Tuesday's Gone (2020)

Tuesday's Gone Nicci French Ουρανία Τουτουντζή Tuesday s Gone Daily Mirror
  • Title: Tuesday's Gone
  • Author: Nicci French Ουρανία Τουτουντζή
  • ISBN: 9789603645412
  • Page: 426
  • Format: Paperback
Tuesday's Gone Nicci French Ουρανία Τουτουντζή , , , , , , , Daily Mirror
Tuesday's Gone Nicci French Ουρανία Τουτουντζή

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    426 Nicci French Ουρανία Τουτουντζή
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One thought on “Tuesday's Gone

  1. Emma

    I totally devoured this I happened upon this series last year when I was doing a reading challenge and needed a book with a day of the week in it The main character is a psychotherapist, Frida, who inadvertently becomes embroiled in a missing persons and murder investigation In this second outing, I was fascinated by Frida as a character She is aloof, very private but also caring We learn she is cut off from her family but now why It is her astute observations that keep the case open and help to [...]

  2. Bettie☯

    The London Stone behind its Victorian grill Cannon Street.Description In Tuesday s Gone, a London social worker makes a routine home visit only to discover her client serving afternoon tea to a naked, decomposing corpse With no clues as to the dead man s identity, Chief Inspector Karlsson again calls upon Frieda for help She discovers that the body belongs to Robert Poole, con man extraordinaire But Frieda can t shake the feeling that the past isn t done with her yet Did someone kill Poole to em [...]

  3. Julie

    Tuesday s Gone by Nicci French is a 2012 Penguin Group publication Monday s like jumping into ice cold water, but you get a shock of excitement On Tuesday you re still in the water but the shock has worn off and you re just cold This second book in the Frieda Klein series finds the psychologist involved in a disturbing case centered around a mentally ill woman who had been keeping a dead man in her residence When it becomes clear the man was murdered, Frieda officially becomes a consultant with [...]

  4. Nicki Markus

    I actually enjoyed this book a great deal than Blue Monday, the first in the series I think that was because the storyline in this one appealed to me and also the main characters were established and you knew what to expect and how they d act There was also development of Frieda s character in this book and I liked that additional information on her background as it made her actions and feeling make sense.I thought the pacing of this book was excellent and there was never a dull moment As st [...]

  5. Γιώτα Παπαδημακοπούλου

    Nicci French, , , , Nicci Gerrard Sean French, Blue Monday , , Blue Monday , , Tuesday s Gone , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , Nicci French, , , , , , , , , , , , , Blue Monday , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , Tuesday s Gone , , French, , Blue Monday , , , , , .

  6. Cherie

    I really enjoyed the story, and had a hard time putting it down each time I picked it up to read It was a somewhat convoluted tale, but that did not deter me I am caught up I want to know about Frieda.On to book three

  7. Janet

    The second book in the series and again we re treated to a slower paced psychological thriller featuring Freida Klein I m still not sure how I feel about main protagonist, Klein She s a difficult character to like with her somewhat cold and offhand ways.A male body is discovered in the flat of a woman with mental health issues and raises many, many questions as to how the man came to be there DCI Karlsson together with his team are tasked with piecing together just who the victim was and the th [...]

  8. Shelleyrae at Book'd Out

    Tuesday s Gone picks up around a year after the events of Blue Monday, which introduced psychiatrist Dr Frieda Klein who reluctantly became involved in a police investigation involving one of her clients and an abducted boy In the midst of a cold London winter, DCI Karlsson asks Frieda to speak with a disturbed woman found caring for a naked, rotting corpse in her flat, unable to provide a coherent statement Deciphering Michelle Doyce s rambling leads Freida and Karlsson s team to identify the v [...]

  9. Bill

    Tuesday s Gone is a pretty good followup to Blue Monday, the first in the Frieda Klein series It should be strongly noted, and I am strongly noting that you must read Blue Monday before this one Book 1 is terrific.This is a fine series so far by Nicci French, the pen name of a husband wife writing team One of the remarkable things about these novels is how fluid the writing is I can t imagine it would be easy to collaborate two writers and end up with a seamless narrative, maintaining a consist [...]

  10. Anne

    I ve long been a big fan of the Nicci French writing partnership they were writing psychological thrillers long before their current popularity, good stories well told with strong female lead characters my particular favourites are Killing Me Softly, Beneath the Skin and the wonderful Secret Smile But I was disappointed in the last two or three before this series started Psychotherapist Dr Frieda Klein has given them a new and original angle, and this series is shaping up really nicely I enjoyed [...]

  11. Shimmering.blue

    Es war ein schnellerer Einstieg in den Fall, da die Personen nicht mehr vorgestellt werden mussten Der Fall an sich war nicht ganz so spannend wie im ersten Teil, aber man erf hrt mehr ber Frieda Ich werde die Reihe auf jeden Fall weiterlesen

  12. Melaszka

    This book exemplifies both everything I love and everything I hate about the writing of Nicci Gerrard and Sean French They re brilliant at suspense lots of surprising twisty twists that grip you from the start and keep you turning the pages What they re less good at is construction and methodical cluing the villains in this case were both blatantly obvious from the weirdness of their behaviour from the moment they appeared onpage and unsatisfyingly underwritten and undermotivated It s almost as [...]

  13. notgettingenough

    Nicci French is my speed.Not that I m addicted by any means as I surely would be if I tried the pharmaceutical.It kept me awake Honestly, if you knew how few things do that, you d understand why that impresses me.I read this in a day Why a book like this has to be 450 pages long is beyond me, but they zip along, the complaint is by the bye.I haven t read the first of this series and I don t think I will read any either But I object to this business of suckering in the reader with story lines th [...]

  14. Valerie

    Dit is echt een serie wat je niet losstaand moet lezen of door elkaar In dit boek komen dingen naar voren uit het voorgaande boek, en om die te snappen moet het vorige boek ook gelezen zijn.We volgen Frieda die weer gaat helpen tijdens een politiezaak Er gebeuren meerdere dingen rondom de nieuwe zaak en tegelijkertijd gebeuren er dingen de nog horen uit het verhaal van het vorige boek Er zit niet veel spanning in wat mij betreft, maar de manier waarop het verhaal in elkaar zit en geschreven is v [...]

  15. Christina (A Reader of Fictions)

    Ordinarily, I m not much for mystery novels, and I read them only infrequently, since otherwise I get really bored with the predictable plotting, though it s not like romance stories are any less predictable and I still read those by the dozens It may not make much logical sense, but this is how I feel Anyway, I accepted a review request for the first book in this series, Blue Monday, sort of on a whim, and was surprised to find how much I enjoyed it Tuesday s Gone steps up the tension of the Fr [...]

  16. Helen Laycock

    For some time I have been reading mediocre thrillers which are rather like watery soup, so it was a refreshing change to get my teeth again into something produced by the Nicci French duo Not a word is wasted.If any writer wants to know how to create an opening chapter, then look no further There is no choice You HAVE to read on I flew through this book Over and over, I promised myself just one chapter , but one glance at the next, and I was off again.I had read Blue Monday a long time ago, and [...]

  17. Deanna

    I enjoyed the first book in this series, loved this one rounding to a 5 , and am now onto the third one, though so far a little disappointed in number 3 Still, I think this is a series I will follow all the way through The protagonist, a London psychologist who consults for the police at times, and just sticks her nose in the way at other times, is a fairly unusual female protagonist I see in the reviews that some find her cold and un relatable I can see that But frankly I m a fan, and find her [...]

  18. Linda

    Just what I needed after slogging through a few books that didn t grab me.A good murder mystery set in London, it kept me interested throughout I recommend reading Blue Monday first There are some threads that carry through this book and presumably the next Frieda is a psychotherapist and police consultant who is good at her job, but is hiding from her own demons The slow reveal of her character is an interesting subtext to a somewhat traditional whodunit police procedural.

  19. Gary

    The 2nd book in the Frieda Klein series by the husband and wife writers Nicci Gerard and Sean French.In my opinion unlike a lot of other books from series this book must be read after Blue Monday to make any sense I did enjoy the book but I didn t feel it lived up to the high standards of the first book I will certainly continue to read not only other books in this series but other novels written by this pair.

  20. Cees Van Rhienen

    RECENSIE Dinsdag is voorbij van Nicci FrenchGROTE VERRASSING VOOR LEZERS VAN DE VOLLEDIGE SERIE Oorspronkelijke titel Tuesdays GoneISBN 978 90 414 2239 2Uitgegeven door Ambos Anthos UitgeversPagina s 466Beoordeling 3,5 sterrenIn 2011 besloten Nicci Gerrard en Sean French, beter bekend als het Britse schrijversduo Nicci French, dat het eerste deel van de serie rond Frieda Klein gaat verschijnen Frieda is psychoanalytica en als zodanig druk om mensen te analyseren en daardoor te weten te komen wat [...]

  21. Vanja

    I ezli utorakZnanje, 2013.Po dovr etku ovog romana izdvojio se osje aj wow, ovo mi je ba sjelo Nisam mogla bolje pogoditi tivo Iako je pro lo gotovo etiri godine otkako sam pro itala prvi roman u seriji, Olovni ponedjeljak , u zadnje vrijeme me ne to po elo vu i da itam nastavak, i to ne to nije moglo bolje pogoditi Kako ovo pi em opet u zaka njenju, tokom kojeg sam stigla pro itati i idu a dva nastavka, sa sigurno u mogu re i da je od prva etiri romana ovog spisateljskog dua I ezli utorak najbo [...]

  22. Bree T

    It s been over a year since Frieda Klein worked the police case with DCI Malcolm Karlsson In that time she s gone back to her normal life, being a therapist to her patients, keeping up with her niece Chloe and trying resolutely not to think of Sandy, the lover who went to America Then all of a sudden, Karlsson shows up, asking for her help again.A routine visit from Social Services led to an utterly grim discovery A woman who had been released from psychiatric care without any real diagnosis and [...]

  23. Jill

    This is the second book in the detective psychological thriller series featuring psychotherapist Dr Frieda Klein, who is the occasional collaborator of London Detective Chief Inspector Malcolm Karlsson There is no romantic involvement between the two, although not for want of enthusiasm among readers for the match up.When the story opens, a social worker discovers a mentally ill woman tending to a decaying corpse The ill woman doesn t seem to get that the man is dead, and so she isn t the best w [...]

  24. Brenda

    This is my first Nicci French novel, and I will definitely read When a department of health woman visits Michelle Doyce for the first time in quite a long time, she didn t expect to find a naked corpse sitting up on her sofa, being served a cup of tea, surrounded by swarms of flies The body also had no identification whatsoever, plus a missing finger, which had only recently been removed Michelle, in her extremely confused state, was looking after him, and could offer no other explanation about [...]

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