Deeper (2020)

Deeper Sean Michael Deeper Johnny diMarco is a spoiled rich brat who has made his way through almost every Dom at The Hammer Club None of them can handle him Even Oliver has tried and has sadly had to admit defeat Dolph Waters
  • Title: Deeper
  • Author: Sean Michael
  • ISBN: 9781610406284
  • Page: 387
  • Format: ebook
Deeper Sean Michael Johnny diMarco is a spoiled, rich brat who has made his way through almost every Dom at The Hammer Club None of them can handle him Even Oliver has tried and has sadly had to admit defeat.Dolph Waters is a newcomer to the Hammer, but he s been a Dom at a club up north for quite a while When he hears about Johnny, he s intrigued and agrees to meet the sub and give it hisJohnny diMarco is a spoiled, rich brat who has made his way through almost every Dom at The Hammer Club None of them can handle him Even Oliver has tried and has sadly had to admit defeat.Dolph Waters is a newcomer to the Hammer, but he s been a Dom at a club up north for quite a while When he hears about Johnny, he s intrigued and agrees to meet the sub and give it his best shot.It doesn t take long for Dolph to realize that Johnny needs far than a simple blistering spanking, the sub needs attention and intense focus from his Dom The he gets to know Johnny, the Dolph falls for him and wants to be the one to give Johnny what he needs His biggest obstacle is Johnny himself who has decided that BDSM is a lie, one he isn t interested in any.Can Dolph convince Johnny that they can not only be friends, and lovers, but also Dom and sub Or is he doomed to have his heart broken
Deeper Sean Michael

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    387 Sean Michael
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One thought on “Deeper

  1. Vivian

    Prickly or Patience Who will win The battle of the Dom v Sub begins with a less than charming intro to Prickly, aka Gianni aka Ombre Having been tossed aside by every other Dom at the club, Dolph, aka Patience, takes on the challenge I liked the getting to know you aspect of the Dom sub relationship between Dolph and Gianni, but it dragged in places Dolph s approach to Ombre works there s a lot of breathing exercises and separating his boy from upsetting external stimuli It all made perfect sens [...]

  2. Virginia

    3.5 stars I m a total Sean Michael Hammer junkie I know exactly what I am getting when I read this series However, the last few books just haven t connected as much and there was a definite different feel to this one I liked the longer length novel vs short The BDSM, although there, took a definite back seat to the building of the relationship We also saw a different direction taken by Dolph when it comes to a piercing for Johnny than what we saw Marcus do with Jim in Bent Dolph was willing to t [...]

  3. Serena Yates

    The premise for this book is interesting take a sub, seemingly totally out of control, who is driving every Dom crazy, and see what happens when he is finally paired with the right Dom I like the message behind this a working BDSM relationship is built on than just a shared admiration of floggers and chains The psychology of the two partners is just as important, and in a case like Johnny s, with years of emotional abuse by his family behind him, the normal road to submission will not work He r [...]

  4. Sarah_loves_books

    As a book, I ll give this two stars, but I d like to give the last 20% an extra star I won t do it, though, because to deserve my three stars a book should be evenly satisfying For me the beginning of this book was okay, though I did enjoy the characters in my previous Hammer story, Trust, much than these characters The middle of the book was, to me, just boring, scene after scene of vanilla sex I ve read it all hundreds of times now, and well the thing is I m mainly looking for two kinds of b [...]

  5. Tam

    Yeah, I was on a roll It was what I expected but I did enjoy it than some I do have a soft spot for poor little subs who are treated badly by their families and thus have crappy self esteem Although given how Johnny was described, it took Dolf about 4 hours to figure him out Doesn t say much for those other doms It was nice to see them building a friendship through shared experiences, like learning to cook And Dolf made a mistake which in the Hammer world is unheard of So kudos for that There s [...]

  6. Anke

    Huh What the heck happened here It was a rather nice read, much better for most of the time that I honestly expected Safe even for readers who don t like reading about bdsm, there was rather none of that in it It was an engaging read for me Along the line the nickname Ombre got on my nerves majorly Then the build up to the family dispute well done, only to then fizzle out Hey, I was looking forward to a showdown And not just call the police and be done with it Extremely unsatisfying, really.

  7. Charly

    I liked it, but I didn t feel that it lived up to its potentialWarning This review might contain what some people consider SPOILERS Rating 6 10PROS One of the first things Johnny does when Dolph begins laying down the rules is type them into his phone so he won t forget them This made me chuckle A 21st century sub I found it very easy to pity Johnny I wanted a happy ending for him I wanted him to be content and loved and appreciated, and I liked Dolph well enough early on that I was perfectly ha [...]

  8. Vfields Don't touch my happy!

    The love affair between Sean Michael and myself has gotten a little spotty lately His book list is miss than hits nowadays, and I really, really am a Sean Michael fan I feel one of the strengths of the Hammer series was the time Sean Michael took with his two main characters Yes, yes, there s a lot of sex and a lot of one word sentences Love Need Mine and so on but there was something that just worked, if that s what you were looking for Lately his stories have gotten too short and lost their h [...]

  9. K

    I have to admit the Hammer Series is one of those guilty pleasure series, it doesn t really matter how good or bad the books can be and some can be very meh I am going to read them anyway That said, I found this one much better than some of the recent books in the series Johnny is a young rich sub, whose bratty attitude has turned everyone at the Hammer away from him, to the point where Master Oliver is considering refusing his membership His problem is not actually just attitude, he s been told [...]

  10. Jennifer

    The sub in this pairing has some deep seated psychological problems that are only dealt with superficially I can generally deal with this, but in this case it really annoyed me and I did not see the resolution of the story as being entirely satisfactory.

  11. Lizzie

    What can I say, it s Sean Michael and there s just something I like about this author The story doesn t stray far from the growing relationship between the two characters Sweet and angsty.

  12. Sarina

    Review written for Love Bytes Reviews.I think Deeper will have to go in my top five favorites for this series Johnny DiMarco is a spoiled, self entitled, bratty little rich boy that the owner of the Hammer Club, Oliver, is about ready to give up on Damn near every Dom in the place has tried working with Johnny and all have given up for various reasons When Dolph hears about Johnny, however, he s intrigued and determined to try and help the younger man he feels he s up for the challenge and Dolph [...]

  13. Wendy Ann

    Reviewed for Hearts On Fire Reviews 3 1 2 heartsMy name is Wendy, and I am addicted to the Hammer series Okay, step 1 completed admitting to the problem , but I m not really looking for a cure Reading this series is my guilty pleasure and I m good with that So, about this story Deeper describes exactly the situation that Johnny finds himself in he continues to dig himself deeper and deeper into a hole as he chases that elusive something just beyond his reach, and then acts out when he can t quit [...]

  14. Amber

    This book turned out to be a little bit different than I thought it would be I figured it would be like the majority of his books focusing heavily on sex with just a little bit of plot This one the sex took a backseat to the character development and plot When I read the summary I had expected Gianni to be a rough reckless sort of character yet he turned into a confuse and abuse young man that was lost than anything else It was nice to see the trust gradually build between the two MC The only t [...]

  15. Sunne

    I haven t read all the Hammer stories , just a few years ago Forged and Bent because they had been recommended to me Compared to these two this story just didn t meassure up While I loved the fact that Dolph found other ways to focus Johnny the breathing and the wrapping , the story dragged a bit and Johnny was a bit a too stupid brat Additionally the whole three names for Johnny thing got on my nerves, Johnny, Gianni and then Ombre, which actually reminded me all the time of the Spanish word ho [...]

  16. The Novel Approach Reviews

    These books typically pair a tough but loving Dom with a wounded submissive Deeper is no exception However, what sets this series apart is the way in which the author weaves the various story lines together and has the Hammer club be the central character in all the books thus giving us that sense of family who help carry each other when needed See the entire review at The Novel Approach thenovelapproachreviews 20

  17. Hearts On Fire Reviews

    Reviewed by VivianGenre M M Contemporary3 HeartsSee Review Here Hearts On Fire ReviewsFacebook link facebook pages Hearts02 09 2014Reviewed by WendyGenre M M Contemporary3.5 HeartsSee Review Here Hearts On Fire ReviewsFacebook link facebook pages Hearts

  18. Timeforme

    Main Characters Johnny diMarco A rich spoiled bratDolph Waters A new Dom at the Hammer who is willing to take Johnny onSynopsis Johnny has been too much for all the other Doms at the Hammer to handle and in a last ditch effort to match him up, Oliver asks Dolph to take him on Dolph immediately a lot of attention and deep focus from his Dom The story revolves on their developing relationship.My Thoughts The Hammer stories are always enjoyable and this one is no exception.

  19. Katy Beth Mckee

    While Dolph doesn t seem as hard core as some of the other Hammer masters he does push Johnny to move forward and make his own way He helps him see his potential When Dolph backs off it always turns out so much better.

  20. Bea

    Actually one of the best of this series Like the rest, there is tons of sex, and it is incredibly hot While the plot is not the strongest, I found the characterizations pretty good If you like the others, you will like this one.

  21. Lirajean

    Oh, these guys I wish I had a tenth as much sex as these men do They ll whip it out anywhere, anytime LOL

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