Coming Home for Christmas (2020)

Coming Home for Christmas JennyHale Coming Home for Christmas Christmas is a time for family isn t it Allie Richfield loves Christmas so when she lands a job as House Manager for the amazing Ashford Estate which includes organizing the Marley family festivities
  • Title: Coming Home for Christmas
  • Author: JennyHale
  • ISBN: 9781909490109
  • Page: 166
  • Format: ebook
Coming Home for Christmas JennyHale Christmas is a time for family isn t it Allie Richfield loves Christmas, so when she lands a job as House Manager for the amazing Ashford Estate which includes organizing the Marley family festivities she is in her element With a budget bigger than her life savings and a team of staff, how hard can it be As one by one she meets the Marleys, she s about to find out AllChristmas is a time for family isn t it Allie Richfield loves Christmas, so when she lands a job as House Manager for the amazing Ashford Estate which includes organizing the Marley family festivities she is in her element With a budget bigger than her life savings and a team of staff, how hard can it be As one by one she meets the Marleys, she s about to find out Allie s new boss, Robert, might be gorgeous, but he s also colder than the snow outside and refuses to come home for Christmas Robert s playboy brother, Kip, flirts with her relentlessly and his sister, Sloane, arrives home with baggage both the divorce kind and the Louis Vuitton kind Their ninety two year old grandmother, Pippa, spends her day grumbling at everybody from her mobility scooter.With Robert intending to sell Ashford, it s the Marley s last chance to create some happy memories in their family home and Allie is determined to make it happen even if it takes a little Christmas magic With the festive spirit in full swing, she might even discover a little happiness of her own
Coming Home for Christmas JennyHale

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One thought on “Coming Home for Christmas

  1. Claire Robinson

    DNF 33%I sure hope the film is better than the bookAnd dating one brother, while thinking about and comparing him to the other Not cool I was starting to feel judgey and bitchy, and 100% not Christmassy, so time to move on, before I start to get stabby as well.

  2. Melindam

    This is a m b illionaire falls for ordinary girl kind of trope with a Christmas theme, which I have no problem with in general However, I had quite a few problems with this book in particular Neither the story, nor the writing helped me to suspend disbelief it was too hard work for nothing much in return.The main character is utterly passive and dull who does not seem to do anything on her own volition, juts drifts by gets talked into things Her sister persuades forces her to take up a job of ho [...]

  3. Jacqueline

    1.5 no burn not slow burn stars.Billed a feel good Christmas romance oddly enough all of the feel good and romantic bits were sprinkled lightly into the final 10% of the story with no hint of romance in the rest of it and absolutely zero smut Bit of a let down tbh.Ah well.

  4. Ian

    At loose ends, Allie accepts a job managing the Ashford Estate as the owner prepares to sell But she quickly learns that Robert who owns the estate is going against the wishes of his grandmother, the only permanent resident and his younger brother and sister all of whom want to keep the home which has been in the family for generations As she communicates with Robert through e mail she catches brief glimpses of the 9 year old boy who had to grow up fast after his parents deaths and she can t hel [...]

  5. Alaina Meserole

    Since it s December and my favorite holiday is coming up AKA CHRISTMAS I definitely felt I should be reading holiday themed books I ve been listening to Christmas music since Halloween and watching Christmas movies since then too So, why haven t I read any Christmas themed books EVER Coming Home for Christmas definitely helped me redeem myself Plus, someone told me it was a Hallmark movie too and now I really need to find this movie and watch it So, this book started off a bit slow for me but th [...]

  6. Nadja

    Ou schon sehr grenzwertig an der Realit t view spoiler Chef nur einmal kurz gesehen, schon wagt man sich die k hnsten Dingen zu sagen hide spoiler War nat rlich von Anfang an klar wie es auskommt, unterhaltsam wars allemal.

  7. Leah

    I have just finished my first Christmas book of 2013 in the middle of September I know and it was AWESOME I actually said on Twitter that, really, there s no perfect time to read Christmas books when you live on an island that has permanent sunshine 99% of the time, and because I had set up an interview with Jenny Hale, I decided September was as good a time as any to read her debut novel Coming Home For Christmas, and I am so glad I did because it was such a wonderful, enjoyable novel I finishe [...]

  8. Renita D"Silva

    If you are going to read one book this Christmas, make it this one The characters are so beautifully portrayed that they jump off the page and take residence in your head you end up rooting for every single one of them My favourites were Pippa, the matriarch who presides via a mobility scooter throne and Allie of course Where to start with Allie She s warm, she s funny, she s kind, she s great with the kids and she has a heart as big as the Marleys mansion and, to top it all, she single handedly [...]

  9. Lisa

    Das Buch hat mir nicht gefallen und das lag haupts chlich an der unglaublich schlechten Beziehungsentwicklung zwischen den Charakteren Aber eigentlich war auch alles andere ziemlich doof.Die Charaktere f r sich genommen waren alle ganz s , wenn auch einseitig.Aber wie um Himmels Willen verliebt sich jemand nach gef hlt drei 200 Zeichen Emails Und nat rlich gibt es ein total stumpfes Happy End Die Aufl sung der Dreiecksbeziehung war echt schwach Es wird nicht gesprochen, sondern eine Partei geht [...]

  10. Becky

    I hesitate to give this book a Romance shelving because it was one of the least romantic books I ve ever read The girl in the book, whose name I ve already forgotten, was boring, incompetent, and passive The relationships were non existent or forced Side characters aka anyone not a Marley were complete non entities You never learn the slightest bit about any servants or even the main character s own family members The guys in the book were such bland cardboard cutouts that it was impossible to b [...]

  11. Katherine Coble

    Yikes Normally I enjoy it when an author reworks a popular romantic story with their own characters and setting It s often a way to feel extra cozy within the book This story uses Billy Wilder s _Sabrina_ as a starting point, and turns the heroine in romantic relationship with charming younger brother but really suited for older pragmatic brother into a Christmas Romance There s one key problem here, though In Sabrina the heroine has a long history with both brothers, having grown up the child o [...]

  12. Kathi

    What a beautiful story about love, hope, and forgiveness Jenny Hale is a brilliant writer who allows her readers to be captivated by the characters in her book I really enjoyed getting to know the Marley family as they discovered the importance of tradition and family Characters were well developed, and I felt as though I knew each one personally Coming Home for Christmas really touched my heart i cannot wait to read of Jenny s books in the future

  13. Nicole

    Reached 10% when I realized I just didn t care for any of the characters Not to mention there is little to no conflict present Nothing jumps off the page, nothing calls my attention, nothing pushes me to read further The writing was incredibly uneven, the pace completely off It just isn t for me.

  14. Fabulous Book Fiend

    What a lovely heartwarming tale I knew I was going to enjoy this book just from reading the publisher s summary but I didn t realise just how feel good it would be It s a nice quick start to the story, you get to know Allie and her sister Megan straight away and then when Allie moves to look after Ashford the house she is employed to look after the characters start being introduced there too Allie is a totally relatable lead character She has her insecurities and yet she is determined to make th [...]

  15. April

    ZZZZZZoh hey thanks for waking me up for the review This book could have been so interesting, but it gets lost in the drawn out story and confusing romance Here is why I say the romance is confusing You have no idea which brother to route for Allie starts off crushing on Robert, then later meets Kip, has a flirtation with hims and kind of dating , definitely kissing, the whole time thinking about Robert This kind of thing does not fly for me in romances I like one clear couple, no kissy face of [...]

  16. Jo Frost

    Oh my goodness I pretty much rolled my eyes throughout this book I don t read this genre very much and now I am reminded why The main character is arrogant, is hired as the house manager and interferes and offers her opinion when it is not requested She flits from one brother to another, hedging her bets, abandoning her own family for a family she doesn t even think she can be part of Horrible woman Pippa and Robert were the only characters I vaguely liked.

  17. Jessica

    This book was AWFUL The main love interest was a complete idiot and the protagonist seemed to know that The story was completely predictable to the point of boredom I normally adore Christmas chick lit but once I started, I had little to no desire to pick this up again.

  18. Ana

    Also posted on This Chick Reads Copy provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review WOW, what a brilliant and warm Christmas story I first heard about this book on twitter and was really excited to read it So many of my friends out there were already on a search for some great Christmas stories yes, in September and all of them were talking about this debut After checking the blurb I was certain I was going to enjoy it After all, I m a huge sucker for Christmas reads and romance stories [...]

  19. Silvia

    Allie, trentaduenne con un diploma in Pedagogia ma senza lavoro, grazie all aiuto della sorella, agente immobiliare, accetta di divenire amministratrice della dimora della famiglia Marley per sostituire Robert impegnato in viaggi di lavoro La tenuta sta per essere venduta e Allie ha il compito di organizzare le feste natalizie durante le quali la famiglia si riunir per l ultima volta tra quelle mura Davanti agli occhi di Allie si palesano lusso, ricchezza e la stramba famiglia Marley composta da [...]

  20. Terri Wino

    First, let me say some of the reasons why I should not have liked this book The lines that Allie crosses as an employee are just ridiculous in this story Her involvement with Kip just had me shaking my head Her fascination with Robert, when she s only met him one time is so implausible The relationship they have with only a few emails and phone calls about her job should not be enough basis for any of the events in this book.And yetd yetI totally loved this book With each chapter I read, all rea [...]

  21. Susan Epps

    I could not finish itI did not finish the book but Allie annoying She liked her boss but she is dating his brother And she really didn t want to date him but she was so passive she gets talk into things And the other employees were watching this relationship It all just made me uncomfortable It wasn t romantic at all This book was way too big for its britches.

  22. Angie

    3.5 4 starsSweet Christmas story involving a historic family home, the dysfunctional family that owns it, and a perceptive house manager that ties them all together A quick read that kept me interested I wanted to keep reading about Allie and the love triangle of sorts she was in with Robert and Kip Clean romance Recommend to Christmas romance chick lit readers

  23. CarolMacInnis

    I won this book from a contest on and it was wonderful After eleven years working as a Nanny, at 32 years old, Allison Allie Richfield was moving back into her childhood home with her mom With no prospects of a new job on the horizon, Allie s sister, Megan, who is a well established Real Estate Agent, has a proposal for her sister One of Megan s client s, whose house, The Ashford Estate, is looking for a house manager After some consideration and the flip of a coin, Allie agrees to meet with Mr [...]

  24. Tracie Banister

    I ve always been a fan of sentimental holiday stories, so this book hit my sweet spot Heroine Allie Richfield is lacking direction and purpose when the book starts Although she s an adult in her early 30s, she s back home living with her mother, not sure what to do with herself since her longtime nanny position has come to an end Her successful realtor sister recommends her for a temporary job as House Manager at a beautiful estate Allie s not sure if she s even qualified, but lacking any other [...]

  25. Chanpreet

    Allie Richfield adores Christmas and old things, houses in particular After 11 years she s come to live with her mother after her job as a nanny ends She s happy when she lands the job as House Manager at the Ashford Estate and can move out She s ecstatic until she learns one of her responsibilities is to get the house prepared for buyers to come and look at it her long term job is just temporary until the home is sold As Allie meet s the Marley family she learns that holding onto her job may no [...]

  26. Clare

    Listened to in audio format.Allie Richfield has returned to her Mothers home after losing her job as a live in nanny Her sister Megan is an estate agent who is trying to sell the Ashford estate the ancestral home of the Marley s Megan tells Allie that the Ashford estate needs a house manager until the property is sold Allie goes to see Robert Marley who offers her the job immediately because she is related to Megan As part of her duties she is asked to organise a family meeting over christmas Th [...]

  27. Pupottina

    L a come regalo per NataleA, speranza e perdono Ecco le tre parole magiche che sintetizzano il contenuto di IL REGALO PI GRANDE il primo romanzo che leggo di JENNY HALE Questa volta ad attrarmi stata prima di tutto la copertina, molto natalizia e romantica Secondariamente, stata la trama, ossia la vicenda sentimentale di Allie Richfield, chiamata a servizio presso una dimora storica di lusso per occuparsi delle incombenze quotidiane, come l organizzazione delle feste natalizie dei proprietari.E [...]

  28. Stephanie

    Tis the season and time for another Christmas novel review Unlike my review for A Cinderella Christmas, Jenny Hale s Coming Home for Christmas places a lot emphasis on the holiday which is fine as long as you re in the mood Thankfully I was I liked Hale s Christmas offering and it definitely got me a bit excited about Christmas I did find certain aspects of the book a bit of a stretch though, particularly Allie s interactions with Robert almost from the start I couldn t imagine speaking emailin [...]

  29. Ulrike Böhm

    Dr ge Cinderella Story, die sich zieht wie Kaugummi Hatte mir aufgrund der Rezensionen anderer Leser definitiv mehr erwartet Unglaubw rdige Handlung, eindimensionale Charaktere, die irgendwann nur noch nervten Nach einem Drittel habe ich es aufgegeben zu lesen, habe nur noch vorgebl ttert in der Hoffnung, durch Querlesen noch Stellen zu entdecken, bei denen ich h ngen bleibe Vergebens Am Ende wurde es dann total unglaubw rdig Ich wei , man sollte an eine Weihnachtsgeschichte nicht unbedingt die [...]

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