The Tesla Secret (2020)

The Tesla Secret Alex Lukeman The Tesla Secret Plans for a devastating weapon invented by Nikola Tesla fall into the hands of a centuries old conspiracy bent on world domination Powerful men will stop at nothing to use the weapon to achieve their
  • Title: The Tesla Secret
  • Author: Alex Lukeman
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 304
  • Format: Kindle Edition
The Tesla Secret Alex Lukeman Plans for a devastating weapon invented by Nikola Tesla fall into the hands of a centuries old conspiracy bent on world domination Powerful men will stop at nothing to use the weapon to achieve their goal, even at the risk of nuclear war Nick Carter works for the Project, the shadow hand of the US President Selena Connor is his teammate and lover Their relationship wilPlans for a devastating weapon invented by Nikola Tesla fall into the hands of a centuries old conspiracy bent on world domination Powerful men will stop at nothing to use the weapon to achieve their goal, even at the risk of nuclear war Nick Carter works for the Project, the shadow hand of the US President Selena Connor is his teammate and lover Their relationship will be tested to the breaking point as they are forced to question their commitment to the other and to the violent life they have chosen From the streets of Prague to the jungles of Mexico, from the hills of Tuscany to the plains of Eastern Russia, the story moves with relentless pace toward a final, explosive confrontation.
The Tesla Secret Alex Lukeman

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    Alex Lukeman

One thought on “The Tesla Secret

  1. Thom Swennes

    An assignation attempt of President James Rice but was unsuccessful because the president tripped over a cord on his way to the podium Multiple attempts at eliminating members of The Project, Nick Carter, Selena Connor, Ronny Peete, Lamont Cameron and Director Elizabeth Harker, were attempted Both of these acts are connected but how To discover this, members of The Project travel from the United States to the Czech Republic, Portugal, Mexico, Italy, and Russia in search for the proof of a conspi [...]

  2. Joe Geesin

    More intrique and government underhandedness Personal issues come to the fore in this book which make things real, and a thoroughly good read The two very minor issues that I thought detracted were the character Adam secrecy around government and agencies, reminiscent of the X Files Smoking Man and a couple of paragraphs mid book that convey a passing of time cue montage music if a TV show , and this takes the edge off of the action.But an essential part of the overall story that ends on a sup [...]

  3. Anthony

    April 17, 2015A Review by Anthony Tony T Riggio of The Tesla Secret by Alex LukemanI read this book a couple of years ago having downloaded it for free from Bookbubs and read it and then forgot about it A couple of days ago, I brought to the screen on my Kindle and started reading it again having forgotten my first reading by the time I realized that this was a re read, I searched to see if I listed the book Since I hadn t, I continued reading it.It is a faced paced read with lots of action and [...]

  4. Gopal

    Picked this book up for free from Kindle courtesy of bookbub The premise looked interesting and book looked short enough in terms of number of pages to read through in a single day.The title in GoodReads did say it was 5 in a series written by Lukeman about a agency called THE PROJECT But still I figured what the heck I will read through this and if the book feels good then I will pick up the remaining book in the series as they become available through on a lowered price range The book was inte [...]

  5. Andrew

    This was another very enjoyable read within the Project series These books move along at pace, with plenty of action This one revolved around a group s attempt to assassinate the American President and develop a weapon, based on the work of Nicola Tesla, which would allow them to take on all comers across the World The relationship between Nick and Selena also has a prominent place in the book, with events that take place in the book threatening the future of this relationship.This series is wel [...]

  6. John R. Dailey Jr.

    A TOUGH PROJECT IS WAS TO BE.Hello, another really FINE story to add to the bunch These people must have extremely good health insurance because they sure spend a lot of time bunged up Good stuff Thanks.

  7. Frau Ott

    I wish I had read these books in order of the series rather than book 10 and then book 5 Now i understand the project better but I already knew some of the relationships that were in their infancy in this book, but much stronger in book 10 Still a good crime government secret agency read.

  8. Carolyn S. Brunsdon

    Love this author ExcellentAgain I never ever get tired of reading Lukeman s work, always a great story with fab happenings busy now on to the next one.

  9. Susanne Mulholland

    Thoroughly enjoyed I raced through this and amglad there are Finding a book that keeps me captivated whilst flying os often a challenge but not with this series

  10. Doug Hoffman

    The Tesla Secret is a strange book It started off with some exciting action, the attempted assassination of the protagonists Good, I thought, this will be a rollicking action thriller Then things started getting strange The bad guy, named Foxworth, was described as a media mogul living in the UK This character has a than superficial similarity of a certain real life media mogul hint FOXworth OK, some blatant anti conservative blather, I can ignore that Then, in a couple of places, the author gi [...]

  11. Loves To Dive

    There is an elite group of troubleshooters that work under the radar for Uncle Sam, they are not known by most, have the ear of the President himself and go by the name of The Project Lead by Elizabeth Harker, a small woman with raven black hair, wide green eyes she is easily overlooked, but only once Her crack team is made up of team leader Nick Carter ex Marine, slightly well used in his looks and tough as nails Selena Connor the newest member of the team she is an expert in ancient languages, [...]

  12. Grammy 1

    I cannot recommend The Project Series enough to any adult who enjoys reading I have been hooked on Mr Lukeman s series for a few years now, and I await each chapter in his EPIC STORY.The Project is a small band of heroic men and woman who believe in their country and would put their money where there mouths are and die for it Elizabeth Harker is the head of our Team which has grown a bit with each story.Elizabeth has the ear of the President of the United States, but he would disavow any knowle [...]

  13. Kai

    The Tesla Secret is the fifth book in The Project series The Tesla Secret leads the readers of a AEON organization racing to build the ultimate weapon that Tesla, an eccentric scientist would have built if J.P Morgan and other investors did not pull funding to provide free energy Being a business men, offering free energy does not allow them to make a profit The Tesla Secret starts off with an attempted hit on Nick Carter and Selena Connor Both are member of the secret government organization kn [...]

  14. Stanley McShane

    It s a Lukeman.of course I expect to love it The Tesla Secret is the 5th in The Project series Our favorites, Nick Carter and Selena Connor continue to take abuse, though this time I began to wonder if Selena was going to survive, or survive intact Elizabeth Harker is the Project Director, a strong effective leader with the President s ear, though I wondered this time if she was going to bend it at all she s a pretty independent lady and doesn t seem to need his approval The Project members are [...]

  15. Debbie J

    The Tesla Secret is my third venture into the Project series and I still appreciate how the novels waste little effort on creating character profiles At this point I imagine author Alex Lukeman assumes the reader is familiar enough with the recurring characters.Further, I continue to like the globetrotting aspect even though the traveling the special ops group does often seems excessive They must have a huge budget relative to their size, mostly for jet fuel.A couple of things bugged me, however [...]

  16. Dorothy Gagnon

    Outstanding And Intriguing MysteryExplosive characters, romance and intrigue gives you an exciting ride throughout the novel The Project Team, Nick and Selena who are romantically involved, along with Lamont, Ronnie, and Steph depend on each of them to be outstanding in their respective jobs The Project leader, Elizabeth along with the President, hand picked these highly trained and exceptional team to protect the country, as they successfully and carefully plan and prepare thoroughly all their [...]

  17. Linda

    An unrecognized organization located in the USA takes out the projects that would serve only ill to the governments and people on planet Earth Terrorism must be eradicated In this book of a series, several bad actors are taken out The book was quick to read, and it was not dulled by overly described weapons In fact, the author did not describe much at all except by synopsis I liked his style of writing There is no language or sex alert hanging on this novel like grapes on a vine How can a novel [...]

  18. Jeff Dawson

    The action never stops Prepare for a whirlwind trip across the globe, as Nick follows clues and bodies over three continentsThis is another fast paced, on the edge of your seat thriller by Mr Lukeman Once again, Nick Carter and is troupe of highly trained group are propelled into the world of espionage, intrigue and murder The stakes are high as a rogue group of Russians are developing a machine at an abandoned military complex deep in Siberia, that Tesla could could only fathom in his intricate [...]

  19. Paula Howard

    The Tesla Secret may be the most dangerous adventure for The Project There are two blatant attempts to assassinate the entire team Their enemy, the ancient group that wants to dominate and control the world, is led by a man named Foxworth He has made the success of the Project as a personal affront He will go to any extreme to defeat them We see that his group is having some concerns over leadership.The premise is that an ancient plan by Nikola Tesla has been found and can be used to annihilate [...]

  20. Scot

    Fifth installment in this action adventure Special Ops Task Force genre series, and Mr Lukeman has made me a fan This time around the ancient relic tie in is a lost piece of mysterious technology once used in Mayan pyramids The sinister New World Order villain it is so fun to hate in this plot is a send up of Rupert Murdoch As is the case in each installment, the reader should be prepared for some life changing crises for one or two of the main characters Expect some travel, not only to Central [...]

  21. Trisha Perry

    I am in love with these audiobooks Jack de Golia is a awesome narrator and has made me feel like part of the Project team, so I have to keep listening to see what the next mission is, don t I The missions are always exciting, suspenseful, full of action, and with tons of rear end kicking, and somehow de Golia keeps his enthusiasm up during the whole thing I also love the way he portrays each character, it is easy to tell them apart even from the start.This book pits the American team against the [...]

  22. Clinton Sites

    Disclaimer found the e copy for free on , even though it is the 5th in the series it looked interesting like the Cotton Malone series If you are looking for great escapist reading with a grounding in current politics and possible technologies, non stop action and thrills a minute this series seems to be one for someone starting in the middle.A simple non spoiler description a super secret black ops group is tasked with saving the world from super villians no matter what country spawned them Vari [...]

  23. R. E. Hunter

    Very disappointing A caveat I read this not realizing it was the fifth book in a series, which explains why the characters are not introduced at all I got it free from BookBub and it had good reviews Don t bother if you haven t already read the earlier books It does not stand alone.But it s not just that The writing was clunky, even nonsensical in places And this applies to the preview of the first book included at the end Head hopping Unexplained mood swings.Plus there s never any real tension [...]

  24. Lee Miller

    Great fun For fans of the occasional action adventure spy thriller and who isn t , The Tesla Secret has everything we want, and alien crystals, beautiful spies, Bulgarian hitmen, cigarette boats, Cray supercomputers, cruise missiles, deadly assassins, death rays, evil media barons, Italian palazzos, mad scientists, Mayan codices, Portuguese palaces, pyramids Egyptian , pyramids Siberian , pyramids Yucatan , rare books, secret agents, Spetsnaz, and stealth parachutes, all wrapped up in a rollick [...]

  25. Ginger Weirich

    This is obviously one in a series, although it stands very well on its own It is the first Alex Lukeman I have read It has plenty of action and a good plot Imagine a weapon that can eliminate the atomic structure the glue that holds an object together, effectively vaporizing that object as if it never were Now imagine a world wide, albeit small, group of men, working on such a weapon, very close to completion, who are seeking to control the world Such is the nature of the nemesis of this tale Wh [...]

  26. Rich Meyer

    Stale and derivativeThis is a rather boring Da Vinci Code Tom Clancy Hudson Hawk rip off, without any of the good qualities of any of those works The characters are cut from the flimsiest cardboard, the story predictable, and contains far too much staid exposition Also, how the hell can you name your main character Nick Carter Is the author such a fan of the singer they didn t bother to Google that there is already a big name detective superspy with that name Just another poor decision in a seri [...]

  27. Alan Marston

    As usual I thoroughly enjoyed this next episode in The Project Series All the usual characters are still there, Nick Carter with his angst about almost everything, Elizabeth Harker, pulling all the strings some of them quite remarkable in terms of what she can acquire and where in very short order , Selena, developing her skills and becoming bold, but still maintaining some doubts about her abilities and also her colleagues The pace is almost lightning fast, nearly bewildering at times, but alw [...]

  28. Andy Dale

    This is a series of books is about a secret cia agency that goes around the world to fight evil masterminds This book was pretty ham handed and had characters that were pretty wooden This particular book was about a laser that disintegrates anything you shoot it at The inventor tesla drew up blueprints for it a long time ago, but somehow the technology then wasn t good enough to make it This book had a really simple plot and a concrete explanation for the device was never really given I didn t e [...]

  29. Erwin Su

    good fast paced storyVery fast paced almost to the point of incredulity How can so much stuff happen to one guy But I think this book was well written with a good amount of depth to the plot You have to believe in the premise of a Tesla death ray but the international intrigue that the author adds with the machinations of the Russians is entertaining Overall a good read and I likely will look into other Nick Carter books.

  30. Mary Lou Webb

    This might be the most exciting of the Project s adventures to date I love the blend of fact and fiction it lends credence to the premise Mr Like man has introduced The characters continue to grow even if they grow in s direction I don t like Selena s attitude after her mishap left a lot to be desired, but the reality is that it s a plausible reaction I felt sorry for Nick Now, I can t wait to start the next installment.

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