Reaper's Run (2020)

Reaper's Run David VanDyke Ryan King Reaper s Run When US Marine Sergeant Jill Repeth s blown off legs begin to regenerate she thinks it s a medical miracle But the breakthrough that heals her war injuries is exactly what the government desperately
  • Title: Reaper's Run
  • Author: David VanDyke Ryan King
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 490
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Reaper's Run David VanDyke Ryan King When US Marine Sergeant Jill Repeth s blown off legs begin to regenerate, she thinks it s a medical miracle But the breakthrough that heals her war injuries is exactly what the government desperately wants to hide by any means necessary Hunted, she must cross an America wracked by strife, to try to find a family who may already be dead.Reaper s Run is an origins storyWhen US Marine Sergeant Jill Repeth s blown off legs begin to regenerate, she thinks it s a medical miracle But the breakthrough that heals her war injuries is exactly what the government desperately wants to hide by any means necessary Hunted, she must cross an America wracked by strife, to try to find a family who may already be dead.Reaper s Run is an origins story and apocalyptic novel, the beginning of one warrior s journey from tactical cop to freedom fighter and beyond It leads the reader into the acclaimed Plague Wars science fiction series.This book contains a bonus post apocalyptic novella by prolific author Ryan King.The Plague Wars Series The Eden Plague Reaper s Run The Demon Plagues The Reaper Plague The Orion Plague Comes the Destroyer Plague Wars 5, forthcoming Summer 2013Stellar Conquest Series Planetary Assault contains First Conquest Stellar Conquest Book 1 Desolator Book 2 Tactics of Conquest Book 3 Fall 2013 PG 13 for language, violence and adult situations non explicit See from this author at davidvandykeauthorThis book is free of Digital Rights Management DRM
Reaper's Run David VanDyke Ryan King

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    490 David VanDyke Ryan King
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One thought on “Reaper's Run

  1. Marilyn Peake

    Reaper s Run Plague Wars Series, Book 1 is the apocalyptic action adventure technothriller novel that continues the story started in The Eden Plague Plague Wars Series, Book 0.U.S Marine Sergeant Jill Repeth must go through an incredible learning curve in order to survive While adjusting to the many ways in which the Eden Plague has changed her body, even regrowing the lower legs and feet she lost in war, she s also forced to adjust to the frightening ways in which the Plague has changed her cou [...]

  2. Gillian Murrell

    What could have been a good book was over shadowed by the religious fanatics who preach the word of the lord then run a grab their guns so they can shoot people Maybe the american translation of the bible says thou shalt kill I have to wonder if the virus was affecting Jill s sex drive i found some of her thoughts and actions out of place considering the situation.

  3. Richa

    To be honest, I wasn t sure about this book.The genre isn t one of my favorites.I was pleasantly surprised This is a really good book Fast, plausible, difficult to put down, very interesting Worth reading once at least.Although, Reaper does seem a bit too practical and matter of fact, it could be due to her training or the times she lives in More like her survival instinct running her rather than her usual self.The men sadly, are dispensable in this book, even if it is written by a man I must sa [...]

  4. Donna

    This was an ok book It did drag a bit for me I kept finding myself looking for other things to do I can usually read books this size in a couple hours but this one took me 3 days Overall, it was an ok book but I doubt I will read further.

  5. Brian's Book Blog

    See the full review at Brian s Book BlogA book that fell a bit short3 out of 5 starsI wasn t even thinking of the irony of my title until I started to write up my review Reaper s Run follows Jill a Marine who has had her legs blown off while fighting for her country Jill was quarantined on a cruise ship with other Sickos who they think had the Eden Plague I won t go into too much detail so I don t spoil the story but the story follows her as she tries to figure out what life will be like now th [...]

  6. Carol

    Breezy read Not a story for the ages, but I enjoyed my time with the protagonist Jill Reaper Repeth as her world is turned upside down by the Eden Plague As a story device, the plague is interesting because it doesn t go the zombie route, but rather has generally beneficial features for those who contact it, but also has two significant drawbacks increased caloric needs, and everyone getting a conscience that seems to preclude a lot of self defense The first of those drawbacks felt organic to m [...]

  7. Tom Johnson

    Well Written, And Memorable Characters Marine Sergeant Jill Reaper Repeth was given a wounded warrior s a ticket on a cruise ship for her injuries A Marine Military Police trained in quick reaction SWAT tactics She lost both legs below her knees The cruise seemed like a good thing until the passengers came down with the new Eden Plague a plague that healed Unfortunately, the government doesn t want the healing plague, and they target the ship for destruction But Jill escapes before the ship is d [...]

  8. Charles Ray

    US Marine Sergeant Jill Reaper Repeth s legs were blown off below the knee in combat Recuperating aboard a luxury liner, courtesy of the Wounded Warriors, she notices that they have begun to regenerate Further, others on the ship are experiencing miracle cures Rather than being welcomed, however, their government has quarantined the ship off shore, under the guard of warships Reaper knows something is amiss, so she plans her escape, leaving the ship just before it s blown out of the water, killi [...]

  9. Brenda Fryland

    Always a good sign if you re compelled to read the whole book in one day Great, easy read for apocalyptic plague miltary ish story fiends No zombies but the plague has quite an interesting result I really like the main character, Jill Reaper Repath, even if she s too good to be true Quite the badass

  10. Earl N

    Reapers rumI enjoyed the unusual plot of the Edam plague and the balance of the plot My interests a little off my usual Sci Fi interest in war and alien attacks, but I really like this book and subsequent plague novels A true Sci Fi book of a different nature, but a well written book with human nature plots A real 5 star review

  11. Buzz Park

    An interesting take on a well worn tropeEnjoyed this second book in the Eden Plague series It sort of feels like Left Behind meets Outbreak meets I dunno, a spy novel Very different and worth a read.

  12. CaptivatingCakes

    This was a very fast paced adventure Highly believable I didn t do five stars only because she can t possibly know everything about everything I m just saying Sometimes to much is just tooo much

  13. April

    Apocalyptic ActionThis was the first book on Apocalypse anything that I have read Fast paced, the story was highly believeable This book will have you questioning whether this can truthfully happen Well written and thought provoking.

  14. Becky Darsey

    An interesting take on the world after a new plague makes major changes in life as we know it An decent series.

  15. Timothy Haas

    Fine bookRather good read, I will be getting the rest of this series First went fast as I enjoyed it Looking forward to the next one.

  16. Drackemoor

    Excellent reading Fast moving roller coaster.If you love apocalyptic readings this one is surely for ya.


    Great series startKept you interested at every turn Every character had his or her story, easy to follow and cheer them on.

  18. Julian White

    Reaper Press at Kobo publisher, 9781626260153 from copyright page and numbered Book 1Follows Jill Repeth s progress but intersecting with the book 0 cast one, anyway right at the end This series is extremely addictive

  19. Dave Webber

    Very EnjoyableExcellent story, plenty of twists and turns Good dialogue and all around excellent writing Look forward to reading the next book.

  20. Cheryl

    2nd plague wars book, even better than the first This is the second plague wars book I have read, the first being The Eden Plague, which I really enjoyed This one I found even better and couldn t put it down I am really looking forward to the next.

  21. Chad Freeman

    Picked this one up on an sale This novel is the classic series novel long enough to keep your interest and develop plot, but short enough to be an easy read Like many of its type, this one whetted my appetite to read the next one or ten.Pros Reaper makes a good Marine and MP Her reactions and training show that the author did his research, and poured his personal experience into the story Good pace keeps you away from story lulls, often skipping days or weeks, when there would be nothing notewor [...]

  22. PJ Lea

    Terrifying.It s terrifying to think that something that could improve the lives of so many could be feared by the mighty few with such horrific results Unfortunately I can imagine it playing out exactly like this.Well written and thought out, I found this an exciting read and thoroughly enjoyed it.

  23. Star Shining Forever

    This is the story of one woman on the run, set against the backdrop of an America overtaken by a small minority who want ultimate control and recruit all law enforcement to use deadly force in pursuit of the same Aka, the government finally went berserk Infected on the cruise ship that Daniel Markis band tainted the water supply of, Sergeant Jill Reaper Repeth finds her legs, which she lost in an IED incident, are regrowing because of the restorative Eden Plague Barely escaping the ship before i [...]

  24. C.J. Darlington

    3.5 stars I was going through the books on my Kindle reading the first few pages of novels I had hoped to read Nothing was grabbing my attention until I opened Reaper s Run VanDyke immediately pulled me into his story of Jill Reaper, a wounded veteran on a cruise ship who realizes she must escape The details of military procedure, firearms, and hand to hand combat smacked of experience, and only later did I realize VanDyke was a veteran himself Those details made the story in many ways I cared a [...]

  25. Kathi Kelley

    This book in the Plague series immediately after The Plague War follows Sergeant Jill Reaper Repeth immediately after she contracts the Eden Plague virus The story starts with Jill s harrowing escape, at sea, from a pleasure cruise ship which was stopped dead in the water way off shore, and follows her through her escape from the US across the Rio Grande River into Mexico The book is action packed, one twist and turn after another and fraught with emotional turmoil The center of the story is Jil [...]

  26. John Podlaski

    Reaper s Run An Apocalyptic Action Adventure is a different kind of apocalypse story An infection has caused miracles people are healing from Cancer and all kinds of maladies Marine Sergeant Jill Repeth lost her legs in Iraq and was now traveling on a cruise ship with others that are infected The U.S Government surrounded the ship in the middle of the ocean, intent on keeping the infection quarantined When Jill finds her legs regenerating and her prosthesis no longer able to support her, she dec [...]

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