The Nostradamus File (2020)

The Nostradamus File Alex Lukeman The Nostradamus File The murder of a Paris bookseller who has discovered a lost manuscript of prophecies by Nostradamus sends Nick Carter Selena Connor and the Project on a global hunt for the fabled Ark of the Covenant
  • Title: The Nostradamus File
  • Author: Alex Lukeman
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 101
  • Format: Kindle Edition
The Nostradamus File Alex Lukeman The murder of a Paris bookseller who has discovered a lost manuscript of prophecies by Nostradamus sends Nick Carter, Selena Connor and the Project on a global hunt for the fabled Ark of the Covenant The prophecies lead them to the Holy Land and deep into the secrets of the ancient Order of the Knights Templar The Ark is part of a plan to trigger war and a new Crusade inThe murder of a Paris bookseller who has discovered a lost manuscript of prophecies by Nostradamus sends Nick Carter, Selena Connor and the Project on a global hunt for the fabled Ark of the Covenant The prophecies lead them to the Holy Land and deep into the secrets of the ancient Order of the Knights Templar The Ark is part of a plan to trigger war and a new Crusade in the Middle East The men behind the plot have no problem killing anyone who gets in the way, including Nick and Selena At the same time that people are doing their best to kill him and he s trying to stay alive, Nick is struggling with his PTSD He ll lose Selena if he doesn t find a way to handle it But how can he find time to sort out his personal life when he s caught up in one of the most dangerous missions of his career
The Nostradamus File Alex Lukeman

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    Alex Lukeman

One thought on “The Nostradamus File

  1. Grammy 1

    5 StarsAlex Lukeman again thrills us with another chapter in this wonderful action adventure, The Project Series There are now subtle changes in the inner story Our stalwart crew who have formed a brilliant fighting machine have been relocated after the bombing of the Project Headquarters in our last book We find ourselves on eighty acres of rolling hills in the county of Fairfax, Virginia Our office building now is reminiscent of a sprawling, statuesque colonial mansion, which also had in the p [...]

  2. Nancy Steinle gummel

    The Nostradamus File by Alex Lukemsn is jammed pack with action Even on vacation, US operatives Nick Carter and Selena Connor s, still find trouble and adventures They are sent an ancient manuscript containg Nostradamus lost quatrains They head back to DC and boss Elizabeth Harkins with the mystery, not without several attempts on their lives After translating the quatrains and finding references to the Ark of the Covenant and the Templars they return to France and Jordan While in Jordan the Isr [...]

  3. Nigel

    The Project continues This time the plot involves them chasing around the Middle East and England, The Templars, The Ark, A Shrink, and Burps moving home, I ll say no than I can t wait for the next explosive issue Keep up the great work Alex, this is one of the best series of books I have read.

  4. Teresa Timm

    This is book six of Lukemant the place to start, but I did It is a good read and fills in while waiting for Thor, Baldacci to release a book.

  5. Alan Marston

    Another fast paced, breathe if you can novel from this quite prolific author The characters are developing with each novel Nick is even being helped by a psychologist in his efforts to come to terms with dreams involving his part in the death of a young boy before the series began All the usual players in the series are there, although one of them does actually get seriously injured in this episode, so seriously that they can take no further part in the incredible amount of action that occurs th [...]

  6. Carolyn S. Brunsdon

    Excellent like the others10 Another outstanding read in this series Since you created the character Selena, Mr Lukeman, you will know what I mean by saying you should have been a history teacher Our kids need historical truth like never before Hope to never miss one of your books Fabulous all.

  7. John R. Dailey Jr.

    THE PROJECT GOES ON A CRUSADE IT DOESHello, I really love these stories They are very well written and extremely entertaining as well as enjoyable to read The characters are well defined and as the series progresses, the plot thickens Good stuff Thanks.

  8. Cathy Johnson

    Great readI couldn t put the book down and now, of course, I want to read all of books in the series

  9. Charles L Lohenry

    The story continuesThe mystery deepens as we get deeperInto the story Excellent series I look forward to the next chapter

  10. Michelle

    Good You people should just read this book yourselves and write your own review on this novel yourself and I really enjoyed reading this book very much so Shelley MA

  11. Scott Shuppert

    Think of Black Ops, Indiana Jones, Nostradamus, and the Bible What could possibly go wrong Another well written, and fun read by Alex Lukeman All of his stuff is good.

  12. Loves To Dive

    4.5 StarsWelcome to The Project, a secret covert branch of the government that gets things done that might not be within the reach of the other visible branches Nick and Selena are on a well deserved vacation in Paris and are combining work and pleasure by visiting an old friend of Selena s uncle, who sells rare books.As is the case often than not with these two, trouble follows when they discover Selena s friend murdered in his shop with the letters EX 25 written in his blood beside his body A [...]

  13. Scot

    I picked this book up, sixth in the Project series, because it was free, it had to do with deciphering some of Nostradamus s quatrains a topic that always intrigues me , and it threw in hidden secrets of the Knights Templar hmmm, where have I seen that plot device before and a race to be the first to find the Ark of the Covenant double hmmm, where have I seen that plot device before Additionally, it was in the action adventure super secret undercover Special Ops SWAT team subgenre, something I n [...]

  14. Teressa

    An Exciting Thriller of Deception and Cover Up The Nostradamus File was an exciting and fun listen You meet Selena and Nick in Paris who are there to visit a friend, Jean Paul Bertrand, a rare book collector whom they find dead in his shop with a note lying beside him with EX 25 written on it This leaves them bewildered and leads them in search of answers Then Selena receives a package at their hotel sent from Jean Paul, mailed before he was murdered, containing some of Nostradamus lost Quatrain [...]

  15. Stanley McShane

    Can t help myself Gotta read another Lukeman and the last two installments of the Project Series, having just completed The Nostradamus File Project Series 6 I love that Nick and Selena are two such capable protagonists lethal even tho poor Nick is not getting any younger and in this installment begins to have a few issues with Selena the honeymoon is over Perhaps getting really familiar with a colleague in this deadly game of international cat and mouse is not really the best way to go In this [...]

  16. Catherine Nobles

    5 Stars is an accurate rating for this book, in my opinion However, that rating doesn t fully express what I think about The Nostradamus File and the previous 5 books in Alex Lukeman s series featuring Nick Carter and Selena Connor When a book hooks me, I feel compelled to read it until The End This is my reaction to the series I READ ALL 6 BOOKS ONE AFTER THE OTHER I could NOT stop Wow Each story was non stop intrigue, not only because of the action The Nostradamus File provided wonderful insig [...]

  17. Pierre Sr.

    This is book six of the series, but I have not read the previous fiveWhich didn t keep me from loving this book, as it mixes historical references such as the Templars, the Arc of the Covenant and very actual history going on in the Jerusalem, Egypt, Iran and surrounding area.The project is a very secret group that exist in the US, but operates all over the planet I will read the first five of the Project series to find out on how this group was created and what their objectives are But The Nos [...]

  18. Trisha Perry

    In book six of the Project series Nick, Selena, and the team are back and they are searching for the Arc of the Covenant this time, using some lost quatrains of Nostradamus, and ancient secrets of the Templar Knights.I really like how the characters in this series have very real problems and have to wrestle with how to solve them in the same ways the rest of us do, I realize it is fiction but it is nice to see even fictional veterans are not left unscathed.I had the audio version of this book as [...]

  19. Kristen

    Hold onto your hats If you loved Clive Cussler s action adventure novels, you ll really love Alex Lukeman s The Project series The Project is a top secret elite group that s headquartered in Washington D.C From Virginia to Europe and to the Middle Secret, Nick and his gang take off to parts unknown, when they land a top secret manuscript from Nostradamus himself, who predicted the future in his time And it all leads to the hidden Ark and a clandestine niche group who s on their time Top notch fa [...]

  20. Julie

    Book 6 of the most enjoyable The Project series This time the Black ops team is dealing with a secret society akin to Skull and Bones, newly found quatrains of Nostradamus, the Templars, the Ark of the Covenant, and impending world war yes, again, but Lukeman keeps it fresh and exciting Again, great action, fast pacing, and some additional character development worked in, which I liked a lot Another thing I like about the series is that the home team is not immune to injury and death I have beco [...]

  21. Andrew

    4.5 Stars Your review I really enjoy this little known series, many of which I have been able to download free Good espionage books with the main group of characters from the Project A good group of characters have been brought tofpgether that often interact with Russian or Israeli counterparts Quite often there is a good backdrop to each book, in this case it is the lost predictions of Nostradamus so there was also a bit of code breaking in this Also you have the relationship between two of the [...]

  22. Paula Howard

    Another excellent Project book The team is now in their new headquarters in the country side of Virginia Security is ultra since their original building was destroyed Nick and Selena are on vacation is Paris when she is contacted by an old friend who is a bookseller Unfortunately, when they get there he is dead and someone tries to kill them The entire team becomes targets for elimination When you are in espionage, you never quite know who you and can trust and who you can t.Excellent series.

  23. Lee Miller

    A blend of fantasy, scifi, and action, each volume concerns a secret US agency trying to keep a magic object or dangerous technology out of the hands of evil doers Several of the volumes are great, kitschy fun but as a whole, the series is uneven The better entries involve an interesting object with action that starts on the first page and doesn t stop This volume has too much talk, an unclear scenario, and, most unfortunately, an artifact that is unoriginal and uninteresting Only for strong fan [...]

  24. Michael Mardel

    The Nostradamus file by Lukeman is a fast paced story from beginning to end The characters, such as Selena and Nick, are believable and there is no sugar coating on their relationship Nick must get counselling or no longer sleep with Selena There is a humorous aside with their boss, Harker, pampering the cat, even talking to it All of the action as they follow Nostradamus quatrains involve shooting and people being killed For a full on action story, this one is it So where is the Ark

  25. Susan

    I started the Project series books written by Alex Lukeman with 6 The Nostradamus File The book title caught my attention right away The Project is a secret group operating in in the USA that handles very sensitive cases, not only in America, but all over the world.This is another book that is hard to put down I highly recommend this to those that enjoy Dan Brown or Simon Rosser or Lee Child I gave it 5 stars and now need to read the 1st 5

  26. dennis barron

    The nostradamus File Alex LukemanBook six of the Project As the title suggestse his prophesies actually happening Extremely atomic paced action mystery thriller I can t believe Lukeman can write a series where each book has the same intensity and magic A stupendous read

  27. Tracie Haggar

    having already read the 1st five books in this series episode 6 doesn t dissapoint I ve come to know the characters and look forward to new titles this book features the Ark of the Covenant, you may say oh no not another but the author has treated us to a new version of the tale, real or not it s a fast paced read,

  28. Malcolm Gregoire

    A search by a secret CIA organization for the ARK of the covenant reveals a plot by a wealthy industrialist head of Cask and Swords another secret group out to create a war in the middle east to reap profits from the rise in crude oil Cross continents, the Templars, crusades all led by a file of missing Nostradamus prophecies IT brings the US to DEFCON1 in an attempt to prevent the war.

  29. Kevin

    Really enjoyed the book and the series Each book expands on the story line and pulls you further in Great characters that draw you in and get you emotionally involved Alex leaves you hanging at the end of this book Can t wait to start the next book and other books to come and see what is around the next corner.

  30. Rkb 2015

    A secret government agency gets involved in the search for the Ark of the Covenant The team follows clues from some missing quatrains of Nostradamus, from the US to Israel, England and Scotland Meanwhile a secret group of politicians, big businessmen, and wealthy individuals is manipulating issues in the Middle East to start another war and run up the price of oil to raise their own profits.

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