In the Dark (2020)

In the Dark Sally Eggert In the Dark A woman drawn into a dangerous game A man who may not be what he seems Passion raises the stakes in Sally Eggert s electrifying novel of deception and desire Josie Nielsen s anonymous life as a barten
  • Title: In the Dark
  • Author: Sally Eggert
  • ISBN: 9780345548337
  • Page: 243
  • Format: ebook
In the Dark Sally Eggert A woman drawn into a dangerous game A man who may not be what he seems Passion raises the stakes in Sally Eggert s electrifying novel of deception and desire.Josie Nielsen s anonymous life as a bartender is a world away from her classified job at a covert agency and the terrifying night she was almost killed for her country s secrets That was the night Josie found out tA woman drawn into a dangerous game A man who may not be what he seems Passion raises the stakes in Sally Eggert s electrifying novel of deception and desire.Josie Nielsen s anonymous life as a bartender is a world away from her classified job at a covert agency and the terrifying night she was almost killed for her country s secrets That was the night Josie found out the hard way that no one had her back, especially not the man she thought she loved But she s pulled back in when her new boyfriend becomes the target of a government drug sting.A sexy, laid back barfly, Johnny Boyer is the kind of guy Josie can count on to disappear before things get too complicated But after she learns that Johnny is part of a major international trafficking operation, Josie can t let him out of her sight And yet even as she plunges into the mortal danger that surrounds Johnny, her attraction to him burns hotter than ever She just isn t sure whether she s falling for a ruthless, cold blooded criminal or the only man she s ever met worth trusting with her life.Includes a special message from the editor, as well as excerpts from other Loveswept titles.
In the Dark Sally Eggert

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    243 Sally Eggert
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One thought on “In the Dark

  1. Pat

    In the DarkSally EggertIf your looking for a romantic suspense novel, In the Dark has it all A love story about two people who don t want to love, dark intrigue swirling around them, and so many lies and twists in their journey Josie Nielsen is a former government employee for an agency that has lots of secrets She sat at her desk, doing her boring job, definitely not involved in any of those secrets Until one night, some one she trusted, thought she loved, betrayed her and she nearly lost her l [...]

  2. A

    I went into this book with an open mind I hadn t read anything by this author before, but the summary sounded cool It has the perfect amount of mystery and some hot romance Oh man I would love to take a round or two with Johnny This book made me ignore sleep so I could finish it I started it and quickly finished it I needed to know the full story and what the character s involvement in that story This story did not disappoint Josie, is an amusing character with a jaded past but a quick mind to m [...]

  3. Tina Wainscott

    I had the pleasure of reading this early In the Dark starts innocently enough, with Josie casually dating bad boy charmer Johnny, suspecting that he s into some bad business But all she wants for the time being is distraction, and she knows she won t fall for Johnny Well, that s the intent anyway As things look darker and dangerous, she finds herself falling deeper into both Johnny and a situation in which she has to tread a very fine line Since this is a romance, you know that there s some red [...]

  4. BeaCharmed

    I made it to 54% but it was struggle, I was forcing myself to continue so I gave up I couldn t connect with any of the leads, there was little action, some suspense, but I just couldn t get into it.

  5. Kimberly

    Was given an ARC by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review Due to downloading difficulties, I was not able to read this book.

  6. Petra Grayson

    Sad to say, I just couldn t read this whole book It dragged and dragged and dragged I knew within 30 pages who was the good guy and the bad guy And I was so upset that the heroine asked no questions and really didn t care about finding out anything She was simply Too Stupid To Live, in my mind I felt like I read for ages and was only 17% through the book.I liked the writing enough that I couldn t just leave the story altogether, so I skimmed a lot and read the last 30 pages too I felt the descri [...]

  7. Kathy Altman

    First time author Sally Eggert rocks the romantic suspense genre with this deep, dark, gritty tale that is so well crafted, so full of the sinister and unexpected, you ll have a tough time dragging yourself back into your everyday world What s especially unique and captivating about this story is the heroine in the beginning, she s not heroic at all She fled her former life and the traumatic event that stole her ability to trust, and now leads a mostly monotone existence, the only color provided [...]

  8. Laura Greenwood

    a reader lives a thousand liveTitle In the Dark Author Sally Eggert From NetgalleyGenre Suspense, Romance Release Date 28th January 2014Challenges Winter COYER 2015 2016, 2016 Netgalley Edelweiss Challenge, 2016 Blogger ShameLinks When Josie escaped from her desk job at the Agency she wanted nothing to do with that kind of life Living in a small apartment above the bar she now works in the most danger she expects is from looking the other way about what her lover does for a living and keeping h [...]

  9. Goose

    Great, emotionally real characters, spot on dialogue, and an exciting plot make for a really satisfying read.After a near death experience, Josie has cut ties with her past life working for a government agency and has dropped out of society, working as a bartender and carrying on a purely physical relationship with Johnny Boyer, a small time criminal that frequents her bar Josie is just starting to admit to herself that she might actually have feelings for Johnny when she overhears him on the ph [...]

  10. Emsy Van Wyck

    Review Four stars for In the Dark, a page turning, suspenseful read from Sally EggertOne of the reasons I m a fan of romantic suspense as it serves as the bridge between my love of mysteries and romance novels The adrenaline rush that readers and I receive when an author has us wrapped up in the characters and story is not to be missed, so I m always on the lookout for new titles and authors in this genre THE DARK A Loveswept Romantic Suspense by Sally Eggert is one of these titles I ll admit th [...]

  11. Charlie

    Provided an ARC for honest reviewWhere to begin, interesting enough story with good development of characters I was able to pick up on the fact that Peter would be bad and Johnny would be good purely based on the development of the character and I was siding with Johnny I tend not to like bad guys in books, oddly enough because in movies I tend to love them Josie s dilemma I thought hit home for someone who heart and mind are at war This book portrayed the struggle of being in love with someone [...]

  12. Yazmin

    In The Dark by Sally Eggert, Josie Nielsen lives an anonymous life as a bartender She used to work for a covert agency that kept lots of secrets, not that she knew any of them since she had a boring desk job But one night someone she trusted and thought she loved betrayed her and got her almost killed So she packed her life and moved to a small room above the bar where she now works at Her life is monotonous and simple, but that is the way she wants it She wants nothing that can put her in the s [...]

  13. Aussie Jo

    Good premise but failed to have pace I felt the story was a great idea but at about 30% of the way through not much had happened and I was wondering if it ever would.There were a lot of fleshing out of each situation where I kept zoning out and thinking of things other than the book There were good meaningful words but there was just too many of them and the story needed to move faster.It was 39% before anything real happened, but even then it was all few and far between.The paragraphs were so l [...]

  14. Zarith dol

    ARC given by netgalley for an honest review.It is a fast paced story filled with anticipation and adrenalin I love the heroine although sometimes she is a gulible Johnny, I loved him all the way Eventhough he is the bad guy or so , can t help rooting him He is like the prince of darkness but in the good way The plot kind a lost to me half the way, but the characters kept me going A good story but need to be read on your off day just to keep up the pace recommended

  15. JoMarie DeGioia

    I really liked the characters and thought the storyline was very intriguing The pace was sluggish for me There seemed to be a lot of time when the heroine was thinking And thinking I skimmed through the last third of the book but still needed to find out what happened to these story people I would read this author again.

  16. Angela

    it had so many twists and turns it could have easily got confusing but i found it relatively easy to follow i liked josie and johnny from the beginning and loved what the author did with them will look forward to reading from this author.

  17. Melissa

    This book was a great read Josie is trying to start over after everything has happened to her and now she doesn t know who to trust any herself or some people she just meet She finds out along the way that not everybody is who they say they are and it just might be to late to turn back now.

  18. Ellen Hampton

    Snappy dialogue, scintillating sex, romantic suspense the way it s meant to happen Sally Eggert is a talent to watch

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