Mitosis (2020)

Mitosis Brandon Sanderson Mitosis Steelheart may be dead but Epics still plague Newcago and David and the Reckoners have vowed to fight back
  • Title: Mitosis
  • Author: Brandon Sanderson
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 482
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Mitosis Brandon Sanderson Steelheart may be dead, but Epics still plague Newcago and David and the Reckoners have vowed to fight back.
Mitosis Brandon Sanderson

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    482 Brandon Sanderson
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One thought on “Mitosis

  1. Jessica ❁ ➳ Silverbow ➳ ❁ Rabid Reads

    The shorter a Sanderson read is, the less impressed I am with myself if I figure out the twisty paths of that man s genius mind That being said, I GUESSED THE TWIST AGAIN gloats booty shakes Anyway, MITOSIS was a short entertaining story that gave just a possible hint insight into the mysterious ways of Epics PLUS, you know, there s all the horribly hilarious metaphors a la David Highly recommended.My other reviews for this series Steelheart The Reckoners, 1 Firefight The Reckoners, 2 Calamity [...]

  2. Berit☀️✨

    4 stars for this short action packed novella from the reluctant reader and me This was a enjoyable short story that gave me an appreciation for hotdogs It also appears to be a necessary or maybe a better word is helpful bridge to the next book in the trilogy In this book we learn how the Reckoners have shed light literally on the city of newcago and we are introduced to a new Epic Mitosis who has a very cool power of dividing as many times as he wants A short read, but I think well worth it, you [...]

  3. Hasham Rasool

    I have only read this book for 1 hour It is very entertaining and fun Alhamdulillah.I love this book so much Alhamdulillah.I am off to Firefight Alhamdulillah

  4. Alejandro

    This was a great short story Set after of the events on the book Steelheart, now you can starting to understand the new role that The Reckoners must take after taking hard decisions at the end of the first novel.Any action has consequences, and now The Reckoners know that anything that they, or some of its team, may done, will have sequels.It was a brief reading but it has a great final act, so I was quite glad of having read this short story.I opted not to comment about this reading to avoid a [...]

  5. Bookdragon Sean

    Firstly, let me say that I do love the Reckoner s series Brandon Sanderson has such a stylish way of writing David s story the prose is short, snappy, and brilliant This short story also manifests the same flair But, when considering its structure, reader investment and contribution towards this series, then it can only be thought of as a waste of time There, I actually said it Brandon Sanderson has actually written something that I don t like I never thought I d live to see the day because he i [...]

  6. Emily (Books with Emily Fox)

    The best way to describe this very short story is meh.I don t know if it will add anything to the series I ll update after reading book 2 but I wasn t feeling it It was okay

  7. Mario

    Why is this so short Well it is a SHORT story, but stillSolid bridge between first and second book Now off to Firefight Can t wait for my mind to be blown again.

  8. Robin (Bridge Four)

    This is a super short novella involving how the city has changed after the ending of Steelheart It is not necessary to read for the next Novel but it probably just 30 minutes of reading time if you have some time to kill.The Good We get a glimpse of how the people in the city are changing and a few bad metaphors from David I like it The colors are different Not like the city was before Calamity, but also a big change from how it was under Steelheart They make the city look like a big chessboard [...]

  9. Choko

    4 An impromptu buddy read with BBBA fast, light and delightful short story, which fits between the first and second books of the series It was definitely on the comedy side of Sanderson and a transition from the tyranny of Steelheart to the effort of being human governed People are still uncomfortable with the thought of the possibility of being free Don t attempt reading if you have not read the first volume, but if you have, definitely a fun addition Have a great time reading

  10. Rosanna

    Do not read the blurb for this book if you haven t read and are planning to read book one Major book one spoiler And if you haven t read book one I m so happy to be back in Newcago Even if it was for only 35 pages, it was 35 pages of humor, action, characters I love, and a new Epic to tie me over until book 2.Loved it

  11. Alexa

    Short and action packed It s not a must before Firefight, but it gives a clue about Epics and their weaknesses And we get of David s terrible metaphors D

  12. ScottHitchcock

    Quick, fun read Gave a few hints toward the series Found one inconsistency that bothered me view spoiler A gun replicated to each clone but yet the clones had to pass a knife forward Pretty basic flaw to miss hide spoiler

  13. Jenny's Book Bag

    This is a nice addition to the Reckoners series The audiobook has a great narrator and it s short It s only an hour long and that s if you listen to it at regular speed There isn t a lot I can say without giving anything away The beginning was funny and the end circles back around I enjoyed the interaction between David and Mitosis This has major spoilers in it so you definitely need to read Steelheart first.

  14. Gavin

    This was a tiny novella set after the events in Steelheart It provided a quick glimpse of what life is like in a post Epic Newcago The Reckoners are in charge for now, but the populace are wary and fearful that it is only a matter of time before a new Epic appears to claim the city In this novella David and the Reckoners fend off the first of the Epics to make a try The self replicating one man army Mitosis This was a fun read It has served its purpose of hyping me up to read Firefight Rating 4 [...]

  15. Marta Álvarez

    El episodio es entretenido, pero nada del otro mundo Eso s , el ltimo cap tulo plantea unos interrogantes que vienen muy bien de cara a empezar Firefight Qu inteligente es Sanderson.Echaba de menos a mis Reckoners

  16. Edward Lorn

    Why d ya read it, E Thought you hated the first book You d be right I did hate the first book But, you see, I got a code for the audiobook and well, here, read this I read this because the Epic, Mitosis, is mentioned in the first few chapters of Firefight, which I also happened to get free through Audible I d seen this short story floating around on , but figured it was a standalone deal Then What s his face the narrator brings up the fight in the new book, so I figured it was important It s not [...]

  17. Srividya

    A nice filler between Steelheart and Firefight This book is about Mitosis, who is again an Epic, and who wants some answers about how Steelheart died He corners David and tries to intimidate him into giving him some answers.A fast paced short read that acts as a perfect, if somewhat unnecessary filler between the two books However, I feel that the question raised at the end of this book will form an important basis for the next book, at least that is my hope Only reading the second book will tel [...]

  18. Mimi

    I actually like this short story than the first book Maybe I m warming up to David as a main POV character.Following the defeat of Steelheart and Nightweilder, the city of Newcago that word still makes me cringe is now a sunny post apocalyptic refuge for the powerless But the people are still weary, as though expecting a new Epic to defeat the Reckoners and plunge the city back into darkness And one does step up to the challenge Mitosis He s the first to pose a threat, but he s certainly not th [...]

  19. Tedy

    What can i even say It s Brandon Sanderson, of course i loved it And even thought it was very short, we still had a beautifull variety of bad methaphors and some pretty good action David is even badass than he thinks he is.

  20. Alba Turunen

    4 Estrellas y son por la brevedad del relato Muy corto, pero que dice mucho, apenas han sido 35 p ginas, pero ha sido muy conciso, lleno de ansiedad y acci n Mitosis ocurre entre Steelheart y Firefight , as que declaro obligatorio leerlo despu s del primero Tambi n a ade una peque a dosis de misterio, pues todo parece indicar que los Reckoners no estar n en Chicago Nova en el siguiente libro, si no en Babilonia Restaurada me he quedado bizca al ver el nombrecito de lo que conocemos como Nueva Yo [...]

  21. Ro

    Al principio le iba a dar a este libro 4 estrellas, de hecho, se las puse Y es que en mi cabeza tengo registrado que un spin off, o cualquier novela corta, jam s podr a rellenar esas 5 estrellas perfectas Pero luego de unos minutos me di cuenta de que s , Mitosis se merece esas 5 estrellas, sin importar que tenga menos de 40 p ginas Spoilers de Steelheart a continuaci n, lee bajo tu propio riesgo Este spin off nos sit a un poco despu s de los eventos ocurridos en Steelhaert, nos da un poco de in [...]

  22. Becky

    A short story in the Reckoners series, this is all about an Epic who is able to clone himself an infinite amount of times Kinda like horcruxes, because if one of them remains, the dude won t die It s an interesting conundrum, but apparently easily solved, because this book clocks in at just over 30 pages Easily solved if you have the right info or luck David has a little bit of both, but that doesn t really mean much when he s been shot and is now bleeding profusely at the end of a tunnel that l [...]

  23. Carole (Carole's Random Life in Books)

    This review can also be found at Carole s Random Life.4 Stars I joined a large group of people in a buddy read of Steelheart earlier in this month and absolutely loved it I love to listen to audiobooks while I workout The problem is that I don t really love to work out so it can take me forever to finish a book just because I have a hard time getting to the gym With the next book in the Reckoners series coming out soon, I thought that this short story would be great for today s trip to the gym.I [...]

  24. Rebecca

    Read this review and on my blogThis is just a short review , considering it s only a novella that I m going to add to the end of my Firefight review on my blog If you were interested I have a review here for the first book SteelheartMitosis takes place between the events of books 1 and 2 in the Reckoners series and is a nice bridge story to flow fromSteelheart toFirefight It s not necessarily anything extraordinary but it s another enjoyable adventure in this dark world that got me pumped for m [...]

  25. Jo

    This is what we get, Abraham said, for coming out into the open It is why Jon always wanted to remain hidden We can t stand for something if we only move in shadows, Abraham, I said.A novella with some very interesting tidbits Full of action and funny moments It s not necessarily a must read, but still worth while to spend some time with the adorable David and his awesome Reckoners, and also to gain some information about this world Brandon Sanderson has created.I just love this series, so the [...]

  26. Niki Hawkes - The Obsessive Bookseller

    4.5 stars This is one of the few novellas I felt actually added something essential to the series The ongoing arc of The Reckoners is the characters struggle to figure out how epics weaknesses work Mitosis offers so many clues And I came away pumped about the series than ever This novella is totally worth your time if you plan to read the series.Via The Obsessive Bookseller at nikihawkes

  27. TS Chan

    Feb 2016 A thread in BBB came up and I couldn t resist rereading this as well.What a quick, fun and action packed read I miss David s bad metaphors.

  28. Will M.

    The few first sentences of this short novel made me rate it 5 stars right away.The day had finally arrived, a day I d been awaiting for ten years A glorious day, a momentous day, a day of import and distinction.It was time to buy a hot dog.Okay I was kidding, obviously there are a lot reasons why this short novel was pretty amazing.Brandon Sanderson is the only author as of right now who could write anamazing SHORT NOVEL.I mean, you have to admit thatmostshort novels are either mediocre, or jus [...]

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