Kalorama Shakedown (2020)

Kalorama Shakedown Robert Bruce Stewart Kalorama Shakedown Boodlers and pikers and slyboots oh my It s December when the paths of three of the era s notable characters cross in the nation s capital the Wizard of Oz the Countess von Schnurrenberger un
  • Title: Kalorama Shakedown
  • Author: Robert Bruce Stewart
  • ISBN: 9781938710087
  • Page: 493
  • Format: Paperback
Kalorama Shakedown Robert Bruce Stewart Boodlers, and pikers, and slyboots oh my It s December 1901, when the paths of three of the era s notable characters cross in the nation s capital the Wizard of Oz, the Countess von Schnurrenberger und Kesselheim, and Harry Reese, insurance investigator Harry has come to Washington in order to solve a string of jewelry thefts But first he must match wits with a throngBoodlers, and pikers, and slyboots oh my It s December 1901, when the paths of three of the era s notable characters cross in the nation s capital the Wizard of Oz, the Countess von Schnurrenberger und Kesselheim, and Harry Reese, insurance investigator Harry has come to Washington in order to solve a string of jewelry thefts But first he must match wits with a throng of thirsty newspapermen, a pack of rapacious lobbyists, and a young devotee of the Wizard s And as is usual, his dear wife Emmie has her own agenda.
Kalorama Shakedown Robert Bruce Stewart

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    493 Robert Bruce Stewart
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One thought on “Kalorama Shakedown

  1. Evgeny

    The time early twenties Harry Reeves, the insurance investigator comes to Washington to investigate a string of jewelry thefts He has to dive deeply into the lives of politicians, lobbyists, and other people related to Big Politics It does not help any that his wife Emmie comes along.Speaking about his wife, I could not help recalling the old classic sitcom I Love Lucy Remember Lucy always tried to get in a show with Ricky Well, Ricky had it easy Emmie makes Lucy look like an amateur in trying t [...]

  2. Maureen

    I loved this book Having read Crossings also part of The Harry Reese Mysteries , I was eager to see if the author could maintain that same level of satirical humour and suspense Well Mr Stewart you ve done that in spades It was so entertaining This particular mystery involves some jewellery thefts and murder, and , as usual there were a lot of suspects, but I was kept guessing right up to the end, and I think that s a skill in itself I have quickly become a fan of Harry and Emmie, I love the his [...]

  3. Paula

    Although this book was set at the turn of the century it is sadly still true of the powers that be in Washington today For a country that has made so many advancements in the last one hundred years we seem to still be stuck in a mire of corruption that is committed by those who are supposed to protect and lead us.

  4. Aisling

    Pure pleasure Hard to believe that a book about an insurance investigator would be captivating but this one is Harry Reece and his wife Emmie who have a wonderful entertaining relationship go to Washington in 1901 to investigate jewelry thefts The mysteries to be solved include not only the honesty of the insurance claims, but also murder and blackmail The author does an excellent job of making a complex mystery unravel logically and in a satisfying manner But there is also a lot of laugh out lo [...]

  5. Cheryl Scott

    Kalorama Shakedown is the wonderful third installment of the Harry Reese Mysteries and the second one I received from the author after entering the First Reads contests I will confess, I have become an unabashed fan This series is getting better and better.Married sleuths, Harry and Emmie Reese, move the action to turn of the last century Washington D.C where Harry is investigating several jewel thefts Emmie meets up once again with her beautiful and fascinating friend, Elizabeth, and it becomes [...]

  6. Debbie Carnes

    I love historical mysteries, Kalorama Shakedown is set in Washington, DC in 1901 It has great detail into what life was like then and the characters are charming and full of life.This book goes one step further then just a historical mystery, it has a lot of great dry humor to round it out.Great book, a must read.

  7. Patricia Ann

    I love good writing and great research, just two reasons why I am enchanted by this adventure of Harry Reese, insurance fraud investigator and his wife Emmie At the turn of the century the 1900 s Harry is in Washington D.C investigating a multitude of jewelry thefts To Emmie s delight, murder, blackmail, political intrigue are added to his investigation Another factor in my enjoyment of this writer is the subtle and not so subtle thread of humor that he sprinkles in Harry s narration of events F [...]

  8. Tony Parsons

    1901, Washington, DC Elizabeth is now a secretary for Countess von Schnurrenberger Brooklyn, NY Emmie McGinnis Harry Reese were working on some burglary cases The victims were George Easterly, Senator William Merrill General Thomas Sachs Sachs Leutz military equipJulius Chappelle colored operates an employment office that employed the 3 colored help to for the individuals Could he be the culprit Will Emmie Harry solve the burglary mysteries Fabulous old time mystery book.I did not receive any ty [...]

  9. Argum

    Poor Harry is still dealing with Emmie s antics This time she has found a jewel thief Her old friend Elizabeth has become secretary to a Countess, a diplomat s wife stationed in DC Oh that Countess just happens to be the Madame B from the jewel thief manual Harry wrote So when Emmie invents a friend to visit in DC Harry is justifiably worried A bunch of threads combine in quite a rollicking tale Emmie is quite a woman who only maybe is insane Enjoy this series but less for the mystery and for t [...]

  10. Anna Crossan

    Wasn t able to finish it The story didn t grab me from the start and I just couldn t seem to get into it no matter how long I stuck with it Oh well on to the next book

  11. Cate

    Written with than a discreet nod at Hammett and a dash of P.G Wodehouse this novel, the third in a series, is a great and engrossing little read It is a mystery, with than a little satire and three murders thrown in for good measure Also, like its two predecessors it is completely able to stand firmly on its own merits.Our main protagonist is the man the series is named after, and with his wife, he adds body and humour to this absorbing novel He is dry, precise and engaging and is the perfect [...]

  12. Marion Grassie

    Kalorama ShakedownI was given this book by the author in exchange for a review Many thanks to Robert Bruce Stewart That being said, the following is my considered review of the book I enjoyed reading this little novel which is rather humorous and doesn t take itself too seriously It is an unusual combination of mystery and comedy set in the USA during the turn of the last century It involves several alleged thefts of jewellery and one or two deaths thrown in for good measure The tale is based ar [...]

  13. Heidi

    When I was given a copy of this book by the author in exchange for a review, I read the earlier novels and stories in the series first, because I always prefer to read a series in order whenever possible Having been impressed with the series to this point, I was looking forward to this one, and I m happy to say, I enjoyed this book a lot This is the latest Harry Reese mystery novel, and I think it s the best and funniest one yet.It s December of 1901, and the Reeses are in Washington this time, [...]

  14. Debra

    Insurance claims investigator Harry Reese and his wife Emmie have come to Washington DC to investigate jewelry heists at the homes of three prominent citizens Things take an interesting turn with the appearance of Emmie s friend Elizabeth who is now secretary to a German countess Elizabeth and the Countess have rather mysterious reputations, and since their arrival in Washington coincided with the break ins Emmie decides to do a little snooping of her own.Kalorama Shakedown is an enjoyable cozy [...]

  15. Rachel

    I won a copy of this book through , and read it out of order from the other Harry Reese mysteries Harry Reese is an insurance claims investigator, and his wife Emmie is a not so reformed gambler, bordering on confidence woman from time to time I love Stewart s portrayal of Harry and Emmie s relationship Harry has long since giving up on keeping Emmie in line or understanding her The two always have a playful banter going, and it seems at times like maybe Harry married Emmie because you need to k [...]

  16. Stanley McShane

    This wasn t just a story about a by gone era, it was written in the style and verbiage as well Using first person, Harry Reese and his wife, Emmie, travel to Washington to investigate a string of burglaries on which insurance claims had been filed Investigating insurance claims was not new to him, though encountering a homicide or two connected with the case was With the burglaries being expensive jewelry and involving upper crust society, it wasn t long before they were meeting and mingling wit [...]

  17. Paul Burnette

    Who s shakin who Author Stewart has stated his goal for his Reese Mysteries Series It s my aspiration to write historical mysteries that are humorous in a sophisticated way, yet faithful to both the genre and the period He succeeded Harry and Emmie Reese might have just stepped out of any of those stylish comic sleuth stories, movies, or television series we all have loved on public tv channels or lately, for me on Netflix and Prime These productions feature a smart youngish man accompanied by a [...]

  18. Claire

    I entered the contest to win this book from I was thrilled when I received my book I read it and was quite pleased with this cozy mystery Harry Reese is an insurance investigator with a wife who tries, and usually succeeds, in running rings around him I enjoyed it from the first sentence through the last, in fact I found the first sentence intriguing Emmie it seems gets involved in murders while Harry solves thefts They head to Washington and become involved with an over the hill law maker and o [...]

  19. Sheila Carsins

    Interesting Read.I think fans of Miss Marple, or Agatha Christie will enjoy this story the most I spent a great deal of time trying to keep track of all of the escapades, of who did what to whom, and why there wasn t a cut and dry crime to attribute to one single character Many of the characters seemed to be guilty of something or other, and there seemed to be a lot of I ll trade you this crime or tidbit of information, or jewelry, for a different angle on this or that aspect of the case In fact [...]

  20. Joel Bresler

    The main character in Kalorama Shakedown is a solver of mysteries named, aptly enough, Mr Reese Or Harry, to his friends and one particularly questionable countess.Harry and his wife Emmie who is not above having a few mysteries of her own travel to DC, he to investigate some suspicious jewel thefts and she, ostensibly, to visit an old school friend While there, they uncover a plot, become unwitting participants in a couple , solve a murder and learn never to be left holding the bar bill after a [...]

  21. Fiona

    It s in the early 1900 s Harry Reese is an insurance investigator who travels to Washington, DC with his wife Emmie to solve a rash three of burglaries The victims are a US Senator, a lobbyist, and a general Is there a connection Harry his wife think so But, they don t think it s that they hired servants from the same agency While in DC, Emmie wants to visit her old friend Elizabeth who is now a personal assistant to use the modern term to a Countess Do Elizabeth or the Countess have burglary in [...]

  22. Italo Italophiles

    I enjoy this author s books, and perhaps enjoyed this one than the others The rich research and intelligent language is here, as always, creating a book that could have been written circa 1900 when the story is set , but we have the author s modern eye on race, sexuality and married life.I think I liked this one best for the setting Washington, D.C We get some political history and a view of the nation s capital before it was built up.Insurance investigator Harry narrates the story, giving us a [...]

  23. Florry

    I liked this mystery book because the case is solved with humor, satire, riddles and all that fun, as the author accustomed us in the other books of the series.Harry Reese and his funny wife Emmie are in Washington to investigate a mysterious case about the disappearance of some valuable jewelry It s complicated to prove who the thief is when there are implicated various people such as a countess, doctors, colored servants, sergeants, a general, a senator, some newspapermen and even an enthusias [...]

  24. Nancy Townsend

    I was lucky enough to be given a copy of this book by the author, for review This is the third Harry Reese Mystery I have read and in Kalorama Shakedown I think the author has found his style Less Wodehouse and Christie, his own delightful creation Harry and Emmie are back to their wonderful bantering selves and Harry has further developed his own way of coping with his wife s eccentric ways he seems content to just let her be herself Why aren t men like that This adventure takes them to Washi [...]

  25. Jeanne Johnston

    Not quite as quirky or hilarious as other reviews would have me believe, but a really fun little mystery, nonetheless This is not one of those stories where you are really given clues to ponder for yourself, partly because the characters seem to have their own friendly competition and like to play things pretty close to the vest Harry and Emmie are a fun couple, very much in the same vein as Nick and Nora Charles, if you like the old Thin Man movies from the mid 30s Their banter is so evocative [...]

  26. Kay Bolton

    I was very kindly sent a Kindle copy of this book by Robert Stewart in return for an honest Review The full Blog Post can be found on my Blog 400 in November 2011 for a list of the errors 2 of same and a bug bear.The Novel was so redolent of an old black and white gum shoe movie, and it really bought back memories of Saturday afternoon snuggled up watching films based on plots like these when I was a kid I really think that it would translate to a TV programme so well.I loved the characterisatio [...]

  27. Peggy

    I must admit to having a weakness for mysteries served with a generous helping of humor, and Kalorama Shakedown fills the bill admirably Even better, Harry Reese, insurance investigator, and his new wife, Emmie, remind me strongly of Nick Nora Charles, the squabbling yet witty stars of the Thin Man movies Mr Stewart has created some devious and delicious characters here, both good and bad and somewhere in between we re not always sure which Fans of L Frank Baum will appreciate the numerous refer [...]

  28. Deb

    Cute and entertaining Certainly not destined to be a classic, but I had just finished a depressing book about WWII, so this was a nice escape I kept getting the feeling that I was watching a black and white movie mystery circa 1930 s maybe something from The Thin Man series The characters were non dimensional They were flighty and flippant The husband wife relationship was contentious, but only in a Lucy and Ricky way My main complaint about the book was the writer s style The book was written a [...]

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