The Truth About Leo (2020)

The Truth About Leo Katie MacAlister The Truth About Leo The much anticipated brand new Regency romance from New York Times bestselling author Katie MacAlister Can Dagmar flee Denmark Dagmar Marie Sophie is a poverty stricken Danish princess whose annoying
  • Title: The Truth About Leo
  • Author: Katie MacAlister
  • ISBN: 9781402294457
  • Page: 128
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
The Truth About Leo Katie MacAlister The much anticipated, brand new Regency romance from New York Times bestselling author Katie MacAlister Can Dagmar flee Denmark Dagmar Marie Sophie is a poverty stricken Danish princess whose annoying royal cousin is about to have her stuffed away in a convent When she finds a wounded man unconscious in her garden, she sees a way out of her desperate situation By LyingThe much anticipated, brand new Regency romance from New York Times bestselling author Katie MacAlister Can Dagmar flee Denmark Dagmar Marie Sophie is a poverty stricken Danish princess whose annoying royal cousin is about to have her stuffed away in a convent When she finds a wounded man unconscious in her garden, she sees a way out of her desperate situation By Lying to Leo Leopold Ernst George Mortimer, seventh earl of March, and spy in the service of the king, finds himself on the wrong end of a saber and left for dead He wakes up not remembering what happened the care of a beautiful woman who says she is his wife Back in London, Leo with the help of his old friends the eccentric Britton family sets out to unravel what he s forgotten Is Dagmar truly the wonderful, irrepressible woman who makes his heart sing, or is she a dangerous enigma bent on his destruction
The Truth About Leo Katie MacAlister

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    128 Katie MacAlister
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One thought on “The Truth About Leo

  1. Caz

    This one just scraped a C at AAR, so I m leaving it at 2 starsThe Truth About Leo is the fourth book in Ms MacAllister s Noble series, the first of which, Noble Intentions was released over a decade ago Two books followed, but Ms MacAllister turned her attention elsewhere after the third, and has only now returned to the Regency era with this new addition to the series.I had a good idea of what I d be getting when I requested this book I reviewed the audiobook version of Noble Intentions a whil [...]

  2. AH

    Initial Thoughts I enjoyed this new addition to Katie MacAlister s Noble series This book focuses on Princess Dagmar and her love interest Leo If you are not sure that you d like historical romance, this series may be a good start as it combines historical romance with a great some comedy It s guaranteed to bring a smile to your face As an added bonus, characters from the earlier books make a lengthy appearance in this book It s so nice to see Gillian and Noble, Harry and Plum and a grown up Nic [...]

  3. Farrah

    A light hearted, sweet, and fun read, The Truth About Leo was a wonderful historical romance I really liked this book It was entertaining and thoroughly enjoyable.Dagmar was a good heroine She refused to let anyone, even the king of Denmark, tell her what to do with her life and she was clever or perhaps impulsive enough to figure a way out She was a likable heroine and I thought she was great.Leo was a total sweetie He was the definition of a gentleman, totally adorable, and utterly endearing I [...]

  4. Maggie Hesseling

    I m so frustrated by this series I didn t really like book 1 and 2, but then I LOVED book 3 However, I ve been disappointed by 4 I understand what the author was trying to achieve in the jail section, but it was not only confusing, but began to look really messy It s hard to get characters to talk at the same time on paper and make it understandable That being said, I really liked the beginning even if the novel was once again very predictable , as I thought the set up of the story line was not [...]

  5. Jujubee

    That s the second time you ve saved my life I m a princess, she said loftily, as if he needed reminding Saving handsome men from certain death is what we do best.That and waving gracefully to crowds Have you ever seen me wave My mother taught me Oh, dear author, I ve missed you.I attribute Katie MacAlister to jump starring my reading heart when I picked up Love in the Time of Dragons whilst perusing paperbacks at my local Target one Sunday afternoon in 2010 Real life had put my love of reading r [...]

  6. Eleanore June

    nope DNF at 2% Terrible reader Literal Cat Saving in the first 2 min Annoying My boobs are too big conversation Mediocre at best other reviews Not wasting my time even though it is a library find.

  7. Nancy Haddock

    Absolutely adorable I haven t laughed aloud over a historical romance in a while, but this one had me chuckling throughout Run to get the book

  8. Patty McKenna Van Hulle

    Katie MacAlisterYour Serene Highness finds, saves and uses a wounded and dying English spy to get to England, for free Leopold Ernst George Mortimer, the Earl of March, is a spy for the Crown and has just finished his assignment in St Petersburg, Russia and on his way to Germany via Copenhagen Leo isn t happy, when a tree climbing kitty, his proud horse, a troublemaking girl and 3 Danish soldiers with swords, make his day go very bad Princess Dagma Marie Sophie of Sonderburg Beck has no family l [...]

  9. Sophia

    When it comes to this series, I get so excited to see each new installment because I know I m going to get high entertainment from cover to cover I was laughing before I finished the first page This book is part of a series and its best read in order due to the inclusion of recurring characters and particularly one side plot that carries over from the last book However, this does feature a brand new couple and their story is completely contained in this book.The story opens with Princess Dagmar, [...]

  10. Olivia

    The truth about Leo is the 4th installment in the Noble series, this being the first I have read in this series I would say it can totally be read as a standalone But after you read this one you ll probably smash through the others I found this book to be one of the best Historical Romances I have read, it embodies everything you can want Humor, Historical setting, Love, Deception and Romance.Dagmar Marie Sophie is a princess who also happens to be down on her luck with both parents gone and the [...]

  11. Marilyn Rondeau

    Dagmar Marie Sophie is a poverty stricken Danish princess who is the bane of her royal cousin s the King existence Because she is not entirely Danish, he wants her to go and live off of someone else s charity not his His latest edict go away or be placed in a convent When Dagmar finds an unconscious, wounded and dying man in her garden who is obviously English and if she is the wife of an English officer, would be able to procure passage to England, she arranges for a quick marriage.Leopold Erns [...]

  12. Tabatha

    Katie MacAlister is back, and I honestly couldn t be happier I ve always loved her trademark witty humor and her colorful cast of characters, so I was delighted to find that she was releasing another historical in her Noble series I will admit, that I may be a bit of a MacAlister fan girl it was her books that got me back into reading after all but I think that she is an amazingly talented lady The Noble series has always been my favorite of her books, so I ve eagerly anticipated this fourth ins [...]

  13. Shannon The Romance Addict!

    H Leopold Ernst George Mortimer, seventh earl of Marchh Dagmar Marie SophieThis is my first time reading by this author I though the book was pretty good I really liked Leo I though he was a sweet Hero I liked that he was good but could be bad also The book starts with him hurting himself to save a cat for a little girl, AW I also liked Dagmar she was a strong take no nonsense knows what she wants heroine It rear to find a book were i like the h ans H equally, I lean toward one or the other I lo [...]

  14. Becci

    I can say very little that is nice about this book The author tried too hard She tried too hard to be humorous She tried too hard to incorporate characters from other books She didn t try hard enough to build a complex plot It was predictable, which was very disappointing The plot could have been unique and interesting if it wasn t so obvious Dagmar was annoying She was a thief out of necessity, but still a thief Her thievery was handled so glibly She was overly naive, unbelievably so And she la [...]

  15. Brittany

    I received this from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Now, I definitely cannot read books like this very often it just makes my brain hurt The main character is just way too ADD for me It made it a tad bit hard to follow at times Other than that it was a very entertaining read I had a smile on my face for most of the book Not sure about reading from the author though but this was a nice change of pace.

  16. Laura

    The fourth installment in the Noble series is a great stand alone romance Well written and humorous Please read my full review at my blog letague 2014 06 t

  17. Andita

    Good bookFrom start to finish like the rest of the series I laughed and sighed at the romance The characters are crazy people that I would hang out with I m looking forward to by this author.

  18. Diane

    Dagmar is hilarious I really enjoyed the style of writing in this story I m not quite sure what the plot was though and felt let down at the end Maybe it had something to do with not reading books 1 3 of this series My library didn t have them on audio which is what I have time for.

  19. Dail Sams

    The Truth about Leo is an enjoyable, albeit somewhat silly romance between a British spy and a destitute Danish princess.

  20. Lauren at Live Read and Breathe Reviews

    Source eARC for Honest Review Courtesy of Sourcebooks Casablanca Genre Regency RomancePart of a series but can be read as a standalone 4 Witty Stars My The Truth About Leo ReviewGah I always forget how awesomely fantastic Katie MacAlister s writing is She has such humor to her very quirky characters It has been a while since I have read one of her books or even a regency romance but I am so glad that I got to read this little gem.The banter and the interactions are priceless the only thing that [...]

  21. Jackie

    Book InfoMass Market Paperback, 352 pagesExpected publication August 1st 2014 by Sourcebooks Casablancaoriginal title The Truth About LeoISBN 140229445X ISBN13 9781402294457 edition language Englishseries Noble 4other editions 1 Source Netgalley EARCBook Buy LinksBNBOOK SYNOPSISThe much anticipated, brand new Regency romance from New York Times bestselling author Katie MacAlister.Can Dagmar flee DenmarkDagmar Marie Sophie is a poverty stricken Danish princess whose annoying royal cousin is about [...]

  22. Zel Polev

    I think the strength of this book is also its weakness It is unapologetic and staunchly ridiculous I think this is either a book one loves or hates I started this book rating it five stars It was hilarious but I do understand that it can get a bit tiring, so I marked it down to four stars However, this book is filled with hilarious one liners and the characters are just ridiculous I think the author is truly talented to be able to write this I do commend the way the book owns its over the top co [...]

  23. Cynthia

    3.5ish stars.I use to read Katie MacAlister books all the time, usually her contemporary and they were always a riot and half I didn t realize she wrote historical romances, too So when the opportunity came up to review this, I knew I had to give it a try and I m happy to say it definitely has that humour flare of Katie MacAlister that I enjoy so much The characters are wonderful hilarious Leopold is a spy for the British government but due to some unfortunate events that all began with a kitten [...]

  24. Judy

    Many years ago, my sister discovered an author who had just started a great new romantic vampire series, not something very mainstream at the time However, I fell in love with the writing style, and promptly starting looking for everything I could get my hands on by the author Included were a couple of stand alone contemporary stories and a regency series My sister is a HUGE historical romance fan, me not so much However, it didn t take much nagging for me to give them a try.They were wonderful [...]

  25. Dianne

    Most reviewers are at times, unhappy with character growth with this new novel I am unhappy with Author growth If you took Noble Intentions and slapped different names on the characters especially the female ones, then gave it a slightly different plot line you could be reading the same book At least with the first three novels, each couple was totally different.Yes, there is a difference, but just barely With The Truth About Leo the female protagonist is an impoverished Princess who connives an [...]

  26. Heather

    I m reviewing the audio version of the story This book was difficult to listen to Dagmar Marie Sophie is a princess who is about to be out on her own when her cousin demands he is tired of being responsible for her and insists she find family to care for her Dagmar along with her companion would be cast out without a place to go and with no money When Dagmar s companion finds a wounded man in the garden, Dagmar is content to let him stay out there After all, how can she possibly care for an inju [...]

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