Be Mine (2020)

Be Mine Laura Kasischke Be Mine On Valentine s Day Sherry finds an anonymous note in her mailbox be mine As the notes continue Sherry becomes and charged by the idea that she can inspire such feelings Her twenty year marriage is r
  • Title: Be Mine
  • Author: Laura Kasischke
  • ISBN: 9780151012732
  • Page: 103
  • Format: Hardcover
Be Mine Laura Kasischke On Valentine s Day, Sherry finds an anonymous note in her mailbox be mine As the notes continue, Sherry becomes and charged by the idea that she can inspire such feelings Her twenty year marriage is routine and she feels old, aimless, and empty now that her son is in college When she discovers who her admirer is, she begins a wildly passionate affair with himOn Valentine s Day, Sherry finds an anonymous note in her mailbox be mine As the notes continue, Sherry becomes and charged by the idea that she can inspire such feelings Her twenty year marriage is routine and she feels old, aimless, and empty now that her son is in college When she discovers who her admirer is, she begins a wildly passionate affair with him But her son s childhood friend is witness to the affair, her best friend is strangely silent, and her husband is playing a disturbing game of titil lation and encouragement Soon events spiral out of Sherry s control, threatening not only her marriage but also her son and her home This deeply erotic thriller explores how little we know ourselves and those we live with and what we risk when we step away from our social personas and allow passion to control our lives.
Be Mine Laura Kasischke

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    103 Laura Kasischke
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One thought on “Be Mine

  1. Eastofoz

    This is one messed story If you re looking for a very disturbing, creepy but original read pick up this book It s erotic fiction as opposed to erotic romance and it s not at all what you d expect in terms of story line outcomes It s about what happens when you let a fantasy become reality and all the repercussions it can have in your life and on those around you no pretty pink world here It s the story of a middle aged woman who has everything she thinks she wants in life but finds that her life [...]

  2. Sarra

    It wasn t erotic, and it wasn t much of a thriller despite being billed as both Nobody in this book is even remotely likeableor, really, particularly believable I didn t understand why any of them were doing what they were doing at no point in the book were any of the characters actions sensical I didn t find the end implausible so much as frustrating Why two stars, then It was oddly compelling I really wanted to know where the story would go I was compelled to keep reading until I finished, so [...]

  3. Erin

    What makes this book brilliant is that it is the most honest portrayal of how a woman thinkswhile the chick lit market is flooded with feel good books about women s friendships, any woman will admit to herself that women are jealous, catty bitches who see each other as competitionis book blends those thoughts realistically with the angst of aging, the dwindling of passion in a long term relationship and the desire to be young again while being aware of the youth all around you Middle aged Sherry [...]

  4. Alexandra

    I am on a Laura Kasischke kick and I am not ashamed Normally when I read a book that I thoroughly enjoy, for some strange reason I don t really seek out too many other books by that same author because often than not, i m disappointed that the second book is not as good as the first one I read but with this author, I just Cannot Stop She is really a wonderful writer and even though sometimes, as with Be Mine, I am not happy with the ending, it doesn t change the fact that Laura Kasischke could [...]

  5. Kristen

    I am torn between three or four stars, because I stayed up to 1 am to finish reading the book and now I am bit cranky Wonderful writing Thought provoking, in fact there is a part in the story where Sherry, the main character, talked about how she was disturbed for the rest of the weekend after watching a DVD about a woman killing her children well, that is how this book was for me Not that Sherry kills her children or anything I couldn t sleep Laura Kasischke has created characters that I really [...]

  6. Trish

    I picked up this read because the of the title and the cover and the summary on the inside of the jacket Sounded like a tale of a married woman swayed by a secret admirer Well, that is how it appears but the actually tale is quite sordid and rather dark in spots Really is not the light and airy read I was expecting I rated it with two stars because of the troubling spots and that I dont think I really, truly liked any character introduced Everyone was a jerk in their own way.

  7. Rachel

    I had a love hate relationship with this book Often times it was beautifully written, relatable and wonderful Other times it was boring, slow and terrible I loved the authors previous work, so I tried this one I was really annoyed with the amount of typos it seems petty, but it was distracting and I expect from a prolific author Overall, not worth the time.

  8. Vanessa

    Just finished reading Be Mine, a novel by Laura Kasischke It s the second novel I ve read by this author in as many weeks the first one was Mind of Winter on that one in a later post Where do I begin The main character of Be Mine, Sherry Seymour great name, that, kind of like the sweetness of cooking sherry mixed with a supermodel y sounding last name , opens the story with her musings on a variety of things that I could identify with as a middle aged mom with one child who s started college th [...]

  9. Shannon

    Be Mine by Laura KasischkeHarvest, Orlando2007Be Mine by Laura Kasischke is a story about Sherry Seymour a middle aged English professor, a wife of twenty years and a mother turned empty nester Sherry is content in her average, middle aged life But this is not an average, middle age story On Valentine s Day, Sherry finds a note in her inbox scrawled with the words, Be mine The idea of a secret admirer titillates Sherry s imagination, and her husband s loins Excited by the idea of his wife being [...]

  10. Michelle

    I may be in the minority here since when did that ever stop me but I really liked this I can see why others might have struggled the protagonist is not terribly likeable she harps on about aging, how toned her body is and how she doesn t really like anyone to name but a few No one seems to like anyone else very much There are a lot of unnecessary exclamation marks in sentences like this And there are a lot of dead animals And a lot of mouths being on breasts.But, I liked it I liked that everyone [...]

  11. Plum-crazy

    A compelling read but it doesn t seem right somehow to say I enjoyed it when I found the characters so unlikeable The back cover says it s a Compelling, erotic thriller Well, yes as I said its compelling but erotic No, for me it was a sordid tawdry tale of a self obsessed woman Credible HmmmI m not sure that after twenty years of marriage, the couple could so misunderstand each others intentions.Like Sherry co or not, there s no denying the story did have had me gripped Sherry s indiscretions we [...]

  12. Jessica✨ℬℴℴк ∞❤∞ ℒℴvℯr✨

    So, first off I have to say that I did not finish this book and I m not saying it is a bad book It s just that this book was such a downer and depressing that after 30 pages I had to stop because it seemed to be less a valentines romance and much of a lament about this woman s life The writing style was nice and fluid and if the character s life wasn t one death or disappointment after another I probably would have liked it or at least finished it.For me, it is a huge insult to a book if I cann [...]

  13. Nicki

    Really good Quite a disturbing little story about a middle aged woman in a dull marriage and what happens when attempts to spice things up go badly wrong I actually felt sorry for Sherry than anything else I think she was manipulated and mislead through most of this, and though she behaved badly, i can t honestly say I could blame her The husband needed a boot up the bum, seriously, won t say any, but what was wrong with the man What did he expect As for Bram a creep Sherry s self esteem must h [...]

  14. Izzy Holmes

    This is a story about a married woman whose son has left for college and has mysterious notes left for her at work She tries to work out her the man is and starts a relationship with someone she works with Her affair is discovered and this spins her world out of control tried reading this book in 2007 and gave up but began it again as it fitted one the of the reading challenges I was doing and found that this time I read it in a day If you are offended by sex scenes this is not the book for you [...]

  15. Doris

    I thought this would be a light romance storytally misjudged the book but in a good way the end of the book one could not help but feel sorry for the charactersd the big question becomes how the heck did they all misjudged each other they are so clueless and self absorbed that every one misread each other an innocent secret admirer letter to a full blown affair to a murder to a cover up of murderwow

  16. Kiersnerr Gerwin

    The stroy was nice It made me realize the things middle aged people face The narration was written very well I was not expecting it to end that way though The first two parts were really cool The last one was ok Overall, I recommend this book for those who, like me, unaware of this thing they call midlife crisis You ll learn a lot PS.The erotic scenes were surprisingly exciting Good job to the author.

  17. Maddi

    While I admit that the book started out a little slow to me as I kept wondering why the affair hadn t started yetI appreciated the delay add the author set up a background that would be understood as the plot thickened By the 3rd section I was on the edge of my seat knowing that something twisted was about to happen and wondering what it could be and I was shocked multiple times.

  18. Monica

    I agree with reviewer Kym, the first two parts of this book are exquisite and the third part was like it was from a different book So three to four stars for the first two parts and two stars for the third Shame It was so beautifully written to start and so intense and then so disappointing ah wells, on to my next read, something light me thinks peace.

  19. Stephanie

    I guess I didn t really read this, but I skimmed the book to get all the main events As a short story, maybe this would have been intriguing, and less icky But the book made me so uncomfortable I couldn t sleep last night.

  20. Mandy

    Pretty lightweight, but surprisingly readable Better than I expected but not one to give too much thought to Read and move on.

  21. JenniferCarney

    Great writing, but a little too predictable I did not care for the main character Or really any of the characters.

  22. Lindsay

    Lots of twists in this book.The ending had me a bit confused and was a bit silly,but overall it wasn t too bad.

  23. Annie

    This is about a woman, Sherry, who has an affair and how it affects her husband and son The first half was a bit slow but I actually enjoyed the second half as it had a few unexpected twists and turns.

  24. Cecilia Solis-sublette

    This is a hard book to rate because well, because it s Laura Kasischke You see, this is a rather different kind of book It is a book where the ultimate goal is to reveal its protagonist little by little You never get a full picture of this protagonist until the end of the novel So, I spent the good first half of the novel hating the protagonist Sherry and then, by novel s end, by opinion of her had changed So, here s how the ride went Sherry first appears as a woman who most feminists, including [...]

  25. Rachel

    I recently purchased a Kindle Fire, and I decided to explore my public library s eBook checkout system by trying out this book From time to time, I tend to be compelled to read a novel involving infidelity for reasons still unknown , and this one sounded interestingbut it was overall really weird, and so over the top, that it made me fear that people like this truly exist in the world.The Highlights When Sherry receives a note from a secret admirer at the college where she works, she s led to be [...]

  26. Susan Mackie Powers

    That s how it is with anything you love It takes everything you ve got It rips the time right out of your hands It requires your whole heart This was one of the last lines of Be Mine , and it will stay with me for a long time I love Laura Kasischke s writing for her beautiful prose, her vivid characters, and for the way she always keeps me guessing until the end As soon as I finished The Raising , I ordered as many of her novels as I could find and came across this interesting novel.I must admit [...]

  27. Caitriona

    This is one of the strangest books I ve ever read It s as if Louise Doughty s Apple Tree Yard and Helen Walsh s The Lemon Grove had a creepy, wayward child It features themes from both of those books adultery, revenge, murder, motherhood, ageing, sex And yet it comes across as gruesome, uncomfortable, and poorly written than either of them It s not the worst book I ve ever read, it has its good lines, but it certainly pushed the limits of my suspension of disbelief.

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