Artesia Volume 1 (2020)

Artesia Volume 1 Mark Smylie Artesia Volume In the Highlands of the Middle Kingdoms where witchcraft and warlords vie for power a warrior priestess named Artesia fights for her king against the rulers of rival citadels Collecting all six issu
  • Title: Artesia Volume 1
  • Author: Mark Smylie
  • ISBN: 9781932386226
  • Page: 465
  • Format: Hardcover
Artesia Volume 1 Mark Smylie In the Highlands of the Middle Kingdoms, where witchcraft and warlords vie for power, a warrior priestess named Artesia fights for her king against the rulers of rival citadels Collecting all six issues of the first Artesia mini series
Artesia Volume 1 Mark Smylie

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    465 Mark Smylie
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One thought on “Artesia Volume 1

  1. Jokoloyo

    I expect a medieval dark feminine heroic fantasy is there really that kind of subgenre of a killer body pun intended female main character just by looking the cover What I didn t expect was, the story was epic than I expected The art is good, and the world building is better than my expectation Of course it was about Artesia, the main protagonist, and other characters paled before her Maybe that s the problem, the Artesia was too strong, at least for volume one there was no worthy opponent for [...]

  2. Megan

    The art in this book is really detailed, and the world and premise start out to be really interesting The series tanks pretty quickly, though However, it s a beautiful start to a fantasy comic and there aren t really that many good ones out there I would suggest reading this only if you can pull out before the later books, knowing you won t be getting any resolution to the plot that s set up I think after about volume three there hasn t been much activity anyway if this is still an ongoing serie [...]

  3. Wendy

    Artesia is an epic, Eisner award nominated masterpiece of story and art The world, its people and its pantheon are so richly detailed, but as the title says, this story is about Artesia What an incredible character she is, embodying all aspects of the female, from priestess to warrior to daughter to sister to concubine and eventually, reluctantly, queen As both concubine, priestess and captain to the king, Artesia begins the story obviously wielding a lot of power and influence Even the gods hav [...]

  4. Holly

    AMazing art My favorite character of all time I truly hope this becomes a series of movies This is adult content Artesia is very faithful to her path, an amazing priestess, queen, and witch Artesia worships her Gods with her body with passion and pride

  5. RogueHireling

    This graphic novel is a master piece of blood, spirits, and intrigue Beautiful artwork supports the story flawlessly.

  6. Andrei Ryumin

    This book gave me a mixed impression On the one hand, there are so few comics in true fantasy settings really, apart from Conan Red Sonja and ElfQuest, there are no major fantasy comic books, and the rest few are indi comics like this one there are tons of fantsy books, but virtually no fantasy comic books around quite a puzzle to me , that this one is worth reading just because of that fact assuming you like fantasy , and that was the reason I decided to read it On the other hand, it was a diff [...]

  7. Thiago d'Evecque

    N o curti A hist ria densa demais e nos apresentada de modo vago Fiquei perdido com a men o de dezenas de deuses e lugares logo no come o, enquanto a protagonista luta, conversa com esp ritos e arma intrigas das quais eu n o fa o a menor ideia de que se tratam N o sei quais s o seus objetivos ou suas motiva es.Esse o mal de hist rias com gloss rio quase certo ser bombardeado com um monte de termos desconhecidos e precisar interromper a leitura para checar esse ap ndice N o funciona pra mim.

  8. TK421

    MehI just do not feel a strong attraction to this story line The art is beautiful and really pushes the story to a visually pleasing state But the writing was too much for me Perhaps this changes with the rest of the series Not really sure if I m going to spend the time finding out.

  9. 47Time

    This book is not for young readers One might argue that the nudity is enough to restrict their access to it, but than that is the sheer complexity and brutality of the universe This looks like the first book of a saga in a world that feels alive with conflict, religion, camaradery and betrayal.The gods are very real in this universe and they must be appeased with sacrifice and intimate communion War is still the best tool to sieze power and a force rising in the south will likely plunge the wor [...]

  10. Jonathon Jones

    It takes itself very seriously, like no character has ever heard of irony or a sense of humor Rather, all statements are either bold pronouncements, or intrigue.I m sure this is great, but it really didn t do it for me.

  11. Piotr

    Epic story clearly belonging to the grimdark subgenre Also, military, medieval fantasy With strong elements of erotica.Great story, impressive world building, conservative, but excellent art Shakespearean language and intrigue Still, I have to admit the first time I got it into my hands, I couldn t get past a few first pages Why Well, chain mail bikini syndrome My firm belief is that a woman on a quasi medieval fantasy battlefield needs her armour to cover as much of her body as possible Even th [...]

  12. Micheal

    For maybe the one or two people who actually read my reviews, you may have noticed Im in a bit of a renaissance concerning all things sword and sorcery, fantasy art, films, books I ve even done some half serious shopping for a broadsword to play with and hang on my wall.So Artesia has been an unexpected treat, introduced to me by ComicbookGirl19 on youtube This is not your typical comic Mark Smylie the creator draws, writes and water colors the whole thing himself, and in my opinion it is a joy [...]

  13. Online Eccentric Librarian

    More reviews and no fluff on the blog surrealtalvi.wordpress I tried hard to get into this but the writing and storyline are dense I just wasn t getting any enjoyment out of it at all And therein was likely the problem it felt either pretentious or like an overindulgent male fantasy I m all for female empowerment and certainly the women in the book know how to make the best of their situations in a world of men But right at the first four pages, when our protagonist is wearing a chain mail biki [...]

  14. Nick

    This first volume of the series was good, but not great Really nice artwork, but the main character had the worst designed set of armor since the early Red Sonja I mean, having armor that basically protects everything but your upper legs, crotch and buttocks is just stupid I notice that the design changed in volume 2, so maybe the artist received comments.The plot itself is just peculiar, and makes Game of Thrones look simple and straightforward, with a number of plot points not making sense in [...]

  15. Jery Schober

    I would give the art 5 stars, the dialogue only 2 if you re not Shakespeare, don t try to sound like him there is no lyrical quality or any wit whatsoever in the spoken words.But what bugs me most is the constant use of unknown names and places and deities I don t like to be forced to use the appendix to understand what the hell they re talking about So I refused to look up any word until after I was done and still don t get the references to all these Gods.Storywise, there s not much to tell A [...]

  16. Greymalkin

    Very enjoyable and cool to see women in positions of power without entirely doing away with gender roles and the attitudes that come from that I wish the main heroine was not quite so all powerful but perhaps that is addressed in future installments Art and world building are excellent so far It would have really helped to have a bit history context before plunging into the thick of things I found the descriptions of the pantheon at the back of the graphic novel to be helpful but the use of mul [...]

  17. Peter

    Ack Forgot to write a comment about the first volume of Artesia Friggin beautiful graphic novel If you are familiar with Joseph Campbell s works about heroes and myth, you will enjoy how Smylie s heroine develops This is how I recommed reading his work First, read the story straight through, enjoying the tale and the gorgeous art Second, study the appendices to fill in the gaps about the world Smylie created it is incredibly detailed Finally, read the story once your understanding of plot will [...]

  18. Chris Tower

    I have had these books on my shelf for almost a decade The art is gorgeous The story has its merits, but the fantasy epic does not well translate into graphic novel form One benefit of the visual form is a ready map when the world is being discussed Gods and spirits can be shown in a real visceral way But the story begins with too much complexity in use of names and places and armies, and though this becomes clearer as one keeps reading, a new reader can easily be lost and give up, despite the g [...]

  19. Cassandra Leszczynski

    granted there is alot of dialogue but this is still a great introduction to a fabulous world along with the characters There is some erotic parts but it does not play a huge part in the novel, it adds spice to the character development Read this if you are looking for a strong female character in a military role in with a twist of fantasy.

  20. Kurt

    Great art and a good story all the hacking, slashing, spells and demonic forces you could ask for in a swordssorcery picture book I ve been meaning to pick up this title for years and when I found it on sale I couldn t resist I m glad I didn t A bit confusing with all the references to times and Gods past, but worth a read, regardless for those who favor comics.

  21. Crunknor

    Good world design and nice detail for a fantasy comic, which are normally light on that sort of thing Story looks interesting but progresses a bit slowly I was turned off by the dialogue, which is in a very high fantasy medieval than thou dialect that sounds a bit stilted to me it s possible to do that sort of thing right, but a lot harder then it seems.

  22. Matt Brady

    An entertaining high fantasy following Artesia, a concubine, priestess, witch and war captain The art is very detailed, meticulous when it comes to weapons and armour and vividly gruesome in scenes of battle The world seems large and interesting, though we only see a small corner of it in this volume Dialogue is a little wooden at times, very portentous and bordering on faux Shakespeare.

  23. Erica McGillivray

    Way too much world building focused instead of character focused I found it hard to be invested in the story Also Artesia needed full pants like the others, way too much exposure for a warrior She gets them in later volumes.

  24. Melissa

    My spouse is into comic books and because I am not the caped superhero type, got this for me to try This is a graphic novel with great art The non primary characters and wars are a little bit difficult to keep track but the lead female character has very interesting and unique dimensions.

  25. Lady Entropy

    Artesia is not my kind of book medieval fantasy , but the backstory, and well the amazing world build deserves a five stars I like the main character and the art, but the strength of this book is the amazing world build that seeps through the entire thing.

  26. Melissa

    My spouse is into comic books and because I am not the caped superhero type, got this for me to try This is a graphic novel with great art The non primary characters and wars are a little bit difficult to keep track but the lead female character has very interesting and unique dimensions.

  27. Katie

    The artwork is visually appealing, but the story is poorly written I was also severely annoyed by the fact that all the soldiers had full armor except our busty heroine, who was wearing a chain mail bikini bottom.Sorry, one star is all you re getting for this one.

  28. Josh

    Short review here I like this, but I don t love it yet It s very confusing, many of the supporting characters I can t tell from each other, and the dialogue is heavily stilted.

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