Exceptional Merit (2020)

Exceptional Merit George P. Norris Exceptional Merit Lieutenant James Keegan is a highly decorated police officer assigned to the N Y P D s Joint Terrorist Task Force Keegan has solved many high profile cases during his eighteen years with the N Y P D i
  • Title: Exceptional Merit
  • Author: George P. Norris
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 230
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Exceptional Merit George P. Norris Lieutenant James Keegan is a highly decorated police officer assigned to the N.Y.P.D s Joint Terrorist Task Force Keegan has solved many high profile cases during his eighteen years with the N.Y.P.D including an imminent terrorist attack which earned him a personal thank you from the President of the United States All is not what it appears, however, with Lieutenant KLieutenant James Keegan is a highly decorated police officer assigned to the N.Y.P.D s Joint Terrorist Task Force Keegan has solved many high profile cases during his eighteen years with the N.Y.P.D including an imminent terrorist attack which earned him a personal thank you from the President of the United States All is not what it appears, however, with Lieutenant Keegan James Keegan has a double life in which he has been involved with the Irish Republican Army for almost as long as he has the N.Y.P.D.Set in 1995, Exceptional Merit will take you from the quiet back streets of Northern Ireland to the gritty streets of New York City, from an I.R.A training camp, to the most inner workings of the N.Y.P.D Keegan s two lives come crashing together on New York s largest stage, in front of a live televised audience, where Keegan must decide where his loyalty lies to a job that he loves and the people of the city of New York he has taken an oath to serve and protect or to the cause of freedom for Northern Ireland which he has believed in his entire life All of the while, Keegan is unaware his every move is being watched from within his own department.
Exceptional Merit George P. Norris

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    George P. Norris

One thought on “Exceptional Merit

  1. Bill Ward

    Exceptional by title and an exceptional read Great thriller with excellent characters and fast action packed plot I had read the book which follows on twenty years later from this story and so enjoyed it I wanted to read this book Although it meant I knew some of the key plot elements I was still captivated from the first few pages and surprised by how the storyline developed Having served in the NYPD this author brings great authenticity to his crime stories Strongly recommended

  2. Edward Jr.

    To steal part of the title this book was exceptional George Norris poured his life into this book and it shows.His description and story telling of a police detective and police department is so authentic because he lived it, and it comes through wonderfully A very good read that I would not hesitate to recommend to anyone.

  3. Scott Spotson

    The author s top notch experience as a police officer has caused this book to be written with the detail it has No one else, except one who has earned his street smarts and acumen like this author did, could have written this book.The characters are very likeable and fascinating There are two that come to mind James Keegan of course is untouchable as the valiant cop who nonetheless has a sinister, life long secret that could threaten his reputation, his family, and his soul consuming career The [...]

  4. C.W. Lovatt

    Anything I ever knew, or thought I knew, about the inner workings of the New York City Police Department pales to insignificance before I read this novel Norris is the real deal, and he takes you on a journey that combines his professional knowledge with a terrific storytelling ability of Lieutenant James Keegan, the Department s rising star, and his involvement with the IRA He delves into the mind of the fanatic and cold blooded murderer, and deals with the conundrum of being caught between two [...]

  5. Angela Ford

    Spent the weekend totally engaged with Exceptional Merit Exceptional Merit is engaging, well written and filled with suspense and twists and turns to keep you turning the page This would make a great movie A highly decorated police officer of the NYPD Terrorist Task Force is Lieutenant James Keegan He s had many high profile cases He s the best But Jimmy is also involved with the Irish Replublican Army When his separate lives meethe has to decide who he is loyal toThis author is as well a highly [...]

  6. Robert

    Exceptional Merit is a gripping, well written story about intrigue in the New York City police department The characters are real and believable, and the circumstances both entertaining and disturbing James Keegan is the hero policeman, nationally known and recognized, but he has a secret that another police officer only suspects Multiple worlds collide for an exciting conclusion that sets the stage for additional intrigue.I highly recommend Exceptional Merit Read it when you have the time you w [...]

  7. Allison Kohn

    In spite of the fact that this is a story written by an armature writer, it is such an interesting and exciting read, I am enjoying it tremendously The author has a lot of story telling talent, as well as a thorough knowledge of the subject, There is a lot of conflicting emotions and loyalties making an intense drama This is a compelling read It is full of surprises and suspense angst galore.

  8. Stefania Mattana

    Exceptional Merit is a superb thriller The deepest knowledge of the police procedurals and the NYPD made the story even credible and gave me the illusion of being there for real You know, when you fear for a fictional character s life and cannot put the book down it means the author truly did an excellent job That s what happened to me while reading this story I ended up at two in the morning trying to switch off my Kindle Addicted

  9. Brandt

    This is a dramatic story of a cop leading a double life as an IRA gunrunner Exceptional Merit is a stunning debut novel that is detailed and well researched Of course, the author, George Norris, was a long time, highly decorated officer with NYPD and he uses that experience well in this novel He also knows how to build the tension and layer the story with twists and turns that the reader never sees coming.

  10. Holly

    Exceptional Merit by author George Norris is a thrilling crime drama with many unexpected twists and turns The tale follows Lieutenant James Keegan an officer assigned to the NYPD s Joint Terrorist Task Force, while also secretly devoted to the Irish Republican Army Keegan s loyalties are challenged in dramatic fashion and this both complex and sometimes tormented individual becomes stuck between these two worlds and responsibilities I was immediately drawn into this book through the strength of [...]

  11. James Penn

    This was a high quality novel that was well worth the read The author makes the story and characters seem realistic by giving the readers a variety of details to fuel the imagination You feel like you really get to know the main characters, who are each fascinating and well worth getting to know The story line is also fascinating, and the suspense picks up early and never lets go through the very last pages of the novel I am always a sucker for stories involving Ireland, which this story does pa [...]

  12. Joanie Chevalier

    First of all, I was very impressed that the author, George P Norris, is a retired highly decorated NYPD police officer Kudos to you Sir The author tried traditional publishing but had no success and threw his manuscript in the closet but finally self published twenty years later Exceptional Merit is a book filled with colorful characters and action packed suspense I especially loved how the author brought all the characters to life Keegan, the cop who tried to balance love for his family, respon [...]

  13. M.G. Nelson

    Two virtual thumbs up Detective James Keegan, a highly decorated police officer, anti terrorism task force leader, and all around hero, finds himself in a deadly situation when his past teaming up with IRA agents catches up with him Wanting to extradite himself from this association to protect the family he loves proves most difficult An internal investigation detective knows Keegan s on the take but can t quite nail him with solid proof of criminal activity.This novel by George Norris , a retir [...]

  14. Ibiloye Christian

    Love the story concept, twist and true capture of the mix up life of our every day police trying to combat crime, criminality, terrorism, temptations and at the end giving their lives to save Lt James Keegan of N.Y.P.D indeed deserves the excellent medal Merit for his moral, honour and duty sense and bravery risking his Job, being found to be a gun runner for the Irish terrorist, Flynn and group and his life for betraying the group It is tragic how he was sent to his grave via O Brien, his frien [...]

  15. Nicholas Boyland

    George brings an insight to his fiction which borders on the recounting of real events There is a real flesh and bones feel to his characters and I loved the way George works us into their heads so we see through their eyes George clearly knows his subject inside out, this is no brief glance on Google for the small details and this is obvious with every turn of the page This story would have stood with just the plot of James Keegan and his association with the IRA, weaving Castillo into the plot [...]

  16. Eric James-Olson

    After reading and enjoying The Blue Executions, I decided to pick this one up and give it a go Much like that book, this one drew me in from the first chapter Norris, as I ve said in a previous review, has a unique ability to create layer after layer of tension by focusing his narrative attention on small details and subtle gestures At the same time, the scope of his novels always appear grand, the characters are heroic, the villains are evil I can t help but reiterate a point that several other [...]

  17. Nick Reichert

    Another A Mystery Thriller Superb If you liked The Blue Executions then you will love Exceptional Merit, a story about a hero cop with a dark secret James Keegan has to face many enemies determined to destroy him all while fighting his own demons This book has it all action, suspense, gritty realism and unforgettable characters Put this one on your must read list And if you haven t read The Blue Executions, make sure you do The author, a retired and decorated New York police officer himself, is [...]

  18. TyCobbsTeeth TyCobbsTeeth

    The author s knowledge of the subject really helped with his portrayal of events and his writing prowess help to paint realistic scenes and well developed characters I felt like a by stander, living in the scenes of this story.This story is suspenseful and gripping I haven t had much time to read, but when I d steal a few minutes to flip some pages, this damn book would hook me for hours Suffice it to say that I sawed through this book quickly once I picked it up.So if you re looking for an exci [...]

  19. Kathy

    Book reviewAs a retired police officer doing 25 years, I enjoy reading stories fictional and non fictional about the job Mr.Norris brings to light the way the department stands as it s own entity I like how he showed that the main character had to choose to do what was right and just vs the IRA cause Thanks for the free download.Js

  20. Craig Furchtenicht

    Excellent novel full of details that can only come from a seasoned veteran of the NYPD The plot kept me on the edge of my seat right up to the very end Highly recommended.

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