Her Wicked Heart (2020)

Her Wicked Heart Ember Casey Her Wicked Heart Once Louisa Lou Cunningham had everything Now she has nothing to lose Her father s dead Her family s fortune is gone She s drifting and she d rather lose herself in the arms of her sexy program dir
  • Title: Her Wicked Heart
  • Author: Ember Casey
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 415
  • Format: ebook
Her Wicked Heart Ember Casey Once, Louisa Lou Cunningham had everything Now, she has nothing to lose Her father s dead Her family s fortune is gone She s drifting, and she d rather lose herself in the arms of her sexy program director or anyone, really than deal with the turmoil inside of her.But even the wildest spirit can t run forever Lou knows that in order to move on with her life, she hOnce, Louisa Lou Cunningham had everything Now, she has nothing to lose Her father s dead Her family s fortune is gone She s drifting, and she d rather lose herself in the arms of her sexy program director or anyone, really than deal with the turmoil inside of her.But even the wildest spirit can t run forever Lou knows that in order to move on with her life, she has to go back And that means returning to the estate she once called home even if that estate is now a luxury tourist attraction called Huntington Manor.At Huntington Manor, she s no longer Lou Cunningham She s Addison Thomas, assistant to the hotel s General Manager Infiltrating her old home might be one of her crazier schemes, but she s ready for the challenge What she s not ready for is Ward, the sexy Casanova of a contractor who keeps stumbling across her path As much as she d love to forget about her issues in the depths of his azure blue eyes, she s here to heal, not fall back into bad habits Even if he has the most delicious set of biceps she s ever seen Even if he might be the only one who understands what she really needs
Her Wicked Heart Ember Casey

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    415 Ember Casey
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One thought on “Her Wicked Heart

  1. Irida

    4.5 Stars What a lovely story Let me say I was skeptic about this book, which is a spin off, and the heroine Louisa Cunningham is the sister of Calder Cunningham of His wicked games and she didn t make a great character in that series Practically we all hated her But this book gives the chance to discover a different Louisa, a very fragile girl with a lot of issues, but also a wild child and someone who thinks of herself as a selfish bitch I loved her acts of vandalism and little games, they wer [...]

  2. Three Chicks

    4.5 StarsYou know how you read certain authors, and you just have to read all of their books they write so well Ember Casey is one of those authors for me.Even though I wanted of Calder and Lily s story because I love them fiercely, I couldn t wait to hear the story of the infamous Louisa Cunningham, Calder s sister.Back in the States after working overseas in Thailand, Lou does the unthinkable, and goes undercover to work at her former home The Hunington Manor estates has been turned into a lu [...]

  3. Mitzi Carroll

    5 stars for meI read Her Wicked Heart and immediately went to Lost and Found because I couldn t stop reading and I needed to know where this story with Lou and Ward was headed Because I had already read Calder and Lily s story, I had a hunch Ember wouldn t let me down And she didn t Louisa and Ward are the perfect match because they both carry similar baggage, and they both long for what the other has to offer I was totally captivated with these two and found myself wishing them luck all the way [...]

  4. One-Click

    AudiobookNarration Sarah Beth Goer Pretty Good This is the second book I ve listened to that Sarah narrated and she s getting better with each title she narrates Now the book Well, I liked it Did I like all the characters NO Lou our heroine about drove me off the deep end She starts off by running from Ian and comes back to her childhood home under another identity to try to get a job She s hired as the manager s assistant just as they are putting the finishing touches on the conversion of the e [...]

  5. Ember Casey

    It s LIVE And it s 99 cents for ONE WEEKEND ONLY On 3 2, it will go back to its normal price of 3.99 Le links amzn OKEO00 UK amzn 1eHeFE3BN bit 1hwnMw7Kobo bit 1obRRlrGoogle Play bit 1khqAk1All Romance bit NDE0sLI really hope you guys enjoy this one It was both amazingly fun and challenging to get in the head of the other Cunningham for a change.

  6. Cynthia

    This is the second book of this series I have listened to, I still felt a little lost and still believe you need to listen from the first book to get the full understanding I thought the book was good with a good plot This didn t have as many hot sex scenes as the next book in the series It does have some surprises for a lot of people Ms Goer as the narrator did a wonderful job Her male characters were wonderful as well as her female ones She puts a lot of emotion into the listen and gets better [...]

  7. Sylvie Rochon

    Louisa and WardI liked this story also Ward is something else Louisa is mixed up and so hard on herself, confused and sad Ward gives her something easy, beautiful and touching Eager to see of them

  8. Tori

    Confessionter reading the His Wicked Games series I wasn t sure about reading Lou s story I grew to have a strong dislike for her after she left her brother, Calder, behind to pick up the pieces of their father s estate after his death She was a free spirited rich girl who seemed to do whatever she wanted and didn t care what others thought Boy, was I wrong Louisa Cunningham is a surprise She is young and has a lot of growing up to do, but she won over my heart with her need for closure and insa [...]

  9. Jeanie Grey

    I really admire Ember Casey s work both in terms of the quality of her writing and in terms of how she s handling this whole indie author thing and I was blown away by His Wicked Games Her Wicked Heart, the first book in a spin off series from the Wicked Games series, is a solid story that will appeal to romance readers who love a bad girl as well as a bad boy.Things I liked about this book I like Casey s attention to the characters psychology It helps make them believable I also think Casey pu [...]

  10. Laura

    To everybody who really liked this book I m sorry Dont read this OMG what the hell did i just read I cannot believe that i spend 3.99 on this thing Louisa doesnt have ONE redeeming quality, not one She is indeed, as she so often thought and screamed, a selfish, lying bitch I hated her so so much, GOD I feel sorry for Calder, Ian, Ward and even Lily for having to be related to her She lies, hurts, she knows she s doing it She feels bad about it I dont buy that she does, because if you feel bad ab [...]

  11. Jessica

    See of my reviews on my blog Thoughts At One In The Morning.My Thoughts I was looking forward to this one for a long, long, long time after reading all three books in the His Wicked Games series There was a little tease of Lou at the end of it, and I was curious, although a little irritated with her attitude But, I had to know what was going on in her head.The story starts with a bang, er, a very steamy kiss Lou and Ward now that s what I call instant chemistry Sadly, though, Lou has a lot goin [...]

  12. Patty

    I was given this audiobook in exchange for an honest review.This being the third book in the Cunningham Family series, I was glad I listened to the other two first While,this could be a stand alone novel, it was helpful to have the background from Calder and Lily, making this much fun and interesting I didn t have a feeling about what to expect from Lou, she was Calder s sister who left right after her dad died and was much the philanthropist Couldn t be wrong While it took me a while to warm [...]

  13. Sarah

    Lou is not an easy character to love She is emotionally immature and still suffers from an extensive amount of guilt from being born into an extremely wealthy family Never knowing her mom and the sudden death of her father at the young age of 23 don t help matters either She struggles, day in and day out, with the decision she s made to disguise herself in order to take a position working at what was formerly her family s estate After reading about her brother, it is not difficult to see they ar [...]

  14. Heather Miller

    I did receive this book as a free ARC copy in exchange for an honest review This does follow our Cunningham story, although it has changed over to the sister Lou She seems like a nice person, although a bit off on what her goals in life are I feel like she is struggling through life Her father has recently passed away, she doesn t know or understand how to grieve Lou takes Job back at her old house which was sold to pay off the family debt Lou has changed her identity becoming someone else Lou h [...]

  15. Lisa

    This was a pleasant surprise I wasn t sure what I was getting into, since it s the third book in a series and I haven t read the two preceding books It worked well as a standalone and I m considering going back to purchase the first two The story was interesting while still being realistic The main character is completely unpredictable, so it made for a fun ride The narrator was a little rough soundingI might think twice about getting the other books in the series if it s the same narrator Other [...]

  16. Cheryl

    The Cunningham Saga continuesAnother great installment of the Cunningham drama This one exclusively Calder s little sister I can feel her pain and she tries to exorcise her demons over the death of her father and the loss of the family home to somebody who turns out into a theme park In walks the handyman to ease her troubled heart Of course he has secrets of his own but lo and behold the two turn to hot and heavy sex I have turned my week into an amazing and heated week of Cunningham s Cannot w [...]

  17. Kathy Rice

    Can t wait for Book 2 Lost and Found What a combination Lou and Ward Wealthy bitter background versus poor bitter background but one thing they have on common The chemistry between them And what electrifying chemistry it is Lou s a spit fire But Ward gives her a run for her money so to speak Great read

  18. Nene

    3.75 star s Great Storyline felt bad for Ian knowing that he was in love with Lou and she could not return her love for him But I do love the relationship that Ward and Lou has developed between the two of them, and I can see why because of the lost they haven t came to terms with Can t wait to read the next book to see how they relationship develops.

  19. Kimberly

    I waited to read this book because quite frankly, I didn t like Lou But, I am so glad I changed my mind and read it anyway Now I love her This book was so sexy and funny, there were so many laugh out loud moments Ward is oh so sexy, and the two of them together was just fantastic I cannot wait to find out what happens next with these two crazy kids

  20. Karlene Pitters

    I enjoy reading Louise Cunningham story because I could feel her emotions She s been through so much losing her father and then losing her inheritance It was so sad Poor confuse girl but then she met Ward Who changed her life.

  21. Jenny Parks

    Usually when a book has a main character that frustrates me to no end, especially from the beginning, I ll stop reading However, Louisa in this book is so complex that I couldn t put the book down Her eye candy helped keep my interest as well Can t wait for the next book

  22. Meloney

    Loved this book I always wondered what was going on with Lou in His Wicked Games and Truth or Dare Now we get to see how her fathers death really effected her.

  23. Zulema Milian

    Fun ReadIf your looking for a fun entertaining well written book this is it it s light and funny don t regret the purchase Bought the series.

  24. Andrea

    This one started out really slow and repetitive I almost DNF It got much better half way through and the end was fun.

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