An Autobiography (2020)

An Autobiography Igor Stravinsky An Autobiography An Autobiography chronicles the first half century of Stravinsky s life all the while offering his opinions and abhorrences A Parsifal performance at Bayreuth At the end of a quarter of an hour I cou
  • Title: An Autobiography
  • Author: Igor Stravinsky
  • ISBN: 9780393318562
  • Page: 375
  • Format: Paperback
An Autobiography Igor Stravinsky An Autobiography chronicles the first half century of Stravinsky s life, all the while offering his opinions and abhorrences A Parsifal performance at Bayreuth At the end of a quarter of an hour I could bear no Nijinsky The poor boy knew nothing of music Spanish folk music Endless preliminary chords of guitar playing.
An Autobiography Igor Stravinsky

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    375 Igor Stravinsky
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One thought on “An Autobiography

  1. Maria

    I am not a classical music connoisseur and any amateurish opinion that I could give on the subject would probably be an unenlightened one among my friends with a strong educational background in music But, what I can do share with you, on the other side, are the feelings from a person who can experience some of the most delightful moments as I listen to the musical compositions of Igor Stravinsky since I ever heard The Rite of Spring for the first time It is probably the most familiar one, due t [...]

  2. Barbara

    This book came to me via the Intellectual Devotional Biographies After reading the short, one page biography, I checked DVDs of Stravinsky s ballets, The Rite of Spring and Firebird They were wonderful and led me to search for his autobiography The Kindle edition is available for free on and I m glad I didn t spend money on it.The autobiography was mainly about his work and people he knew Since I wasn t familiar with either, it had a limited appeal for me There was very little as far as his pers [...]

  3. Kitty with Curls

    This book begins with a memory of young Stravinsky s obsession with a kind of music constructed mainly from tongue clicking and armpit farts The I think of this, the it strikes me as a profound wonderful description of Stravinsky his works.I didn t get very much farther into this book than that, though Stravinsky is not one of those rare musicians with a talent for scintillating prose Who cares, though

  4. Jennifer

    Fascinating insight into the composer and his strong opinions on many subjects including Wagner and how to correctly listen to music watch the performers

  5. Tittirossa

    Adoro Igor La sua capacit di rinnovarsi costantemente, andando alla ricerca di nuovi stimoli artistici e professionali e la sua apertura al nuovo, anche quando fa paura 1935 radio, prime incisioni.

  6. Arjen

    Stravinsky wrote this short book to air his views on his development as a composer and the performance of his music The book ends in the late 1920 s, so the second half of his life is not discussed In a light hearted manner Stravinsky puts forth some grievances and heaps praise on patrons and friends who helped him along the way His pet peeve was that conductors should play his music, not interpret it to this end he recorded his music on vinyl, but to his dismay most conductors ignored the recor [...]

  7. Stephen Brooke

    The Autobiography is quite short, almost a sketch, but that might be a good thing All the details of a career can become tedious by giving the most vivid memories, Stravinsky provides a true picture without boring us.But it can be overdone, as well He mentions, rather offhand, that he marries in 1906 without a word about his courtship nor even mentioning the name of his bride Studying with Rimsky Korsakov might be important but so is getting married.We do learn many of the composer s viewpoints [...]

  8. Diane

    How do I say this I gave the book 3 stars, because of my own lack than the writer s His vocabulary was extensive, and there were several words I should have just stopped and looked up As it was, many of them I was able to understand from context how s that for reaching back into the past That is mostly what limited my enjoyment of the book.Stravinsky has not written a typical life story, but rather the story of his music s life It was written in the mid 1930 s, when he was about 50 years old He [...]

  9. Suhan Gurer

    It feels like a very sincere account of what he has gone through during the beginning and development of his career even though it ends midway The reading is quite relaxed with certain parts requiring extra musical knowledge One thing that has caught my eye is that there were several key opinions he went about time after time during the book and his general avoidance of saying negative things about people For an outsider, it would seem like Stravinsky is either the most optimist and friendly per [...]

  10. Claudia

    Fascinating book Read this book many years ago in college The idea that lives with me still is an anecdote Stravinksy relates in the book Seems he was traveling by train in Europe during WW2 His baggage was examined and he was detained and questioned because of a portrait of him done by Picasso The military guards could not believe that it was a human face They thought that it was some kind of diagram or secret plans

  11. Kevin

    It s hard to know what you ve got ahold of when you are reading an uncredited translation of a ghostwritten French memoir, but enough of what feels like authentic Stravinsky seems to come through to make this book worth while It is especially fun to note where his compositional practice contradicts what he asserts as dogma here.

  12. Nicholas Maulucci

    a bit dry throughout most of the book Stravinsky was very opinionated and from time to time it bleeds through into his writing one thing this book WILL give you is an extraordinary, vocabularic workout saw a few words for the first time Thank you, Tino and Noah for reading the last 5% or so if you are looking for a challenge and like Stravinsky s music, this book is for you.

  13. Kelly

    I really found this book fascinating Lots of funny tidbits Lot s of insights Lots of crystal clear stuff as well as foggy musings.Read the rest of the review on my blog, and don t forget to listen to my relaxing, dulcet compositions as you read Read the complete review here.

  14. Namrirru

    It s interesting and important to hear a composer s point of view on his music and events, so this book has some significance But it also has pit falls It s no wonder Stravinsy wasn t a writer He s very sardonic and clearly genious, but he doesn t explain his opinions very conclusively.

  15. Gijs Grob

    Nogal droog opgeschreven autobiografie van Stravinsky, waaruit men nauwelijks iets over hemzelf te weten komt, behalve dan wanneer hij wat deed en naar wie zijn dank uitgaat De felle ergernis over Nijinski s uitvoering van de sacre is een uitzondering.

  16. Cfguthrie

    Fascinating As a clarinetist and longtime admirer of l histoire d un soldat, I was charmed to hear his story of how it came to be written in the depths of WWI Stravinsky was a genius in the last great era of serious music.

  17. Jason Linn

    A very interesting insight into one of my favorite composers I would only recommend it if you have a solid background of early 20th century music, since Stravinsky talks at length about other composers and musicians.

  18. Brian

    It was an okay read Stravinsky was a very opinionated man I mostly just liked the details surrounding the production of his ballets.

  19. Kevin

    Very insightful and very valuable to anyone interested in Stravinsky or in pursuing any sort of artistic career.

  20. Kimberlyluisi

    Interesting, strangely defensive Discusses his music far than his life Only read if you are familiar with his compositions.

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