The Miracle Morning Journal (2020)

The Miracle Morning Journal Hal Elrod The Miracle Morning Journal None
  • Title: The Miracle Morning Journal
  • Author: Hal Elrod
  • ISBN: 9780979019784
  • Page: 304
  • Format: Paperback
The Miracle Morning Journal Hal Elrod None
The Miracle Morning Journal Hal Elrod

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    304 Hal Elrod
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One thought on “The Miracle Morning Journal

  1. diane

    It s one of THOSE self help books Very rah rah, very I was down and now I am up and YOU CAN TOOO 1 1 That s not why I read it.I ve been trying to come up with my own morning routine that would help me get my ass in gear, work on the things I think are important, and basically get focus and traction on the projects and aspects of life I want to improve But it s been hard to clarify to myself what that morning should look like.The idea of the Miracle Morning is basically what I ve been looking fo [...]

  2. Alexander Whyte

    Very American, type A stuff but has a decent structure and system for starting your day The good if you strip away all the stories and achievement bollocks at the start, there s actually a good enough system for getting your day underway on a productive note The bad a bit 1980s self help for the rest of the book The classic I was on top of my game and smashing my targets and had it all Then tragedy struckSome people might draw motivation from reading it but if you ve heard all that before and ar [...]

  3. Jason

    Though this book may fall into a few of the trappings of the self help genre which I have typically disliked, like the positivity bubble where we ve got to go through our day thinking life is uber double plus good go team , I advise people follow the suggested regiment of morning routines themselves and see if it doesn t improve their productivity Since I ve tried the advised SAVERS steps, I saw almost immediate growth in my daily focus and productivity levels I know I sound like a dumb commerci [...]

  4. Nathan Zorndorf

    Honestly, I m not entirely sure why this book has garnered such a devoted fan base Most of the ideas in it are nothing radical meditation, exercising, visualizing, waking up early I also could have done without the author s philosophical musings on success in the beginning, or the usual self help subliminal messaging telling you what Elrod s version of success looks like and how to achieve his version of happiness The writing is also pretty mediocre, and it s not particularly interesting or enga [...]

  5. Nopadol Rompho

    I am already a morning person before reading this book Yet it still gives me some new perspective that I can adapt and use it with my life It is worth your time and money.

  6. Drew

    The concept of having a morning routine is solid I think a lot of us have a list of things we want to do, or know that we should do, for our health, happiness, and personal growth But those same things are the easiest to just not do Stacking them all in one chunk of time in the morning is genius The author advocates as little as 1 minute and as much as 20 minutes for each task and he calculates that just 10 minutes of reading each day can add up to eighteen 200 page books a year I love the idea [...]

  7. Adrian Sanchez

    I finished this book about a month ago Changed my life so far in the following ways Made me a morning person I now sleep and wake up 3 hours earlier than I used to With my new schedule, the amount of time I waste watching TV or playing video games have been reduced It has been replaced by time with family and personal development time reading books, exercising, practicing my profession Reduced my alcohol intake Before, staying up late watching TV or playing games by myself is usually accompanied [...]

  8. Sarah Monreau

    Ein sch nes Buch, das sehr viel beibringt ber die richtigen Strategien im Leben, diese, die zum Erfolg f hren Mit 60 Minuten pro Tag f r DICH zum Erfolg Meditation, Affirmation, Visualisierung, Sport, Lesen und Schreiben Diese sechs Dinge machen aus dir mit der Zeit einen ganz anderen Menschen, einen der sich um sich k mmert und um seinen Erfolg.Ein sch nes Programm, das man sich ansehen sollte Ich bin froh, dass ich es getan habe und stehe gerne morgens etwas fr her auf, um mit diesen sechs Lif [...]

  9. Remi Hutson

    I thought this book was very empowering and motivating to help organize and improve your outlook on life Some portions were a bit unreasonable as to trying to maintain this strict manner of living through a busy work day, but if maintained accordingly perhaps anything is possible.It was a great way to show me how to start my days earlier and try to dedicate some time to myself in order to keep that positivity throughout the day.Great read

  10. Gali

    Hey, it s great that this method works for people but does the book really need to contain a thousand examples of success stories although we can t even be really sure they re success stories as most only talk about the first 30 60 days or so how are these people doing three years later, still using the method Overall there is nothing revolutionary in this book.

  11. Dwayne Morris

    I was already on a morning routine, so Hal s book wasn t revolutionary It helped me fill in some gaps and tweak my routine At times I felt like I was reading sales copy and being pitched to buy this and sign up for that All in all it IS worth the time and money to get this book and change your morning, thus changing your life.

  12. Kim Harford

    Simple and easy things to implement I was already doing some of them so have now added the others to my mornings I look forward to seeing the results I know it will be amazing.

  13. Devon

    Really like Hal s podcast and like the theory of the book in concept If I hear him say to the next level one time though

  14. Jamie

    Okay, so this is a workbook Not great writing, tends to be repetitive A lot of redundancy So, who cares The only thing that matters is, does the Miracle Morning work Verdict It depends.I write this during my own miracle morning, which basically is a time set aside for personal development to assist one s quest to become a 10 in all areas of life e.g spiritual, career, health, happiness The basic idea is, we re all busy folks that don t seemingly have time to spend on ourselves So, we create our [...]

  15. Rich

    The book focuses on making sure you find your purpose in life and living each day to fulfill that purpose After suffering from a near death experience and going into a state of depression, Hal was able to find his way back to success by winning the morning.The key takeaway that I got from this book is the S.A.V.E.R.S method that Hal used to start off the day on the right foot Silence in the form of meditation, prayer, reflection, deep breathing or gratitudeAffirmation repeating one or many phras [...]

  16. Steph

    2.5 5 starsThe crux of this book is basically if you want to succeed, get out of bed early and do something for yourself It provides six suggested LifeS.A.V.E.R.S , which is just a cringy name for habits to do for a few minutes each, every morning If you really need some motivation to do something for yourself first, then maybe this book will help you find that motivation For me it really just reaffirmed that my morning routine is actually a pretty good one I haven t rated the book 2.5 stars bec [...]

  17. Olivia. A

    J abandonne la lecture de ce livre qui me donne tout simplement des envies de meurtre apr s chaque page Bien que l auteur expose des faits int ressants, il ne peut s emp cher d insinuer sa m thode qu il n a clairement pas invent qu on se le dise comme tant celle qu il faut absolument suivre pour r ussir sa vie Sans parler de tout l aspect commercial de sa d marche, et je pense que sa fa on d aborder les choses n est pas bonne, pour des personnes souffrant de d pression m me si cela d pends bien [...]

  18. Antonia Ivanova

    Now, I d be lying if I said this wasn t the biggest pile of hokey pokey I ve ever read in my life This book is written in such an all american self help style way that it times it made me genuinely question my intentions to implement it If I have to read the following one time, I ll flip You need to do XY so you can be the person you need to be, to create the life you truly deserve , OR You have to do XY to take your life to the next level give me a break Please.That being said I ignored these [...]

  19. Pierre-Alexandre Donny

    Amazing book for anyone trying to improve their productivity To introduce the book, we get to read a few of the success stories related to TMM The Miracle Morning Hal s story is a testimony that anything is possible Seeing what the author managed to come back from is very motivating Then he proceeds to explain what is his methodology and why does he think we should apply those principles After that he is very practical tries to help you start your journey, giving you every tool you need I m only [...]

  20. Mái Medina

    I loved this book Although I m finding very hard to actually get up at 5, I think it s a really clever way of working towards achieving your goals When I do get up early and exercise I always feel amazing afterward You get this feeling of accomplishment, of being better than the average, you feel you are working hard towards that you want to achieve I really recommend this book to anyone who wants to improve his her life.

  21. Mai Phuong

    M nh l m t mornign person M nh nh n ra i u n y kh l u r i, c ng t l p cho m nh nh ng routine v o bu i s ng, nh ng ph i n l c c cu n s ch n y m nh m i nghi m t c follow m t ritual nh t nh M nh v n kh ng tin c b y gi m nh l ng i d y 5h s ng, c n t p c yoga, r i ng i c s ch, vi t journal r i t m, n s ng, i l m s m nh t v n ph ng M t cu n s ch ph h p v i tu p ng i nh m nh.

  22. Léa Charlet

    Terrible writing and so much blabla about the author s life The introduction is utterly useless I also really did not like for one bit the comparison with the other 95% of mediocre people If you manage to get to the end of the book, the lessons are actually quite useful and I am actually very eager to adapt to my morning routine some of the advice.

  23. Liana Griffin

    This book did inspire me to set a better plan for my mornings It gave me some ideas on tasks that I would like to implement However, I thought the writing was a little to exaggerated and over the top In summary, I was able to benefit from the ideas of the book, but did not connect with the author.

  24. Zachary Gentner

    Most people want a level 10 review, but settle for a level 3 or level 4 review With this review, you can make your life extraordinary Did you know that 95% of people don t live up to their expectations of themselves I forgot a citation, but you believe me, I m sure Well, with this review, you can change your life Just wait for the next review I promise it gets better.

  25. Edda

    If you can look past the rah rah stuff and the cheesiness it definitely has some good ideas and tips for reaching your goals It definitely has motivated me to get up early and do with my mornings, which involved getting over some self limiting beliefs Take out of it whatever you d like and apply it to your life in order to reach your goals.

  26. Calena Lawrence

    I LOVED the audio book Some of the ideas were a little too out there for me aka the amount of sleep you should be getting but there were a lot of amazing concepts in the book that I definitely want to try I would read this book again

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