The Complete Book of Incense, Oils and Brews (2020)

The Complete Book of Incense, Oils and Brews Scott Cunningham Victoria Poyser-Lisi The Complete Book of Incense Oils and Brews ISBN
  • Title: The Complete Book of Incense, Oils and Brews
  • Author: Scott Cunningham Victoria Poyser-Lisi
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 115
  • Format: Paperback
The Complete Book of Incense, Oils and Brews Scott Cunningham Victoria Poyser-Lisi ISBN 0875421288
The Complete Book of Incense, Oils and Brews Scott Cunningham Victoria Poyser-Lisi

  • [AZW] é The Complete Book of Incense, Oils and Brews | BY ☆ Scott Cunningham Victoria Poyser-Lisi
    115 Scott Cunningham Victoria Poyser-Lisi
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    Posted by:Scott Cunningham Victoria Poyser-Lisi
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One thought on “The Complete Book of Incense, Oils and Brews

  1. Dave/Maggie Bean

    I seldom review books of this sort, but in this case, I m compelled to give credit where it s due.Hocus pocus aside, many of these concoctions are actually quite pleasantly scented A sufficiently entrepreneurial individual could use the information to supplement his her income via cottage industry hawking Organic AirWick, if you will , at craft shows, love ins, and outpatient rehab clinics Bean, radish, and sprout salad again Aww, jeez Guess we d better burn a few of these and open a window If, [...]

  2. Jo M

    An excellent resource But I ve found that that is all that this book is a quick reference While I enjoy having that at hand I would have rather seen Cunningham dive a bit deeper into the meaning, symbolism, and history of some of the incense oil combination he provides.

  3. Keshia

    More than just Incense, Oils, Brews, this book gives the beginner a great foray into the art of aromatherapy, soaps, and sachets This book is a quick read with than enough recipes to blend incense, oil, and much with purpose and intent Although very informative, ultimately this will wind up on your shelf as a handy reference guide.

  4. David S

    Cunningham gave me the start I needed to begin to understand how to channel energy with herbs and scent This book is a primer without being too elementary I highly recommend this book to those whose craft is amplified through scent.

  5. Charity Bedell

    The complete book of Incense, Oils, Brews is a wonderful guide to working with these practices Like many of his other texts the author Scott Cunningham created a very useful and effective resource for working many different types of magical spells and rituals This text works great in companion with his Aromatherapy book and his two Herbal Magic books Herbal Magic and his Magical Herbal encyclopedia or it can be used effectively on its own as its own resource The text provides a comprehensive lis [...]

  6. Letitia

    Finally purchased this book today, and I m so glad I did An invaluable reference book for working with herbs to mix incense, potions and ritual baths Will surely be a very well used addition to my occult bookshelf.

  7. Gene Brickman

    He gives get recipes in this book about oils and incense I like how Scott writes as a casual guy and straight forward with you He does not try to flower or impress you Just a friend who is sharing his technique.

  8. CaptRondo

    Questo libro tutto fuorch completo Viene dato spazio ad argomenti molto superficiali che poteva essere sfruttato per ampliare i soggetti principali Per mi piaciuto molto Innanzitutto una guida strutturata in modo intelligente, utile da tenere sotto mano per consultazione durante i propri lavori Inoltre Cunningham uno dei pochissimi autori neopagani che mi piacciono davvero Il suo forte saper aggiungere un senso dell umorismo che fa sorridere non ghignare o ridacchiare nervosamente , facendo tras [...]

  9. Melanie Reasor

    Though Scott Cunningham is gone, his books and works are a mainstay in my library His insight, guidance and brilliantly written books are with out saying Once you read his work, I believe that you will feel the same.

  10. Nick Hendry

    Great little book for any Witch or magical practioner to have in their library Filled with many recipes to make your own oil or incense for many occasions and or spells.

  11. Mina MacGabhann

    This was a quick read, since its mostly recipes Excellent balance of how to and ingredients I love that substitutions are listed for the hard to find toxic herbs I will definitely be buying this book, and making my own soaps and incenses.

  12. Astral

    This text paired with Cunningham s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs has everything to get you started on a path of natural magic Well, besides the herbs It is filled with numerous recipes ranging from love tinctures, astral projection incenses, dream teas, protection sachets and everything in between While there is a wealth of information to be found in the recipes, the most use one will get from this book is from the tables of substitutions and correspondences at the end of the book Even if you do [...]

  13. Stephanie

    This book is such a great resource It s got so many recipes for not only incense, oils and brews but also things like bath products, tinctures, inks, powders and It does a great job of explaining the basics of pagan herbalism The only thing I don t like about it is some of the recipes contain toxic herbs like hemlock, belladonna, mistletoe, etc in an incense or other blend which can be dangerous To his credit he does put asterisks next to the toxic herbs but I still feel those recipes shouldn t [...]

  14. Brad

    The copy of this book in our house actually belongs to my partner, Maple he is the incense maker of the house This book have proven to be the wonderful guide and set of instructions for us Maple now makes all the incense we use in circle and to date has made a sabbat blend, prosperity blend, house cleansing blend, and Cunningham a timeless hero

  15. Pamela

    This is my absolute favorite witchy ingredient reference book When I do spellwork, I pick and choose between many different sources, but I always go to Cunningham s first This book provides recipes for oils, incense, potions, and so much , along with appendices full of correspondences and information This is a GREAT resource.

  16. Juli Anna

    As a practical guide for DIY incense and magical herbalism, this book does the job I am not Wiccan, so much of the info here is a little whimsical for me, but the how to stuff is great This is definitely inspiring me to create my own burnables and incense as well as to look into the symbolic and spiritual qualities of herbs, rather than just their medicinal qualities

  17. Pagan Hare

    The reason for the long reading period is, well, you don t stop reading this kind if book it s a reference book Even though I have put an end date I ll be picking this book when ever time I need information on how to create a particular incense, brew etc it s a brilliant book and like all of Scott s books, is one I d highly recommend to anyone

  18. Aaron Meyer

    I got to admit I have a soft spot in my heart for this book Some of the recipes are pretty good and the tables help out in whipping up something that you need if you can t find it already laid out in the book.

  19. Sicily

    Great resource for herbal recipes and correspondences A few downsides were his repetitiveness around not using synthetics and his slight Wiccan superiority complex Still a must have for those interested in simple herbal magic.

  20. Yvonne

    Excellent resource for anyone wanting to explore the world of making and working with incense, essential oils, tinctures and so forth Great for the advanced and beginner As always, I love Scott Cunningham s work

  21. Gaile

    This includes an explanation of magic, what oils, incense and brews are used for, followed by recipes divided into each category All are used in Wiccan magic to heal, as a cure for depression and many other magic portions Good for the followers of the Wican Religion.

  22. Tokuni

    I love the organization of a Scott Cunningham book The information is endless and a good base to have for your own workings to expand Use this book in combination with the Encyclopedia of Magickal Herbs and the Encyclopedia of Crystals and Metals for any spell work Very satisfying.

  23. Patricia

    The complete Incense, etc is a recent read 4 years ago It offers a thorough guide to making your life better through aromatherapy, gifts of perfume oils, and home remedies alluded to the in Cunningham s herb encyclopedia.

  24. Penelope

    This has got pretty much every recipe for incense, oils, etc that you d ever want so this is a definite resource must have, if anything.

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