Breeding Ground (2020)

Breeding Ground Jaid Black Breeding Ground Commander Alexandria Frazier headed up NASA s first deep space mission to search for other habitable planets in distant galaxies Where only two years have passed by for the crew of the Methuselah fif
  • Title: Breeding Ground
  • Author: Jaid Black
  • ISBN: 9781419951282
  • Page: 264
  • Format: Paperback
Breeding Ground Jaid Black Commander Alexandria Frazier headed up NASA s first deep space mission to search for other habitable planets in distant galaxies Where only two years have passed by for the crew of the Methuselah, fifteen hundred years have ticked by on Earth Alex and her crew were prepared for that eventuality What they weren t prepared for was a nuclear war and the resulting catastropCommander Alexandria Frazier headed up NASA s first deep space mission to search for other habitable planets in distant galaxies Where only two years have passed by for the crew of the Methuselah, fifteen hundred years have ticked by on Earth Alex and her crew were prepared for that eventuality What they weren t prepared for was a nuclear war and the resulting catastrophic meteor shower that sent them hurling into Earth s very distant, eerie future Welcome to earth in the year 100,000,007 A.D Prepare to scream.
Breeding Ground Jaid Black

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    264 Jaid Black
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One thought on “Breeding Ground

  1. Jam

    When I started reading this book, I thought it had promise I ve read many other Jaid Black books and thought they were good as well And so, I expected the same of this one I was wrong.For half of the book, the story was interesting Alex, or Commander Alexandria Frazer, both scientist and leading officer of an exploratory group on the spaceship Methuselah was coming home from a two year journey exploring the outer reaches of space, looking for viable planets and other space faring beings Due to t [...]

  2. T00zday

    One of the best Jaid Black books evah Space mission goes horribly wrong, crew lands on hostile planet only to realize they have landed on Earth in it s ancient history age of dinosaurs They stumble upon an ancient cave woman who is much larger and stronger than any of the crew She has male slaves with her that she protects and has sexual relations with The crew is brought to the cavewoman s home They find a matriarchal society where only the women have a voice Men are considered chattel and dumb [...]

  3. Anne

    Breeding Ground has a very interesting beginning I liked it a lot The ending, however, fell a bit flat Ok, a lot flat What happened to the character s character She couldn t be mesmerized but she sure changed with no real reason The resulting conclusion left me feeling like I was swimming in a bowl of jelly i.e what the hell is this shit I also found the huge time jumps beyond credulity A hundred million years, and legends have persisted that long A war between species for 20,000 years Ridiculou [...]

  4. Marion

    Commander Alexandria Frazier and her crew were on a outer space mission for 2 years When they come back to earth they know that while it has only been 2 years for them it has been 1500 years on earth They expect things to be different When they land on earth they arrive in the year 1.000.007 The human race no longer exists and they are greeted by humanoids The Takuri are female warriors who dominate the males They are in constant fight for survival with the Xani which is a male dominated race of [...]

  5. Lyndi

    I started reading this blind and was so flabbergasted that I checked the GR page for it and saw I had already marked it as a book to avoid.

  6. ♥Book♥YouVeryMuch

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book It is not usual what fans of Jade Black have been accustomed to, but personally this one has become my favourite of all of her books To give a proper review one can not but go into deeper descriptives, and hence this review may have some spoilers within I was totally and pleasantly surprised with the book This book does not have as many erotic sex scenes, that you would expect from EC Erotic Romance and also typical Jaid Black books, but it has something even bette [...]

  7. Amber .:★Wild Heart Reviews★:.

    This book started out with so much promise Caught my interest completely then it just sort of fizzled and died Was completely rushed toward the end, and bored me I felt there was no connection to the hero character in the book She seemed to have far of a connection with her crew which was good, but needed then that It surprised me how much I disliked it toward the end due to the mere fact that I love this authors other books.Giving it two stars Were it not for the fact that it was interesting [...]

  8. Carisa

    I read this book based on the review of Jane Stewart and she was spot on It has a very original sci fi paranormal plot mingled with the H h story And I truly enjoyed the sweet way the love story developed.HERO is a Leader, immortal, from an another race, who finds himself falling for the human he s supposed to use kill to destroy his people s enemies SCENES CONTENT several eroticGENRE TONE paranormal dramaLENGHT 268 pages

  9. Deljah

    SPOILERS Started out great, but morphed into time travel, which I don t like Should have been longer, so that certain aspects didn t seem so forced and rushed.

  10. Jane Stewart

    This book had erotic sex scenes but it also had a complex science fiction story that was good.I enjoyed reading Jade Black s creative take on what the earth and its inhabitants might look like 1 million years AD There were two societies the Takuri and the Xandi who had been at war with each other for 20,000 years The Takuri society consisted of strong women who ruled over weaker men The Xandi were shape shifting gargoyle vampire types The Xandi men ruled over women Several scientists left earth [...]

  11. Spuffed

    What a naked white guy with an ancient ax has to do with this story, I ll never know The title is even misleading This is a complex book about the future plight of man after the near destruction of Earth than Erotica and I enjoyed that even the darker side of it I even teared up a bit here and there But, ultimately the reader is left hanging I just felt like the story was incomplete with no real resolution and a final rush to what ending there was The first half was really good and this had pot [...]

  12. Carolyn F.

    Alexandria is on a long range NASA mission that with the time difference is 2 years for her, 1500 years for Earth On the way back she learns that there was a nuclear war and they will probably come back to a destroyed world When they do come back, they re hurtled a million years in the future according the chronometer They meet tall, sleek, fast women that subjugate men and gargoyle ish, vampire, shapeshifter men who subjugate women and have been at war for 20,000 years During her space journey [...]

  13. Mollie *scoutrmom*

    It is really hard to discuss this story without spoilers The theme here is the morality of war The plot covers interaction between separate cultures with apparently opposing values.The thing that keeps this book out of the ranks of the amazing is the shallowness of the characterizations The hero and heroine seem amazed by their own reactions, but don t seem to use introspection or self analysis at all to facilitate understanding.Not as purely erotic as other work by Black, but very enjoyable.

  14. Cherie

    This was a surprisingly good sci fi romance I ve read a couple of other stories by Jaid Black and I have to say this was the least erotic of them Don t get me wrong, it was still erotic, but the focus was on the story than the sex or even the romance She took her time spinning this tale and it is very well done.In this books is a unique take on the vampire and gargoyle story and a negative look at extremism of any kind I was pleasantly surprised.

  15. Julia

    I really liked the beginning of the book and thought the story had a lot of promise to it as it was set in a post Armageddon earth but still had some sci fi elements to it However the end of the book had quite of lot of plot twists to it and was slightly confusing And I felt like the ending was a bit rushed and unfished.

  16. Amanda Maria

    This book has a creative concept but the ending ruined it for me The author tried to throw in a twist but it just makes her look confused It was like the author changed her mind midway through what she wanted the book to be about.

  17. erik howard

    A Great ReadThis is a 5 star book by Jaid Black It was not a long book.It is written for those over eighteen due to very sexual content It was well written with adult erotica and sci fi blended together into a strong storyline

  18. Kitt

    reminds me in a way of Planet of the Apes except they know all along that they re on earth and the highest on the evolutionary ladder aren t apes.The time frame was just a bit too much for me, i kept thinking that it should not have been that drastic of a number untill the twist at the end makes the time frame plausible, and answers all the questions i ve had while reading I keep notes as i read so i can easily record opinions and reviews while i read so i don t have to think back too much once [...]

  19. Holly

    Commander Alex Frazier is the female leader of a NASA mission to find life on other planets Although its only a 2 year voyage they all know they will be coming home hundreds of years later to an obviously completely changed planet What they dont expect is an unplanned transmission talking about huge changes and battles that have occured worldwide, leading them to be completely unprepared as to what to expect when they crash land back on earth They find odd civilazations, people with skills unkno [...]

  20. Anna Key

    Jaid Black weavs a compelling, futuristic story about Commander Alexandria Frazier who headed up NASA s first deep space mission to search for other habitable planets in distant galaxies Suffice to say, things don t go according to plan, and let us not forget about a vengeful demon king bend on bringing Alexandria to his lair Breeding Grounds was one of those books which you can t put down but afterwards you can t really tell why It s like coming out of trance I believe it is down to the author [...]

  21. Timeforme

    Interesting premise but the execution lacked a bit, especially in the second half of the book where things seemed quite rushed view spoiler I had trouble accepting that Alex could go from viewing Malik as the leader of a group that destroys the ability of women to independently think so that they will serve their male masters to being a man that she loves enough to be mated to him for eternity I also had problems believing that the Takuris and Xandis would so easily change their lifestyles compl [...]

  22. Ali

    Normally I really enjoy reading Jaid Black s romance books, mostly because its nice not to have to think all that much when reading her books And I also just lime to read a smutty book now and again for fun and relaxation But the entire time I was reading this I was just irritated and felt that with this kind of plot, going back in time where females rule and men are their slaves That their might be to it then just having men as sex slaves But sadly no, the lack of any real depth or character p [...]

  23. Rachel

    when I started this book I thought it was going great I was wonering what earth was going to be like where the world would be technology wise and I was just sucked him but the second they landed I was dissapointed I thought the story felt rushed and that the weird world it turned into was even worse she gets taken from the guy demonor whatever the hell it was and she says no for one day then the next day she was in love just no I read the book and finished it and instantly said outloud my poor h [...]

  24. Linda

    Alexandra left our world on a NASA deep space mission with a crew prepared to return to home after two years physically, but 15000 years on Earth, later When disaster strikes, time and space goes all wonky, and when they land it s 100,000,007 A.D What has happened to Earth, and can they survive What is waiting for them and why is Alex dreaming of a Demon wanting to devour her Fantasy, space and smutty fluff with twists you won t see coming.

  25. Lucy

    I liked this This will sound strange, but my biggest complaint was that the heroine didn t meet up with the hero until nearly 60% through the book The rest was basically world building Bumped it a star due to that I like a little action and interaction between the hero heroine Strong heroine Wished we could have learned a bit about Malik Recommended

  26. Smittie

    Entertaining and Imaginative Fantasy The author created a unique story plot that included a well described new world The characters were well developed and likeable Science fiction it is not so relax and don t analyze it too much The read was enjoyable and I really had a hard time putting it down The HEA ending was good.

  27. Blue Bates

    Darn This book started off SO good, and then it was like the author ran out of steam or something and just decided to wrap the book up in the last 20 pages I loved it, I loved the world building it could have easily been made a series, but no Ms Jaid Black decided to crap out on us with a crappy deus ex machina ending I digress

  28. Moira

    6.8.2015 2,5 Na jednu stranu se mi n kter detaily l bily.Na tu druhou mi v hlav po do ten zn lo Co jsem to pr v doprdele do etla Omluvuju se za slovn k M m z t to knihy rozporupln pocity.

  29. Dawn ♥ romance

    An entertaining erotic science fiction with plenty of fast paced action I particularly liked the world with a female and male role reversal although I was beginning to wonder if there was going to be any romance Commander Alex and her crew take journey into a future world.

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