Beautiful Illusions (2020)

Beautiful Illusions Annie Jocoby Beautiful Illusions Attorney Iris Snowe drinks too much eats too much and spends too much Her love life has been as spectacularly unsuccessful as her law practice so she spends her evenings in her tiny apartment watch
  • Title: Beautiful Illusions
  • Author: Annie Jocoby
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 336
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Beautiful Illusions Annie Jocoby Attorney Iris Snowe drinks too much, eats too much, and spends too much Her love life has been as spectacularly unsuccessful as her law practice, so she spends her evenings in her tiny apartment watching bad TV and talking to her cat.A one night stand with a gorgeous stranger changes the trajectory of her life Ryan Gallagher not only looks like a Ralph Lauren model, butAttorney Iris Snowe drinks too much, eats too much, and spends too much Her love life has been as spectacularly unsuccessful as her law practice, so she spends her evenings in her tiny apartment watching bad TV and talking to her cat.A one night stand with a gorgeous stranger changes the trajectory of her life Ryan Gallagher not only looks like a Ralph Lauren model, but is extraordinarily wealthy In other words, stratospheres out of Iris league What happens next is that Iris embarks upon the Cinderella affair of her life, with a man who truly loves her But the fairy tale is fractured, as the affair is marred by obsession, jealousy, and dark secrets that Ryan has desperately sought to conceal and repress.And what of those secrets just might be deadly
Beautiful Illusions Annie Jocoby

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    Annie Jocoby

One thought on “Beautiful Illusions

  1. SueBee★bring me an alpha!★

    FREE on US today 3 26 2015 BLURB Attorney Iris Snowe drinks too much, eats too much, and spends too much Her sex life has been as spectacularly unsuccessful as her law practice, so she spends her evenings in her tiny apartment watching bad TV, talking to her cat, and rescuing pit bulls And her name might be Iris, but it should be Jade As in jaded, which is how she feels about romance and men in general So, when a gorgeous and sexy stranger appears in her law office on Monday morning, after a one [...]

  2. Jennifer

    Not only did I hate this book, but I hated the characters as well All I keep thinking about is what a HORRIBLE attorney she is and feel sorry for all her clients I mean come on how the hell did she become an attorney in the first place with how disorganized and ditzy she is Really This was such a total waste of time reading, I only read the whole thing because my brain couldn t believe what was going on and how stupid these people were I had to finish it to see if anyone came to their sensesat w [...]

  3. Michelle

    I did not finish this book The premises was great Had me completely interested Then the drama just kept getting deeper When Ryan went ape shit because iris needed to think about the fact he admitted he was bisexual and in love with a guy I was like seriously He threw all her belongings out the window What is he five He is suppose to be a billionaire but acted worse than a drunk at closing time at a dive bar Iris is an idiot She was able to rationalize and excuse every bad thing said or done He i [...]

  4. Sandra

    I feel like the author had good intentions with this book and her story line First of all I also did not realize this was a trilogy going in so needless to say the ending was a little disappointing But lets not jump ahead and forget about all of the WTF moments through out this story I wont spoil anything for anyone but let s just say the author threw in every shocking emotional situation you could think of into the mix Here is the problemter the 23rd shocking revelation you kinda just start rol [...]

  5. Shannon Gorilla McGee Winston

    When I began reading Beautiful Illusions, I wasn t aware that it was a trilogy But by the time I realized it, I was hooked Reading Cliffies is normally against my religion or maybe I should say that I m a conscientious objector Anyway, I did read it and I m giving it a 4 star rating because a day after reading it I am still thinking about it and wondering what I would do if I were the heroine, Iris No matter what is wrong with the book, I have to give it an extra star bump for making my mind spi [...]

  6. Shaly

    I m a stickler for reviews, I rely on them for basically everything Man, I need to stop doing that, especially when it comes to free books Here I am reading all the great reviews for this book and all of you who have praised this book could not be WRONG This book quite frankly, sucked I couldn t identify at all with any of the characters and I m sorry but Iris should not be practicing any kind of law Doesn t matter how stressed you are, be professional and get the job done, worry about your per [...]

  7. Amy

    This book jumped the shark so many times, I wasn t sure if I was reading a Jerry Springer transcript or a book I felt terrible for poor Ryan, his problems just kept escalating to the point of seriously now you are full of crap There is no way he could be this kind and pure and still that f ed up Iris is a defense lawyer, who is surprise insecure about her looks and why Ryan wants to be with her Maybe, just maybe it s because you are a NORMAL person But even that I m not sure of She never voiced [...]

  8. Sara

    Just not for me I actually couldn t finish this book The male lead in this book seemed a little crazy from the get go After the first date he admits to seriously falling in love with the leading lady The female lead, Iris, has an amazing lack of a personality She is just kind of, well there She seems to have some things going on in her head, but just lets things go and is incredible lacking as a female lead Like I stated, I didn t finish this book It got a little weird to me.I don t really see h [...]

  9. Michelle

    Really I m so glad I didn t pay for this book Nothing about it was believable and the whole plot was horrible I felt like I was reading a book written by a young kid who was trying to write an adult book.

  10. Angela

    Where do I even begin I disliked Iris almost from the very beginning She had no backbone at all Ryan was even worse It was hard for me to picture him as a super hot millionaire when he was constantly whining and stuttering I know he had some serious issues, but he was really annoying The thing that really bothered me was how he was able to convince Iris to be ok with him having a sexual relationship with another man while claiming to be completely devoted to her The bisexuality didn t bother me [...]

  11. Joan

    Freebie DNF because I dislike books in which the hero is absolutely and utterly perfect looks money house sex appeal career There were several WTF moments in the first part of the story, including her getting a Brazilian, the constant product placements and name dropping Kardashians, Warhol etc and most of all the bike ride She falls off several times painfully onto rocks and carries on And then they bike ten miles back through the streets to where they have left the car Excuse me I seriously wo [...]

  12. Lily at Bookluvrs Haven

    DNF at 32%Ugh God awful Female main was weak, whinny, and frankly pretty dumb I could not stand her Male main is a shallow constructed stereotype that frankly is far from attractive Physically beautiful handsome, overly needy clingy, too good to be true rich, too secretive but with a gigantic shlong that goes all night and will make you forget all those things that make those bells ring at the back of your mind Suuuuuree I m totally buying this storyline NOT Moving on

  13. Riana Elizabeth

    I have no idea how this book has anything over a 1 star rating Storyline is filled with cliches, disjointed plotlines, and vapid characters Several times it feels as if the author recognizes how bad the story is, so just throws in another twist to try to lend some dramawhich just adds to the chaos and makes the book worse Even as a free copy, this book was agony to read and review Save yourself.

  14. Patricia

    This was a total waste of my time It s weird and so unbelievable it made me shake my head repeatedly It is nothing like the description says Don t waste your time with this one.

  15. Melissia

    Ryan for sure is one of my newest book boyfriends I read this book in one sitting it was so good I can t wait to read the next one

  16. stephabo

    I m sorry I could only give this book 3 stars And that was generous Why 1 Ryan was a HOT MESS and then some I ve never read a book about a man with so many issues He sounded completely, totally nuts to me.2 Iris was an insecure dumb ass I thought lawyers were smarter than this Seriously I don t care what he looked like or how rich he was Who the HELL dates a man who is bisexual and has a current boyfriend, is a former cocaine addict who relapses, was a prostitute when he was a teenager, pimped o [...]

  17. kimberley davitt

    This is not a contemporary romance Bizarre bookSo many poor things I could write 1 characters are strange desperate people with mental health issues.2 bizarre relationship behaviours He s hits her on the head with his fist and asks is anyone there WTH3 Too much drama, noone with his mental health issues could be a CEO of a bank 4 it s not just one book it s a trilogy Why why why do this and at least not out this in the information5 This book basically makes little sense and I m so annoyed I ve s [...]

  18. Carrie Tomon

    Where do I start This book had me so frustrated, I considered just walking away several times, but I can not find it in myself to quit a book This book is just full of WTF moments for me First, Iris has such a low self esteem and I can understand this to a point given the man who is labeled a Ralph Lauren MBA god who is persuing her But really She is time and time again told by Ryan, oh, by the way, there is this and this and this screw up going on in my life and she seems to just shrug her shou [...]

  19. Tonya

    There is a lot going on in this book Ryan was a one night stand that Iris had She didn t even know his name when he came into her law office and asked her out on a date Things took off from there, with him falling in love with her, her not believing she was good enough for him He is rich, hot, sexy, caring So what would he see in a normal, broke girl We find out about Ryan s childhood, filled with sex parties thrown by his dad, a woman taking him away from it when he was 14 and using him for her [...]

  20. Bridget Burke

    I was going to give 3 stars but I had to buy the two other books in the series so that makes this a 4 review I m hooked The characters were real but so dysfunctional I really couldn t put the book down I m not sure what pulled me in exactly but it s there Perhaps it s the undying devotion of the main character that so gorgeous or the girlfriend that s not a super model and feels inferior to his past Whatever the hook, I m drawn in to part 2 and 3, at least financially so

  21. Lynn

    Iris is an attorney who hates her job and not having anyone in her life So while in a bar , she is drawn to a man sitting at the bar Next thing she remembers is waking up in his bed not remembering how she got there So so quietly leaves thinking that s the end of it But he shows up at her office because she had given him her business card So they start to get to know each other but Ryan has some deep, deep secrets Will he share them and can they survive after she knows

  22. Kandice

    If you like your stories to read like a bad soap opera, you might enjoy this book For me, it was not enjoyable At All Full of unrealistic drama after drama after dramay held together by a million dollar trust fund So many bad stereotypes Sex scenes read like they were written by a juvenile Not worth the price and it was free One of the very few books I wish I could unread.

  23. katherine

    Codependent and Mental, Big Time Holy mackeral This guy is a mess from circumstances and sick parents Of course, his girlfriend also is grossly codependent to stay with this guy Jeesh, the multi diagnoses exhausted me I should have thought post both meeting with his counselor ALL would have been told but Its was too mental for me to finish See I can t even remember names it had me spinning

  24. Rachel

    Couldn t finish reading this book as it was too far out there for meIt s not Christian Grey or Gideon Crosse alpha male seemed to go from zero to one hundred with his feelings after one sex session and no relationship build up.

  25. Cherye Elliott

    Beautiful IllusionsWhat a strange read.I loved it Not your typical anything So much drama, twists and turns A very unique story.

  26. Saicel

    This story continues in a 5 book series Some editing errors but, does not distract from story Ends with a cliff hanger.

  27. Angela

    There s so much to say about this book It felt as if the author had so much to put it felt as if the author every kind of problem that one man could have put it into one book which just made a mess, basically Each of the issues could have been in several different books and different stories I m not saying people only have one issue at a time in their lives or that the things didn t ever happen to anyone at one time but wow It must much This book took every bad thing that could happen to several [...]

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