Hard Times in Paradise (2020)

Hard Times in Paradise David Colfax Micki Colfax Hard Times in Paradise An account of one family s life in a redwood forest describes how the Colfax s lived without electricity running water or a phone and how they educated their sons three of whom were accepted to Ha
  • Title: Hard Times in Paradise
  • Author: David Colfax Micki Colfax
  • ISBN: 9780446514897
  • Page: 330
  • Format: Hardcover
Hard Times in Paradise David Colfax Micki Colfax An account of one family s life in a redwood forest describes how the Colfax s lived without electricity, running water, or a phone, and how they educated their sons, three of whom were accepted to Harvard on full scholarships.
Hard Times in Paradise David Colfax Micki Colfax

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    330 David Colfax Micki Colfax
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One thought on “Hard Times in Paradise

  1. Jennifer

    The Colfax s story is one of perseverance It is well worth the read I found this book to be both encouraging and Inspiring.

  2. NoBeatenPath

    Two topics that are really interesting me at the moment and do most of the time are home education and homesteading So when I found out about Hard Times in Paradise, which is a memoir about both, I knew I should read it The authors, David and Micki Colfax, are famous for raising and home educating their four sons on a hard scrabble goat farm, with those sons all going on to successful careers, including in some cases studies at Harvard However, this is not a how to about homesteading or home edu [...]

  3. Pumpkinbear

    I am now cured of any desire I might have ever harbored deep in my heart to ever, ever, live off of the land and off of the grid Hard times is right Seriously, this family used a squat toilet for years They didn t have a hot water heater for over a decade They took all the delusions that many people have that living off of the land entails a few chickens and pigs and a heck of a garden and they threw those delusions right into their squat toilet And then they sprinkled some sawdust and lime over [...]

  4. Brittany

    I enjoyed the Colfax s first book and had equal expectations for this tome, but was disappointed This book covered their homesteading years extensively, but didn t really offer any additional insight as to educational philosophy or methodology probably because they don t have one Something didn t quite jive with their account of being fired and suing for tenure, but that was just my gut instinct I was also than a little bothered by the attitude the parents held that they were too good to engage [...]

  5. Donna

    I really liked this book It s about a family of six four boys, two adopted, two bio who decided to literally live off the land The parents gave up their job, bought some land, and carved out a life for themselves by building their own home which took many years and adding livestock and gardens to support themselves They had no electricity and no running water for years The most fascinating part for me was that they homeschooled in a very, very non traditional way and three of the four boys went [...]

  6. polly

    I just love the way the Colfax family learned together I liked the book so much that I forced my husband to read it, too and that s unusual The cooperative family unit is what stands out about this book the idea that the family is not comprised of parental authority figures who are dispensing all their wisdom and knowledge to children, but that the group of individuals together works to create a life, and everyone has input on what that looks like A great model for family lifeeven if you re not [...]

  7. Valerie

    Wonderful book that tells such a fascinating true story of a family in northern California that checks out of academia after much pain and blacklisting due to political activism both on campus and off They bought raw acreage and carved out a homestead, raised their bio and adopted kids, and inadvertently became homeschoolers back when it was unheard of Loved their writing style, their passion for social justice, and the life they chose in the late 1970 s and early 1980 s.

  8. Lori

    I thought this story was amazing how they lived, survived and tenaciously worked so hard to get what they wanted is very inspirationing I love how they encouraged and supported their children in what they were passionate about.This story is about their lives homesteading than about homeschooling.

  9. Lauren

    This is the true story of a family that left academia and began a homestead in northern California, with a pit stop in Africa They build their own home, raise livestock, and start a guest house It s a really intriguing tale of life in the 1970s and 80s, the philosophy behind homesteading and homeschooling, and it s just plain interesting to read.

  10. Polly Jirkovsky

    A memoir of living on the land in the 1970s and homeschooling, really unschooling, four kids The descriptions of the Colfax s life on the land were brutal, it s amazing they managed as long as they did in a half finished house with no electricity No wonder the kids couldn t wait to go to college.

  11. Katheryn

    I read Hard Times in Paradise years ago at the beginning of our homeschooling journey and just fell in love with the Colfax s story Made me think than once about moving to a remote area of the N CA coast My favorite homeschooling book

  12. Audrey

    I read this for the homestead information, but was also pleasantly surprised to read about their homeschooling It sounds just like the Thomas Jefferson Education which I am very intrigued by This was a very good, and intriguing book.

  13. erin ball

    This family is so interesting Their kids 2 bio, 2 adopted were what we might call unschooled , and then 3 of the 4 graduated Harvard.

  14. Kami

    I loved this book because these people did something I wish I could do Live in the mountains and survive and build a house Plus they homeschool.

  15. Mimi

    The true story of a crazy family who decided to get back to the land in the 1970 s That they survived the experience is a miracle

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