

    I won Counter Measures in giveaways It s a short murder mystery involving the discovery of a concrete block containing the severed limbs of three diferent persons It also includes a bird house, a headbutt, and at least one female orgasm All in less than 50 pages.I didn t know Andrew Hixson or John Handful the protagonist beforehand, although I believe this to already be the eighth story in which he stars in I must admit I didn t particularly like Handful, but I guess in the end he gets the job d [...]

  4. Johann Coetzer

    So I have won this book off GoodReads here It has taken me a few pages to get into the book and get reading I have not read any of the previous short stories, but I have really enjoyed this one and would not hesitate to get the others to read.Now it is a great detective story of vengeance, though it is quite easy for the reader to figure out whom the killer is, it does keep you captivated The main character John Handfull the protagonist is quite a peace of work and gets to the point, at the end [...]

  5. Barbara

    Counter Measures is a good story I enjoyed reading this book, although it is too short for my taste I didn t hear about Andrew Hixson before, so I m glad I won this book on giveaway Counter Measures is a book for those who like short mystery stories, but don t expect to speculate about who is the killer.

  6. Adam Smith

    Super short story with good characters Despite the story being really rather good, it was over too quick I myself, prefer full length novels but Hixson has done a good job keeping the story tight and interesting I would like to see perhaps a full length novel from Hixson with suspects and a indepth story.I received the book for free through First Reads.

  7. Laura Theaker

    I won a copy of this through first reads giveawaysAlthough only a short story it doesn t lack the intrigue needed to keep you wanting , the characters are well written and the murder mystery is awesome to say the least It definitely got my interest and now I want to read them all Highly recommended, thank you

  8. Helen

    I enjoyed the storyline An interesting read, but the style of writing was not for me It was written like a play, however, the characters are well thought out and developed well throughout the book I d give the book 4 stars, if it was written like a story and with description Nevertheless I still enjoyed the book

  9. Sara Reis

    I got this book in Goodread s giveaways I wasn t expecting to really like it when I saw it was only a 47 pages book But it got me hooked on the first page and I didn t put it down till I finished it.The only downfall is that this book wasn t enough to get to know John Handful But I guess that is because this is the 8th book in a series.

  10. Pam Butterfield

    i thought this book was very good and really enjoyed reading it it would to read some by Andrew Hixson the story was very good and kept me reading until i had finished it won this book from

  11. Karen

    Great set of short detective stories, ideal for a long lunch to read in one go Highly recommended.Big thanks to First Reads where I won a review copy of this book.

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